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:: AarYan Express #1 : Tere Bin, Mar Jayian ::

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AarYan Express #1 : Tere Bin, Mar Jayian

Credits :

Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami/Natasha
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Predator
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : sujal_sashish
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: ..Sadiie..
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Prediction of the week : -Predator-
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv ; sujal_kashish (Back Up)
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : ..Sadiie.. ; Piku (Back Up)
Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
Avi of the week : burningdesire88
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Shocker of the week : PriyaxBassi
VM of the Week : Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*

Aaryan Newsletter Banner Credits : burningdesire88
Category Title Credits : -Stutz-
Winning Siggies Credits : burningdesire88

Hello everyone =]

Heard the news? Punar Vivaah Newsletter is back but with a new name and look. Yes, the newsletter which used to be known as Punar Vivaah Chronicles will be now known as AarYan Express. Besides the change in the name, there has also been a slight change in the NL team and with the new team, we shall strive to bring the best and hot selling news of PV exclusively for you. We are always opened for views to improve, so do drop your reviews and comments and Have a Great Weekend ahead. So relax, grab a cup of cofee and start reading our AarYan Express

- AarYan Express Team-

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20th August 2012

Yash pushes Aarti and asks not to come before him while everyone questions Aarti what happened in Mumbai. Aarti wonders wht she had done wrong and Yash says that Aarti knows it and walks away. Flashback of Yash dancing which Aarti sees and asks Yash to teach her the dance and while dancing, Aarti accidentally knocks down Aarpita's photo which the frame falls and breaks but Yash is concern to see Aarti's hands bleeding and outs an hangerchief and does first aid. Aarti fixes the photo frame and Yash praises Aarti's dance. Back to present. 

The teej mata visarjan is shown where all the bahu takes blessings and Papa Scindia calls Aarti to come and take blessings too where Aarti prays to make her relationship stronger and the sindoor which is thrown in the air falls on aarti's forehead indicating blessings for her. Yash who is on the threadmill in full speed is watched by Aash and Ansh runs to Aarti and informs this and Aarti asks Yash to stop to which Yash increase the speed and falls down hurting his own hands and stops aarti from coming near to him.

21st August 2012

As Gayarti, Vidhi, Buaji and Pari are standing watching the teej mata leave, they hear something break to where Yash screams on how many times he needs to ask Arti to stay away from him. Gayarti comes in and asks what happens and Gayatri scolds Aarti for Yash's anger blamming her to be the reason and goes to speak to Yash alone. Gayatri tries talking to Yash and cools him down to take breakfast while Yash remains silent. Pari is on the phone and leaves for the shooting leaving Prateek who wonders to himself that Pari is still adamant for her shooting despite all the problems in the family. 

Gayatri cooks for Yash his favorite food and Aarti who is passing by stops and looks at Yash eating while hiding. However, Yash sees Aarti in the reflection of the glass in front of him. Yash starts getting angry and chokes on the food but is stuborn not to drink the glass of water in front of him. Aarti who is unable to control herself comes to Yash asking him to drink to which he shouts in anger breaking the plates and leaves. Gayatri tries stopping Yash and in anger, she drags Aarti and push her out of the house asking her to leave the house. Ansh, Palak and Payal comes to Aarti's defend and pleads not to chase their mother out and Papa Scindia who just returns home says to the kids that Aarti is the laxmi of the house and she is not going anywhere.

22nd August 2012

Everyone enters the house and takes blessings and Gayatri brings Aarti to her room and ask her to explain what happened in Mumbai that angered Yash. The photo album from Mumbai arrive and Aarti looks at the album and explains on how happy were they since the time the arrived and Aarti gets a flashback on the pot hitting ceremony where Aarti tries to motivate Yash to hit it. Yash tries hitting it and he falls while another younger guy manage to hit it and the guy calls Yash uncle. Aarti starts teasing Yash uncle to which Yash asks in which angle does he looks like an uncle and both of them laugh. Gayatri still trying to find out what caused Yash's anger and they suddenly hear some sound of something breaking from Yash's room.

