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Some of you have been asking for the story so far of Amrit Manthan, so here is a quick update. Hope you like it (: 

Amrit Manthan starts of with Amrit, the apple of her grandma's eye (the rajmata). Amrit is completely like her in her sharp thinking and wit. On the other hand, her younger sister Nimrit is like her mother, who thinks with her heart than her mind. This is the story of two sisters, one who starts to hold hatred for the younger and the other who loves her elder sister blindly.

The story begins with a mystery surrounding the palace and Rajmata. Amrit is her carbon copy, preferring to think with her mind rather than her heart and instincts. She is shown as a somewhat spoilt brat and has a close relationship with Rajmata, even more so than her own mother. 

Enter Adhiraj, an acquaintance of the family, who is rich (perhaps even more than the royal family), Rajmata and Amrit are interested in him. Meanwhile, Tej, a captain (I think) wins a citizen award for his bravery by Rajmata leading to Amrit showing him the palace along with some children. He is sweet and caring, covering Amrit up to keep her reputation when her dress is ripped and helping her with a car problem. Tej, who it seems like is falling in love with Amrit, is heartbroken when she says that he is an imperfect match for her - as she is a Princess and he is, well, a commoner. Amrit decides she will marry Adhiraj. The royal family is seen to be in debt and in need of serious money, hence why Amrit wants to marry the rich Adhiraj. 

Nimrit enters when mistaking Tej for committing suicide, this leads to a close friendship between the two. Meanwhile Adhiraj and Amrit are seeing each other and he proposes to her whilst Ribban, Amrit and Nimrit's mother has a bad feeling about Adhiraj. The wedding preparations are on and a women, Simran arrives who Adhiraj is wary of. Turns out Simran is actually his first wifeand he had told her to have an illicit relationship so that he can have an heir as he is impotent. When Amrit finds out, she tries to seduce him to know whether or not he is impotent but he resists her advances, she tells him that she knows his truth and then makes a deal where he has to give about 25 crores (I think) for the marriage to take place. Meanwhile, Nimrit meets Simran but Amrit lies to her that Simran loves Adhiraj and she wants to destroy Amrit's and Adhiraj's marriage, Nimrit at this point still doesn't know about the family's debt. 

It is at this point when Mahinder Malik enters - a rich man but not a royal. Simran informs Nimrit about Adhiraj's truth. Ribban finds out and insults him, and Adhiraj demands his money back leading to Nimrit to find the truth about their financial situation. After the wedding breaks out, Amrit is dejected (but only because of their reputation) but she diplomatically answers the media, again making herself look classy. 

A stranger helped Simran tell the truth about Adhiraj and in essence, break off Amrit's marriage. He turns out to be Mahinder's son, Agam Malik who has a strong hatred for Amrit. Tej is Agam's cousin although they don't share the wealth the Malik's acquired. 
Meanwhile, whilst this is happening, Nimrit who before didn't know who Tej was, finds out that he was the one that had won the bravery award. Tej doesn't know that Nimrit is Princess Nimrit and Amrit's sister. Nimrit develops a close bond between Agam's and Tej's mothers because of her sweet nature and care for others. 

Rajmata decides to get Amrit married into Mahi Malik's house because of their wealth, although Amrit is disturbed because of their lower status. When Amrit and Agam meet, he decides to test her bravery by pushing her off the terrace and into a swimming pool, she decides to teach him a lesson because no one insults a princess etc. Agam gets drunk and badmouths his father, we learn they have a bad relationship for some reason. There are some scars on Agam's back for some reason which his mother is upset about. Whilst Amrit plans to teach Agam a lesson, Nimrit wishes that Amrit gets the happiness that she deserves. Agam again tests her by taking her to meet children at an orphanage, she does not like this. Agam pays off the debts they owe to Adhiraj and Amrit is perplexed, he wants her to dance to his tunes. 

Meanwhile, Nimrit helps Tej's mother Nirmal look for a girl for him. Tej finds out about Nimrit being sister of Amrit but he doesn't really care because he cares about how a person is rather than people they're associated with. Agam tries to win Amrit's trust by saving her from some goons. Meanwhile some Gurus visit the palace but favour Nimrit more because she visits the gurdwara a lot and Amrit gets angry. She badmouths them and starts disliking Nimrit.

