Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

SS~"Dulha Dairies"~Part 10-Pg 35-last part

Pinky.Raya Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Hey guys ! Okay This is just my Minor attempt To Write a "SHORT STORY" ..!
Okay I know you guys are immensely impressed with my writing skills LOL Cutting out my modesty,I present to you a small piece of work-"DULHA DAIRIES" ..! Clap(claps)
This SS will have 10 parts ! The Essence of the story is ki Ram kapoor,Delhi ka ek famous buisness man,who is an eligible bachelor is now being forced into getting married ! So He narrates the events of what all happened in the process of finding his soul mate & actually hooking up with her ! Ram himself is narrating the story ! so from when the story starts I=Ram ! This is chetan bhagat's style of writing & Since I am his huge fan,I thought of giving my Humourous skills a shot in this manner ! Hope you guys find this Interesting & humourous as well !
But lemme warn you,Please DONT ASK FOR UPDATES since I will be busy with my college & also I have write MISSING FILES too ! I will update this Whenever I can ! so just sit back,Read & have a good laugh ! THANK YOU !


PART 1-Page 1-

PART 2-Page 4-

PART 3-Page 8-

PART 4-Page 12-

PART 5-Page 16-

PART 6-Page 19-

PART 7-Page 22-

PART 8-Page 25-

PART 9-Page 30-

PART 10-Page 35- LAST PART 

                          ~PART 1~

Hi,Main Ram Kapoor,Age 29 years..Main..Uhm.. Apni shaadi ke I mean apni "MAHAN PREM KAHAANI" ke  kuch majedaar kisse sunane ke liye aaya hun ! Aaj meri shaadi hain ! main finally Dulha ban hi gaya ! Main mandap main bait ke apni dulhan ka wait kar raha hun ! Magar Ye sab kaise hua ye toh aapko batana padegana ! Toh suno.. Once upon a time.. Uhm.. Nahi,.. Nahi.. Main itna budha bhi nahi hua hun LOL 

Scene 1-

Ye 6 months ago ki baat hain.. It was 3rd march 2012,I think.. Main tehra sidha-saadha banda! No shor-sharaba ! Main office,Kapoor pharma,Haan main saara kaam katam karke Ghar ke liye apni ghaadi main nikal raha tha ! It was 7.30PM,I think,I was very tierd ! aur aap toh Delhi ki traffic ko jaante hi hain ! Hey bhagawan,Delhi main log kam gadhiyan zyaada hoti hain ! Well,I think I am exaggerating a bit but nevertheless I was on my way home when I saw Priya.. Poora naam Priya singh ! She was standing there asking for a lift ! Well,I dont believe in love @ first sight & dont worry mujhe priya ko dekh kar kuch kuch nahi hua tha ! I slowed my car as I passed her by.. ! I reversed it & lowered my car window of my next seat ! I pushed my head through it & asked her like an auto rikshaw driver "Kaha jaana hain aapko ?"
She replied "sarogini nagar"
"haan.. hop in.. mere ghar ke paas hi hain.. I will drop you"
OMG ! I didn't know ki this would be the biggest turning point of my life.. 

