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New SS: Its Hard To Let You Go Part 5, Page 65 UPD

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Hello there guys Hug

I know I haven't been active lately as college has started and it takes up most of my time but don't worry, it's a weekend now and I'll catch up with the unread PMs Tongue

And here's a Short Story!! It's about Asmara getting married!! A lot of people liked the ending scene of my OS: How I Met Your Mother So I was inspired to write this one. It'll be in 5, 6 parts and I will post the others whenever I can WinkHope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it Big smile



"Mum, I already know that you'll like Ahsan right away." Asmara cheerfully informed Khushi who sat oiling her 23 year old daughter's long hair.

"Well, he does sound like a nice boy from what you've told me. But Arnav..." Khushi trailed away.

"Don't worry mum! I'll convince Dad. You know he can never say no to me." She replied cheekily.

"He sure can't. But remember you tried to have this conversation with him about 5, 6 years ago and how upset he got." Khushi said a little worriedly.

"Oh that! Mum, I was a kid and to tell you the truth I wasn't even serious back then. I just said I wanted to get married cos Dad said I couldn't." She giggled.

"Really? Oh you are so like Arnav!" Khushi laughed lightly.

"Asmi and like Dad? That's the biggest insult to Dad I've ever heard from you mum!" Ashar chuckled as he entered the room, easily catching the hair brush Asmara chucked at him and said mockingly, his eyes twinkling, "Watch where you throw this, kid! Someone could get seriously hurt!"

Asmara huffed in annoyance making Ashar laugh, before saying, "Bhaiya, one fine day I'll get married and then you'll realize how much you miss me and how truly precious I am."

"Forget it! Its never gonna happen, kid." Ashar smiled brightly flopping on the bed besides them. "I'll just thank my lucky stars that I'll finally get a bit of peace in my life."

"Ashar, don't tease your little sister." Khushi intervened. "And come here, I'll put some oil in your hair too. God knows you need it. All this gel is not good!" Khushi tried to grab hold of him but he swiftly stood up saying, "Ewww Mum. Not me! You know that's the only reason I can think Devi Maiya sent Asmara here. So you can take out all of this on her. Besides, this Chameli Oil stinks." He said wrinkling his nose.

"No, it doesn't!" Asmara retorted.

"Yes it does! I can call Akash Chacho if you want proof. He'll sneeze his nose off!" He replied snickering. "And now you stink awfully too." Ashar held his nose between his fingers and shook his head playfully.

"I stink, huh? You make sure you bolt your door tonight before going to sleep otherwise you'll wake up tomorrow morning stinking just like me." Asmara replied sweetly.

"You wouldn't!" Ashar said, shocked.

"Oh yes, I would and you know it too." Asmara said smoothly.

"Are you threatening the great ASR?" He raised his eye brows playfully.

"Guess I am. But not the great ASR, the junior one. Though I'm surprised myself that I've the audacity to do so." She said mockingly.

Ashar chuckled heartily before leaving the room saying he had some work to do.

Khushi smiled used to their usual banter while twisting Asmara's hair in a bun and asking, "You haven't talked to him about you thinking of getting married, have you?"

"No, but I will soon. Bhaiya already knows about Ahsan."

"But still be careful. I've a feeling he won't like the thought of you getting married any more than Arnav." Khushi cautioned.

"Oh chill mum! Bhaiya's cool. He'll understand." Asmara laughed but somehow Khushi wasn't so sure.


"Bhaiya, please!" Asmara begged her older brother Ashar later that evening who sat typing something furiously on the laptop. He looked too serious, not his usual playful self.

"You know," Asmara continued, "Dad will be difficult to convince as it is. The least you can do is be on my side."

Ashar's face showed no emotions as he kept his eyes glued to the screen and said in clipped tones, "Asmi, I'm busy right now."

"Bhaiya!" she whined. "Whatever it is, it can't be more important than what I'm saying!"

She was right. It was nowhere as important but Ashar just couldn't grasp the idea of her thinking of getting married. Hence he was trying to delay this conversation with her but he knew she was her father's daughter and like Arnav if she set her heart to something, she would do it.

"Besides you've met Ahsan and you said yourself he is a nice guy." Asmara continued apparently not bothered by Ashar's lack of response.

"I didn't say it for you to start considering him as your husband." He retorted stiffly.

"Bhaiya, you know I've loved Ahsan for some time now and still you're acting like all this came as a surprise."

"Well it did! I thought he was just a really good friend of yours." he lied.

