Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto


Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto
Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto

RAJPREET!! part 7 updated please read n comment (Page 3)

Mary1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged

preeto: rajbeer i dont want to go out.. lets stay here.. please please..
rajbeer looked at her he walked towards and put his arm around her then bent down and picked her up from the legs preeto shouted: rajbeer!! he looked at her and started walking towards the washroom and said "will u get ready on your own or shall i come and help you.. i dont mind" he smirked. preeto hit his chest playfully and said " no need i can get ready myself" with a cute angry look on her face, he put her down, she was about to enter the washroom when rajbeer grabbed her hand she looked back and said "ab kya" he pulled her towards him her hands on chest he looked at her face and then just embraced her in his arms holding her, preeto was shocked but smiled as she to wrapped her arms around him now. few minutes later rajbeer broke the embrace and said "aaj mujhe meri preeto sach mai mil gay hai" cupping her face preeto looked down feeling shy and said "rajbeer may joa"
rajbeer: ohh huh joa or jaldi karna
preeto: huh sirf 5minutes
she went and got ready wearing her red and black salwar suit the one she had her first kiss from him. she left her hair opened and applied light make up on herself mascare busher amd aome lip gloss. she got out and was about to speak when bani saw her and said: "di app bhaut acchi lag rahi ho"
preeto:thank you bani, wo rajbeer kaha hai
bani: oh ha di rajbeer app ka car mai intazaar kar rahe hai. mai app say yeh bataane aai thi, tog chaliye

both of them made their way downstairs where preeto waved goodbye to everyone and went out the door she saw rajbeer leaning on the car waiting for her their eyes met..

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 1:03am | IP Logged
good one ...Thumbs Upwaiting for next updateBig smile
Mary1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 7:18pm | IP Logged

Rajbeer was still in trance admiring preeto who had now ran down the steps and stood infront of him waving her hand infront of his face.
Preeto: rajbeer kya hua? she waved her hand again infront of his face but no reaction..
preeto looked at him first then went and opened the car door to the driver side she giggled as she did this and pressed the car horn making rajbeer jump.. she started laughing looking at his face..
rajbeer went towards her and held her by the arm and pulled her out saying "yeh sab kya tha, tum neh horn kyun press kiya? u know how scared i got"
preeto: rajbeer! (putting her hands on her waist) maine yeh sab is liye kiya so u cum out of ur daydreaming.. she stuck her toungue out at him went and sat in the car.
Rajbeer smiled at her, he was happy that preeto as become her self again and forgotten everything that happened with neelam. he sat in the car and drove to the lake where they met for the first time. he took her to a secluded area near the lake. preeto looked at the place and was so surprised, they were 4 tree together that were draped in white cloth to form a tent on the floor was a white sheet with rose petals on it and a picnic basket. preeto eye catched something on draped cloth where it was written 'RAJBEER LOVES PREETO' preeto was really emotional seeing this. rajbeer walked towards seeing her expression, he wraaped his around her waist and rested his head her shoulder..
rajbeer: preeto do u like it? she nodded as tears slid down her face.
rajbeer turned her around and cupped her face wiping the tears away with his fingers. he looked at her face and started kissing her preeto closed her eyes to feel his tounchand to savour this happy moment of theirs. rajbeer gently kissed her lips again and said preeto " u hungry?
preeto: rajbeer bahaut bhook lagi hai!
they sat down on the white sheet and started earing rajbeer had all ov preetos favourite food, preeto goobled it all down as rajbeer admired when she finished she looked at rajbeer and said "tum nai koah gaye? rajbeer looked at her face and went closer to her preeto could feel his hot breath in her face and then his lips gently kissing hers. he stopped and looked at her and said "now it my turn to eat" he grinned as he said "from you" and attcked her lips first licking the food off of them and then started sucking her upper and lower lip. preeti hand caressed his back as she did this rajbeer layed her down on the sheet biting her lip to enter her mouth he explored every part of her mouth tasting the sweet nector coning from it. rajpreet tounges were entangled together as they kissed each other again before breaking apart.