Scene 2-

well she sat in my skoda.. & I started the car !
She asked me "Where do you live?"
"Greater kailash" I said without looking @ her..!
"Oh ! that is one of the posh areas of Delhi..! You seem like a rich chap" she said..
I really didnt seem to understand what she meant though.I kept silent.I though she was planning on looting me.I giggled in my mind.
"So.. Uhm.. what do you do?" she said.
"I am a buisness man "I said in pride.
"Oh!" she exclaimed.
"You?" I asked.
"I am a match maker",she said.
"Oh ! thats great! Sorry I didnt catch your name!"I said.
"I am priya"she said,"you?"
"Ram kapoor"I said. I wanted to shake by hand but my eyes & hands were on the wheel,so I skipped the courtesy handshake.
Priya didn't seem very excited on hearing my name.I wondered why it didnt ring a bell in her head.I almost felt disappointed looking @ my low popularity.Only If I were SRK or salman,maybe then she might have reacted.I drove in silence,when again she broke it ! I dont what it is with girls & talking ?! They seem to talk with anyone & everyone ! Me,being the shy one,didnt really care !
"So what buisness do you do Mr.kapoor?" she asked.
"pharaceuticals"I said answering to the point !
"& please call me Ram,I am not your boss" I said.
"hahahaha ! " she giggled "Okay,Ram..! happy?" she said.
I really didnt understand how on earth would she calling me Ram would ever make me happy..? but anyways I nodded !
"KULFI..!!!" she screamed!
I lost balance for a moment  due to the overpowered female scream.I stopped the car !
"what ?" I shouted @ her..
"Kulfi,my favourite" she said.
"So?" I asked,unable to make sense.
"Can I have one ? please ?" She said.
Er.. why was she asking me that ? what was I ? her father or something ?
"of course !" I said,confused
"Thanks..!" she got out of the car.."Do you want one?"she asked
I shook my head"I have a sore throat"I said.
she really didnt seemed to care about it as she ran towards the kulfi waala.. That was when I started regretting my act of novelty ! I mean why did I have to give her a lift ?! she aint my relative or girlfriend ! 
"gawd..!" I cursed myself as I waited for her.
she finally decided to come back !
She ate her kulfi in my car ! I had never felt so worried ! Ever drop that dripped from that kulfi made me fret ! I was thinking about my new silky rexin seat covers ! 
"Maine aapse drop li aur ek sun saan gali main rokne ko kaha toh aap ye mat samjhna ki main aisi vaisi ladki hun" she said licking her kulfi.
Now what was I supposed to say ! I didnt understand what she meant,again ! was I turning dumber by the minute or was it just her question that rendered me speechless? I very calmly asked her"kaise ladki?"
"You know,Wo hi-fi types"
I know ?! I dont ! kaun hi-fi types ? I had 100 question in my mind ! but all I said was "I know ! "
"Hm.. ! mere paas pepper spray hain! aur mujhe karate bhi aati hain ! I am blue belt" she said !
I dont know why this resembled the scene from 'jab we met' movie ! One of the few movie that I had watched ! she actually seemed to resemble Geet I mean kareena's character in that movie ! she was a bit crazy ! 
"Hm.. Dont worry !" I said. 
I noticed her hair & dress ! she really seemed pretty in the formal shirt & skirt ! her eyes were brown ! I didnt go beyond her eyes because I wasn't a pervert ! I waited for her to finish her kulfi,I hadnt started my car ! she finally did finish her kulfi ! I sighed !
"Yaha pe kuch laga hain" I pointed @ the corner of her lips as I noticed a little kulfi drop on the corner of her lips.
"kaha ?" she said & tried to wipe it !
she tried thrice but couldnt find it ! so I took my right hand close to her lips & wiped the drop with my tissue !
"Thanks" she said.
I heard a tap on my car,when I was about to start it !
"Ye kya ho raha hain ?" I saw an old-wiry Police-constable.
I lowered her side of the window.
"Tum logon ko sharam nahi aati ?" he asked.
Delhi police ! hats off ! They really do clean up the city ! They try their level best to catch the criminals.But in our case we were innocent !
"Bahar nikal" he opened my door & pulled me out !
"magar.. meri baat suniye.. main toh sirf inhe lift de raha tha" I protested. "Ask her!" I looked @ priya who got down..
"Haan sir" she nodded in fear !
"Mujhe kuch  nahi sunna.Jo bhi sunana hain,police station aaake sunana !" he said in a firm voice !
"DEkhiye,saab,hum kuch len den karke iss matter ko nipta dethe hain na..hum shareef ghar ke hain "she said.
I widened my eyes looking @ a girl supporting corruption.
"Shareef ghar ke hote toh ye sab nahi karte ! aur tum mujhe rishwat dene ki koshish kar rahi ho ?" he sounded angry !
"Nahi nahi.. ! humari baat toh suniye" I protested again.
"Nahi ab toh tum dono andar jaoge ! chalo !" he pulled me.
"Magar maine kya kiya hain ?"I asked innocently.
"Ek imaandar police hawaldaar ko Rishwat dene ki koshish ki hain" he said.
"Inhe maaf kar dijiye " priya said.
I looked @ both of them ! I wasnt able to understand who was more crazy ! I knew priya was digging in my grave ! I had to shut her up,some how!
"dekhiye.." I started in a calm & composed voice.
"dekhna-wekna kuch nahi.. chalo." he dragged me..
I stared @ his dirty hands in disgust ! he was ruining my New black blazer ! I was pissed now !
"Saab,mujhe toh chod dijiye .. maine kya kiya hain " she said.
I swear I could have killed her for that statement ! she was the one behind all of this 'khaand' .. & there began her crocodile tears ! she cried as if I had actually tried to assault her ! Gr.. ! women & their Emo-Blackmailing techniques ! Man.. I wish Men's tears had more value..!
"Nahi.. nahi.. chalo police station" he didnt seem to melt @ her tears..! 
She cried harder ! I almost frowned @ my unlucky gender,Male !
"Accha teek hain" he said."magar aapko chalna padega" he told me.
"What?" I said.
"Haan.. chaliye" he dragged me. I had no choice.
"Thank you,saab" she wiped her fake tears & escaped.
"BITCH !!!" I heard my head scream @ her !
& yeah I was dragged to the police station whereas she fled away !
This was my first meeting ! nice na ?! 

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
ad wait...


yaay...     me first me first    ...

so first of all  for the new SS & thread hope this will hit more then 100 pages in just 10 parts...   

wait...but why just 10 parts haan?   chal thik hai as u r gonna write missing files toh chod diya tujhe   so Ram is writing his own marriage story wowowoowow aur woh bhi chatan Bhagat ki style with ur Khurafati ideas... it will be treat to read      
 what an idea sirji I Love U  

now come to scenes1

hahahaha Ram "i asked her like auto driver kahaan jana hai aapko" hay mere Golu ko si Khurati ne kya kay ban diya??????????  

scene 2

 hay Ram ji Priya is so mean Golu ko aise hi chod k cahli gayi...  woh bhi bade sasural...  but i like this Priya she different from show bas Kulfi kahne ki aadat nahi chodi  but loving the story ab dekhte hain how will see win Ram's heart once again...   i m sure iske baad Ram don't want to see her face...  do update soon  

aur haan tune yeh story Saadi wale din se ki hai agar tune isme se se SR cut kiya na toh soch lena what will i do with u... 

over all its superb start  like always now wanting to know what will happens next 

now finally i have done... u can comment now  

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jakther7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Wow Nice one Pinky, First Meeting Main hi Susural ki hawa khani padi RK ko, very Good Priya is so smart please continue soon,

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viny_queen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Big smilequite nice priya she is clever
innocent ramEmbarrassed

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Waah... Kya kahaani... Woh bhi ram ji zubani... Awesome yaar... Plzz cintinue soon...

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karamsekhon Senior Member

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
ROFL      awesome

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Ha ha loved der first meeting.priya is so clever used her ultimate weapon called tears such girls do exist. Actually this two resembles da char of jab we met crazy girl n hi fi innocent boy. Vil wait for next part

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balhfan4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:22am | IP Logged
I am speechless after reading thisClap...wah kiya mulakat hai...yeh ladki is seedhe saadhe insaan ko pagal karke chodege...loved your style of writing with lots of humor and griping story...mazaa aa gayaBig smile

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