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Amrit Manthan Story So Far: part 2, page 5 (Page 4)

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Great efforts Zahara.. appreciate ur work.. 

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Love it!!! Memories :) :) :) Thanks so much :)
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Zahara you doing a fantastic job ..Really appreciate the effort...

Thumbs up to you...Thumbs Up
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thanks n update plzzz
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Amrit Manthan Story so far Part 2!

Nimrit is running away from Yug's men, she hides. Amrit comes and tells Yug that she is not my sister, so find her and kill her. Nimrit is shocked to know that Amrit knows the truth! Yug and Amrit argue and Am askes Yug why does he need her? As the real Natasha is dead. But Yug says to find her own business and that they need Nimrit for the time being. Amrit and Nimrit come face to face, where Amrit takes a dagger and tries to kill Nimrit but she gets away and runs to the same Kali Mandir. Nimrit gets strength and uses the weapon from Kali Mata and holds it the same way. She hits Amrit for betraying a sister and faith. But Amrit falls and asks for help: Nimrit with a clean heart holds onto her, she runs away when Yug comes. Nimrit falls in front of Rajmata's car, who takes her in. Agam is desperately trying to find Natasha, he tries to take the help of Tej who rebukes him by saying that Agam didn't even want Nats. So Agam tries to find her himself. Tej then finds out that Amrit knows the truth and everyone finds out that Nimrit has been found [Amrit is scared as what if Nimrit tells Agam the truth?] Rajmata brings Nimrit in, and when Agam comes towards her, Nimrit somehow slaps him! He is shocked and wondering what has happened: as is everyone else. Rajmata asks to stay in the palace in stead of the reward money [for bringing Nimrit]. 

Nimrit wonders why did she do that to Agam? She is not in her consciousness. Rajmata comes and tells her to eat or she'll get tired. Sunita and Agam talk about Nats, where Sunita tells him that she told Nats everything about his real relationship with Amrit and love for Nimrit. Amrit comes and tells him that does he really love her? They think that Nats had told Amrit everything. Sunita saves him by saying that she was the one that told Nats but didn't know that Agam seriously loved Amrit. Amrit is happy to hear this. Sunita slaps Natasha by saying why did she tell Amrit all the truth? Nimrit argues back. We find out that Rajmata has been hypnotising Nimrit by giving her medicine to keep her mind out of focus. And through that, Nimrit will kill herself. Rajmata comes into the room and hypnotises Nimrit to do something to Tej. Tej comes to meet her and whilst Agam and everyone is downstairs, she screams! She then tells everyone that Tej had tried to molest her. Agam gets annoyed and hits Tej, who is denying it! Turns out through the flashback that Nimrit herself ripped her clothes and pretended he tried to molest her. Next morning, Nimrit tells all that she is not Natasha but Amrit and Rajmata save the situation. Agam wonders what is going on? Agam has put up a camera to spy on whatever is happening with Nimrit. Tej finds out that Rajmata has done a hypnotism course and realises what is happening. Nimrit is wondering what is happening with her. Rajmata takes the crystal and tries to hypnotise her to kill herself, she is about to stab herself when she takes Amrit and grabs the dagger near her neck. She tells them that with Bubbly she found out through Agam's cameras. She tries to call Agam but the line is really bad. Amrit is happy saying that she is now Nats not Nimrit. Nimrit says she'll prove it to the world who she really is. Amrit tries to find her medical reports whilst Sunita learns that Nats is really nimrit! Tej and Nimrit tells Sunita that they will punish Amrit! 

Amrit finds nimrits medical file and then agham comes home asking for nats and wonders whats going on. Meanwhile nimrit/nats comes with tej and police and the doctor . She thanks the doctor for coming to support her. Nimrit goes inside an approaches agham who says he knows the truth and why did she hide it. Nimrit thinks he knows she is nimrit but amrit reveals that agham knows nats is married to yug. Yug comes down saying jaan and nimrit pushes him away. Tej and all are shocked of why oberoi didnt tell them. Tej asks for proof and yug presents photos and marriage certificate.  Yug force nats to come with him but she pushes him away saying i am not natasha and your wife. All get shocked. Yug handles the situation saying she is angry with me and in a lower tone asks nimrit to recognise his voice. She remembers he is the kidnapper. Nimrit then reveals he kidnapped me and agham comes ahead to challenge yug but yug says i am noticing you are taking too much interest in my wife. Amrit asks agham to stay out of their personal matter.Yug gives proof of his passport that he has landed today and how can he kidnap her. Yug takes nimrit in a separate room to talk and tries to put his arm around her whilst going and nimrit pushes him away. Agham walks off in anger and tej watches. In room Yug reveals his story of faking to love real Nats for her money and now he will use her. Nimrit says she isnot scared and do what you like because i will tell the truth about my identity to agham. Yug says A girl committed suicide in nimrit international and in her letter she has blamed agham so if she wants aghams safety she should pretend to be nats and listen to him. 

