Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hi Guys I'm here with A New OS...last time Ankahee made many of u tried to write A Happy Wala this time...Jaya Di I kept my promise ok...hopefully u like it...if u feel bored I'm srry cauz the whole OS is upon conversations, means it's like telling someone a story!! I'm updating just the beginning, if u want me to then I'll update the rest!!

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Arohi "Congratulations Arjun!! Wish u a happy married life ahead!! Mein toh nehi a paungi paar dil se hamesha dua karungi tum aur Sanjana hamesha khush raho!!"

Arjun "thanx Arohi, you know I really want you to attend Sanjana and my wedding!!" He exaggerated "You are Sanjana's best friend aur tum bohot khas ho mere liye bhi!!"

Arohi looked in Arjun's eyes so intently that if someone sees her would be deceived to realize, the glint is showing friendship or love.

Arohi hesitatingly "wo nehi....I'm sorry, I have to go Bangalore. Rohit mera intezar kaar raha hai!!"

Arjun "tumne pehle kabhi bataya nehi Rohit ke bare mein, tum aur...."

Arohi cut him off "bataya tha na Rohit and I love each other, itna kafi nehi tha"

Arjun "nehi paar tum log kaab kaise, I mean"

Arohi "oh my God Arjun, you are questioning like a police officer, wasie bhi mein aur Rohit jaldi hi shadi kaar rehe hai, mere shadi mein jab aoge tab poori kahani sun le na"

Arjun raised his eyebrows "shadi??"

Arohi bit her lower lip "haan shadi, kyun kya hua??"

Arjun coughed "nehi kuch bhi toh nehi"


They were in Arjun's cabin, standing in the middle of the room. In one side was his desk and on the other was door; Arohi and Arjun stood in between facing each other.

"dekha, mein toh bhul hi gayi thi. Yaha mein tumhe wish karne ayi thi aur waha meri flight ki time ho rahi hai. Paar hum dono hai ki baate karte hi ja rehe hai!! Anyways, all the best!!" said Arohi forwarding her hand towards Arjun.

Arjun took Arohi's hand "same to you"

They both were lost somewhere, few minutes after Arohi came back to reality, but Arjun was still living the dream holding onto Arohi's hand. Arohi called "Arjun" She flew her other hand in front of his eyes, then finally she said "Arjun mera haath chodo, I have to go" Arjun realized he had Arohi's hand, he let go "I'm sorry, I forgot you are leaving" He said in such a way that Arohi felt he wasn't stating the fact, but taunting her; his tone certainly didn't seem happy.

Arohi waved her hand "bye" She turned to leave, but Arjun caught her hand "jana jaroori hai??"


A perplexed Arohi looked back; she found Arjun's pleading eyes asking her "please don't leave"

Arjun asked her with such intensity "tumhe nehi lagta kuch chut raha hai??" that made Arohi go weak on her knees. She felt "he knew or he has the same?? No no what was she thinking??"

Arohi took a long breath "dekho Arjun..." right then the cabin door opened, without wasting a second Arjun smacked his lips on hers. Arohi was hell shocked with Arjun's sudden unexpected behavior, she stood like a statue while getting kissed by man who was committed to someone else. Slowly Arohi was giving up, Arjun put so much pressure and induced such passion that Arohi lost herself in his tone. What else could she have done?? After all he was the man whom she loved wholeheartedly. They weren't aware of their surroundings anymore, only "for Arjun...Arohi" and "for Arohi....Arjun" mattered at the moment. Sanjana who witnessed this intimate moment between the both, left from there heartbroken.

****************************** ~*~ ******************************

Everyone corner of the house was brightened with light, the touch of flowers was only adding to the beauty. The outside of house had no lacking in it, inside or out both were looking equally elegant. A couple was sitting in the swing; she was wearing a peach pink net saree, it was embellished with stone and patch work with a heavy border. She had light make up on and matching jewelries, just as a perfect bride to be should look. Her hairs were left open having little curls towards bottom. He wore a grey blazer with white shirt and formal pants; he was clean shaved, hairs spiked and a stylish watch on his wrist. They both looked just perfect together. She was leaning onto his shoulder wrapping her one hand around his arm. She was staring the other which had something precious on it. The engagement ring he had given her a while ago didn't let her move her eyes from it. When she was busy looking at the symbol of their love, he was playing with her chudiyaans. They were in bliss celebrating the new beginning of their lives.


