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Hi Guys,so here is the 2nd chapter.Please do read and comment.Do not hesitate to point out my mistakes.Thank you all for your support and encouragement.All of your likes and comments mean a lot to meSmile

Credit for this beautiful poster goes to PiuBig smile


Revji Patel was talking to one of the guests when he happened to glance at his daughter.She was sitting stiffly and he could see her fidgeting with the fabric of her veil.Once again he wondered,"Am I doing the right thing?"He had never been able to understand his eldest daughter...maybe because he had never cared to spend enough time with her.He was aware that he had never been for her.She had been a tiny little baby when his young wife passed away.She needed him then but he had been unable to look at her.In a way he had blamed her for his beloved wife being snatched away from him.She would look at him with her beautiful big eyes imploring him silently to take her in his arms.She never cried...never complained.It took him a couple of days to hold her in his arms.As the years passed she stopped looking at him with those big wide eyes craving for love and attention.He would often leave her with his family to go off on trips related to work because with each passing day everything about her reminded him of his dead wife.At the insistence of his family who felt that Gulaal needed a mother's love he remarried but that did not work out too well.Unfortunately his new wife seemed to dislike her the moment she laid eyes on her.Then Talli was born and soon became the darling of the household.Everyone doted on her and Gulaal in a way was pushed to the background.At that point a change seemed to come over Gulaal who by now had almost completely cut off herself from others and had  retreated into her own little world. Everyone had been scared that she would be jealous of the baby but she wasn't.On the contrary she  showered all of her love on her baby sister.She was fiercely protective of her and anyone who dared to make her baby sister cry had to deal with Gulaal's wrath.The normally reticent,soft spoken Gulaal would turn into a spitfire.Soon little Talli too began to feel the same about her di.Their bond perplexed his wife who did not want Gulaal anywhere near her daughter but he was secretly pleased that there was someone in the world who loved Gulaal unconditionally.He never could do that and so he was relieved a little.As he kept looking at her he felt a guilt envelop him.Maybe he should have asked her what she wanted...he should not have remained quiet when his wife was emotionally blackmailing her...but it was too late to have any regrets.He just hoped that she would be happy with Kesar.

Gulaal was in a daze.She could hear the girls sitting nearby teasing her,passing naughty remarks but she did not hear a thing.They were not her friends.They did not know what she was feeling.She had never wanted to marry in the first place.She had been perfectly happy living her life teaching little children.Their innocent and genuine faces always put a smile on her face but then her step mother did not give her any choice.She was not hoping for a Prince Charming and fall head over heels in life had taught her there was no such thing called true love.She was a 28 year old girl and had long ago stopped believing in fairy tales  but she wished to be married to a person who could be her friend. When she had met the guy for the first time she could immediately sense that something was not right.She could never see him as her life partner at all.She had tried to voice her concerns to her family but as usual her mother taunted her and her father...well he just ignored her.She wanted to talk to her sister,Talli.She would be able to understand her  but then what could she do?

"arre yeh toh manhoos hai...",the words rang in her ears and she covered her ears to shut out the harsh words.She couldn't believe that people could be so cruel.The words were not new to her.She had been hearing them since she was a child.She knew that her own father believed her to be responsible for her mother's untimely death.She had learned to block them out most of time but today it hurt her listening to them whisper.Somewhere her confidence was shattered because that was the only expanation she could come up with as to why she did not protest about today's events.No one even cared to know what she wanted...not even Talli

She still could not get over the fact as that she had remained silent...she should have made more of a protest...made a scene...said no to the whole thing,but she could not and the only reason was  her sister Talli.The moment her mother spoke about Talli's future she stopped thinking of herself.She loved her little sister more than anyone in the world.She would do anything for her.

"Di..di...kahaan kho gayi ho tum?chalo mere saath...",Talli got hold of her arms and started to push her through the crowd."kya hua Talli?kahaan le jaa rahi hai mujhe?",she asked as soon as they got to the corridor.Talli looked at her in disbelief as she replied,"Di...tum bhool gayi aaj tumhari shaadi hui hai...tum kya saari raat yehin isi tarah baithi rahogi...Kesar...sorry jeeju bechaare wahaan akele bore ho jaayenge na.." and then she burst into giggles.Gulaal's face became white as a sheet.She could feel her hands go cold.This had completely escaped her mind.She had not given any thought to Kesar who was now her husband."Di...main jaanti hoon tumhe yeh sab bahut ajeeb lag raha hai...par main tumse ek baat  kahoon...main bahut khush hoon ki tumhari shaadi us doosre ladke se nahi hui...I did not like him at all and Kesar...main ise bahut ache se jaanti hoon di.woh bahut hi acha hai... tumhe bahut khush rakhega dekh lena.tum bilkul chintha math karo".With that Talli pushed her into the room and vanished immediately.