Amrit believes Agam is in love with her but in reality he is just planning to destroy her ego.
Amrit finds out about Tej's and Nimrit's friendship and is angry. She is asked to sing durga chalisa(I think) but gets stuck whilst reading, Nimrit steps in and recites from the heart - Amrit is annoyed but then starts reciting. Everyone smiles when Nimrit helps in. Agam praises her but Amrit is dejected. He plans to use differences between the two sisters to hurt Amrit: i.e gifting Nimrit more expensive jewellery than Amrit. We find out that when Agam was younger, he went uninvited to Amrit's birthday party and accidently soils her dress, she blames him for theft and he is put into jail - no one, even his father helps the innocent Agam. The police beat up black and blue. He vows from then on that he will destroy Amrit. 

Nimrit goes to the Gurdwara with the wedding card and the guru mistakes her for the bride. But anyways, the mehendi is on and Parul Chauhan visits as herself as a friend of Amrit's. Tej finds out about Agam and his hatred for Amrit, and Nimrit finds out. She tries to tell her sister about it but Amrit is not ready to listen. Nimrit begs Agam not to destroy Amrit's life, Agam agrees on the condition that she must obey his words, she agrees. 

On the wedding day, Agam tells all that he wants to marry Nimrit and she is forced to agree otherwise Amrit will be in danger. Amrit is furious and nearly slaps her but Rajmata tells Nimrit to get ready as bride. (Rajmata wonders why Amrit cares so much as they only wanted to get married into the Malik family because of the wealth, so who cares which sister gets married?) Amrit slaps Nimrit in front of all, because she agreed to marry Agam but Agam, in anger tells Amrit to say sorry to Nimrit.

On the wedding night, Agam feels bad for what he did to Nimrit (she wasn't at fault) so he tells her to sign the divorce paper and go home but she disagrees because she believes relationships are not a game. Whilst Amrit tries to manipulate Nimrit into leaving Agam, the more determined she is to handle her inlaws. Through time, AgNi (Agam and Nimrit) fall in love but Amrit wants to get rid of them. AgNi are forced to survive on less money after Mahi Malik stops giving money to Agam, so they decide to make a dhaba and are successful in the end (After Amrit tries many efforts to stop them. Agam needed some money to pay for the loan or something? And so he decides to participate on a bike competition, where he has to stay riding on the bike and break the record (something like that)... Amrit thinks that he'll fail but with Nimrit's love and care, he wins)... After AgNi confess their love, Amrit has so much hatred for Nimrit that she decides to kill her and nearly succeeds after pushing her off a cliff. 

The story fast forwards to five months later: Nimrit had survived with the help of a kind man (Mr Oberoi?) except with one incident - her face had been destroyed in the accident leading to Ankita (new Nimrit) to take over Dimple's role (Old Nimrit). Nimrit is upset about what has happened and wants to reunited with Agam, only to think about him not accepting her. She finds out that the palace is up for auction and her mom has left the palace. She also finds out that Amrit and Agam got married and are living a comfortable life; for all, Amrit & Agam are living a happy married life. Nimrit is distraught. In amidst this, Tej contacts her  - she does not let him know she is Nimrit -but he has a slight suspicion on her though. After creating a rumour that Ribban (her mother) is dead, Nimrit rushes to the hospital and it is there when Tej calls her Nimrit and realises what had happened to her- he also finds out that Amrit was behind her so-called death. 

Nimrit is upset about everything but she just wants to forget it: but Tej tells her that she has to take revenge for what Amrit did.  On her birthday, they visit the same restaurent that Am&Ag visit and they face to face: Nimrit hides away and Agam is perplexed. She is upset and the other two and gets away from there. After the media coverage on the couple, Tej convinces her to take her revenge, starting with her transition from Nimrit to Natasha Oberoi (Yash Oberoi's daughter). However, we learn that Agam knew about Amrit's hand behind Nimrit's death and wants revenge, therefore he married her so that he can do this: he pretends to love Amrit and act mean in front of Tej and the others. 

Ribban sees Natasha when she faints whilst running but seperate before Nimrit sees her. 
On the auction day, Natasha wins the palace by bidding for 20 crores leading to an angry Amrit disrespecting Mr Oberoi, Natasha slaps her but jokes about saying that there was fly on her cheek (or something). Agam wants the palace back because it was Nimrit's memory and Amrit wants it because she promised her Rajmata. 