Nimrit agrees to be "Mrs Yug Mehra", and Agam is angry to see this. Nimrit feels uncomfortable as Yug calls her his wife and she prays that AgNi reunite. Agam tells her that he fell in love with her because of her nature and how she was similar to Nimrit but it was wrong. Nimrit is upset hearing about this. Amrit, Yug and Rajmata celebrate their victory. Meanwhile, Yug comes into Nimrit's room saying something about keeping up the appearance of being real husband and wives. He makes her drink champagne. But Nimrit pours it all over the bed and lights it with fire. Yug gets scared. Everyone comes in saying what happened? Nimrit makes up an excuse saying the candle fell and that she'll sleep in Ribban's room, leaving Yug alone. Yug tells Amrit and Rajmata that no matter what you do to Nimrit, she never breaks. Nimrit vows that she will tell Agam the turth and find out about the girl who committed suicide so that Agam is free. Yug tries to make Agam jealous by talking about his love for Natasha. Yug then eats from Nimrit's hand shocking both Nimrit and upsetting Agam. But then Nimrit bites his hand and when he asks her to feed him, she attacks him with a fork (LOL) Amrit makes preperations for Yug and Natasha's suhaagrat.

She makes Agam pick a saree for Natasha. Meanwhile, Nimrit is trying to figure out about Kamalpreet's (the suicide girl)'s death. Yug notices this and they make a deal that he shouldn't involve Agam as it's their fight. Yug agrees. Nimrit foils Amrit's plans by mixing sleeping tablets in Yug and Amrit's drinks, so that they will sleep together [not in that way!]. Agam arrives and punches Yug. Rajmata takes the blame saying that it was her fault as she accidently placed it in their drinks. Nimrit tells Agam that its time for Rajmata to go now, so now she is sent home. Nimrit wants the key that Yug has so that she can read a note. During the puja, the key falls out and Nimrit is happy. She finds the letter and is about to tell Agam the truth when Yug tells her that Mr Oberoi killed Natasha. He says that Oberoi offered him money to leave natasha but as it was a low amount he refused. Oberoi tried to shoot Yug but Natasha came in the way. Nimrit is making food for the puja when Agam comes in and they share an eyelock. Yug comes in with the motive of poisoning the food. 

After everyone is served with the food, Yug and Amrit come and tell Nimrit to give the suicide letter back or else the children will die due to poison. She gives the letter and stops the girls from eating as there is too much salt. Nats then makes some more food and serves them , whilst the evil duo smirk. Nats breaks down and shouts all she wanted to do was participate in puja but she couldnt. She says she is bad omen and mata who sits on lion why doesnt she eliminate bad from this world if she exits. She says that evil always wins. Just then a lions roar is heard and Nimrit sees Mata who gives her strength to fight. Bubbly comes and sees no one is there (I think only Nimrit could see). Tej says to Amrit that AgNi are made for each other which Yug also agrees to. Yug tells her that love is blind, as is her love. She is angry with him and tells him to mind his own business. Shivangi (Dimple) enters and each time Amrit comes in front of her, they don't see each other. Shivangi comes into the puja where Sunita faints whilst praying. Everyone takes her to the hospital where the doctor says she is under stress. Agam leaves to get food for Sunita whilst Nimrit comes in. Nimrit feeds her whilst Agam looks on. 

Nimrit prays that Sunita gets better. Agam hears her and tells her that you are like Nimrit. She tries to tell him that she is Nimrit but Amrit comes. Nimrit tells Amrit that she has won as Agam feels that she is Nimrit. Amrit is angry. When Yug is eating, he starts to choke and Nimrit says that she has mixed something in the food and go to the hospital quick. He does. Amrit doesn't eat breakfast as she is scared. Yug comes and says that Nimrit had mixed garlic in it which he is allergic to. He says that the certificate of Amrit and Agam's marriage is fake as the date is 3012 not 2012.  