rajpreet sat up and before rajbeer could say anything prreto hugged him by surprise and 'i love you rajbeer' he held her to and said "preeto i love you to" they were on ech other embrace until rajbeer broke it and said: "apna haath do or albe ankhain baand karo please." she loked at him and said "rajbeer kyon?."
rajbeer: preeto please.
preeto listened to him and closed her eyes rajbeer held her hand and kissed it before placing beautiful ruby ring on her finger he kissed her there.
rajbeer: preeto ankhain kolo. she opened her eyes and rajbeer said " preeto may jaanta hu tum no nahi kahogi par pir bi tum ko pouchoo ga. prreto looked at him confused..
rajbeer: preeto say shaadi karogai?
preeto looked down at her hand now and then at rajbeer and nodded a yes before hugging him. rajbeer was really happy with her answer.

second part of the date coming tmro

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Mary1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
part 2: date continued..

rajbeer: preeto mujse shaadi karogai?
preeto looked down at her hand now and then at rajbeer and nodded a yes before hugging him. rajbeer was really happy with her answer.

rajpreet were in liplock. rajbeer layed preeto down on the ground and lyed on top of her wivout breaking their kiss. his hands were on preetos waist cressing her their whilst pulling kameez up. preeto hands were playing with his hair, she broke apart from the kiss as she needed to catch her breath.. rajbeer continued planting kisses all over her face. he stopped and looked at her breathing heavily and then her heaving chest which aroused his desires. je looked at preeto face and attacked her lips agains, preeto kissing him back said: "rajbeer... ghar ch...chale?? he replyed back whilst kissing her "10minutes" he took her scarf off and started nuzzling the side of her neck. preetos hand gripped the white sheet on the ground tightly " rajbeer... rajbeer... rajbeer... rajbeer bas karo!! rajbeer was kissing her chest and pulled her kameez up so u could see all her stomach..he stopped and looked at preeto face her eyes were tightly shut he said preeto? whilst coming off her she opened her eyes and stood up putting her scarf back on rajbeer realised he'd gone to far before he could say anything preeto had ran off. he got up and went to look for her..

preeto was walking back home on the road thinking what happened at the lake and how she nearly ruined her family reputation, the event kept on replaying back in her head that she wasnt aware of her sorrounding and an oncoming truck horning to move out the way, it was 2 inches away nefore she realised and stood still in shock.

"yeh kya th preeto tum dekh kay chal nahi sakti!! agar tumhe lkucj ho jata toh? tumne socha kya hoga mera, bj, bauji ka!! PREETO!! she came back to her senses and saw that she was on the side of the road and then saw rajbeer he asked her again " preeto yeh sab kya tha huh? she looked at him and tried standing up but had twisted her ankle when rajbeer pushed her out the way she screamed preeto kya hua said rajbeer.. kuch nahi she said said and stood up saying lets go home she walked limpingon her foot..

rajbeer tried helping her but she kept am fine..
Aaahhh!! screamed preeto falling to the flior wiv tears in her eyes.. rajbeer went towards her and put her arm around his shoulder and picked her up bridal style and walked home wiv preeto crying on his chest...

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JessLucus Groupbie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
awww. I was hoping for some naughtiness but this is what Preeto and Rajbeer would do in the tv show. Unlike us who imagine way naughtierSmile That was really good Mary but update more  often since the forum might be locked in three months.
Mary1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Part 7

bani: di chaliye na upar terrace jate hai
preeto: terrace?? par kyon?
bani: di please.. ap ke phair (foot) ke liya thor much turna acha hai.. chaliye please..
preeto: acha teek hai chalti hu.

