Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

OS~ Jane Na Kahan Wo Duniya Hai~

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 okay I am back with another OS to make sure you are not relieved on weekend. This one is a 3 part ( which are posted in consecutive posts ). It isnt a story with twists, or lets say not a story at all maybe.. . Its just how I wanted some things to be.  & the song isnt just a add on But the theme of OS, this question in title is a Quest  So please bear with that if you can...

again Hope its not a Complete Waste Of your Time !!


1st July, 2012

It seemed as if spring was back after years of summer. She breathed properly after many days

Jeevika ' really doctor !!

Dr.Smith ' Yes Miss.Choudhary. This cancer is curable with a very high success rate. Actually this is called Mediastinal Seminomas which is a rare kind of germ cell cancer. Your sister has to go through a Combination Chemotherapy of Bleomycin, Etoposide & Cisplatin for three cycles of 21 days. If everything goes fine, after almost 3 months we will have diagnosis to observe the effects...


Jeevika was determined to understand each and every word the doc says. It was exactly a month before that Dr.Manan disclosed that the tumor near Maanvi's left lung was positive for cancer. She was shattered seeing her baby in all that pain & unable to snatch it from her. But she knew she have to be her strength not weakness'.she searched , searched & searched for many days

When she came to know that Dr.Smith, a famous Oncologist is on a 4 month trip to India ( Delhi), she decided to meet him with Maanvi's reports

J- mannu suna tune'.tu bilkul thik ho jayegi'kuch nahi hoga tujhe

She told a shocked manvi who was unable to react till now

M(a new hope in her voice)- u mean it doctor'

Doc ' course I mean it Miss.Choudhary'trust me. I reckon we should start 1st session  today itself. U r in my supervision from 2 days, & I think its best.

J- Sure..Thanks doctor.

Doc- I'll call you once arrangements r done. He goes out saying that

M- kya di'abhi?? It'll be so painful..I am not prepared

J- mannu mai ab tere treatment me ek pal ki bhi der nai chahti.Aur fir main hoon na tere pass'don't panic. Dr.Smith says na chemo is not as dreadful as some call it..sab thik ho jayega !!

Maanvi Calmed down a bit & Agreed'.she looked at her di who have completely changed in past few days. Now her eyes always have that look of assurance & strength that she needed right now'she don't know how di managed it, but it is so soothing'so peaceful to see her like that

While Manvi was changing, Jeevika called beeji & told her about the line of treatment. They were staying at house of a friend of madan chachu ( who shifted somewhere else & wasn't using it ) for the treatment. She has to try very hard to convince beeji that they'll manage or she would have sent chachu here. It's not good to close shop for him. She even lied a bit about treatment being very light & assured her to tell her every small thing. Finally beeji gave in'..& Jeevika was relieved. Afterall she can manage her mannu & herself..

She also informed Viren about everything' as he had asked her to. She didn't knew why he was still interested..why he was still supporting her. How rude she was when despite having Roka..she sternly refused for engagement until manvi gets fine which wasn't even sure till then. She wanted him to get settled but maybe it isn't that easy'.his words brought her back

' dekha tumhare vishwas ki jeet hui Jeevika'manvi ko kuch nahi hoga', he was saying

'par viren tum kab tak intzaar karoge..aur meri life me 1st priority manvi hi rahegi, wo thik ho jati hai tab bhi'tum kyu nahi'' she tried yet again

' aur mai tum dono ki issi duniya ka ..tumhari duniya ka ek hissa banna chahta hoon, chota sa hi sahi, Mujhe 2nd hone se koe problem nahi hai'.okay ..i'll wait Jeevika'

I promise I'll wait for you'.even if its forever


Maanvi was half lying on the bed staring at her iv drip holding her di's hand which still had these red marks occurred from her very tight grip when the drip was connected. But Jeevika didn't seem to notice that'.she was busy caressing her forehead as she drifted off to sleep without realizing when it took over her'last thing she remembered was that melodious touch !!

M- mere pass hi ho na di..muje chodkar kar nai jaoge na.  She was muttering in her sleep still holding over the hand

J( in a soft yet Firm voice) ' kabhi nahii ,  & pecked her forehead

 Jeevika stared at her for sometime & then with her other hand took her fone to search sth about chemotherapies & its effects''she found some data which made her a bit happy

( for those who want to read I have CP it at the end of post)

But still she knew its not going to be easy'..Par do they have other options???

She looked at Maanvi & overcame her urge to wake her up ( which she was having from past month whenever manvi was sleeping ) ..somehow that peace on her face now scares Jeevika to death''what if she don't'''''..

