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Fan Made DEK Update: Episode 13: Manyata In Action

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged

Episode 13

Manyata In  Action

It was early morning  the sky still yawned out of its night long sleep .The sun peeped in from its eastern horizon spreading its light of new hope and  joy of millions of  people wiping out the gloominess of night. But it  failed to lighten the dark and vicious heart of Abhay Diwan.

The man sat  in his study  reminiscing the  events at  the hospital his mouth still soar and swollen  .He knew he needed to make things straight with Yuvraj Udajveer , the one who muddled with him for sake of some rustic turned  princess called Manyata ,the girl who came in his way to power.

He still remembered the helpless face of Manyata ,her touch , her eyes. He liked her  eyes they were so vivid , so starkly innocent yet those were the eyes of the girl he hated most. The girl who belonged to Yuvraaj Udayveer ,the only thorn in his way to headship of Mahasabha .He knew he was a rajwada  his marriage to Yuvrani Minakshi would give him great   power,  power enough to control Mahasabha  but its headship could be gained only when Yuvraj Udayveer  gave up his stake which he would never.

The best way was to let him go to heaven forever smiled AD to himself, his swollen  face reflecting the  evilness of his scheming mind. He dialed the number and sighed a breath of relief as he heard a thick gruff voice in answer. It was the voice of the man who made him ,the man who showed him the path to riches and power. The man whose black money helped him to create white business and excel.

People called him Raja Bhai but for him he was his very own elder brother ,his guru in the world of darkness and crime .The only way to tackle the power tycoon like Yuvraj Udayveer was to have somebody equal to him in powers and somebody whose henchmen were smart enough to finish a man like Yuvraaj  Udayveer Singh.




Manyata walked to Dadi Saas room to take her blessings .It has been one of  her everyday morning rituals to take blessings of the old  lady who had safeguarded the age old traditions and powers of Devgad and its ancestors. Manyata knew she  was in comma but then she also knew she could hear everything. She wanted her Dadi Saa know how her granddaughter and her chosen son in law Yuvraj Udayveer still  took care of her  riyasat  and its people.


She touched her frail feet to take her ashirwad and sat by her bed side  telling her about the riyasat routine work. The comma stricken  lady had learnt to communicate to her beloved grand daughter , she often blinked her eyes in response to Manyatas talks  and Manyata would know she was doing right things,

But today Manyata felt her  Dadi Saa  was worried as she seemed to blink eyes with more vigour. Manyata tried to find the reason and realized that she was skeptical about Udayveers  sudden jouney to Puna .

'Don't worry dadi saa I will look into the matter once again regarding his sudden plan to Poona' pacified Manyata and kissed her Dadi Saa . She slowly rose up and closed the door behind still trying to figure out the reason behind Dadi Saaa's apprehension .

Manyata tried to call Udayveer but his phone answered unreachable. Manyata tried again and again and her heart pounded with every call being answered unreachable.

Manyata knew something was wrong, she needed to reach Udayveer as soon as possible now she understood the true reason for Dadi Saa's  apprehensions. Udayveer's sudden trip to Puna was surely a manipulated trip by some enemy. She remembered Udayveer had been to Puna a week before so why again !.

Vikram Singh !' she yelled ,pacing rigorously to and fro in her office.

The security chief if Jaigad  Palace hurled his way to Yuvrani Manyata office.

'Yes Maam ', anwered Vikram Singh placidly ,his eyes staring  at the wall in front .

'Did u provide security to Yuvraaj Udayveer',asked Manyata trying to calm herself

'Yes Maam,till our last information they left half an hour before '.

'Fine now take out my car now ! We need to follow him, Yuvraay Udayveer Singh's  life is in danger ', said Manyata as she hurried herself out of the room .


Manyata's  car raced thorough Mumbai Poona highway  .She constantly tried to call Udayveer but  all in vain. She felt she could take it no more and tears rushed through her eyes .Suddenly she heard her phone beep she grabbed wishing it to be Udayveers but the voice from other side pierced her heart .It was AD on call .She heard him laugh at Udayveer's  sheer  naiveness  to go for Poona on some  fake random SOS call from his factory employees.

She jerked out of her  shock as she heard her phone beep again. She knew it was AD again and decided to give him a Moniya piece of mind.

'Kameene Kutte Suar ki Aulaad ',she yelled

'Princess are u all right?', answered the surprised yet concerned voice of her prince

'Uday'.Uday are u alright'

Manyata told all about AD's call in one breath and pleaded Uday to stop wherever he was till she reached him.

Udayveer smiled at the shaking voice of his concerned princess and agreed to stop and wait for her. He knew the situation was not new ,he  was used to such  life attacks and was pretty well trained to save himself as well. What worried him was Manyata , the girl seemed hell bent to risk her life to save him. He did not say much on phone but  his own heart sank at very thought of Manyata in danger. He informed his security guard to be careful  and decided to wait for Manayata

Udayveer was relieved to see Manyata's car  and rushed to the car .Manyta tried to come out but he pushed her in and sat by her side.

'Come on princess ,how can u risk yourself .You know it very well I can save myself from those killers '.

'Uday I was ''', Manyata could not complete her sentence. She heard the gunfire and found herself pulled down the seat. It was dark down and Manayata could see nothing. She felt safe in Udayveers arms who had grabbed her tightly into his. She  still heard the  gunfire and then somebody getting hurt and crying in pain and then heard another cry. She tried to look but found herself locked into Udayveer's safe arms.