"Who are you kidding, Bhaiya? You didn't think that! Though I'm pretty sure you hoped." She replied mischievously knowing she was right.

"Dad will never agree! You know how serious he got when you tried to have this conversation with him..." Ashar began a little smugly, apparently liking the thought.

"Yeah yeah! I know... That's why I want you and mum to be on my side. She's already in." Asmara informed him happily.

"What? Mum agreed to you getting married? How? When?" Ashar asked flabbergasted.

"Oh, I managed to convince her." She shrugged as if was no big deal. "Mum always thinks logically, you know. Ok, so now, are you on my side? Will you help me persuade dad? Please?" She asked him sweetly.

"No!" Came the abrupt reply.

"But Bhaiya, look at the benefits! I won't be jumping on your head 24/7 then and you won't have to tolerate your annoying little sister anymore. You'll get to live in peace." She grinned at him.

Ashar suddenly slammed the laptop shut and turned towards her, his eyes flashing. "Has it ever occurred to you Asmi that maybe I don't want to live in peace? Maybe I've gotten used to your annoying presence and don't want you to go!" he snapped before opening his laptop again and stabbing the keyboard furiously, not meeting her eyes.

Tears welled up in Asmara's eyes as her brother's words sank in. She was so used to his teasing about how she's so loud and annoying and how he enjoys his quiet when she's not around that she forgot that he wouldn't want her to leave either. Her mum was right. He loved her too much to get her go even if he never showed it to her face.

Asmara's sudden quietness made Ashar uneasy. He knew he shouldn't have snapped at her but the thought of her getting married was hard to digest. He thought of her too small to get married though he knew this was bound to happen one of these days. All Asmara had been talking about lately was somehow related to Ahsan. He pinched the bridge of his nose to gain control over himself before turning to Asmara. "Look I'm sorry kid. Don't worry! I'll talk to Dad about you and Ahsan if that's what you really want."

"Really?" Asmara asked in a small voice as a tear fell from her eye. Her brother was ready to let her go if she believed her happiness lies with Ahsan.

"Really!" He replied smiling down at her and the next moment his vision was obscured as Asmara launched herself at him, hugging him tightly and muttering, "Have I ever told you, you're the best brother in the world?"

"No you haven't but I already figured that on my own. Besides you don't have much choice. I'm the only brother you have." He replied chuckling.

"Yes that's probably why." Asmara grinned; already back to her former self. "But remember; now I'll be on your team when you need me." She smiled mischievously.

"Why would I need you?" He asked confused.

"When you have to convince Mum and Dad about Sarah!" She grinned at him.

"Oh you little minx!" Before Ashar could get up to chase her out of his room, she had already ran away, leaving Ashar to smile sadly by himself.


"No way! You're too young to get married! Forget it." Arnav bellowed angrily as he paced the room.

"Dad I'm not that young! I'm turning 24 in two months. And for your information, most of my friends have already gotten engaged or married." Asmara replied. She never talked to her Dad in such a manner but she knew he would be a tough nut to crack so she had to.

"I don't care what you're friends think they're up to but you're not getting married right now and thats final Damnit." Arnav thundered. It had been years since Arnav had gotten this angry.

"Dad! You're not being fair." Ashar interjected in a quiet calm voice.

"I'm not being fair? Are you even listening to yourself? You want your kid sister to get married so early?" Arnav turned his burning glare at him.

"No, I don't! But we can't be selfish, can we? We have to think about Asmi. Its her life we're talking about!" He replied calmly infuriating Arnav even more.

"I'm thinking about Asmara!" Arnav almost yelled.

"No, you're not Dad." Ashar said in a soothing voice. "You're thinking about yourself. You don't want Asmi to leave. You don't want to let her go.

"Of course I don't want her to leave. She's too small." Arnav replied stubbornly.

"Arnav, she'll always be your little Princess! You'll never think of her as a grown up cos she's the baby of this family and you've always treated her like one. But you have to know this, she has to get married." Khushi said in a firm voice.

"Well, she can in 5, 6 years!" Arnav replied gruffly.

"Dad I want to get married now, not in 5, 6 years!" Asmara huffed annoyed, but then continued in a softer voice, "Dad, I'm just asking you to meet Ahsan once and then you can decide whatever you want. I'm sure whatever you'll decide will be the best for me." She said, letting him know that she won't go against him and will always stand by his decision.

"Yes Arnav, I too believe we should give Ahsan a chance, meet his family and then decide." Khushi said firmly while Ashar nodded.