"ek din mein ktina kuch badal gaya na Arjun" asked Arohi. A slow "hmm" only came from Arjun's mouth. "tumhe pehle se saab pata tha??" she asked him.  "haan pata tha, pehle toh nehi paar time pe pata chal gaya tha" answered Arjun. Arohi confused "wo kaise??" Arjun smiled finding her so inquisitive "janti ho Arohi mere dil mein hamesha se tum thi, toh pata na kaise chalta" Now it was turn for Arohi to smile but her cheeks definitely became red hearing Arjun's confession.

Arjun "you know tumhe jab meine pehli baar uss park mein dekha tha, I was so lost and almost forgot I went to meet Sanjana there."

"haan?? Mein kuch samjhi nehi" asked Arohi confused.

Arjun "when first time Sanjana and I met, I was totally shocked because I never thought the girl with whom I was talking online for so long, she was Anuj uncle's daughter (business partner with Rudra). I mean her dad works with us and I saw her before, but such a coincidence, unbelievable. While we sat in the coffee shop my eyes drifted to the outside view, in the park I saw an Angel."

Arohi got up and looked in his eyes; Arjun continued "she was someone, maybe not from earth. So pure and innocent she looked in white salwar and churidaar. Her dupatta was around her neck revealing a beautiful pendant. The nose ring she wore gave a feeling; it was only made for her. It looked so perfect on her nose; truly the ring was looking so unique because she wore it only. There was barely any trace of make-up on her face, but I noticed something didn't belong to her. Perhaps I saw sadness, deep pain in her eyes. Before I could have deciphered anything Sanjana broke my trance. Then again when I looked back she was gone. My 1st meet with Sanjana left me totally perplexed. I couldn't digest Sanjana and I knew each other before. When I met her the feelings was never there, but more than that I was disturbed with the thought of a stranger girl. There I went to meet the girl whom I supposed to be in love with, but my mind and heart was clouded with that unknown fairy. I don't know, but I felt a strong connection with her, I.....myself couldn't come up with a term.


"aur uss ladki ko pata bhi nehi tha, ek pal mein tumne apne uss Angel ko ruh mein sama diya!!" mentioned Arohi with awe, few tear drops fall from her eyes.

Arjun wiped her tears with his thumb "aab toh mere Jaan ko pata hai na"

Arohi hugged Arjun instantly, he held her for sometime in silence. Arohi asked "phir??"

Arjun "jab bhi mein Sanjana se milta tha mujhe koi excitement nehi hoti thi, in fact pehle kuch din toh hum ussi shop mein gaye, meine socha baas uss Anjaan ki ek jhalak paar wo kabhi nehi dikhi. Jab bhi mein usse sochta mujhe kuch yaad ata tha Softy Ahluwalia. 2 more weeks passed, but my feelings didn't change. Forget about going close to Sanjana, I never even got the urge to hold her hand. On top Sanjana and my Softy Ahluwalia was two different individuals altogether. She seemed someone else than whom I talked for 2 years. I have decided that I should tell her about my feelings, I mean Sanjana and I weren't meant to be. I felt as a jerk, usse sach na bolke I was being dishonest somewhere. Mere dil mein wo Anjaan ladki thi....dil baar baar chahta tha ke kash wo meri Softy Ahluwalia hoti.


"toh phir, when I entered the picture, wo saab kya tha?? Tum ne toh Sanjana ko ye saab kabhi kaha hi nehi??" Arohi asked with urge.

Arjun with gratitude "I don't know shayed hamari ksimat thi. You entered my life the very same day when I was going to tell Sanjana about my decision. I was ecstatic seeing you in front of me, another shock came on my way as I realized you were Sanjana's best friend. I dropped my idea because I felt Sanjana was only source for me to stay near you. I don't know what feelings I had for you, but there was always some restlessness inside me. Yeah I became selfish, but I never showed that I love Sanjana. In fact, I gave her indications I wasn't the right guy for her, she can't be my love ever. In all these, I never forgot my Softy Ahluwalia though."


