Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

~|ArHi W.C - Task 1 is over! |~

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Salaam Namaste. Hug

How are you all doing? Okay, before I get thrown out of here, I'm gonna begin with the actual talk that I had to get started with. So, this post will have the introduction (which I'm doing right now) along with the tasks. BUT BUT BUT BUT before you unleash and divulge yourselves in the task, you have to look at the second post of this thread itself for the team divisions. YES, the teams have been divided into 7 further teams with 7 and 8 people depending on the team size. Tongue

Remember the sign-up post? You missed it, well it was up for 4 days and here it goes:
ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Decide your team!

Well, I don't really understand why everyone wanted to be Arnav's saali. Guys, we are here for Arnav and Khushi's wedding celebration. I mean pretty self explanatory that they are both devoted to each other. And if Dadi and Shyaam Babua couldn't stop the two, how can we? Kaay kaay, don't hate me. Be Arnav's saali's aaadhi gharwali's. But I reckon that his house is now FULL of aadi gharwali's. Bechara iklauta Arnav. Sleepy


Getting on with the task. Dancing

Due to reasons of the thread not being up early and that many people wanted to work longer on this, we're extending the deadline to August 27th 2012 12:00 IST. So, now instead of sending in your entries latest by August 26th, you have another day. Just know that this won't happen for the other 4 tasks that remain. This would delay the entire celebration process, but I guess that's the compromise. Embarrassed

The day of the event is: Roka/Engagement.

What do you have to do? Well, you have to make a Video Mix. ONE videomix per sub-team. That means the Gharaati's and the Baraati's will present to us 7 VM's EACH.

What goes in the VM: We don't care what's in there as long as it goes hand-in-hand with the theme which is "Engagement" as well as it follows the IMPORTANT: India-Forums Code of Conduct
You can have ArHi's almost kisses and all those special moments in the video. Along with the Raizada's and Gupta's in the video too. We don't really have a problem. The more the merrier. Big smile

What's a strict no-no? NO Adult content. Under no circumstance can you have adult content because at the end of the day, ALL these videos will go up on India-Forums for everyone to watch.

What's the time limit? The maximum you can go upto is 4 minutes. The judges will stop watching the video after the clock in the video ticks to 04:00. I'm serious. With 7 videos coming in from 1 team making it 14 videos in total to watch and judge, we have to make it easy for them too. 4 minutes is it. That does NOT mean that it has to be 4 minutes, it can be 2 minutes too. We don't really mind anything but it has to be within the time limit of 4.

How and where will you upload these? You will have to upload these on Youtube as a PRIVATE video. You will NOT give out the link to ANYONE other than your own group members and the group reps. I have ways of finding out if you have given this link to anyone. The views on the video say it all. Big smile Also, you will have to write in the description of the Youtube video who all was in your group. Usernames strictly, so we know who all was in it.

How will you send them for the judges to judge? Once you're done with everything and you have uploaded it on Youtube, you send the link to the Team Rep or Assistant Team Reps straight away. The Team Rep (Fariha and Khushi) and Assistant Team Reps (Aanchal and Roshini) will then send the links once ALL are combined from the teams to either the judges or to myself and I'll forward them on. You will NOT know who the judges are until these tasks are over and done with. Wink

What do you do if no one in your group can make a Video Mix? You will have to ask your friend to make it on India-Forums. But remember, this friend can NOT be a part of the other team in the Wedding Celebrations. If you're in Gharaati's team and your friend is also in the same team but another sub-team, you still can NOT ask them to make it for you. And when you're uploading it on Youtube, make sure you write their name along with your team members names in the description.

Really important before you guys are off to making VMs. ALL questions/Queries/Confusions are to be PMed directly to Roshini ( Roshini1494) and Aanchal (_Aanchal_) respectively for their teams.

And since this is a VM round, also PM them about your song selection. So, 2 or more Sub-teams don't have the same song for their VMs.

Here's the link to the Video Mix forum:

Now, with all that out of the way. Look in the second post for the Sub-Teams. And the third post for the FAQ.


