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TaaRey OS- I Love You <3

blossom1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Note-Do Not Comment if u dislike TaaReyEmbarrassed,Thank YouHug
hey guysHug
    This OS is especially for NatashaHug
After the face off,all the misunderstandings r over...everyone is happy and enjoying the moment...but Taani wasn't there...Rey was looking here and there in search of her,but she wasn't anywhereLOL...then he saw Swayam standing at a side...
Rey-Swayam...where is...Taani...i mean, i want to talk to her about the party which will be tomorrow
Swayam-i don't know,may be after taking VP's permission about the party,she went home
Swayam-something important?
Rey-no no...just like that
Rey (to all)-ok guys,me going's too late and i am feeling sleepy
then Rey goes in his car...on his way,he see Taani walking on the road...he stops his car and opens glass of the right window of his car...
Taani stops and looks back...
Rey-come i will drop u
Taani-no...i...i will go
Rey-arre come na,i will drop u...and i have some work with Swayam,so i am going to your house only
Taani-bhai went home?
then Taani sits in the car...they reach home...when Taani enters the house,there was no light and when she walked forward...she slipped and fell downLOL...Rey heared her scream and immediately came to see...
Rey-Taani...what happened?
he see her on the floorLOL...tries to pick her up but she refuse... Rey,i am fine
she tries to get up...but couldn' he finally picks her up in his arms forcefullyDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
Taani-Rey,leave me...i can walk
Rey-i can see thatLOL
Rey-shut up TaaniLOL
he takes her, to her room...and make her sit on the bed...
Rey-where r the candles?
Taani-in my cupboard
he goes and open her cupboard...
immediately Taani realizes...
Taani(thinking)-OMG...if Rey opens my cupboard...he will see...ShockedShocked
Taani-Rey...Rey Rey ReyLOL
Rey was just going to open it,but came back...
Rey-what happened Taani?
Taani-candles r not in my cupboard...they r in...the kitchen, the kitchenLOL
he goes and brings the candles,then lights them...and when he brings the candle near Taani...while looking at her face in the light of the candle...he smile, and keeps looking at herDay Dreaming...
Rey comes back to his sensesLOL...
the wax of the candle drops on his hand...Rey shouts,"Aaa"LOLLOL...
Taani immediately catches his hand and starts removing it...Rey just loved the way Taani was caring for her,and at that moment,he wanted the world to stop...but,the light backAngry...and he saw, because of Taani falling,her top was torn from the right side,and he could clearly see her waistEmbarrassedLOLLOL...he immediately looked at the other sideLOL...
Taani-what happened?
she looked at it,and was feeling too much shyLOL...she couldn't even walk to her cupboard coz her leg was hurting badly and nor can let Rey open it... should go now,or is it u want me to give u some other clothes from your cupboard?
Taani-no cupboard...i mean,ya...u r right Rey...u should go now
Rey-o...k,so going now...bye
and when he was about to go,the light went again,Taani was scared,and he was smiling seeing her like thisLOL...
Taani-u can go if u want to
Rey-how can i leave u here alone
Taani-u told bhai came home?
Rey-ya...he went...don't know,may be...he's with SharonLOL
Rey-ok now,show me your hand,it is also paining right,i will put some ointment on it
Taani-no i am fine
Rey-Taani...whenever i need any help,u always come,scold me...and forcefully help meLOL,and now when u need...u r not letting me to help u...
Taani-u also scold me,everytime
Rey-ya...but that's because of Shi...
Rey-nothing...nothing...ok show me your hand
Taani-no Rey,it's fine...i am telling u,i am fine
Rey-just shut up Taani,tell me where is the ointment?
Taani-in my cupboa...
he goes and opens her cupboard,and see...all his photos and everything thereROFLROFL...looks back shocked, at Taani...
Taani-Rey...plzz leave
Taani-plzz leave Rey
Rey-no i will notLOL
he comes and sits beside her on her bed...
Rey-Taani what is...
Taani-Rey plzz go...plzz
Rey-i will...but first i want answers to some of my questions...don't u think...a girfriend should be happy, being with her boyfriend...she should always wanting to be with him...and in her cupboard also,there should be his photos onlyLOLLOL
listening this,Taani looked at the other side,she knew at this time if she will see Rey,she will be not able to control and will say everythingLOL...Rey comes near her, hold her waist and pull her closer to him...Taani blushes and looks down,and Rey was loving seeing her blushingLOL...he was lost in her beautiful faceDay Dreaming...cute cute red like tomato cheeksLOL...and her magical eyesBlushingBlushingBlushing...
he keeps his finger on her lips...Taani looks at him...
Taani-Rey i...
Rey-u don't have to say anything Taani...why didn't u told me earlier?
Rey-that Shivam isn't your boyfriend
Rey-and now when i know this...tell me the reason for this dramaLOL
Taani-i pretended to be his that then no one...
Rey-says anything to me,right?
Taani looks down...and finally light came,Rey saw that his hands were on her waistShocked,he was holding her waistShockedLOLLOL...he immediately left her and got up...and went out of the house...
he sat in his car and thought about each and everything which he said to Taani,scolded her for no reason...and never asked her what's wrong,noticing her being not happy also...
Rey-why...why it hurted me,when she was with Shivam?...why it always made me happy when she was with me?...why do i get angry,when that idiot touch herAngry...why it is making me so happy now,when i got to know...she was never with him...
his heart comes out and talks to him(i mean he is talking to himself)LOL...
his heart-ohh seriously,u still didn't got why is itLOL
Rey-ya,i don't know
heart-how will u know,when u never gave me importance
heart-u never listened to me...never thought about me,never cared about what i want
Rey-but...what do u want?
heart-do i need to tell?
heart-obviously idiotLOL...u never cared what i want and always ignored my feelings
Rey-am i in...
heart-o's not so much difficult...just close your eyes,and u will get itEmbarrassed
Rey slowly slowly closed his eyes,and saw...the first time when he saw Taani in boy's locker roomLOL...then all their past moments...Dil Se Rey,going to her house...seeing her cute weirdnessLOL...then her, caring for him,scolding himLOL...he just didn't wanted to open his eyes at allDay DreamingDay Dreaming...finally he opened his eyes happily and went...
In the morning...everyone is getting ready for the party...
Taani (to herself)-should i go...or not?
Swayam-Taani...r u ok?...come let's go
Taani-bhai,actually i am...not feeling well,so i don't think,u have to excuses,there will be no fun without even a single, come with me now
Taani-ya but...
Swayam-Taani come
she goes with the college she walks looking here and there,that she doesn't see Rey anywhereLOL...and luckily Rey was no where,when she reached the canteen,Rey wasn't there she was looking here and there,to find him...that where is heLOL...and when she turned,Rey was standing behind herLOL...
Rey-hey Taani
Taani-hi Rey
she was going,but Rey held her hand...
Rey-where r u going?
Taani-to see,if everything if fine...
Rey-everything is fine Taani,don't worry about itEmbarrassed
then Shivam enters...Rey leaves her hand
Shivam-hey Taani
Taani-hi Shivam
Shivam keeps his hand on her shoulder,Rey goes from there in anger...she removed his hand,and he kept talking to her...suddenly,a cake plate came flying to him and, hit his face...his face was all filled with cakeROFLROFL...and Rey was laughing on him...
Rey-enjoyed Shivam?ROFL
everyone shouted,FOOD FIGHT...and started throwing food on each other...Rey took Shivam out of the canteen...
Rey-and from now,if i see u touching her,or even near her...i will make uAngry
he punched him...and made him see his face in the mirror...
Rey-like this...i will make u like go from here
Shivam ran away from there
then Rey came back to the food fight...he saw Taani standing quietly in a corner and laughing on everyone...he picked up a pie,and came slowly slowly at the back of Taani...and pasted the pie on her faceLOLLOL...Taani looked back at him...
Rey-Taani stop
he came near her,and removed the cake which was near her eyes...
Rey-now it's fine...what r u seeing?...throw food on meLOLLOL
Taani-o ya...i forgotLOL...ReyAngry
she runs behind him with a plate of noodlesLOL...he looks back...her leg goes on a foodLOL,and she slips on him...Rey falls down and on him,TaaniBlushingBlushing...
Rey-is it the right moment?
Rey-i want to say something,so is it the right moment to say?
Taani-ya...we both r filled with food on our faces,around us there r crazy people...we have fallen down,i am on u...and this is so perfect moment right?LOLLOL
Rey-well...then i should say,let's believe that there is nothing called perfect momentLOL
she was going to get up,but he wasn't letting her...
Rey-remember?...i was going to say something
Taani-ya but...let's stand and talk
Rey-no,i will say it here...and nowLOL
Taani-ok fine,say
he says something but because of the noises that everyone was making,she wasn't able to hear it...
Taani-i am not able to hear it
then Rey shouts...
and everyone stopsROFLROFL everyone can hear itLOL
they get up thenLOL...
Swayam-u r scared as if i will kill uROFL
Rey-u r not angry
Swayam-angry?LOL...i am so happy i can't tell u...ok,these things later,let's continue our FOOD FIGHT...
they play the food fight happily,TaaRey throw food on each otherDay DreamingDay Dreaming...and after the food fight,they both tell everyone about that Shivam matter and allLOL...and then later, TaaRey help each other removing the food from each other's faceBlushingBlushing