"As I became friends with you, a correlation was set in my mind. You always reminded me of my Softy Ahluwalia, but it wasn't possible as Sanjana was the girl. Your sadness always questioned me, after all what your story is??"

Sanjana told me "you were having trouble in your relationship, Rohit is the guy" "I felt a pinch in my heart, a poisonous mild pain that only grew over time. Hum dono ache dost bane and then remember when I dropped you home??"

"hmmm" said Arohi.

"That day your diary fell in my car from your bag, hesitantly I read the diary. Jab mujhe sach ka pata chala, mujhe laga mein duniya ki sabse khush kismat insan hoon. Jaise ek nayi zindagi mil gayi thi mujhe, baas tumhe hi toh manga tha tum jo mil gayi thi. Uss diary se hi mujhe tumhari surname pata chala, tab samajh aya Sanjana ne jhoot kaha tha, tum koi Sharma ho. Now when I think back, I thank God ki meine uss din diary padh liya tha. Everything became crystal clear to me, I always feared to give a name to my feelings I had for you. Accept toh kar lya tha paar express nehi kaar pa raha tha. Soch ta tha mein Softy Ahluwalia ko cheat kaar raha hoon, lekin meine Sanjana ko kabhi Softy Ahluwalia mana hi nehi tha. Hamesha tum mein Softy Ahluwalia ko dhoond ta raha. Sachhai ke saath realization hua it was only love as you and my Softy Ahluwalia were the same person. Mujhe pata chal gaya tha, dil ka rishta baas dil se hi hota hai. Hum kitna bhi dur rehe lekin ussi insan apke maan aur atmna mein basi hoti hai."


They were still in a hug; Arohi closed her eyes with pain. Arjun's love had no limits for her, she felt guilty for making him go through so much. She thought "it was all her fault, kash she didn't listen to her so called Best Friend Sanjana"


"mujhe bohot gussa aya, socha Sanjana ki haar jhoot ka the end kar doon. Baar baar tumhari uss mayus chehra mere nazro ke samne a jata tha. Then I decided I have to teach her a lesson. Mujhe toh ye bhi jan na tha akhir tumne kyun aisa kya?? Paar somewhere I knew waha pe bhi Sanjana ki chaal thi. Ek mahine mein tumhare paas raha ye janke ki tum meri Softy Ahluwalia ho paar phir bhi mein kuch nehi kaar paya. Mujhe sach janna tha, akhir kyun tumhari apni best friend ne aisa kya?? Bohot baar chaha tumhe bata doon that I know everything, mein baas tumhara hoon paar nehi keh saka" Arjun said with disappointment.


"tabhi Sanjana ayi thi mere ghar when you told me we should meet. She knew about our relationship all along, but when she found out we are going to meet and saw your picture, she was really shocked to know it was you. She came to me "Arohi dekh I don't want to see you heartbroken, but I'm your best friend and need to tell you the truth at any cost. Tu Arjun ko bhul ja"

"I felt the earth was broken beneath me"

"dekh Arohi, Arjun ne tujhe yehi batane ke liye bulaya hoga. Actually uski parents' ne mere saath uski shaadi tey kardi hai aur wo uski parents ki against nehi ja sakta. Mein khud back out karne wali thi paar Arjun's Dadi is going under critical situation. Wo sirf mujhe hi apne ghar ki bahu dekhna chahti hai, tu toh janti hai Arjun unse kitna pyaar karta hai. Tu samajh rehi hai na meri baat Arohi. It's better tum dono na milo, wo tujhe bhul jayega easily aur tu bhi nayi zindagi shuru kaar lena"''

"mein toh too gayi thi, nahi tumhe blame kaar sakti thi aur na Sanjana ko. My fate faltered only, mein tumhari majboori nehi baan na chahti thi. Sanjana ne jaisa kaha maine maan liya, wo baan gayi Softy Ahluwalia aur mein bhul gayi uss Ajnabi ko jisko mein apna Monster kehti thi. Sanjana ne hi kaha tha Rohit ki jhoot bol ne ko. Maine kitna sab kya, sirf tumhe khushiyaan dene ke liye. Dil ne hamesha chaha ke tumhe koi dard na ho, mujhe bhul jao tum aur Sanjana meri jagha le le. Baas apne maan ko mardya" said Arohi with broken voice.


