Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

W.Update August 27th 2012.

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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Short Update:
  • ArHi visit the Restaurant.
  • The two share light moments where Khushi pretends to be like Arnav Singh Raizada.
  • Arnav is in a full masti mood.
  • Shyaam and Anjali come to the same restaurant.
  • The two couples don't see each other until Shyaam gets up to pick the bangles he has bought for his soon-to-arrive daughter.
  • Shyaam and Anjali hide away.
  • ArHi leave without noticing Shyaam and Anjali at all.
  • Next day is shown at the RM: Arnav is sitting working on his laptop while NK tries to explain to the workers that he wants to see more lights.
  • One of the workers goes outside to get the lights and sees a man standing there, we aren't shown his face at first until he points to the side and we see that it's Shyaam. (Thanks to his blue-ish bracelet)
  • The episode ends on Shyaam's face. And he is wearing a fake mustache along with the same uniform the workers were all wearing.

 Detailed Update:

The episode starts off with Dadi telling Arnav that he doesn't have to bother taking Anjali because she is going with her. Arnav tells her that he will drop the two then to which Dadi says that they will take another car. Arnav calls the driver and tells him that Dadi and Anjali are coming outside. Arnav leaves waving at Anjali. As soon as he is out of sight, Anjali sighs, Dadi tells Anjali to drop her at the temple on the way.

Arnav enters Purple Orchid and stands at the door. Khushi enters from behind in a black shalwaar kameez. Arnav turns around and goes all goo-goo gaa-gaa over her. They have a "Hey hey heeeyy" moment. The waiter then comes and tells Khushi that the reservation is for August 25th 2012 at 8:00. Khushi tells him that they are right on time. Arnav tells Khushi let's leave to which Khushi tells him that they can't just leave. The waiter tells her that they can't get even one table because the restaurant is fully booked to which Khushi stops him and asks his name. She then starts buttering him and says that he looks like a nice man. She tells him then that she is from Lucknow too and the two start talking about Kabaab's. LOLLOL Arnav in the background is shown smiling to himself. Khushi then tells the waiter that she has brought her fiance out for the first time and it would be rather insulting if she returns home without them eating dinner. The waiter finally gives them one table. Khushi smiles to herself and does the Khushi smile that she has. She then turns to Arnav and says let's go! Arnav just shakes his head and goes ahead smiling the entire time.

Khushi and Arnav are led into the restaurant. Arnav pulls out Khushi's chair for her and she sits. Just when Arnav is about to walk to his side, Khushi stops him and takes his chair out for him and nods towards it. Arnav just looks at her with a confused look and sits. Khushi sits then and starts looking in the menu the way Arnav was looking into it. Arnav asks what she is doing to which Khushi says that she is also reading the menu, she asks the waiter then that aren't there any Kabaab's served to which Arnav just looks at her and tells her that it's an Italian restaurant. Khushi says haan toh Italian Kabab? Arnav just shakes his head again, Khushi tells the waiter that she was only joking. She then starts looking in the menu and can't read what's written, Arnav asks her if he can help to which Khushi orders a number 4, 5 and 8. She then asks the waiter that it would be enough, right? The waiter walks away. 

Shyaam and Anjali are shown entering the same restaurant and Shyaam holds Anjali's hand. Arnav tells Khushi that this is his favourite restaurant and turn around when Khushi keeps her hand on his hand and says "What the?!" Arnav just looks at her while in shock. Anjali and Shyaam walk away from there and Khushi tells Arnav that "Jab hum baat kar rahay hain toh don't you dare..." And Arnav just says "Okaay" and smiles to himself. He then notices Khushi sitting weirdly and he asks her what she is doing to which she says that she is being Arnav Singh Raizada. She then goes on and tells him that if he can go to the temple for her and follow the traditions in a marriage for her then she can also come to an expensive restaurant and do "dating" LOLLOL Arnav just nods to himself. On the other hand, Anjali and Shyaam are shown sitting across from Arnav but hidden behind a glass.

Shyaam gives Anjali the bangles he has bought for their daughter who is to arrive soon. Anjali gets emotional. She then tells him that she just wants Shyaam to be there on the godh-bharaai day. Anjali then gets tensed about it again that it's on the same day as the Mehndi. Shyaam assures her that he will take care of it. Shyaam is about to see Arnav but someone blocks his view.