Tej, Natasha and Yash are happy for their win and their aim now is to find her mother who has gone missing - we find out that she works at a medical center (or something) and Agam secretly funds her income, without her knowing. The reason why she left the house was because she knew that Amrit killed Nimrit and cursed her before she left. 
Agam and Natasha come face to face, leading to a hug when she gets nostalgic about the motorbike ride and shock from car hitting her, he still calls her a spoilt daughter of a rich father. Now, they are playing with the orphans in the palace and the power has got cut off, meanwhile Amrit arrives wanting to speak to Natasha about investing in Amrit International (a hotel built on the dhaba land). Amrit and Agam don't see each other. Amrit gets annoyed at Bubbly as she was eating in front of her presence so she tries to slap her but gets stopped by Natasha. Amrit wants Natasha to be her partner but Natasha says that Amrit will have to plead forgiveness to Bubbly which she does, grudgingly. Agam wonders why he can't stop helping Natasha and on the other hand, Nimrit wonders why she hates Agam but yet wants him. 

Natasha changes the hotel name to Nimrit international saying that Amrit's name is bad luck, Agam is secretly happy at her decision but Natasha is oblivious. In the gurdwara, natasha sees her mother and runs to her, only to lose her. One day, Ribban get's into an accident and so, the doctors call Amrit (who is in a meeting with Natasha), Amrit is annoyed and says that she doesn't want to meet Ribban right now as she is very busy. The doctors then call Natasha (as Natasha's driver was the one that hit Ribban with the car...I think) and Natasha, who doesn't know that it's Ribban...goes because of humanity. But then Amrit gets there but she is not allowed to meet her because Ribban is under special care, Amrit is annoyed and leaves saying it was a waste of her time. Natasha realises that it's her mother and is upset that Amrit treated her like this.

Soon, Ribban comes home to the Palace and sees Nimrit's photo, with Natasha's shadow...her motherly instinct instantly tell her that she is Nimrit. And so Nimrit and Ribban are united again. It is here when Bubbly, the maid finds out that Natasha is Nimrit and they are overjoyed. Natasha, Tej, Ribban and Bubbly join hands to take Amrit down. Amrit sees Ribban but Natasha says that she is simply there because of a charity deal (or something) and Amrit tells Natasha not to trust Ribban...but Natasha shouts at Amrit. 

With the help of Bubbly who dressed up in a white saree and long hair wig...she pretends to be Nimrit's spirit to scare Amrit. The plan works and Amrit is scared. She thinks that Nimrit is back to haunt her. For example, Bubbly scares her with blood but quickly wipes it away so that Amrit thinks that only she can see it. Another incident happened during Raksha Bandhan, when the rakhi is used to scare Amrit. 

During a party, Amrit is told to book a dancer but Natasha cancels it (its a plan) and then shouts at Amrit that her punishment is to dance. Amrit does because otherwise the deal will be cancelled, Agam is secretly happy that Amrit's ego will go down and tarnished because well, a princess dancing? Amrit does so and near the ending, sees Nimrit's bhooth and falls down. The media takes photos and embarrass her by saying "The fall of princess Amrit", Amrit wants revenge and so decides to shame Natasha by changing the logo of Nimrit International...but her plan failed. Turns out, the guy that Amrit told to do the job didn't do it because he only believes that Ribban is the true Queen and will only do what she says. Meanwhile, Agam feels close to Natasha for some reason. 

Tej tells her that the next part of the plan is here: Natasha will have to separate Agam and Amrit by making Amrit think that Agam likes her. Some person keeps sending Natasha boutiques of flowers, she is sending them to herself to make Amrit jealous. Natasha gets Agam closer to her by incidental events, like her falling and Agam catching her which makes Amrit start to hate Natasha. Agam on the other hand, decides to act close to Natasha so that Amrit feels hurt. Amrit becomes obsessed with Agam (you could say, that she is more obsessed than she was when Nimrit was there).

During a meeting, Agam and Natasha are out alone in the evening and some goons come to kill a man and woman, Natasha saves them by giving them her car and telling them to run away. The goons decide to kill Natasha for this and Agam saves her by holding the knife in his hand and taking a bullet for her. They hide in a sugar mill, she takes the bullet from his arm after much hesitation, they have a moment. Then Agam thinks about the time he was in the sugar mill and Nimrit was there. And then Natasha without thinking says, the argument between Agam and Tej was solved. Agam says how did she know? and he is suspicious but she says that Ribban told her about Nimrit and the stories. Anyways, they fall asleep together and then Amrit arrives in the morning and thinks the worst seeing them. She really hates Natasha now. 

