Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF-Aane wale Parichay ka Parichay,Part2 (Pg 4)

chitsss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged

Ok I spent the weekend reading and analyzing BT trends and stories and I found myself inspired enough to pen out Parichay - uss kahani ka jiska mujhe bezabari se intezaar nahin hain!Wink

I start from where the episode ended on fridayTongue! 

After the medal lands itself miraculouslyShocked at Siddhi's feetClap, she recognizes it to be Kunal'sStar.After all the college had got it specially handcrafted in pure gold for the 'one of a kindStarStar 'gold medalist (on fresher's day he had disclosed his inclination towards adopting velagiri as a full time professionLOL).

On further enquiries she got to know that a sloshed Kunal was seen on the roads(BG Scrore-Musafir hoon main yaaron) asking every passerby if he could purchase the medal for Rs 25,000(ab bhechna hi tha toh thoda zyaada maangte,karcha paani ke liye!!chi chi Kunal aap toh Gaurav ke bhai hone ke layak hi nahin hain)!!!!He needed the money to send his son for a dance competition (shukr hain koyi quiz ya law related nahin hain, varna bechara baccha toh apne duffer parents ke diye hue  genes ke wajah se toh pehle hi round mein disqualify ho jaate)!Abhay had purchased it thinking he will tell AC2 that he got this medal  for his B.Com studies and that may inspire AC2 to study!!!(Waaah inn bacchon ka toh kismat hi phooti hain).

Siddhi starts cryingCryCryCry as soon as she recognized the medal (they had swabbed some glycerine on it) she runs to her room and immediately puts on her superwoman cloakStarStar and fixes the halo over her head (it has problems balancing ever since she started with her poodle hairdoLOL) and tells herself "nau saal loafer banke ghoomta rahaDead,pata nahin woh chudail kyaa kar rahi thiAngry,mere bina toh Kunal nikhama hi hainDead,mujhe hi kuch karana padegaStarStar!!!!".

Abhay is totally disappointed by this change(kitna karcha kiyaa tha,koyi fydaa nahin,middle class wannabe school teacher hamesha wahi rahegi)but listens wholeheartedly to Siddhi's plan which is to make a fraudulent case so that Kunal under no circumstance can lose itStarStarClap.

To further ensure Kunal's victory Siddhi decides to provide all proofs to Kunal's assistant herselfStarStar(Since Richa is there Siddhi is not worried about getting caught,Kunal toh hamesh ke tarah anjaan hi rahengeLOL ).And she further decides that she would represent Abahy in the case so that Kunal would assume that Siddhi and Abhay are an 'item'(a pretty rich and hot one at that, she decided to wear a strapless blouse and prance around in it in front of Kunal and the ChoprasWink,she instructed her designer that she needn't buy material, koyi hanky se kaam chala lena, baap beta dono patengeWinkClap ).This would make Kunal waltz into the court room(BG score - yada yada hi dharmasya glani hi bhavati ) , flay his arms around , indulge in his usual rhetorical bilge and voila win the case(Ailaaa, kya gold medalist hain,ClapClap BG Score ' Arre deewano mujhe pehchaano,kahan se aaaye , main hoon kaun?Cool)!And this is exactly what happens!ClapClap 

After the court session, size 12 Richa in size 6 clothesThumbs Down comes up to Chikni SiddhiCool and taunts her,Dead backed by the entire Chopra family Angrywhile Kunal riding high on his new found successCool  storms out to be accosted by the paparazzi for his note worthy bytesStar. On his way out he tells Thakral to meet him near Powai lake where he will be posing(BG Score 'Bachna aae haseeno lo main aa gaya), for a round of their usual bhakwaasLOL.

Siddhi hides behind a saplingConfused from prying eyes and watches Kunal adoringlyEmbarrassed with tears glistening like pearls on her rosy cheeksCry(kuch zyaada hi make up laga di) and mutters to herself(tum mere ho aur mere hi rahoge , yeh aasma jaanti hain or zameen ko pata hainThumbs Up , bas Kunal aur Richa ko batana bhool gayiAngryAngry).

Kunal  goes to Santosh bar to celebrate his success(BG Score-Rum rum rum oh WhiskeyParty) and promises himself that he will be so rich that he will get anything he wants(Siddhi bhi, pata nahi aaj kal biwion ki kyaa rates chal raha hai ,BG Score 'Hum honge khamyaab , hum honge khaamyaab)!Miraculously the very next day he is offered a job at the a top rated law firm with a heavy salary that shuts up Gaurav for ever (Ab dekha, Kunal Chopra ka kamaal Coolor rather Siddhi Chopra ka who went on her knees in front of the company's MDClap)!

And so Kunal Chopra levitates himself up that ladder of professional success with Richa and the Chopra's clinging on his shirt tails and AC1 on his shoulders with a placard that reads "Papa is  good, better ... the best"(BG Score 'Kya kool hain hum kyaa cool hain humCool)! Again Siddhi with the halo intact smiles with tears in her eyes and with pride tells AC2"That great man is your father, you must always love him!"(Taaaliya ClapClap, yeh hoti hain asli TV ki bharatiya naari,har ek ko bhagwaan bana leti hain).