23rd August 2012

Yash's room is locked where everyone rushes to Yash's room and unable to enter. Inside the room, Yash is shown breaking all of Arpita's photos and Prateek manage to break open the door and all are shocked to see Arpita's photo broken and hanging all around. Vidhi says that Yash misses all of Arpita's things and why is he doing this? Aarti recalls the incident in Mumbai where she on the water heater but there no water supply. Aarti asks Yash what to do and Yash goes to on the water motor and while Aarti is in the washroom, the heater suddenly explodes and the room gets on fire.

Aarti starts shouting for Yash and Yash comes and sees the whole room getting burned and sees all of Arpita's photos getting burned while Aarti is shouting for help. Yash is not sure to save Arpita's photos or save Aarti and Yash saves Aarti and carries her in her arms. Vidhi and Aarti is now certain that the incident is the one causing Yash's anger.

24th August 2012

Aarti says that she feels that god is giving her signals from what has happened and she even had such one during the fire incident. The flashback is shown Yash looking at all the burned photos and Yash says that Arpita's memory is important but Aarti's life is even more important and Aarti admits that the mistake was hers to leave the heater on and Yash scolds on how can she be so careless and asks if Aarti can bring back all those memories and leaves Yash angry. Aarti sees an old photo of Yash and Arpita on honeymoon and Aarti is in the background and Vidhi asks Aarti not to give up.

Papa Scindia tries talking to Yash and Yash gets angry again and Yash gets emotional and as he leaves, Aarti tries talking to Yash and he pushes her aside and walks out of the house where Papa Scindia and Aarti goes behind Yash. Yash runs on the road barefoot with Aarti chasing him. Everyone is worried and gets call from Prateek that Yash is in hospital and Gayatri warns Aarti not to follow to the hospital. Prateek updates everyone that Yash is under stress while Aarti who arrives at the hospital watches. 

Best scene of the Week goes to the AarYa Dahi Handi Flashback sequence where both Yash and Aarti were at their playful best the way Aarti instigates Yash to go and break the handi but Yash fails to do so and then Aarti starts teasing Yash by calling him uncle when Yash grabs her arms and pulls her in his arms unless she admits that he is not an uncle EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Beauty of the entire sequence was its picturisation and also Gurmeet and Kratika's crackling chemistry working wonders in the scene especially when Aarti checks out Yash's face from all angles to see if he looks like an uncle or not thus irritating Yash further Embarrassed...
Best part of the whole sequence was when Aarti asks Yash if she has little place in his heart and Yash goes all silent because his heart wants to say yes but mind is struggling to accept the truth Embarrassed...Aarti realises Yash's dilemma here and quickly twists her words and in the end both burst out laughing and giving hi55 to each other which was just so adorable to watch Embarrassed
Overall the Dahi Handi scene was very well executed and enacted by Gurmeet and Kratika ClapClapClap

Having Yash who hardly shows any emotions towards Aarti, in this week's episodes we see show concern for his wife. Although not forsaken by love but at least he expressed how much her life was valuable.

After the fire incident, Yash tells Aarti that she is the mother of his children, the daughter in law of his family and his wife! & that he could not leave her in the fire in order to save Arpita's memories Embarrassed

This Aww moment, is now the road towards Yash's like for Aarti, with Yeh Dil Hai in the background, the scene was made just perfecto!

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Credit: Amanda (Backup)

There were many funny scene but they were worth watching. They are as follows:

>Aarti eating karela.(OMG)Poor thing doesn't like karela,but yash loves it,Ansh expression was worth watching. And yash keeps forcing her to eat,and they will also eat that for dinnerLOL..,

>Aarti in the shop all shame, send out yash to check the car, she keeps hesitatingLOL& show the guy the pic.He brought it & incomes Yash,poor aarti drop the box.Both was totally embarrassedLOL.Incomes the Shopkeeper,& Yash grab a box to pretend he is looking at it & it a boxers box...LOL(awkward)LOL