"I don't want to meet them! How hard is that to understand?" Arnav bellowed and Asmara cringed in to her brother as tears filled her eyes.

"Dad, you're upsetting Asmi now." Ashar warned. "Don't you want to see her happy? Look at it this way, what would have happened if Nana Ji refused to get mum married to you cos he didn't want his daughter to leave? We wouldn't even be here." He reasoned.

Arnav knew Ashar was right but he would be darned if he gave in so he just gave Ashar a glare before stomping out of the room without glancing at Asmara knowing her tears would break his resolve in a second.

Khushi gave Asmara an assuring squeeze and smiled, "I'll talk to him. He'll take some time but he'll come around." and Asmara smiled knowing her mother was right. They needed to give dad some time.








How was it people??? Let me know by Liking the post and Commenting!! You all know how much I love reading your thoughts Big smile

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Hellooo Everyone, Hug

Thank You for the love you guys showered on the First part. Here's part 2 but its not the last one. there will be a 3rd Part as well!! Sorry I got carried away while writing it Embarrassed

And I know I said It'll take me time to update but V323 forced me! Slave drivers, I tell you LOL And this one is Looonnnggg!!! So read it when you've loads of free time on your hands and still don't forget to leave your reviews behind Wink Here goes nothing!!


Khushi knew exactly where Arnav would be and as expected he was at the poolside. Her heart broke on seeing his defeated figure sitting on the recliner, his bowed head in his hands with his elbows resting on his knees. He looked as if he had just aged years in a day. His hair looked like it had more streaks of gray than it did a few minutes ago. Khushi forced herself to get a grip on herself knowing she had to be strong for her family. She quietly sat on the recliner next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, making him look at her.

His tear streaked face automatically made Khushi's tear glands work as well and she hugged him tightly as he broke in her arms.

"Why, Khushi? Why does it happen this way? Why do daughters have to leave?!" Arnav asked in a thick, hoarse voice.

"Its just the way of the world, Arnav. Its how it works..." Khushi replied in a soothing voice.

"Well, its so stupid, damn it!! We are the ones who raised Asmara! Why should she leave us?!" Arnav growled his hurt now replaced by anger.

"Arnav, every girl has to leave. She goes to live with her husband and then has her own family..." Khushi tried to explain.

"But, Khushi! She's still my baby! She's still my little girl! How can I let her go?! How will I live without her?!" His voice broke near the end.

"Arnav, Its not like we'll never see her again once she gets married! Ahsan's house is only at half an hour's drive. You can go and meet her whenever you want." She reasoned. "And besides, I got married to you when I was 22. I left my house and my family for you too."

"That was different." Arnav replied in a detached tone.

"Excuse me? Are you trying to say my family didn't love me?" Khushi asked in a playful voice trying to lighten his mood.

"No, no Khushi. I didn't mean it like that." Arnav replied hastily. "Our parents thought differently... It was their life's dream to find a suitable husband for their daughter and marry her off when she comes of age. I... I never thought like that. Hell, I didn't even realize my daughter was all grown up. She still seems so small to me." He said softly in a voice full of wonder, as if amused how had he missed such a big thing.

"I know Arnav. But we can't think like that, can we? And I've talked to Ashar and he too thinks Ahsan is a really nice boy. And that means a lot coming from Ashar. You know how he is, when it comes to Asmara. So I think he should meet Ahsan once at least." She replied squeezing his hand gently.

Arnav seemed not to be hearing her as he said, "Khushi, if Asmara leaves, who will give me hugs when I return from my office everyday? Who will chatter with me for hours on end? Who will doze off on my shoulder in a minute? Who will make me take my pills as if I were a kid? Who will sing, 'I'm homeee' everytime they step inside the house? Who will lean out the car window to wave and say 'Tata Daddy' whenever they're going somewhere? Who will tell me I'm the best daddy in the world almost everyday?" Arnav choked on the last words as the lump in his throat made it impossible for him to continue.

Tears made their way down Khushi's face as she registered the amount of pain in Arnav's voice.

"Look at it this way Arnav. Don't you want Asmara to be happy?" Khushi asked him softly.

"Always!" came the reply without a moment's hesitation.

"Then this is where her happiness lies. Are you going to deny our daughter the biggest joy in one's life? Her first love?" Khushi questioned him in a quiet voice making Arnav look at her. "We have to meet Ahsan and his family for the sake of our daughter's happiness." Khushi said simply.