Meanwhile AC1 and AC2 meet for a school event, they initially fight and then later become friendsWink. After a lot of cute yet meaningless banter Big smilethey get to know that they are in fact identical twins(Time toh lagna hi thaa , kafi differences jo hainConfused. BG Score Yeh bandhan toh pyaar ka bandhan hain ,janmon ka sangam hainBig smile).

AC1 and AC2 decide they have to bring their parents together(Waah kya zabardast plan hain , Baccha party will save their duffer parents from Chudail's chaal),they plan for a party to which they trick Siddhi and Kunal into coming(which obviously was easy, AC1 said he fell from the roof and AC2 threatened to stop calling Sid 'maa')!While at dinner Kunal and Siddhi struggle hard to keep their emotions in check(Kunal's blouse-cum- shirt and Siddhi's strappy tight teeny weeny blouse did contribute in making it even more hardEmbarrassedEmbarrassed), Siddhi keeps slyly looking at the father of her sons(Seriously bande ko maanaa padega ek hi shot main double centuryEmbarrassedEmbarrassed) and Kunal is still seething from her betrayal(Kaunsa wala pichla wala ya pichle se pichla walaConfusedConfused,kyaa musibat hain yaar).

Couple of drinks down he drags her to the dance floor where he twirls her around like a rag doll(BG Score- Tu cheez badi hain mast mast), Siddhi goes weak in the kneesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed(she thinks is because of the hot dancing but in reality is because of the alcohol AC2 has added to her orange juice)!The kids are happy thinking that their parents have hit it off  finally and decide to reveal themselves.Kunal is surprisedShockedShocked to see that he actually had identical twins and he decides to confront SiddhiClap but unfortunately Siddhi passes outAngry(because of that 5 ml of vodka that had found its way into her drink, BG Score- Main talli Main Talli)!So Kunal lifts her(Thinking jail mein itna accha khana tha kyaa ,bahut bhaari ho gayi hain,meri second hand jawani kit oh waatt laga degiLOLLOL), walks out into the rain with the kids trailing behind(hum saath saath hainBig smile)!

Unknown to them Richa has been silently watching the proceedings(Jahaan bhi jaaoge isse hi paogeAngryDead). She huffs, heaves and yet again pledges to make Kunal hers(Kunal wadein thodtha rahatha hain , yeh banati rehti hainConfusedConfused).

Next day when Richa enters the Chopra household (why don't they deactivate her access card) she finds Kunal, hands in his pocket propped up against the wall(Haiyeee woh red shirtEmbarrassedEmbarrassed , woh red towel EmbarrassedEmbarrassed, kyaa baat hain oops baal hainEmbarrassed).His arched eye brows and frown sets her heart fluttering EmbarrassedEmbarrassedbut she holds her ground and Veena Maiyyas handLOL.Kunal Chopra asks her if Siddhi did in fact want to kill the first baby, she mutters yes(BG score-Jhoot bole kauaa kaate)!

Then like a storm let loose he approaches her menacingly(BG Score-Bachke tu rehna re bachke tu rehna) and asks her if that is true, then why Siddhi did Siddhi keep the second child aliveAngry.Richa starts crying and hides her face in veena's plentiful bosom(zyaada zor mat dalna , nahi to kamar atak jaayegi aur Kunal phir se kaam danda chod ke baitega massage karne,bande ko toh sirf bahana chahiyeWink).

Kunal pulls her apart, slaps her and asks her 'WHYAngryAngry'.Richa huffs heaves, sobs and says she had known it for a while now that Siddhi had twins but she could not tell Kunal the truth as it would shatter him(seriously that is possibleConfusedConfused)!

Kunal looks baffled just like the rest of the Chopras, Richa goes on to say that Siddhi wanted to kill the second child too but since he took some time coming out of herLOLLOL,the jail's main doors were closed for the dayDead. So Siddhi had to keep the baby with her that dayDead.

Next day Abhay Diwan came by to see Sulekha and sees the baby and takes an immediate liking to him and wanted  to possess him(Sab ko immediate possession chahiye, patience naam ki cheez hain hi nahi).Siddhi being the money minded devil sizes up Abhay's expensive suit, diamond studded cuff links and decides that the baby holds the keys to unlock his wallet and after she gets freed his pantsDeadDead. So she decides to let Abhay keep the baby(BG Score-Paisa Paisa karti hain).

And once she was released she went to his house and has been living there with him(Kaam do kaude ka nahin hain ,aaj kal vakalat chodke naya profession adopt ki hain , socialite ki,chamkeli sarees pein nikal padti hain har shaam!)!!Richa pulls on a puppy face and says the grapevine is buzzing with the news of their well errmmm EmbarrassedEmbarrassedDeadhmmm escapedes!