She could not believe that this was her room.It was almost unrecognizable.There were flowers strewn about everywhere.The bed seemed to be covered with them and some were hanging all around the bed.Gulaal hated it.Her room seemed to have lost it's's simplicity.As she looked around a picture of a scared Kesar entered her mind.She smiled as she remembered the time when Talli had brought him home for the first time four years ago.He was dressed in a white shirt and a faded jeans.His hair seemed to fall all over his forehead and he seemed allergic to shaving cause he had a slight stubble.He had this carefully cultivated unkempt look which Gulaal knew would drive the girls crazy.Of course she knew all about his reputation.Her sister had told her everything about him.She had been surprised when he tried the same tricks on her.He did not hesitate even for a second trying to charm her with his smile and sugary words.She did not fall for the act at all and still remembered the look on his face when she had threatened him with dire consequences if he tried to hurt Talli.After that he never tried to talk to her.He need not have worried because over time she had come to realize that he was a good guy after all.He had a good sense of humour.Many a time she had to stop herself from laughing at his jokes and antics.The biggest point in his favour was that he was a good friend to Talli.He cared for her.

Sometimes she did get the feeling that maybe his feelings for Talli went beyond platonic.She even broached the topic with Talli who just laughed it away saying,"Di...tum bhi na...Kesar aur Pyaar...Kesar sirf mera acha dost hai.main usse kabhi pyaar nahi kar sakti... ...aur waise bhi woh pyaar wyaar mein believe nahi karta..."That put an end to the discussion but  she wanted to disagree with Talli on that last point because she had seen a wistfulness in his eyes and she was quite familiar with that was a craving for love...but then what did she know about him?He was Talli's friend and she would know him better than her.

She had never ever imagined that one day the same guy would turn out to be her husband.Why did he do this?what was the reason behind this decision?She wanted to know.Why would he want to spend his whole life with a woman he disliked?Why?There were so many questions swimming around in her mind and she knew she would find peace only after getting some answers from him...her husband.

As Kesar made his way  inside the room he saw Gulaal standing in a corner.He knew they needed to talk.Maybe that would clear away all confusions.He almost called out her name but it sounded so strange.He closed his mouth shut and realized that he had never addressed her directly except for the day they first met.He shivered as he remembered the meeting.He knew she was  very important to Talli because she spoke about her "Di" all the time.He wanted to create a good  impression on her.Of course he was confident that he would be able to get the elder sister of the girl he loved on to his side with ease.After all who could resist him?yet for the first time in his life he was slightly nervous which only increased after he met with her.He could never forget his first sight of her.She looked nothing like Talli.Her face looked severe.She was wearing a simple salwar kameez and she had her  hair tied back in a tight ponytail.Well he was a guy so he could not help but notice that she had beautiful eyes and was pretty even without a speck of make up on... but she did not smile which made her seem intimidating.He was completely baffled that none of his lines were working on her and then Talli left the room to bring him water.As soon as she was out of ear shot Gulaal spoke in a low but menacing tone,"dekho Kesar...main tum jaise ladkon ko achi tarah se jaanti hoon...par yaad rakhna agar tumne meri behen to zara sa bhi hurt kiya na toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga..."He had been so stunned that he could not even form a coherent reply.Talli had never told him that her sister was so scary.Just then Talli entered the room and it seemed as if the moment never happened.From then on he stayed away from Gulaal.No...He was not scared of her but somehow he did not want to get into her bad books.He had to admit that he respected her love for Talli and he did admire her a little.After all she was the first female who did not fall for his charm.