>Outside the shop,Yash& Aarti arguing,Yash scold at Aarti,surprisingly Aarti scold right back,and became angry...,Poor thing had to aplogize to her(so sweet of him),which wasn't easy. He had to get the bags for the shop as she wasn't going to get it she felt embarass because of YashLOL.,Yash wnet half way he returns,Aarti look at him, he left again,he keeps on hesitating,but had to get the bags.LOL
>Aarti choosing bangles, she wanted yash to choose for her,but he didn't so she choose a ugly colour,Yash was likeOuchShocked,Aarti saw him she order 1 dozen he was like WHAT..,(he start coughing),she order 2 dozen he wasShockedD'oh(Ansh stop playing,no one was there)LOLaarti also looked..,she order 3 dozen,no instead 5 dozenD'oh he came immdiately and chosen for her.LOL

>At the beach drinking coconut, They see a couple drinking coconut from 1 coconut, yash took his coconut and turn away form aarti and start drinking, aarti laughingLOL(looks as if he is hiding his coconut form aarti)LOL

>Yash& Aarti walking then the stop and aarti keeps on laughing..,Yash ia wondering whyConfusedConfused,never knowing he is standing in a heart drawn in the sand..LOL
>Yash dancing infront of arpita's photo,and aarti got him and she start laughing,OMG,Yash dancing was killing me,there wasn't even any music
>Yash & Aarti at the Dahi Handi competition and aarti keeps instigating Yash to break the handi. He went but fails then,a boy named Karan went and succeed,Karan then calls Yash UNCLE, LOL yash was shockedShocked..,does he looks like an uncleAngry..,felt old..,LOLand Aarti irriates him more by calling him uncle, and gayatri thinks that made yash so angryLOL (stupid woman)

Best dressed character in last 2 weeks undoubtedly goes to Aarti Scindia for her gorgeous looking suits she is wearing in Mumbai to her Green colour Lavni Dance Saree which gave her a beautiful Marathi look when she danced to "Humko aaj kal hai" song sequence

6 August- 10 August,2012
Well...,Guys you must agree with me,there is no romantic scene but actually the entire week was romanticEmbarrassedLOL..,so i place them inorder.
  • Starting off with Aarti going to take the phone away from yash,same time he turns back and aarti ends up grabbing yash's ears...LOLFunny but so sweetEmbarrassed,
  •  Yash&Aarti making pot..,OMGEmbarrassedand her hair flying on her face and Yash moving itEmbarrassed both of their hands are together.
  •  Yash & Aarti on the swing..Embarrassedand aarti keeps falling on yash LOLeventually yash hold herEmbarrassed.
  •  Yash apologizing to aartiEmbarrassed(He scold her,she scold so much he had to apologize)Embarrassed.
  •  Yash putting on bangles on Aarti's handEmbarrassed(aarti is lost). Another was Aarti and Yash arm westlingLOL , 
  •  Yash& Aarti on the beach eating corn,
  •  Yash& Aarti standing on the beach in a heartEmbarrassed(aww so sweet)..LOL

Continuing to the other week

13 August - 17 August,2012
In this week Punar Vivah, it was less romantic, as mumbai trip came to a sudden end, however it was the bestWink,
  • as Aarti say the 3 magical words to yashEmbarrassed.."I LOVE YOU" but eventually pass it off as a jokeLOL,
  •  Gum got stuck in Aarti's hair and yash was helping her get it out by using ice, the ice drips on her back & yash was wipe it..., 
  •  Yash& Aarti at the koli festival, when Aarti and yash dancing on stageEmbarrassed and making a romantic moment on stage  OMG(romantic indeed)
after which they return to Bopal suddenly with yash is hot hot anger..,LOL

20 August- 24 August,2012
Nothing romantic about this week,yash is still angry. However there were 
  •  Aarti's Flashback, and those were romantic like,after returning from the koli festival,Aarti walk in on yash in the room dancing in front of arpita's photoLOL..,and she insisted for him to each her also,so sweet & he did.
  • Another Flashback: was when Karan called Yash "UNCLE".. Yashu got angry and aarti irriates him more,and as she was about to leave, Yash pull her back and she landed on his chest..Embarrassed 
  • Another Flashback:  yash lifting Aarti out of the room of fire and Arpita memories are burnt..   (For me it was romantic,as that indicate,Arpita is slowly but surely leaving Yash mind as he chose his future instead of his past)