Arjun heard everything in silence "jhoot, saab jhoot tha. Wo sirf Anuj uncle ki beti thi baas. Dadi toh usse waise bhi pasand nehi karti hai, Sanjana se mano unhe koi allergy ho. My family was waiting for the girl that I love, meri pasand hi unki pasand hai. Tum toh ek industrialist ki beti ho, agar tum amir na hoti phir bhi mere parivaar tumhe bahe phela ke pyaar se apna leta. I know Sanjana ne aisa kyun kya'.wo hamesha se mujhe chahti thi. She never became successful toh usne hum dono ko alag karna chaha, isiliye usne aisi cheap plan banayi. Aur pata hai why she used to bring you with her because wo chahti thi tum usse aur mujhe saath dekho, tumhe lage ke mein tumse bohot dur hoon. Chaha tha toh doriyaan lane ki paar usse kya pata tha hum itne kareeb the ke hum sirf paas aate gaye. That's why I arranged everything, ye engagement and all but tumhari aur meri. Everyone knew including her parents, Anuj uncle ne toh mafi bhi mangi, baas usse laga uski aur meri shaadi ho rahi hai. Mom aur Dad ne tumhari parents se baat ki, meine unko sare sach bata diya. Saab bohot khush huye, phir sare preparations ki taiyaari. Tumhe bohot dukh diya hai na meine sara sach chupa ke??" he asked remorsefully.

Arohi with choking voice "nehi, tumne toh mujhe apne pyaar se milaya hai. Tum mil gaye baas aur koi dard nehi" made Arjun tighten his grip on Arohi.

Arjun continued "today, purposely I called her in the office; I wanted to show her humara pyaar kitna gehra hai. If I wanted could have make her life a living hell, but pyaar karne wale dusro ko dard nehi dete tumse hi sikha hai na. What she did with you, I'll never forget in my life or neither will forgive her. She was a bad memory, mein usse bhul jana chah ta hoon aur tum bhi bhool jao"


Arjun felt his shirt is wet, he broke the hug. Cupping her face, he brought it in front of his face "kya hua jaan??" Arohi with broken voice "wo toh meri best friend thi na paar aisa kyun kya?? Baas ek baar keh ke toh dekh thi, mein apna jaan de deti....."Arjun put his index finger on her lips "ssshhh tum toh meri jaan ho phir aise kaise de deti?? Bhul jao usse, bure log hai isiliye hume pata hai achhayi bhi hai. Zindagi mein saab kuch toh nehi milta na. Mein hoon na, shayed best friend nehi paar frined toh hoon na. Banaogi mujhe apna frined...tumhari Ajnabi-Monster" he aksed her with twinkling eyes. Arohi nodded through tears while a cute smile was playing on her lips. He opened wide his embrace to engulf her inside, not wasting a moment she claimed his heart where she belonged.


~*~The End~*~

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poor love trapped in friendship...

superb starting...cmtnue krne ka to tum poucha mt krdya kro

reading above para my heart was racing...seemed dere willl no way to gt out of dis complication

bt finally arjun kis save dm always Wink

agr arjun did di intentioly tb to wo sch men tiger hai Embarrassed

next parttt

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Oh no! Poor Sanjana! But No worriess!!! Arjun and Arohi are together :D :P

Definitely happpiiieee wala!! Love you Shona!! Muah!!

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nice one shona
arjun did rightWink
felt bad for sanjana but arjuhi are destined

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congo shona -
back after a long time i guess
great one - will wait for u to complete it

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Serious ally bad for sanjana !!!
N continue my Shona
M on phone n thnks for update happy Wala update
Love u

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