But no'she reminded herself that she is not going to be weak for some time ahead

'I promise mannu..We Can & We Will make through it''.she told her angel




( for those who want to read , its the page Jeevika was having a look at )


Since chemotherapy also affects normal actively dividing cells such as those in the bone marrow, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive system and in the hair follicles, most patients experience some degree of side effects, which may include any or all of the following:

        Nausea and vomiting: This is a common side effect of chemotherapy. It can be controlled with anti-sickness drugs (anti-emetics), which your doctor will prescribe.

        Fatigue: Chemotherapy affects different people in different ways. Some find they can lead fairly normal lives during treatment, but many find they become tired and have to take things more slowly. Just do as much as you can and be careful not to over-strain. Taking short naps may help.

        Hair loss: This is the least harmful side effect, yet can be the hardest to bear. The use of a cold compress around the scalp when taking chemotherapy helps stop hair loss to some extent. Hair will grow back surprisingly quickly once treatment is over.

        Susceptibility to infections: When the drugs act on cancer cells, they also destroy normal cells including white blood cells, which fight infections. When white blood cells are in short supply, the body's immune system is weakened making you susceptible to infections. Any fever should be reported so that your doctor can prescribe antibiotics.

        Decrease in blood cell count: During chemotherapy, you may become anemic. Regular blood tests are done to ensure this does not happen. If necessary, blood transfusions are given.

        Mouth sores and ulcers: Some chemotherapy drugs cause sores and ulcers in the mouth. Regular use of a mouthwash is very important.

It should be emphasized that side effects depend on the type and number of drugs used, that individuals react very differently, and that all side effects are temporary and disappear once treatment is completed.

-          www.cpaaindia.org


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31st July 2012

Although most of the side effects were covered up by medications prescribed..But still after 2nd chemo, what all manvi could think of all day was having a nap. She was also getting weak but thanks to Jeevika's strict following of each and every word of Dr.Smith about Manvi's diet & rest that it wasn't too much..

It was Jeevika's birthday & Manvi wanted to go out for a change to which Manvi's surprise Jeevika readily agreed. They visited to the nearest gurudwara, did their prayer & then went a famous lake beside it'..they were having a nice talk when suddenly Manvi switched topic

M- di'doctor sach toh keh rahe the na. Matlab ye chemo drugs to mujhe weak kar rahe hain'

J- mannu wo tujhe nahi tere andar ke cancer ko weak kar rahe hain. Treatment khtm hone k kuch hi dino me teri health pehle jaisi ho jayegi

M- pata nahi di'pata nai aur kitni takleef dungi apko. Pehle toh apke aur jeeju ke relation par bada sara question mark laga diya'aur ab abki life bhi kitni boring bana di'sirf meri care, meri dawaiyan, meri diet..ek mahine me ham dono ki hi duniya kitni confined ho gayi na di'mera toh thik hai'apko dekh leti hoon toh mujhe koe khalipan nai lagta Aur sone se bhi kaha fursat milti hai mujhe'.. par di kabhi kabhi apko nai lagta agar kal mai nahi rahi tab kitna postpone karogi apni engagement ko'tab bhi''''''''.

J- chup..bilkul chup, start ho jati hai toh kuch bhi bolne lagti hai. Agar tujhe hi kuch ho gaya toh engagement ke liye koe Jeevika bachegi hi nahi' Aur jaha tak boriyat ka sawal hai'.Meri duniya me har entertainment tujhse hai'teri sharartein, meri daant, teri hasi, meri khushi, tera non stop bolna, mera sun na, mera roothna, tera manana' yahi to zindagi hai meri aur yahi duniya.. (in teasing voice ) haa ajkal tune jabse zyada sona shuru kiya hai na..shaanti mil jati hai mujhe do pal ki..how peaceful !!

M- diii

J- mannuuu'. & they laughed out loud stopped only by jeevika.

'.acha dekh I have brought you a gift ( she took out a book from her bag & hands it to manvi)

M- wow b'day apka, gift mera..: Its Not About the  bike , My Journey Back To Life " By Lance Armstrong.  wow di he won Tour De France 7 times after fighting with cancer

J- & that too a more critical one than yours. Pata hai jab kabhi bhi hausle ki baat hoti hai na..ise zarur padha jata hai'I thought it will be a nice read  for you'

M- hmmm, I also think so. Waise di mai apko kya gift doon'.kash ham Hrishikesh me hote toh I definitely would have come up with an idea. I miss Ganga Ghat'

J (smiling) ' chal ghar chale'I have a surprise for you

They went back'& Manvi was shocked to see the door unlocked...&  inside was the best scene she have witnessed since a month

Dabbu, chachi, chachu, beeji & badi b were all standing with open arms waiting for them in a house that was decorated so much that one could hardly recognize'she hugged all of them trying to say many things without words'

She looked at jeevika or more than that she looked at satisfaction in her eyes'

J- 'u don't know how weird it is to plan a surprise on your own birthday !

