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Taarey OS: Road Trip

desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

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NOTE: This is strictly for TaaRey fans. If you are not a taarey fan pls stay away from this post (ab dar lagne laga hai ke pata nahi kaha se bashing hoga LOL) pls no bashing respect my work and every other writer's work. Thank You.


Hey guys I'm back with a two part OS on the request of Maneesha. This OS's idea credit goes to Maneesha, seriously mannu u have amazing ideas Clap. Since college has started I don't think I will have enough time to make more OS/SS/FF for a while especially since exams have already began. Also if anyone has requests/ideas for SS/OS's do pm me ur ideas it will just take longer then it would before for me to write them Embarrassed. Enjoy Big smile Really hope this is not too boring i'm writing at 3 amEmbarrassed And really hope it's upto your expectations Mannu Embarrassed


Road Trip:

Part 1: 

Taani was happy, for the first time her entire group of friends were going on a road trip. She was waiting for the girls of her gang to finally meet her at her house. 

"Taani are you ready? Do you have everything?" Swayam came outta his room with his small bag. "What is that?" he said looking at her big suitcase. 

"Bhai I'm a girl I need my make up, my hair products, clothes, accessories, then bags to match my clothes, and also shoes that can either match my bag or my clothes, and," Taani started to explain.

"Bas! Okay meri ma sorry I asked." Swayam said laughing at his sister's weirdness. The doorbell rang and Swayam opened it to find all the girls Simi, Rini, Vishaka, Neha, and Sharon each with a bag as big as Taani's. "Girls." He muttered to himself as he let them all in. 

"Everyone ready?" Nil asked as the rest of the boys came out of the kitchen eating. 

"Haan par Rey kahan hai?" Taani asked wondering where her best friend was. Their dance team had finally beat all rival colleges in a competition that was held in their rival college and now they were all going on a road trip to a lake house for the afternoon to celebrate.

"He's coming with Kriya." Sharon said with a smile leaning against Swayam. Taani smiled, Kriya was from another college but her and Rey hit it off and Taani was happy because she was a very nice girl. They even went shoe shopping together. 

"How are we all gonna fit in Rey's car?" Vishaka asked wondering how so many people could fit into a small thing. 

"Bus Vishaka." Bharat said shaking his head at her. "Aur waise bhi kal se phele ghar aana hoga na." He spit out before thinking.

"Kyun please guys no plans tomorrow." Taani said giving everyone a warning glance. "Promise me Bhai." She said looking at her brother who looked guilty already.

"Promise." Swayam said crossing his fingers behind his back. 

"Hey guys sorry we're late." Rey said coming in holding hands with Kriya. 

"Hey finally you're here lets go!" Taani said happy and bubbly and she grabbed her bag and led everyone out.

"Itni excited?" Rey asked his crazy best friend. 

"Of course Rey we won and we're celebrating how much better can it get." Taani said with a smile. Rey laughed and Kriya smiled at them.

"Congrats Taani you were amazing!" Kriya said remembering Taani's dance. 

"Thanks yaar." Taani said smiling as she gave her a hug. 

"Alright everyone in the bus!" Nil yelled as everyone get on. 

They were on their way ready to get to the lake house. Usually Taani would sit next to Rey but since Kriya was with them Taani decided to sit next to Vishaka who wasn't the exactly easy on letting new people into the group. 

"Yaar woh kyun aayi hai?" Vishaka asked Taani annoyed.

'Vishaka she's such a sweet girl give her some time." Taani smiled knowing that Vishaka liked Kriya, but she was too shy to admit it.

Taani looked over to where Rey and Kriya were sitting and couldn't help but feel a pang in her chest. It was like she was hurt that he was spending time with someone else. But why? She asked herself, he's just my best friend not my boyfriend why would I be hurt. 

"Guys let's play a game." Neha said wanting to make the ride to the lake house fun. 

"Okay what do you want to play?" Vicky asked. 

"Truth or truth." Neha said with a grin as Nil started laughing.

"Neha I know ke tumhari English itni aachi nahi hai but still the game is truth or dare." Vicky said as sweetly as he could.

"Chup raho Vicky, Neha knowing the game, we're on a bus we can't really do a dare." She managed to say before the bus halted to a stop. 

"Kya hua!" Neha asked as the bus driver came in and told the gang that the bus broke down. Everyone got off the bus and took their bags waiting for a truck or another bus to come by so they could be on their way.

"Yaar yeh abhi hona tha." Taani asked annoyed. A truck was appearing on the clearing and Taani's eyes widened as she stepped out onto the open road and started waving her hands up and down trying to get the truck to stop.

Rey saw what she was doing and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back, "Taani are you trying to get yourself killed!" Rey asked angry that she would do something so stupid. His heart had stopped when he saw that truck coming at her. 

"Look it stopped OH MY GOD Shivam?" Taani said shocked at her rival college's leader driving the truck.