6 August- 10 August,2012
The best Performance of this week was obviously our very own Yash&Aarti... Together Gurmmet & Kratika did an amazing job as Yash&AartiClap.They were too goodClap..., Gurmeet did awesome as Yash.,Yash is finally starting to change.which is a good sign. Aarti is amazing,loved how she manage to always convince yash on doing something she wantsEmbarrassed(that's the power of a wifeLOL).Sh even manage to change Yash(sligthly). Kratika did an excellent job in this week of Punar Vivah.

13 August - 17 August,2012
Undoubtfully, Yash & Aarti did there best this week, Yash & Aarti danced well.Clap However, there were better with their emotions.., Aarti was amazing, her emotions seems so real, Aarti proves she can do anything for her husband,she kept a fast despite knowing Yash won't break it for her. And the kids..OMG, what to say, They love there mom so much, they don't know abot custom,but yet they tried and brought water for Aarti that Yash give them.
Yash was amazing but, his behaviour towards aarti is unjustify.Gurmeet express himself as yash quite good in this week's Punar Vivah, but Kratika Sengar was even better as Aarti, everyone could have felt her emotions.

20 August- 24 August,2012
Papa Scindia was great, as he think there is something behind Yash's angry and it not Aarti unlike Mama Scindia who get infulence by Maya Bua.
 Aarti was again the best, Despite not being aware of yash anger, and him telling her off..,she still try to do everything she can for him,but he just avoid her.  Her love for Yash is more than what Arpita has for Yash.
Yash Scindia...,Confused Of course he was very very angry, and Gurmeet Choundary express that so well..(wonder how he was while shooting, he probably was laughing more that anythingLOL).., Yash's angry was over the limit..,The guy breaks everything in his room that belongs to arpita, and then start running like a mad man...,LOL...,But although,he behave so rude and ugly, he is hurt deeply hurt, poor thing cherish everything for his first wife and in just a few seconds everything was destory,he loved this woman so much,despite being death its like she is alway there, she was & is everything to him, & instead of saving her memories he save aarti. Why..,Is he falling for Aarti and ready to let go of Arpita? He hate himself for that, for letting go of all arpita's memory..., No one..,No one could have express Yash's pain and his angry more than Gurmeet Choundary.

Hope it was good..,and as expected...
Until Next Week..

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The shortest and sweetest so far in the show. And the one line that made everyone in the forum going happy as Aarti finally said it. Beautifully captured at the beach scene and we all know how much this one line had effect on all of us. So yes, this certainly has the be the dialogue of the week Wink

Aarti: "I love you. Mein aap se bahut pyar karti hoon Yashji."

Aarti needed to do some shopping at 7 o'clock in the morning, and Yash didn't know what she needed as she never told him. And we guessed she needed some...Ahem.. essential stuff.

Turns out she needed a Bra - at 7AM! ROFL ROFL

OMG WHAT Were they thinking when they thought of this scene?! ROFL Hilarious stuff, Especially when Yash went all Shy shy  ROFL

Don't be harsh - First time I'm doing thisLOLEmbarrassed
 Sadiie x

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We are very much aware that Yash has met with an accident, and now Aarti is not allowed to see him. The upcoming episodes will show drama of how Aarti gets involved in arguments against her own family members in order to meet Yash and take care of him since that's her patni dharm and no one can stop her from doing so!

According to the last preview the doctor is asking Yash to be taken to a psychiatrist due to mental stress. Does he mean Yash has suffered a major mishap? Something that has caused him to stop responding to treatment? YES! All that drama, so don't miss Punar Vivah next week!