Suddenly she realized she heard nothing but the pacing heart beat of Udayveer .His grip had loosened .She felt the wetness in her hands and found her hands in pool of blood oozing out of Udayveers arms.

'Udayveer !', screamed Manyta  shocked  by the sight of blood in her hands

She heard a feeble voice call  her princess . Mnayata  tied her chunni round his arms and talked  everything she remembered about their love right from their first fight to their first date just to keep her love, her  Uday awake  and avoid him from fainting .She knew the best way to save him was to keep him awake and rush to hospital.

Udayveer  breathed hard,his bleeding made him weak but the brave man still managed to smile at her brave princess efforts.

'Princess I never knew gun shots  lead to such romantic situations, look u r all here tending me and telling me our love story',  Udayveer's last words  seemed to come from deep tunnel alarming Manyata of his gradual waning consciousness.

She desperately rose up from her seat to look at driver  and was surprised to see him dead  .Manyata called out for  Vikram singh and found him dead  by their car. She cried for help at the desolate highway where nobody seemed to care. The cars zoomed out paying no heed to the blood shed by the roadside.

Manayata stood their alone with her love  dying in  the car.Nobody seemed to hear her people in their zooming vehicles had no time for her but then Mnayata knew  her love was neither weak nor unfortunate ,he had his princess by his side. She  rushed in to the car and touched Udayveer, he still breathed and was conscious. She kissed his forehead and then his cheeks smearing his face with her own tears.

'Princess , I will be fine ,after all I have my jungle billi by my side ',groaned Udayveer  and took her soft hands into his 'Princess don't cry for help,  help yourself' ,his feeble voice and veining strength still had power to move mountains, it  had  power to move his princess ,to make her stand when all fell apart'.

'Sure I will ,my halkat vede ,said Manyata pulling  his hands tightly to her heart trying to absorb some of his abundant enthusiasm  and courage .

She moved to the front seat and started the car. She looked at her love laying slouched on the back seat and rubbed away her tears that seemed to have unending  flow.

We will soon reach the hospital Uday we will soon reached the hospital.

She remembered how Uday had taught her to drive the car and now she felt it was time to use that teaching. She never took his teachings seriously but today she found whatever her prince taught , had always one goal  to survive and help others in survival.

Priya Pathkon

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(episode writer for 13th  Fan made episode )

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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The Team

Episode Written By
  • Shana
Plot makers
  • futbol_queen
  • ashukapoor007
  • anjalika13
  • MsLuscious 
  • Mahi0809
  • Piggies

  • xxDaydreameRxx and fia
  • ultravoiletray
  • Shana0127
  • Anam Ali
  • rocker12
  • sonam2801
  • Marwa.A.W
  • Kakacool123

Back ups -
  • iluvuday
  • DAPS
  • vampire12345678
  • anjalika13

Promo Writers -
  • Arisha134
  • Ashishkapoor007 (zainab)
  • smiley12

Editors -
  • Aklover16
  • rockstarhuda
  • cham42195
  • vampire12345678
  • annysyed
  • gargib
  • Grenade

Promotion team -
  • smiley12

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CharmingAngel7 IF-Rockerz

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The epi was really fabulous!!! Loved it from starting to end... especially when Manveer meet up... starting from start i liked the way u started the epi n told abt AD's intention n something abt him which v didnt knew so now he's the main villian... Manyata & DS part was touching so DS has started to respond now good also nice that manyata tells her everything abt the daily activities... lolz Manyata back to her language n uday called LOL Really really loved the ending sequence from the phone call to the very end how uday stopped n waited for her n was worried for manyata more thn himself so sweet... uday hugged her tightly n covered her to protect her n in the process got hurt so sweet of him... thn manyaat trying to keep him awake by telling all of their love story from start till now so touching & also how he was still trying to calm down manyata even in that condition shows how mch he loves her & she tooEmbarrassed rightly shown no body now a days stop to help even if somebody is dying its a bitter truth now a days its really sad that v arent even able to help someone dying in front of us people forget it can happen nxt time to em as well!! uday motivating manyata was really good i really liked this dialogue of uday 'Princess don't cry for help,  help yourself' rightly so!!! & There went our daring princess... I loved the build up from the start to the end really beautifully written epi especially the manveer sequence at the end fantabulous work ShanaClap ClapStar

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-RK_Ki_Biwi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Apun isko baad mein read karega. Abhi kuch kaam kar rela hai par RESERVER Bhai ki aadat lag gayi hai reserve karne ki.LOL


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chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Shana Hug, very well weitten, gosh the whole dramatic gun-fire sequence was so well penned, loved it. and I'm so happy to see that the dhamakedar twist in the episode was penned by you, u know how to grip the readers in the already gripping situation, loved ur work Clap

She never took his teachings seriously but today she found whatever her prince taught , had always one goal  to survive and help others in survival.

ClapClapClap, so true and royalish

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:25am | IP Logged
OMG...what a twist!
               Really did not expect that!!!
Episode was : Most entertaining,
                             Really interesting &
                               Unexpectedly Action-packed.
I loved it!
Now ; get Uday some help...FAST!!!

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

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gr8 daSmile

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Varunlicious. Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
very well written Shana :)
the best fan made epi atleast for me so far !

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