"Oh hey guys you need a lift?" Shivam asked with a smile formulating a plan in his mind already as he saw Swayam and Rey give him dirty looks. 

"Not from a rival no thanks." Rey said with attitude.

"Rey be nice." Kriya said offering a small smile to Shivam.

"Yeah Rey be nice." Taani said batting her eyes at Shivam making Rey glare at Shivam even more. "He's giving us a lift. Thanks so much Shivam." Taani smiled as everyone loaded onto the open roof truck. Rey took Kriya's hand and lead her to the top of the truck and Taani watched not knowing why there was another pang in her chest as she saw Rey give all his attention to Kriya. 

Turning her attention away from them she decided to join the gang's game of truth and dare. She wasn't paying attention the game until it was her turn. "Taani bolo truth or dare." Vishaka said with a grin already knowing what her answer would be.

"Dare." Taani said with a small smile. 

"Okay Taani I dare you to get up and scare Rey and Kriya over there." Vishaka said trying to hide her smile at Rey who had no clue to as what was going on. Taani nodded and quietly went up behind Rey and Kriya and yelled, "Ahhh!" making them jump in their seats. 

Kriya quickly recovered and gave a small laugh once she figured out Taani's dare but Rey glared at Taani and pushed her. He only meant to push her slightly but at that moment the truck braked and Taani went flying back into the side of the truck.

"Taani!" Swayam yelled as he saw his sister cry out in pain. 

"Taani oh my god Taani I'm so sorry." Rey said getting up quickly the moment he saw his best friend hit the side of the truck. He saw her bleeding arm and he felt his heart race like it did when he thought she was going to get hit by the truck. 

"Ow." Taani said as she looked at the blood on her arm. Instead of being disgusted she was fascinated by it. "Bhai look I'm bleeding." She said with a wide smile.

"Sach mein pagal hai!" Sharon said shaking her head as she got out their first aid kit that the girls packed.

"See bhai I told you there was a need for a big bag." Taani said with a wide grin. 

"Taani!" Swayam said shaking his head.

Rey feeling horrible took the first aid box and sat by Taani. He took out the antiseptic and bandage and started working on her arm. Looking up he looked into her gray eyes and felt himself getting lost in them. She looked beautiful, he thought to himself as he saw her hair fly from the wind. Once he was done he got up and smiled at her hoisting her up. "Taani I'm," Rey started to say.

"Rey we're best friends no sorry." Taani said with a smile. She saw Kriya standing alone looking at them so she gave one last smile to Rey before heading back to the gang. Rey watched her moved to her spot and sit down and he felt confused. He knew that she left so he could have alone time with his girlfriend, but he didn't know why it hurt him that she left without him. Turning back he smiled at Kriya and stayed with her until they reached the lake house.

Once they reached the lake house the first thing the boys did was run and jump into the lake. The girls yelled behind them but the guys kept laughing and splashing the girls. Taani stopped and started talking to Shivam thanking him for dropping them.

"Not a problem Taani." Shivam said with a smile once he saw Rey look at him with a murderous glare. He also saw Kriya look at Rey confused and he smiled even wider. Pushing Taani's hair back he winked and said, "Bye babe." Getting back in the car. 

Taani smiled and rolled her eyes at Shivam's childishness and went to join the gang. 

Part 2:

By late afternoon everyone was out of the lake dressed and just lazily walking around and doing random things playing random games. 

Rey was nervous as he looked at Taani. Kriya had asked him during the day to come visit her parents tomorrow because they were finally okay with their relationship, but deep down he knew that he wouldn't be able to pay attention tomorrow because it was his best friend's birthday. He wanted to be there for her surprise birthday party. He wanted to be there and do their annual birthday ritual like they did every year but he couldn't say no to Kriya, it was her family and he had to go there. He looked at Taani smiling and happy throwing a twig at Nil and he couldn't help but feel guilty about the fact that he was going to be the one who make her smile fade away. 

Walking towards her he said, "Hey Taani can I talk to you for a second?" Taani looked at him and smiled when she saw him alone. It wasn't that she didn't like his girlfriend, she just didn't understand what she was feeling. 

Taani smiled at him and said "Sure." They walked towards the big tire swing and Taani asked, "What's up Rey?"

"Taani it's about tomorrow." Rey said fearing what her reaction was going to be. 

"Rey please no party nothing big you know na I don't want anything crazy for my birthday." Taani started off. 

"Taani, I'm sorry but kal I won't be able to spend the day with you." Rey spit out. He saw Taani's smile fade.

"It's Kriya's family they finally accepted our relationship and they want to meet tomorrow what am I supposed to do?" Rey said feeling a pang of hurt inside of him knowing he was the reason for her unhappiness. Taani felt the same pang in her chest when he mentioned blowing her off for Kriya. 

Putting on a fake smile she said, "It's okay I understand." And with that she turned away and walked towards the gang feeling like if she stayed another minute her true feelings of hurt would have shown.