"Khushi? Can't we just ask Ahsan to shift in our house after their marriage? That way Asmara won't have to leave and she'll get what she wants." Arnav asked her in a hopeful voice.


"Arnav, you know that's not possible. Ahsan values his self respect too much to agree to this and neither will your daughter. She's inherited your love for ego, remember? But what we can do is to ask Ahsan to get a house near ours. How about that?" She smiled and he reciprocated saying, "hmmm' That does sound better."

Khushi continued, "And Arnav, we're not marrying her off in a week! So calm down. We'll meet Ahsan and then decide, ok?" She asked softly and he finally nodded, suddenly looking too exhausted to say anything.

"I'm tired. I'm going to sleep." Arnav stated as he made his way back inside his room knowing fully well that trying to sleep was going to be a futile attempt tonight.


After tossing and turning in his bed for over 2 hours, Arnav quietly crept out of his bed, careful not to wake Khushi up. He didn't know what made him do it but he found himself heading to Asmara's room. He found her sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy bear tightly, which he had gifted to her on her 15th birthday and whom she had named 'Dumbledore' for reasons best known to herself.

He sat down on her bed quietly and whispered, 'I'm so sorry for making you cry, baby" as he leaned down to kissed her forehead making her stir in her sleep before opening her eyes sleepily and asking, "Dad, you here?"

"Oh I'm so sorry sweetie. You go back to sleep." he replied hurriedly getting up but Asmara grabbed his hand and tugged at it making him sit back again.

"Dad, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to upset you. I'm thinking I'll talk to Ahsan tomorrow and ask him if we can get delay our marriage for a few years..." She said uncertainly.


"No, no! You don't need to." Arnav shook his head. "I'll meet his family."

"Oh you will? I love you Dad!!" She threw her arms around him hugging him tightly making Arnav smile despite himself.

"And you'll be nice to Ahsan as well, right?" She asked him happily.

Arnav muttered something under his breath which sounded like 'Nice? I want to break his face for stealing my daughter away from me' and Asmara frowned as she asked again, "You'll be nice, right?"

"Yes, I'll try my best." He replied and Asmara smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder, "You're the best Dad in the whole wide world, do you know that?"

"Oh yes, I do. Maybe because you tell me that almost everyday." He chuckled as he turned his face to kiss her forehead. "And now go to sleep, young lady! Don't you know its way past your bedtime?" Arnav said in mock seriousness.

"Oh please Dad! Don't get me grounded for such a small thing!" Asmara shuddered playfully before breaking into giggles And Arnav couldn't help laughing along.

"Good Night Sweetie. Sleep tight. I love you." Arnav said standing up.

"Oh I know! You tell me that every night too." She smiled, her eyes dancing merrily. "Love you too Dad!" She shouted diving under her covers.

"Love you more" Arnav whispered softly as he closed the room, feeling a lot light hearted than before.


Ahsan's family came to meet them and there was no doubt that the family was very well respected and its members very sweet and pleasant to get along. Ahsan himself was a gem of a person and try as he might; Arnav couldn't find anything worth criticizing about him. Khushi was over cloud 9 with happiness. She got along with Ahsan really well and was absolutely blissful that her daughter had finally found her match. Their marriage date was fixed a month from then and the preparations were in full swing. After all it was Arnav Singh Raizada's only daughter's marriage.

Ahsan had refused to accept any dowry but on Arnav's insistence, he had accepted the house Arnav gifted them which was only 2 blocks away from theirs and that made Arnav feel much better that his daughter would now always be close by.


*The Evening Before The Mehendi*

Arnav was sitting on his recliner, staring at the pool, lost in thoughts when Asmara came and quietly sat beside him. Ever since her marriage had been fixed, she had been spending more time with him if that were even possible. He didn't know if it was good or bad. On one hand, he enjoyed her company but on the other hand, he knew it would be all the more difficult to cope with her absence once she leaves.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" He smiled looking at her.

"Dad, I'm getting married. How will I live without you guys?" She asked him in tears, startling Arnav.

He felt like asking her to not get married, then but he knew that wasn't what Asmara wanted now. She needed his support.

"Aww Sweetie, it's not like you'll never see us again. You're going to be only 2 blocks away and I bet you anything you won't even miss us cos we'll probably be there all day!" He chuckled softly slinging his arm around her shoulders as she rested her head on his chest.

"I know. But I'll miss this lifestyle... You know what I mean? No responsibilities, full freedom." She said softly.

"Oh hello! I think its Ahsan who's going to lose his freedom." He teased her gently.