They had a jolly good time. Afteral a family is a family'& however Jeevika resisted But she was happy somewhere that Beeji & Dabbu had come to stay..

After dinner :

J- toh mannu mujhe mera gift nahi degi? Itni  jaldi bhool gayi'

Manvi got what her di was implying but'

Dabbu- haan , manvi di mai apka guitar bhi lekar aaya hoon.. please

M- par di mujhe kitne din ho gaye gaaye'acha nai gaya toh

J- tu chillayegi bhi'tab bhi mujhe music lagega pagli..please

M- okay

Dabbu handed her the guitar & she played on a very  light tune of the very first song that her di's face reminded her of

  Kahiin Toh'kahiin Toh Hogi Woh Duniya Jaha Tu Mere Passs Hai

 Jahaan Main Jahaan Tu'..Aur Jaahaaann'

Bas Tere Mere Jazbaat Hain

Aur Jahaa Sadaaa Teri Palkon kii Kirano Me

Lori Jahaaan Chaand Kii Sune Teri Baahon Me'''''..

Janne Na Kahaan Wo Duniya Hai'.Janne Na Wo Hai Bhi Ya Nahi'

Jahaan Meri Zindagi Mujhseee'.Itni Khafa nahi

Jaane na kahaan wo duniya hai'''''''''''''..(rep)


Kehti Hai Fizaa Jahaan, Teri Zameen 'Aasmaa

Jahaan Hai tu Meriii Hassee, Meri Khushi Meri Jaaan

Jaane Na Kahaan Wo Duniya Hai'Janne Na Wo haiii bhiii ya naeee

Jahaan Meri Zindagii Mujhseee Itni Khafa nahiin


If that resolve of not crying until very End of this battle didn't had a permanent place in some corner of Jeevika's mind, tears definitely would have made their way out today. She knew this wasn't just fear of death or some disease..it was indeed their old childhood fear of losing each other to rituals of this society too'.she remembered a child manvi asking her if there is  a world Meant for them''Only For Them'''''''''''''''

Maybe it was because Manvi was also thinking the same way or maybe she wanted to lighten the mood'be it whatever but she turned to a fun tune first asking dabbu to join

Dabbu -        Jaisi ghadi ki girah se Waqt Kahiin pe gira ho

                    Jaise Roahni Subah Se ho jaayee judaa

Manvi-       Jaise Gaane Aur Nazm Se Sur Koe Chura Le

       Waise Aadha Adhura Mai Hoon tere Bina

Both -    Jab mila tuu ru tu ru tu'Naa this kami na Justju ru turu tu

                 Aur aadhe aadhe pal Huye phir poore yoon'Jab mila Tu


Manvi signaled Jeevika to come along''

Jeevika -  kaali jo Raat ho.. Main khwab Chand Taaron Se Wo Poori bhar dun'.

Teri Jo Baat ho'Main Bin Kahe HI Aadhi Pauni Pooori Kar Dun

Manvi -  Jo Aadhe Se Ham Hain, Wo poore Hon tumse, Na Jaane Ye Sauda Bhi Kab Tay Hua

J ' Ashure Se Kisse

M- Baraabar Ke Hisse


JM -  jab mila tu ru tu ru tu ru too'na thi kami na justju ru tu  ru tu.

     Aur aadhe aadhe pal hue fir poore yoon'.JAB MILA TUUU


Choudharies Celebrated Something That was just a reason to be happy, Manvi just observed them after a while as No matter what Jeevika didn't wanted her to exert herself too much''..

But those who haven't faced fear of mortality so openly 'cant tell you how much fun it is to see all the persons whom you love So Happy Together. Them for her & she for them & Cherry on Top was happiness of her di ..a mixed one, to see manvi sing  & Then   getting her gift..Same Yet Different

. Maybe that's what people call a proper Family !!!