Nimrit is dejected of thinking about Agam, as she is unable to forget him. On the other hand, agam hates himself for thinking about another woman than Nimrit (not knowing that Natasha is in fact Nimrit). Amrit pushes Natasha into the pool to take revenge but Agam saves her by giving her CPR. She tells him that she can't swim but Agam finds "Natasha Oberois" swimming certificate and wonders about the truth.. Mr Oberoi's real daughter was called Natasha Oberoi as well. Agam decides to ask a private investigator to find out the matter. Mr Oberoi is hiding something as he is acting really strange.

Natasha tells Amrit and Agam that she bought a land to make a restaurant, the land is the same place where Nimrit died. Tej scares Amrit by using a tape recorder of Nimrit's voice in her final moments telling her sister to save her, Amrit thinks only she can hear it and she becomes really scared. Bubbly scares Amrit once again but Agam follows her he doesn't know who it is but knows that he saw something. He finds blood on the table and that Bubbly's arm has a cut, he puts the two together and finds the saree in her room. He is convinced that Bubbly is behind this but doesn't know about who is telling her to do this. He follows her into the hospital and sees Tej there informing her. He confronts them and Tej tells him that he is convinced that Amrit is behind Nimrit's death. Tej and bubbly do not say anything about Natasha but agam who is internally grateful, points his finger at Tej and tells him to leave Amrit alone. This is because he cannot let Amrit stop her trust in him, he wants his own revenge. Natasha sees Agam shouting at Tej and is sad.

The story then continues to where Agam doesn't tell Tej the truth as his plan will fail but he 'allows' Tej to continue his antics. For example, Agam deliberately goes to his mother's house so that Tej will use this opportunity to get back at Amrit by scaring her. Natasha, Tej, Mr Oberoi and Bubbly have a dilemma, the tantrik they have called on Amrit's behalf has gone away, therefore Tej dresses up and acts as one. Amrit confesses all her crimes and Tej records it. However, the tape recording device is malfunctioned and therefore the conversation was not recorded. Amrit does not tell Agam about the tantrik because he doesn't believe in it. Amrit seeing the closeness between Agam and Natasha decides to make Agam hers. A flashback shows that before the wedding (Agam's and Amrit's), Agam told her that he needed some time to forget Nimrit and that's why there can't be any physical relationship between them soon. However, now Amrit feels that they need to have a suhaag raat. Natasha is upset and Agam, thinking that he needs to get away as he can't do this. However, Natasha sends a guard in to give Amrit some bangles and something from the tantrik. Agam uses this opportunity to have an argument with Amrit and get away. The next morning, Amrit sees Natasha and Agam working together and then they leave. Amrit goes the the market to confront Natasha but whilst talking, see's Nimrit (Dimple) walking. She gets scared and thinks that its the ghost, she runs away, her mangalsutra falls and Natasha is confused. 

At home, no one believes Amrit and then notices that her mangalsutra has gone missing. Amrit says to her that he'll get her a new one but Amrit wants Nimrit as it will prove that Agam has gotten over Nimrit. He has no choice but to get Nimrit's mangalsutra, Tej sees him and Tej shouts at Agam. Agam after loses patience and tells to himself that he'll vow to get revenge from Amrit. Amrit tells Natasha about Nimrit's mangalsutra that Agam is getting for her, Natasha is shocked. 

She tries to get Tej and Natasha married. Tej comes up with a plan to pretend to have an affair with Natasha and make Agam feel jealous. Natasha hesitates to play the drama, but Ribban and Mr. Yash Oberoi persuade her. Agam becomes envious to see Natasha and Tej being romantic with each other. When they are in the restaurant, there are moments when Dimple's character is seen! 

Agam says his feelings for Natasha with his mother.  Natasha and Tej become shocked as Amrit calls Nirmal to fix their marriage. Tej tries to inform Nirmal that he is playing a drama of having an affair with Natasha but Amrit disturbs them. Amrit does the arrangements for Tej and Natasha's roka ritual. But Mr.Obeori makes an excuse of matching the horoscopes of Tej and Natasha. Panditji studies the horoscopes and tells that Tej and Natasha's marriage is not possible. Amrit meets one of Mr.Oberoi's acquaintances and learns about Natasha's reality that she is dead!

Amrit gets Nimrit arrested of being an imposter of Natasha! (Oberoi is out of the country so he doesn't know). Viraj Dobriyal (from DSDDSB?) meets Amrit when he is escaping from prison and tells her to take the law into her own hands. Amrit gets an inspector to torture Nats for money. The woman inspector tries to get Nats to take the bangles that Agam gave her because Amrit can't stand that but Nats is adamant not to take them off. After being slapped around, Mr Oberoi arrives and saves her saying that she is his daughter! Tej helps by getting fake DNA reports which everyone believes in. Natasha is really angry at Amrit for what she has done, so she humiliates Amrit by making her face black!  