As a smile threatened to spread across his face at the memory he hesitantly cleared his throat which made Gulaal turn round hastily.The Veil was still covering her face but he could see that she looked confused.Before he could ask her anything she questioned him,"tumne aisa kyun kiya Kesar?...tumne aisa faisla kyun liya...tumne apni poori zindagi ka faisla itni aasani se kaise le liya?ek baar bhi nahi socha ki isse tumhari life kitni badal jaayegi...bolo...".He was expecting this but he had not thought that she would attack him with a volley of questions as soon as he entered the room.Somehow looking at her right now he felt a sense of calm as he replied,"patha nahi...mujhe nahi patha ki maine aisa kyun mujhe jo sahi laga maine wohi kiya...jaanta hoon is faisle se meri poori zindagi badal jaayegi...par ab jab agni ke saamne vachan liye hain toh unhe nibhaane toh padenge na..."He looked at Gulaal to see how she would respond but she remained quiet and so he continued,"dekho...Gu...Gu..Gulaal main jaanta hoon yeh sab bahut achanak se hua hai...yeh bhi jaanta hoon ki tum mujhe kuch khaas pasand nahi karti...lekin main itna bhi bura nahi hoon...main vaada karta hoon Gu...Gulaal ki tumhare ijazat ke bagair is rishte ko tum par kabhi nahi thopunga...hum dono hi is rishte ke liye tayyar nahi hain...par kya hum dost nahi ban sakte?"He walked towards her and held out his hand with a small expectant smile on his face.

Gulaal looked at him trying to understand him.She had seen the look of fear and regret on his face when he was sitting next to her during the rituals.Now listening to him talk, trying to rationalise everything that happened and extending his hand in friendship she was blown away.How could she say no to this gesture?Yes,they had a lot of things to discuss but that could wait.Quietly she extended her hand and held his in a firm handshake.She smiled when she saw his face transform into a wide grin."Ab to hum dost hain toh ek baat poochon",asked Kesar."haan poocho"she replied curious to know his question."tum kya poori zindagi aise ghoonghat mein hi rahogi...tumhe isse parashani nahi hogi kya?" She realized that she had been so lost in her thoughts she had completely forgotten about the veil and had not taken it off."main toh iske baare mein bhool hi gayi...apne khayaalon mein itni uljhi hui thi ki is par dhyaan hi nahi gaya",She laughed as she took the veil off her face.She did not hear any reply so she looked at Kesar who was standing there with a frozen smile on his face...

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Originally posted by minizz

Originally posted by arti07

PartySSDancingDay DreamingBlushing...minizzHug...since last month i m so busy in doing prabhu's bhakti that mein chii bhavna paap sab bhul hi gayiEmbarrassed..yeah romance kya hoingConfused.Ouchit such a relief Embarrassedenters gulaal forum and back to sensesEmbarrassed ArtiHughaan re I was shocked to see you in that roop but now I am relieved.Paapi aur chi bhavana waali Arti waapis aa gayi yayBig smile

minizz lovely ss kesar bigada careless freak enters into gulaal world and gullu not ready t marry him even i didnt expected her to jump on him in the first chapii and  u made kesar love with talli yeh paap hai but chalo good she is shoo off
Talli toh bas love story ko spicy banane ke liye aur kuch nahi.You don't need to worry about her.

and now lets see where its going
I hope I can make it interesting

and plz bring the chapii soon (nahi to mein ramayan and lakshman ji par drool karte karte arti se arti baba ban jungi)Ouch help...humari man ki shaanti k liye is ss ka aana anivarya hai balike
 Nahi...I don't want to see you turn into Arti baba.main sheegr hi next chapter post karne ka prayatna karungiBig smile phewLOL

EEK KYA???????Shocked Miss English turns into shudh hindi vyaakhytaWacko...aati uttam..Approve.yeah neele baalak k liye hainaLOLEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by arti07

EEK KYA???????Shocked Miss English turns into shudh hindi vyaakhytaWacko...aati uttam..Approve.yeah neele baalak k liye hainaLOLEmbarrassed

of course sab Laxmanji ke liye hi toh hai... Embarrassedkoi shaqTongue

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res Embarrassed
I have to unres the previous res too...will do it on weekend...