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20th  september 2012


Rehab isn't exactly fun when you are in Strict care of Jeevika  Choudhary. However still better than chemo. It had been more than a month to Manvi's 3rd & last session & she was feeling somewhat healthy & free after many days. However it was the most painful one & Jeevika had to use all her patience & Love to take her through it... For the first time in these months She felt like breaking, breaking to see Maanvi like that, when tears rolled down her cheeks after the drip was connected, she felt as if her own body is being cut in million pieces'& the side effects that followed especially that one week demanded all the courage in this world, especially manvi's short & feeble hairs ( which didn't went off completely) gave her a hard time . But maybe it was support of dabbu, beeji & Jeevika & the feeling that she don't have to go again to that place But Manvi made her way through all these to the final diagnosis''''

'You are free from cancer Miss Choudhary'.' Dr.Smith informed them in a voice of victory..

Jeevika  stood there'maybe there was happiness somewhere inside But Her face simply beamed with a colour in her eyes, the colour of Achievemnet '.Maybe not very different to what Arjuna's eyes must had after he shot Exactly in the bird's eye. Maybe it was Manvi's life that was back But the sisters knew two souls got their life back today'.Beeji & Dabbu were busy informing the good news at Hrishikesh

J- I cant thank you in words Dr.Smith. but I owe you big time'.

Dr.Smith- Docs can just provide treatment Miss Choudhary, But cancer is a disease that tests relations also, be it even Armstrong, without a patient support of friends and family you are bound to lose this battle. I have never seen a woman being this strong all the way'It was the confidence in your eyes that won today !!

J- It was the spirit of my mannu..

M- which I got from you di..

J- okay lets just call it a team effort'But doctor any precautions for Manvi'

Doc- course Miss Choudhary. I have given a diet chart & There are some medicines , which will help your sister gain her immunity & stamina. You still have to be very careful for a month or so that she doesn't exert herself too much. Rest  everything I have mentioned in reports. Its something that you shouldn't ever forget Miss Manvi & you will have regular checkups too. Precautions are better than cure , who knows better than yourself''''



31st October 2012

Preparations are at full swing At choudhary House for Today's party..Yes a party indeed. A party for Victory Of Vitality, For Manvi's First Day as a Journalist ( though for 4 hours only, as Jeevika insisted to Dainik Head ), & Last but not least Vadheras were coming to Finalise the date for engagement'

Jeevika was in her room which now also consisted pics of their Delhi stay. Her birthday, the outing & many others '

Manvi came back from her first day at work & stopped at door watching her di noticing pictures'

J(her back towards manvi)- waha kyu ruk gayi..aa jaa

M(smiling)- ab toh puchna bhi bekar hai'apki6th sense ki powers na badhti jaa rahi hai di

J- hamare rishte  ki umr jo badhti jaa rai hai'

She turned to look at a smiling manvi with her Journalist I card in her neck..looking as beautiful as ever. Her Target was achieved completely today. Eyes full with pride..The Tears finally found their way out of her eyes..Tears which were stopped for 4 months, tears which were converted in courage, tears which couldn't be shown when your child is suffering''''''''

M( eyes wet )- finally aap bhi normal mode par wapas aa gaye'.chalo taiyaar nai hona. Jeeju & family aate hi honge. Ab toh apko sab kuch time par karne ki aadat dalni chahiye, kuch mahino bad toh jaana hai na'''''

She realized what she said & for the first time  the truth seemed more clear than ever

J- kya huaa mannu

M- soch rahi hoon di ke beeji, chachu, chachi, jeeju.. aur ek had tak ap bhi, itne sare logon ki khushi hamare alag hone me hi kyu hai..Kai bar lagta hai Cancer ne mujhe kafi kuch sikhane k alawa ek aur faida kiya hai mera..hamara sath kuch aur dino ke liye badha diya'.kash main thik hi na hoti na di'par apko itni takleef me bhi dobara nai dekhna chahti'.kyu koe solution nai hai di'..

Kya sach me aisi koe duniya nahi hai di'Jo Sirf Hamari hai''Sirf Apki aur meri..Apne Tab bhi Jawab Nai Diya tha'..

Her words hit her like a sword..she was right''that day it was not fear of death'it was fear of losing her di in her music'''''''''''

They hugged each other trying to absorb each other's pain & finding answer to the unanswered

J(looking upwards)- shayad ye jawab hame Jeete jee nahi milega mannu''''.Nahi milega''''''''''''''..


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brilliant...can't describe in words how much i luved it...it brought tears in my eyes...i really want to see Jeevika 's strength in d show as well...thnx 4 d pm...

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reserved for comment...

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Awesome brilliant you have left me speechless seriously you explained every little but so well loved it great job dear

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beautifully written...

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