She laughed lightly and then took a deep breath and said, "But I'll miss this poolside."

"Yes, it's awesome, isn't it? Such a calm and quiet place." He replied, deciding not to tell her that her new house had one just like this too. She'll get a fine surprise when she sees it herself. He thought.

They remained quiet for sometime then, enjoying each other's company in silence when Arnav realized it was practically impossible for Asmara to be quiet for so long and glanced down to find her asleep.

He smiled lightly and didn't even realize how long he sat there, staring at his baby as memories flooded his brain. She woke up half an hour later and grinned sheepishly at him, "Did I doze off?"

"Yes you did! You need to get some sleep. You're always out shopping." He told her gently.

"I know dad. By the way, where is Mum and Bhaiya?" She asked. "I'll go see them."


Ashar hugged his mum tighter as she cried in to his chest.

"Ashar, she's so small! How is she going to manage the household and the responsibilities all by herself?" She sniffed.

"Mum, Asmi just acts like a kid in the house otherwise when she needs to, she can act quite mature. So don't worry. She'll handle." He said softly.

Ashar marveled at his mother's nature at dealing with everybody. She didn't vent out her feelings in front of Dad as she usually did cos she knew he was already very depressed about Asmara's leaving. Instead she would come to Ashar's room and cry her heart out whenever she felt any insecurities regarding Asmara.

"But you know, she does such childish antics." Khushi's face lit up with a fond smile. "Just yesterday, when Arnav went to lie down, she quietly sneaked up to him and started tickling his ear with a feather. He kept brushing it off, muttering 'what the's not realizing his daughter was behind it. Then suddenly he turned around and grabbed hold of her and started tickling the hell out of her. Just like he used to when she was little." She said softly smiling to herself.

Ashar laughed heartily at his sister's antics. "She'll never grow up! Ok Mum, now wipe your tears. You do realize you have to save some for Asmi's bidai, don't you?" He said laughing lightly.

"Yeah right! Like Arnav will give me a chance. He'll be the one crying rivers while I try to calm him down." She smiled through her tears.

Just then, Asmara popped her head inside Ashar's room and exclaimed, "There you are! I've been looking for you guys!"

Khushi wiped her tears hastily not wanting her daughter to get upset and left the room with the excuse that she had something important to talk to Arnav about the wedding.

"So what are you doing, Bhaiya?" Asmara asked, sitting down next to Ashar on his bed.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking about poor Ahsan and sympathizing with him." He said in a sad teasing tone, shaking his head.

"Bhaiya! He's such a lucky guy that he's getting me! You're just jealous that we're getting our happily ever after and you're not!" She said, snickering.

"Oh, I thought he would have been a lucky guy with a happily ever after if he turned down your proposal!" He said with a straight face and sniggered when Asmara hit him on his arm.

"First of all bhaiya, He was the one who proposed, not me." she began and Ashar muttered, 'his fault' under his breath earning a glare from Asmara. "What did you say?"

"I'm saying it's his own fault! I always thought you forced him to marry you by holding a gun to his head or something but if that's not the case then he's the stupidest guy ever." He said guffawing.

"No, he isn't! And if you call him stupid once again, I'll... I'll ruin your carefully gelled hair!" Asmara threatened.

"Aww kid! If there's no thing I'm gonna miss, it'll be your stupid threats." Ashar said with a sad smile but his tone was teasing.

"Bhaiya, I know I sound super excited about getting married and I am..." She said slowly in a quiet serious manner. "But I get so sad when I realize I'll be leaving this life behind."

Ashar looked at his little sister to see tears swimming in her eyes. She was just like Khushi when it came to crying. They got sentimental at the drop of a hat. Ashar wound an arm around her shoulder and squeezed her assuringly. Normally he was allergic to display of his emotions but today was different.

"You know Asmi, I might have shifted to your house but I don't think I'll be able to survive your "I love you" chanting to Ahsan." He chuckled, trying to cheer her up.

"What?" Asmara asked, distracted.

"You know... You always hang up his call singing, 'I love you'!" He explained, his eyes twinkling.

"Bhaiya!" She rolled her eyes before resting her head on his shoulder and yawning widely and in 5 minutes she had dozed off.  

It was late night and she needed her sleep. 'Tomorrow is going to be one of the biggest day of her life.' Ashar thought as tears came to his eyes without warning. He blinked them away before carefully transfering Asmara's head to his lap and settled back against the head board in a comfortable position for the night and that was how their parents found them the next morning.