So me directly jumping to my essay now...
I am feeling very bad for gulaal now Cry...she never got mother's love n not even father's...she is blamed for taking her mother by his much she have craved for his love as he is only one whom she can call her family na...his attempt to bring a mother to her was a big flop n a tragedy...the only good thing is that she got some one who loved her for what she is in the form of talli...I completely get how she stop from craving any love from her father n stopped expecting any thing from life too...So they both met each other while kesar is all in impressing her n while she is totally controlling herself from being effected by his charms...but at last he admires her na gulaal felt that he loved talli n but thank god that talli is not that sharp as gulaal n talli never got to know abt this...n more over good that kesar was never able to tell this to talli...ab toh kehne ki zaroorath bhi nahi hai...I loved how they both remember their first meet n the impressions too...I liked how they observe each other very much as he saw her tears n she saw him worried while taking blessings gulaal direct question that why he did what he did...well first he has to know to tell you na...but i liked how he justified that he dont know why he did this..but he want to fulfil the promise he did to her while marrying her n assuring her that he will not force this relation on her n taking the first steps for this relationship being she has to accept kesar's friendship can she can u stop the chapter at that smile of kesar...
Mini...loved the chapter so much...but u need to update the next one really soon...i wanted to know what will be his raection n her reaction to his reaction n more over his famiy reaction for his decision...see we have so many reactions to know...ab jaldi se update waiting Day Dreaming

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@everyone Thanks for liking the posterHug
Mini Thank you so much for such a quick and long update...If the 1st chapter was about Kesar and this was about Gulaal ...We come to see things from her POV nad must say that the concept and her history is explained very well in detail...Owww POOR little thing DEVOID of the real warmth of feelings ...Gosh par koi gal nahi Kesar will give her all the love a nd pampering she deserves EmbarrassedAnd LOL Talli and her eternal LOWE Gullu ..Thank God she does not dream of Kesar and OMG our brat already has a stubble and no wonder gals are crazy..But is that enuf to entice gullu hmmm lets see..LOLAwww I love the little history brat to chuha ban gaya tha Gullu k agey ...So Talli rani already calls him her jiju GOOD LOL
But awww you have to feel proud of Kesar he did take a hasty decision but he has a heart of gold Sigh aise baande kahan miltey hain aajkalWink And am so relieved that Gulaal breaks the ice between them and chalo dosti bhi ho gayi ab to agey pyaar hi pyaar hai na..Fabulous update Mini...and jaldi next chappi laoHug

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hi mini it was a nice continuation..
awww reading gulaal's background was very upsetting..that part was well written..could very well relate to what she must have gone through in all these years..
so as i had thought...kesar has met gulaal before too...haila gullu ne bhi usko aankhon main pyaar dekha for talli...sach mai this gives me pain...hhahahaha

btw i liked how u described kesar..white shirt n blue jeans with stubble dreamyyyDay Dreaming

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Mini thanks for updating so quickly, it's always pleasure to read stories about GK and you have been so good with conceptualising and creating situations that you can related to GK very easily…so staring off with Revjibhai's reflection on points where he failed his daughter and being a weak human being that he was blaming her for his failures whether it's untimely death of his wife or marrying someone who could never replace something he lost or not able to provide that support that love to his daughter when needed, choosing an escapist route on realization of his daughter's   cravings for that affection by believing that the need was addressed by bond she formed with her younger sister and finally failing her again in taking away the biggest decision of her life away from her…..

You portrayed her emotions and helplessness so beautifully, her entire life's decision made in matter of seconds not to escape thos harsh words,which was so unfair and cruel  but life had always been that for her,but for someone,nly one who loved her..ahh..poor Gulaal…did she have any choice…but Kesar did…and the hasty decision that he had taken, not something new for him either but this time around the stakes were high…so high ..that he was forced to reflect on his impulsive decision taking…perhaps first time in his life..Kesar Mehta was lost for words …

What followed was the first step towards reconciliation, acknowledgment of the decision that could have best termed as their fate and the way they rise to the occasion just warms up your heart, two people but a mere stranger trying to build that bridge to walk towards each other, hesitant, wary, anxious, fearful yet something pulling them along just like magnet…..a journey towards their destiny……Looking forward to ride along….Please update soon Mini…Embarrassed

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Haha, let's guess! Kesar's smile froze when he realized the pretty featured but severe elder sister all stern and no smile could actually laugh, a beautiful laugh, and with a makeover (a given in her wedding attire) actually made her look stunning? LOL Oh Kesuda, be ready to be blown away, Gullu is no simple feat LOL Here's to the first day of the rest of your life feeling thankful the whole Talli love angle never worked out for you! LOL

On a serious note - wonderful progress with the background build up on the characters Mini. You've given such credibility to the history they have as individuals, and as a couple now, which will pose trouble in the paradise, yet always have scope to be reasonably resolved in time. Grounded sensible characters with their own share of secret fears and inhibitions. 

Lovely! Clap

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