During Mumbai scenes Mmm i thnk tht scene in whch a man was chasing yash n in the beachhouse cv's shwed us Yash fought wth tht man b said smtng lik tht  last tym due to ur deed u suffered alot n all tht...so it was a useless scenes coz cv's didnt reveal the truth orreason behind tht scenes...n 

This week again n again stopping aarti n blaming aarti for yash'z condition was sooo irritating to watch n same dialouges n taunts of bua in different scenes of bua were also irritating to watchConfused

Paridhi went out for her 'College' twice on the same day 
She came back two hours late in one episode [Some Sweet Scolding From Gayatri Ji]  and then she starts leaving for her college in the next episode but Gayatri doesn't let her go out of the house anyway.

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Siggy By saher_90

Siggy By -Vanshikaa- 

ishqlicious arts

Small avi by Allbut1

Large stacked avi by Alburt1

Large Avi by dimple

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By : Allbut1

AarYA: Random OS by Asmani

Rating: Mature Content 18+

Category: Romance


Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Magar Chupke Chupke
Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Haan Sabhko Ho Rahi Hai
Khabar Chupke Chupke

Romantic, sensuous, sizzling and beautiful story is about the union of Yash and Aarti. On the eve of Pankaj and Vidhi marriage anniversary; Yash and Aarti both decide to take their relationship to the next level. After AarYa's Mumbai trip, their relationship changes because Aarti confess she wants to be in a relationship not for anyone else but for them. After the party find how Yash confesses his feelings for his wife and showers her with all his love and attention'

Aarya OS: After 3years from Now by Asmani

Category: Family/Romance: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3155793&TPN=2

This is cute story about Yash and Aarti  are married for three half years and they are living happily ever after. They have a son name Aryan who is 7months old who is carbon copy of his papa Yash.  Everyone in the Scindia household is busy preparing for Aryan's rice eating ceremony.


OS: A Chipped Cup by Sweetsumaiya


Category: Romance/Comfort/ Tragedy

Beautiful one shot written by Sumaiya that takes the readers back to the time of regency era. That will remind the readers of fairy tale of Beauty and Beast.

Song:  Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasan

Amit Dubey a peasant in Dukesberry had taken a loan from The Earl of Dukesberry Yash Scindia to pay within 4 months. According to the contract Mr. Dubey couldn't pay his loan, The Earl can take any asset of Mr. Dubey. Sir Yash decides to take his peasant's daughter Aarti to pay of his debt. Aarti falls in love with Yash's gentle nature but Yash never openly returns her affection due to his family curse.  

Read A Chipped Cup to find out what Yash family curse was and why he refused Aarti's love?

August 13-17

This week had a lot of ups, but also many downs as well. Basically, the shocker of the week was Yash's mood swing, which led to shocking actions. In the beginning of the week, he learns how to live life to the fullest and being happy is the key to life. Aarti helped him conquer this philosophy in life. But, the smiles and the laughs Yash had in Mumbai soon turned into rage at the end of the week. This rage causes a family vacation to be spoiled and his anger is targeted towards Aarti, which leads him to push her. This scene was shocking and it exposed the dramatic change of behavior in Yash. This behavior is not only affecting Aarti, but rest of the family as well. Yash's behavior also leads him to deny Aarti as his wife and have any type of relationship with her. Viewers have been predicting the reason for Yash's sudden mood swing and all we can say is "Why this Koleveri Di?"

August 20-24

            Hello everyone! This week's episodes were quite interesting and as the episodes go by, Yash is getting really extreme. This week's shocker is, no doubt, Yash throwing away Arpita's things which he saved for years. Basically, it is quite surprising that Yash wants to get rid of Arpita's memories. In the flashback, even though during the fire, Yash saved Aarti , but he also wanted to save Arpita's memories. He got mad at Aarti when he found out that Aarti had left the geyser on, which burnt memories of Arpita. He was upset, but all of the sudden he wants get rid of Arpita's memories.  It was such a shocker to watch his rampage. The Rage of Yash is quite stunning and his emotions are expressed through breaking whatever comes in his hand.

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The Newsletter is now up for your reading pleasure. A few categories will be updated later as our team is out on a mission to bring you the best news, so it does takes some time. Hope you love our edition and bring on the feedbacks. Have a Great Weekend everyone Wink

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