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Disclaimer: The team divisions were done by your team reps. Please do not flood my inbox with PMs regarding your team dislikes whatsoever. ROFL

Please make sure that Aanchal and Roshini are PMed regarding your song selection so that the songs don't overlap. Ofcourse, there are very less songs to choose and the Baraati's-Gharaati's songs selection will clash but to make sure that the sub-teams don't clash, make sure the sub-team leader PMs the Assistant Rep. Big smile

Also, use the CC's made by the Team Reps to discuss all the tasks and what you are/aren't to do. The reps will keep it updated by putting the Sub-Team divisions there along with the task that is to be completed. The links are below for the CC's.

(Khushi's side)
  • Team Rep: ..first.rain.. (Khushi)
  • Assistant Team Rep: _Aanchal_ (Aanchal)

CC link: *Individual team links made and given below.*

Here is your general Team signature to show off which team you belong to:

CC Link: Res. Team 1

CC Link: Res. Team 2

CC Link:
Res Team 3


CC Link: Res Team 4

CC Link:
Res Team 5

CC Link: Res Team 6

CC Link: Res Team 7

(Arnav's side)
  • Team Rep: OnlyHope (Fariha)
  • Assistant Team Rep: Roshini1494 (Roshini)

CC link: * || Baraatis || * [Strictly IO]

Here is your general Team signature to show off which team you belong to:





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Q: When is the last date to submit my VM?
A: August 26th 12:00 IST.

Q: How many weeks will these celebrations go on for?

A: About 2-3 weeks maximum.

Q: What will the games/contests/task be about?

A: WELLL, I want them to remain a surprise right now, but as soon as a day is announced, there will be tasks given for each event. And there are 5 events, so that means there willl be 5 different tasks. Big smile

Q: How will the tasks be completed and judged?
A: There will be no voting because you are all working as teams and the teaming is public, so there will be 4-5 different teams within the teams working together. Those teams will also have different reps to them who will have to submit the work to either the assistant rep or the team rep as soon as you guys are done. Then, we will have 5 judges in the Development Team who will judge the entries without them knowing who sent in what. Smile

Q: How many points will each task carry?
A: Those will be revealed on the day the task is given.

Q: How much time will we get between each task?
A: You will be given 3 days to complete a task and if your team fails to send in the entry then you will be disqualified from that round and it will be given to the opposite team. So, for example; your team is given the task on Augsut 23rd and you are given the task to make 5 Signatures (One for each sub-team), and that is to be made in 3 days that makes it August 26th as the last date for it to be submitted in. You are the Gharaati teams member and you fail to submit one entry meaning you have 4 signatures, then you lose that round automatically, and the Baraati get more points for that which makes them 5 points ahead of you.

Q: Will I get reminders about the tasks or PMs about the task in general?
A: I will ask the Team Reps and their assistants to PM everyone in their team once to check the forum when a new task is posted. But I will NOT tell them to remind you guys to send in your entry once the deadline for one is close. It's not fair for me to ask them to repeatedly ask you this. It depends on them and if they have time, they will send you team a reminder about the task that has to be handed in.

Q: Can we add copyrights to our VMs?

Once, we are done judging and all, I will delete all the videos and give you guys time to edit them and add copyrights later. Or you can save another version of the video with the copyright. But do not to upload this one until judging is over and done with. I don't want anyone to think that the judges were bias in any way therefore the anonymity has to remain intact. Embarrassed

Are there any more questions? Embarrassed

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Thankyou -Ravjot- for the team sigs.

Thankyou -Stutz- for making the banner.

Thankyou Shruti_P for the song conversion.

Thankyou IPKKND Development Team for giving permission for this.

And ALL the coolbies present in the DT thread for...just being there.

Love you guys! HugHug

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saru gonna kill you y me as team leader m so dead

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Winkhey guys plz added my in my barbie doll  KHUSHI side yar Heart!! Embarrassed
lovely post ClapClapClap well done Clap

lots of love

- S a n a -

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yeah saru got that Thumbs Up

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