Bani helped preeto up the steps to the terrace. Bani (thinking to herself) ab di ko upar lay to aye hu par i hope rajbeer bhaiya teek tharah sai upar agay.. she looked towards preeto and smiled at her, they reached the terrace bani made preeto sit down on the chair and said Bani: di my abhi aye.. she ran towards the steps preeto: ja kaha rahi ho? BANI!!
rajbeer: itna chalah kyon rahi ho preeto? waise ek baat poochu tumse? jab se tumhari fake shaadi ka drama finish hua hai tab se tum bahaut chilati ho or roati (cry) be ho.. yeh kyon??
he stood infront of her smirking with his hands folded, preeto looked at him all shocked preeto: tum.. tum yaha.. kaise??
rajbeer: may yaha hu, yeh toh sab mera favourite sali ka kaam hai.. preeto: bani! rajbeer: hah bani tumhe pata hai wo ham dona ko khush dekhna chati hai har pal.. he sat next to her..
preeto ( muttering) may us bani ko nahi choru gi..
Mary1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
rajbeer walked towards and sat down next to her but she turned around showing her anger.
Rajbeer– oh o…itna gussa…preeto….i am really sorry…plz forgive me….it will not happen in future…I promise.
Preeto(she melt down at his apology but was not in a mood to forgive him easily)- if you are done…then you can go.
Rajbeer– no I have not done yet….i still want to say something …something.. I love you!!
rajbeer stood up and said- " preeto,its all I wanted to say …plz say you love me too"
Preeto was no more angry and was already on cloud nine after hearing this, wanted to hug him n kiss him right now but she controlled herself and thought to tease him.
Preeto ( quickly hide her mischievous smile before rajbeer could see it and brought a confused look on her face)- rajbeer…what was this??? All this I love you….whats all this crap….rajbeer you are my bf okay…but.. love…plz give me a break.
Rajbeer (mixed expression of disbelief, shock, pain on his face)- what…what do you mean preeto?? don't love…no…no…this can't be true…plz don't tell me this all meant nothing to you…I have seen in your eyes…you love me…don't you??? (he felt suddenly earth was shaking under his feet…he took the support of wall to stand straight, he felt someone was stabbing is heart again n again)
Preeto (seeing his reaction she realized that he took her joke seriously, she rushed towards him)- rajbeer look at me…rajbeer…I am sorry… (cupped his face) rajbeer I love you…I love you very much…I love you more than my life.
Rajbeer (finally composed himself listening her words, held her from shoulders) – then what was that…
Preeto(feeling guilty)- it was a joke….i was just teasing you.
Rajbeer (angry)- what kind of sick joke was that??? Do you realize what I felt….for few seconds I felt that I couldn't breathe….my heart was not beating…I could have…
But before he could complete preeto put her lips on his n kissed him hard. He was angry so he didn't respond for few seconds but ultimately gave in and pulled her closer savoring her mouth. Both were lost in the moment. Rajbeer deepened the kiss n their tongues moved rhythmically inside their mouth. Preeto pulled him more close so that now there was no space for even air to pass between them. They parted for few seconds to breathe and again started sucking each others' lips. After hell of a day they needed each other badly. And recently confessed love for each other was adding fuel to the fire which was ignited by their passion. They were not getting enough of each other so they continued kissing for few more minutes. After sometime when they felt little satisfied they sat there.
Preeto was sitting stretching her legs forward and rajbeer's head was placed in her lap. She was caressing his hair with fingers of one hand and he was playing with the fingers of her other free hand. Rajbeerwas smiling continuously.
Preeto (caressing his forehead)– why are you smiling??
rajbeer(now kissing her hand)- nothing…I was smiling at myself…I did lots of hard work to make this day perfect…but see what we have gone through…you cracked that sick joke almost giving me heart attack…then also at the end we are together, getting cozy.
Preeto (now tracing his face with her fingers)- that's because…we love each other to the extent of insanity…no matter whatever will be the circumstances…we will always be together at the end. You remember na …I promised you that day…that I will never leave your side.
Rajbeer – yes I remember…that promise…and the kiss after that. (pulled her down with one hand to kiss her but soon realized this position was not comfortable for kissing. So he sat parallel to her taking her into his arms n giving her a long lingering kiss)

Preeto hugged him and instead of going they ended up spending whole night cuddling up to each other on terrace only. its only at early morning when preeto woke up and realized that. She hurriedly woke up rajbeer and forced him to go before anybody could see them like this otherwise rajbeer was in no mood to leave her. Finally he left at 5.00am in the morning after promising her to take her on another date to compensate last night's date fiasco.

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