The food comes out and Khushi wonders why the quantity is so less to which Arnav tells her that this is just how the Italian food is. She takes a bite and doesn't like the food one bit. Arnav asks how rheatorically as to what kind of a date has she brought him to, because first they came before the reservation day, then he pulled the chair out and Khushi started pulling his chair out. Khushi completes the sentence that now I have ordered everything wrong. Arnav adds salt to hers and she yet again tells him that he is doing something for her eventhough she was the one who was supposed to be doing this for him. Arnav tells her that she can do one thing. He then calls the waiter over and he brings with him 2 glasses of wine. Arnav then tells her that she can drink this because it's grape juice but it's just a little old. He then gets into the details of it. Arnav tells her that she can drink bhaang then this is nothing. Khushi is about to say something when Arnav cuts her and says that it's okay if she doesn't want to do this for him already whatever she has done was done half-heartedly. Khushi says that she wasn't refusing. She starts to drink the wine when Arnav says that she doesn't like it to which Khushi says that it's really good. Khushi then starts acting like she is tipsy and drunk. The waiter comes and Khushi asks for more wine. Waiter then asks her that she liked "Kaala Khatta" that much that she wants a refill of it.Khushi gets shocked. The entire time Arnav keeps smiling at her. Khushi tells Arnav that no wonder she thought that this tasted like Kaala Khatta. Arnav tells her that he would never ask her to do something that is against her ethics and that she doesn't like doing. Khushi says that he is doing so much though. Arnav tells her that he is doing all this because he doesn't have a problem with it anymore and he is doing it for her. He further tells her that everything that she is doing right now is not the Khushi he knows. He then tells her "I love you the way you are Khushi" and Khushi smiles. She then tells him that she has something for him. She gets up and walks to waiter and asks him to do what she had told him on the phone.

A bottle of champagne comes across to Arnav's table and Khushi tells him that he drinks whenever there is a huge "jalsa" (party) She then shows him how he opens it. Arnav corrects her and says that it's called "Popping the bubbly" to which Khushi says if this is Bubbly then where is Bunty. She laughs and Arnav just smiles. She starts to open the bottle and Arnav stops her telling her that there is a specific way of opening it but she doesn't listen and it hits a guy - who is sitting at another table nearby - glasses and they break and fall into the soup.  Arnav apologizes to the guy too and then he walks upto a crying Khushi and imitates Khushi saying "Arnav ji hum aapkay liye kya kya nahin karna chahtay thay, humnay socha aapkay liye bubbly main sey tapuk karaingay lekin bubbly toh bhaisaab key chashmay pey lag gayi aur soup main girr gayi. Hum toh peetay bhi nahin hain lekin dukh toh iss baat ka hai key sab kuch garbar hogaya." The two start laughing and then Khushi says that he is right, because everything is going wrong to which Arnav wipes her tear and says that wherever there is a Khushi Kumari Gupta multiple blasts are without a doubt gonna happen. Khushi asks if he is making fun of her to which Arnav says that he isn't because she doesn't give a chance to anyone else to do that.

Anjali opens the bangles on the other hand. Anjali thanks Shyaam and says that they are beautiful. Anjali drops the bangle and Shyaam picks them up and sees Khushi and Arnav on the side. Khushi tells Arnav that she hasn't paid the bill, Arnav calms her down. Anjali and Shyaam on the other hand keep hiding so that ArHi don't see them. Anjali tells Shyaam that she needs to go and she again starts getting tensed thinking about the following day. Shyaam says that he will be there. Then he thinks to himself that he has to be there tomorrow, because he can't delay that anymore and that whatever he has thought will be there tomorrow and he will be able to take care of her even better.

Arnav is shown working on his laptop and NK walks by, he just shakes his head. NK then walks upto the guy putting the lights and tells him that he wants more lights on the walls and that he wants to see more "Halwa." Aakash walking by stops and tells the guy that NK means "Jalwa and not Halwa" LOLLOL

The same worker goes outside to get the lights and sees a man standing there, we aren't shown his face at first until he points to the side and we see that it's Shyaam. (Thanks to his blue-ish bracelet)

Precap: Garima walks in the RM and it's the Mehndi night. Anjali and Dadi are also shown sitting on the stage and Garima is panicking 'cause she is about to face Dadi.

Just working on the pictures. They should be up tomorrow max. I neeed sleep. It's 12:35 AM. Embarrassed

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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Short update is up for now. Working on the detailed one.

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Thanks for the short written update.will be waiting for the detailed one.take ur time.

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I am toh happy with short one also,...atleast i know what timing arent allowing me to watch the show
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Thanks alott :)
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Thank you for the update! :)
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Thanks for the update 

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