The roaring lion of the Chopra household whimpers down like a wet cat,DeadCry falls on his knees and criesCryCry!Richa never a one to leave an opportunity lifts him, takes him home and puts him to bed in her roomConfused(BG Score-Aaaj ki Raaat hona hain kyaa) while Thakral keeps watch outside(Dar toh lagage hi bechare ko , ek toh beti pagal hainDead aur doosra Kunal ka recordWink, BG Score- Betiji dheere chalna ,pyaar mein zara sambalna)!

When Kunal wakes up he decides that he will ruin the Diwans for stealing his wife and kid from himClapClapStar. He uses his influence at work(MD bhi ek puraani college mate hain gold medallist ka) to embroil Abhay Diwan in one legal hassle after another. Meanwhile Richa brainwashes Veena to start Kunal-Richa marriage jaap againAngryAngryAngry!

After months of trying Kunal manages to trap Abhay in a legal issue that could result in Abhay's convictionDead!Siddhi gets to know that all this is Kunal's doingShocked. Not someone to waste time she immediately changes into her sacrificial sareeLOL and walks out on a stormy night to meet Mr Kunal Chopra.(BG Score-Sarva mangla maangalye, shive sarvadh saadike, sharne tryambike gauri naarayani namostuteStarStarStar)

She finds him in his dark office illuminated with a light of a lone candle, as usual drinking(ab chaahe kuch bhi ho jayaa , alcohol ke saat Kunal Chopra kabhi bewafayi nahin karega).She asks him why he is doing this and Kunal roughly pins her against a wall(bechara khada nahin ho paa raha tha, support ke liye kiyaa) and tells her it's because he hates her(Iss pyaaa ko main kyaa naam doonConfusedConfused),she ruined him now he will ruin her and everyone else associated with himCryCryCry.

She falls at his feet and begs him to not torture the Diwans,Kunal pulls her up roughly and says he will stop if she agrees to become his wife(Why? I dont get it. jisse nafrat karte ho usko subah shaam kyun dekhna chahoge, hum toh Richa ko aada ghanta bhi sehne ko tayaar nahi hainDeadDead), he says he wants his kid back and he knows he ain't getting him unless she comes along(Siddhi herself has no idea if the kid will come with her , uspe apne Dad ka bhoot jo sawaar hainLOLLOLLOL).

She arranges her halo(galli de raha hain poodle hairdo ko) and her sacrificial saree and whimpers a yes(BG score Main tulsi teri aangan ki, oops who toh dus saal puraani hain' main siddhi teri aaangan kiLOLLOLLOL).

Disclaimer:This is not an attempt to 'bash' any characters but yes I will not deny the fact that I have been inspired and influenced by the works of the 'oh so very talented' Parichay CV's!WinkBig smile 
Even though no one will be waiting for Part-2 ,I will still force it on you guys, kyaa karen kuch zyaada hi influence huyi hoon EK Maiyya se!Wink And last but not the least would not have been possible without valuable comments from Ramya,Annie and Fariyal!Wink

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-Hima- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
OH! Kya baat hai Chitra.. lovely piece of work!!Star
Very Gripping story.. Richa blaming Siddhi for wanting to kill the second one tooROFL
Your BG scores are awesome!! Loved the timing of 'sarva mangala'ROFL
Never laughed so much reading anything!!!LOL
Now you have to give us the second part.. waiting for it!!Embarrassed

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stuti123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
dat was truly an amazing piece of writng chitss ...Clap
i still cant stop my laughter after reading ur FFROFL
the BG scores were perfect nd so were the comments in betweenThumbs UpROFL
 cant wait to read part 2

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Malarkodi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
My stomach is hurting LOL. cant stop laughing ROFL  ROFL  ROFL
DeepShadow Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged

Oh my God Chits, this is epic funny. I loved your descriptions of this unique pati-patnis vellapanti ...LOL. So hilarious and I laughed out loud at so many points but my favorite part was Siddhi's sacrificial saree and fixing a halo on her poodle hair do ROFL and middle class wannabe school teacher is so apt ROFL And Kunal Chopra, vela kaamchor no.1 selling medal for Rs. 25000 and later wondering about  biwiyon ka rate...ROFL. This was just too good from start to finish. You should so continue this, and send a copy to the Parichay cvs, they can learn a thing or two about making the show at least partially entertaining...LOL

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:54am | IP Logged

OMG this is hilarious. 

Great job chittss. hahhaha. Had a blast reading all of this. 


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san_aish Senior Member

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Are CVs keliye poora kaam aasaan kardiya tune..Ab bas Ctrl C+Ctrl V karna padega usko..
Your post is damn hilarious..great jobThumbs Up 
Waiting for the next update..Smile.

Edited by san_aish - 27 August 2012 at 8:42am

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chitsss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hima2012

OH! Kya baat hai Chitra.. lovely piece of work!!Star
Very Gripping story.. Richa blaming Siddhi for wanting to kill the second one tooROFL
Your BG scores are awesome!! Loved the timing of 'sarva mangala'ROFL
Never laughed so much reading anything!!!LOL
Now you have to give us the second part.. waiting for it!!Embarrassed

What can I say Hima, we know we are going to be put through such ghatiya plots by the CV's , thought I will atleast try and lessen the tortureWink

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