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desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

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yayy first to comment Big smile


the taarey bit at taani's house how rey lied saying swayam already left so he can give her a lift Day Dreaming

how he saw her cupboard with all his pics and realized that she wasn't dating shivam Clap

how he threw that cake on that idiot's face and punched him outta there Evil SmileClap

the flip and fall Blushing

and my favorite part was rey yelling out i love you for every1 to hear Day Dreaming

amazing os nikky Clap Hug

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grgsaraswati Goldie

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Haye Hayeee loved it
awesome update jaaney!!!
wow tarey scene was amazing 
haha rey laughing at shivam lol

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Wow wow, OMG, nikki I love it sooo much I read it twice before I can comment Big smile This was too good, I love everything single thing in this OS, Clap u are an amazing writer, love the way u use the different emoticons to express their thoughts and feelings ROFL
Thank u so much Nikki for writing this, u made my day start off in me being in a happy mood [:D/]
Love u nikki Hug
I wish this actually happen at the party, it will surely make all Taareyians happy Day Dreaming

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...Ritzy... IF-Sizzlerz

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Yayyy ... Loved it esp TaaRey's candle wala sceneDay Dreaming and Perfect moment when Rey slips and fell on Taani Blushing

perfect OS before food fight in D3 Niks Clap

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dews100 Goldie

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so adorable...

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raj-guria-kriti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
superb os... food fight..Dancing... finlyyy shivam ko punch mil hi gaya!!!!!!DeadWink loved it...Hug

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patie IF-Stunnerz

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i jus luv d fud fght,...Big smile

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