Over the next few episodes, Agam really wants to tell all that Amrit was Nimrit's killer whilst everyone else apart from Agam knows that Natasha is really Nimrit. They have their hit and misses when Nimrit comes close to telling him the truth but couldn't due to circumstances or Amrit's plans. Nimrit tries to find out about Kamalpreet's suicide as she is sure that Agam has no hand behind it. Tej finds out about Shivangi being Nimrit's duplicate and brings her in. Nimrit and Tej join hands with Shivangi to treat Amrit a lesson. Shivangi enters the Palace as "Nimrit" and Agam is happy that he rebukes Amrit. He tells her the truth that he knows that she has tried to kill her but as "Nimrit" has lost her memory, he can't prove it. However, over time Shivangi is hiding a secret related to terrorism. She needs money so she leaves Nimrit and goes on Amrit's side. 

Over the course of time (Sorry haven't been watching much), Agam finds out Shivangi is not the real Nimrit and finds out that "natasha" had a hand behind it, gets angry and storms out of the house. Shivangi has an aunt who has taken care of her, somehow she is in hospital due to cancer and before dying tells her about a secret. Before she was born, Sarabjeet (Shivangi's so called brother) had a sister called Shivangi but dies accidently in the hands of Nimrit's father. The aunt, angry and wanting revenge finds the pregnant Ribban and helps her give birth. Ribban gives birth to twins but the aunt takes one and names her as Shivangi. The other is Nimrit! Meaning Shivangi and Nimrit are twin sisters. Amrit is shocked to learn this but is annoyed as it'll mean another person in the way of her and Agam. Amrit tells them that she will forget everything on one condition - if Agam is hers. But Nimrit doesn't allow her as Agam is her husband! Shivangi seeing Amrit's deceit vows that she will side with Nimrit and help AgNi unite. 

Yug has been shown to become so obsessed in Nimrit's love that he can't think of anyone but her. It gets to the point where he tries to kill Agam so that Nimrit can be his but Amrit comes and tells him that if anything happens to Agam, then she'll do something to Nimrit. Thus, they both can't do anything to Nimrit nor Agam because of their love. Amrit decides that they have to make another plan so that they get what they want. Amrit pretends that she has changed and tells Nimrit that her and Yug are getting married to show everyone that they have changed. The wedding begins but Amrit drugs Nimrit to the point where she can't really speak nor move without support. Amrit's plan is such that she will force Nimrit to marry Yug so that Agam will be hers. On the other hand, Agam finds Ribban and she tells him that Natasha is really Nimrit. He is happy as his heart had found her but his eyes didn't. Some troubles on Yug's behalf cause him to get kidnapped and injured but just as soon as the wedding is going to happen, Agam enters in the groom's wear but his face is hidden. Everyone thinks that he is Yug and he gets married to "Amrit" (but really Nimrit). Everyone finds out that it wasn't Yug and Amrit that got married but AgNi! The police come but before that Oberoi learns that if Yug and Amrit get arressted then Oberoi would be in trouble as after all the real Natasha was accidently killed by him. But Oberoi doesn't care, he doesn't want Nimrit and Agam to seperate. The police arrest both oberoi and Amrit but Amrit runs away. She vows that she'll come back and kill Nimrit. 

There's a two month leap in which Tej and Shivangi get married and Nimrit and Agam are happy with each other. Enter new character Rudraksh, who seems like a person who looks after the poor. He buys the Palace (after it is sold) for someone special to him: turns out that it's Amrit! Rudraksh is introduced as Yug's step brother: someone who helps the poor or those that can't help themselves. Agam/Nimrit work for Rudra as he is investing in their dhaba project, however things are going wrong as Rudra seems to be changing the plans which Nimrit and Agam don't like. Amrit, who is having a relationship with Rudra is getting beaten up by him whenever she does something wrong. He tells her that she is simply like a shoe to him and he can do whatever he likes as he owns her. She tries to hide her wounds but Nimrit sees but Amrit doesn't allow her to help. Turns out Amrit is taking the beatings so that she can trap Rudra, Yug is with her too. All this is her plan to make Nimrit believe that she is suffering and hence falls for her false lies. It works. Amrit and Yug plan to kill Rudra and put the blame on Nimrit but the blame actually falls on Agam! 

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^^ hats off ClapClap

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Aanchal sticky this please :)
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Nothing to say just a... thanks...

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