Comments and Likes People and Sorry, I can't update the next part soon cos I've 10 Practicals to complete AND a calculas test tomorrow! So Sorry guys Tongue

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O.M.G !! That was so so so so Awesome Wink 
Very beautifully written Wink I loved Asmara- Ashar part , It was so Cute Wink
Good to see you Back again Wink 

Waiting for Part 2! 

Just saw that I'm 1st one to comment !! Yupee 

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I can't tell you how much I love all your works. I adore them! I wait for them! I become sppechless after reading them! And I can't tell you how happy I am to be the 2nd one to comment!! I am not really good at long comments but I know you love them!Wink But let's try! I hope you become happy to see the not-so-long comment of mine!LOL
I had tears in my eyes when I read the Asmra-Ashar part! I don't have siblings and after reading that part I wish I had an elder brother like Ashar!! Smile Now you know how much I loved reading it? Heart
You write so beautifully! Each and every time you are able to touch the reader's hearts and I thank you for that! I get pleasure while reading the stories you write. 
I can't wait for the second part. And I can't thank you enough for taking out time for us and writing these stories. I am super glad that I read most of them and that I had the opportunity to read them. 

A great big fan of your worksWink
Zahra Big smile

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awww very cute dear...oh man arnav is really very protective of his the boding between the siblings dear...very sweeet n cuteee...thnx 4da pm...

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awww its so adorable!
By the way Zahra suggested me to read this Big smile

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bhaktiii IF-Rockerz

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V v cute. Loved it from the bottom of my heart.

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Fari, will edit by tomorrow promise!!!Embarrassed Studies are killing me!!!Unhappy

I promised to unreserve soon and here I am!!!Big smile I was so happy to see that you wrote a new OS and that too exploring the concept of Asmara getting married and Arnav sceptical about the idea!Embarrassed Hey, I managed to be on the same page of your update Party, which is kinda rare when you write Oss!!!Ermm The case is different with your SS though!!!LOL


I just love the bondings that everyone has with everyone, I mean Asmara and her parents, Ashar and his parents and Asmara and Ashar!!!Approve It really gives the essence of the perfect family!!!Embarrassed


Ashar loves teasing his sis na!!!LOLAnd that bit when he told Khushi that Devi Maiyya sent Asmara for the oil stuff was hilarious!ROFL He is so like his Dad in the looks and fashion department!Wink And the Chameli oil and Akash connection reminded me of that scene in the show!!! How he kept on sneezingROFL

Aww, even Ashar is unwillingly to let go of Asmara!!!Embarrassed How cute!!! He is such an adorable brother!!! And this "Has it ever occured to you Asmi that maybe I don't want to live in peace! Maybe I've gotten used to your annoying presence and don't want you to go!" had me so emotional!!! So, he finally agrees to give it a try at convincing Arnav for her happiness!! I am proud of him!!!Big smile

Arnav is such a protective DAD!!! With a zest, no scratch that, with a whole lot of possessiveness!!!LOL But it's totally understandable!Embarrassed And there he becomes the angry ASR to give himself a carapace!!!Stern Smile


Lucky me!!! I have part two just in front of my eyes!!!Dancing Didn't have to wait much!!!LOL


Poor Arnav!!! The conversation both Arnav and Khushi had was so heart-touching!!! And this sentence "Well, its so stupid, damn it!! We are the ones who raised Asmara! Why should she leave us?!" is so ASRish!!!Tongue


And this is the final blow for me to cry: "Khushi, if Asmara leaves, who will give me hugs when I return from my office everyday? Who will chatter with me for hours on end? Who will doze off on my shoulder in a minute? Who will make me take my pills as if I were a kid? Who will sing, 'I'm homeee' everytime they step inside the house? Who will lean out the car window to wave and say 'Tata Daddy' whenever they're going somewhere? Who will tell me I'm the best daddy in the world almost everyday?" CryCry


Arnav and Asmara's convo was so sweet and haha you cracked me up with Arnav wanting to break Ahsan's face!!!ROFL


Oh the wedding is approaching?Shocked


Her new house will be the same!!Big smile Aww, how thoughtful Arnav is!!!Embarrassed


And loved the last part with Ashar consoling Khushi and his convo with Asmara!!!

Fari, you've got magic in your hands!!! The way you've written it all had the power to transport me in their world and cry along with them!!! This is one of your best OSs, if not THE BEST!!!!Approve
Big hugs and kisses!!!Hug Love you!!!Heart
PS: Eagerly waiting for Part 3!!!Embarrassed

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