Yug enters the show. He is shown to be a lover of the real Natasha and Oberoi is really wary of him. Amrit meets Yug and they team up against Natasha. Yug realises that Natasha is not his Natasha as she doesn't even know him - and also, Amrit is suspicious on why doesn't Natasha say anything about Yug even though she "loved" him?? She then finds out that Natasha is none other than Nimrit! Amrit from then one vows to kill Nimrit for sure and take Agam away from her. 

Amrit finds out that Natasha is Nimrit ' therefore Agam is drawn towards Natasha as she is wife - and she decides her own fate. She steps on burning coal to prove a point that she will always win. She plays Russian roulette with a gun but the other guy playing with her, dies and she wins. Amrit says that Nimrit will die. 

 Nimrit meanwhile thinks that Agam is properly in love with Amrit. Amrit is pretending to act good in front of Nimrit, who is oblivious of the truth. Agam, on the other hand tries to go away from Natasha as his main priority ' at the moment ' is to avenge Nimrit. Therefore, he tells Natasha that why does she have to come between him and Amrit? Nimrit gets upset thinking why did she have to love this man? Amrit realises that Bubbly pretended to the Nimrit's spirit and Tej helped her. She vows that she will teach all of them a lesson. 

Mr Oberoi takes Natasha somewhere and Yug follows them with a gun trying to shoot ' he manages to shoot Oberoi on the arm but he is alright after Natasha treats him. Yug says something that he doesn't care about Natasha as she is not his Natasha but Nimrit ' seems like he has an enmity for Oberoi! Amrit plants a fake report on Bubbly, getting her arrested for theft [but Ribban gets her out]. She then gets Tej to go to a village on a terrorist call! 

Then she plants a snake in the Palace so that it would kill Natasha but when she gets attacked, Agam comes and saves her by taking the poison out. The poison is now in Agam's body and he becomes unconscious. Amrit thinks its Nimrit who is in hospital but becomes shocked when its Agam! Meanwhile, Yug finds out that Natasha has to be kept alive ' for property papers. Sumitra, Agam's mother is upset with Natasha thinking that everything happened due to her which leads to Nimrit finding out the truth ' that Agam loves her and only married Amrit for her! She vows that she won't let Amrit come between them. 

Amrit wants to kill Nimrit but Yug stops her because of his own gain. Nimrit says to herself that she'll tell the truth to Agam at any cost, but Amrit is scared of what will happen after. Yug and his men kidnap Nimrit and bound her with ropes to a chair. She manages to escape but is brought back. Agam informs the media that he'll pay them 5 crores if anyone gets her back. Some men, who saw Nimrit calls up Agam and he follows the trail of bangles that Nimrit left to where she is held. She again manages to escape but doesn't see Agam enter the place whilst the men attack him. She runs away. Yug tries to hit Agam but Agam [who cannot see Yug as he is disguised] attacks back leading to Yug running away with Agam following him. Nimrit reaches a temple where she hides in the crowd, Yug arrives and soon Agam. All three cannot see each other. Nimrit prays that she finds Agam soon and then daydreams about them seeing each other and she tells him everything and he accepts her! She gets out of her dream and runs out without seeing Agam. 

Meanwhile, Tej is in the village trying to check over the terrorist attacks. Dimple's character enters who is getting her documents checked by a constable (?). Tej does not see her but after she gets back in the car he feels suspicious as Dimple is relieved! 

Part 2:

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Thank you very much Zahara for synopsis of Amrit Manthan Clap.As i have not seen from the begining of the serial
It has help me to know the storyTongue

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Aww Zahara , your efforts are truly appreciated..It will be very helpful for lot of viewers including me ..
Well done and Thank you dear Hug

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ZAHARA. IF-Sizzlerz

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No worries! :)
anasuya43 IF-Sizzlerz

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@ Zahara

No worries! :) 


Ha ha ha No worries!:) LOL i like  your commentLOL

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 4:15pm | IP Logged

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A million thanks to u dear!!!!!  I just start watching this show and really loving it.This synopsis really help me understand the story better. 

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Thank you ...I am one of the viewer who is watching AM only recently after Anki's entry
This really helps us to know what  we missed

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