The  next evening Swayam had successfully planned everything for his sister's surprise birthday and the best part was that she didn't even suspect anything. Everyone was there he was now just waiting for Sharon and Taani to come.

He had noticed that she wasn't as happy as she usually is on her birthday this morning and he also noticed that she refused to talk to Rey today ever since he decided to go to Kriya's tonight. 

Swayam's phone rang and he saw it was Sharon, smiling he picked it up, "Hey." He said.

"Hey Swayam we're five minutes from the door Taani is looking for her keys jaldi mein I thought things wouldn't be ready and I panicked and I threw them in the bushes." Sharon said quickly. 

Swayam laughed at his cute girlfriend and said, "Okay no problem bye come soon miss you." 

Sharon smiled and hung up, she turned around to see Taani going through the bushes for her keys. "Taani I'm sure Swayam is inside we'll get your keys tomorrow." she said. Taani looked at her and shook her head and kept looking. Sharon smiled, like brother like sister.

"Taani did you talk to Rey?" Sharon asked coming over to help her find her keys. 

"Yeah." Taani said sounding a bit upset. Sharon could tell that she didn't want to talk about it. 

Taani had spoken to Rey today. He had apologized for missing her birthday but she was angry she told him straight up that he missed an important day and he always had a choice and hung up on him. Needless to say both of them were angry. Taani couldn't get that annoying pang feeling out of her chest and it hurt even more whenever she thought about Rey blowing her off for his girlfriend. 

Finally finding her keys she opened the door to darkness. "Arrey yeh kya bhai ne kaha tha ke woh ghar pe hai." She said before the lights turned on and the entire gang yelled "SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAANI!" 

Taani smiled forgetting the bad day she was having and hugged everyone as they wished her a happy birthday. She laughed and hugged Swayam tightly, "Thank you bhai." Swayam smiled as the gang enjoyed her birthday dinner. 


Rey was at Kriya's but all he could think about was Taani. He knew he upset her more than ever today, he let her down, and disappointment was worse than just upsetting her.

Kriya had noticed his off mood, she had noticed his behavior towards Taani in general. The way he was protective of her, the way he was possessive of her, and she knew deep in her heart that Taani held a place in his heart no one else can take but she didn't know that it would hit her this hard.

Rey kept checking his phone to see if she had called or even messaged him since their fight in the morning. He felt even more guilty about fighting with her on her birthday. He didn't know what it was but it was like his heart hurt whenever she was upset, if she was upset he could never be happy. He would go to any extent to make her happy. 

Looking at Kriya's parents Rey got up, "I'm sorry but I need to go there is somewhere I have to be." 

Kriya followed him out and gave him a hug. "This is goodbye, I've known it for a long time but I just didn't believe it and in a sense it's a good thing because I think we've been friends all along." She said smiling at him. 

Rey looked confused and said, "It's not that Kri you know she's my best friend." he tried to explain.

"I know." Kriya said with a knowing smile giving him a kiss on the cheek, "Make sure you brighten her day after you ruined it." She said. 

Rey hugged her tightly and said, "You are the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful person I know." he said to her before leaving. 

Quickly getting in his car he drove as fast as he could to Taani's house. Getting out of his car he picked up the present he had saved for the past month and carried it with him. He saw the lights on and barged through the door only to see the gang sitting around playing truth or dare. 

"You know Taani last time you played truth or dare you got hurt." Rey said smiling when he saw her eyes widen at him. 

Taani went to smile but then quickly narrowed her eyes, "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"My best friend needed me today." He answered knowing that it wasn't the only reason. Something inside of him told him that he needed her, he was incomplete without her. 

Taani felt her heart flutter but she crossed her arms, "Go on." she said.

Rey smiled knowing from the smile she was trying to hide that he was already forgiven and he didn't know why that made his heart skip a beat. "And I was an idiot to ever even think of blowing you off on your birthday." 

"Don't you have better things to do today?" Taani asked jealous again.

"No." Rey said pulling her into a tight hug, "It's my crazy, weird best friend's birthday I wouldn't be anywhere else right now." 

"Happy birthday Taani." Rey said giving her a final tight hug before they both joined the gang to celebrate and finally make Taani's birthday a happy birthday.


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Note: If you would like updates to any future Taarey works please add desigirlTRFFPMs to your buddy list, i only send pms from that account.

also no bashing pls this is strictly for taarey fans ONLY

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It was amazing<3 <3

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awesomeee loved it... :D thank u for managing time to write durin ds busy schedule .. enjoyed a lot =)

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Sanju this was amazing Hug I Love it, finally that idiot come into some use for the gang, Love how Rey cannot stop thinking about Taani even if he is with someone else Wink

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NYC one...:)

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osam n beautiful like it very much its osam n i liked it very much very much,,,,,,,,,,,Smilethanks 4 an osam intezar os

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wow amazing nice os dear

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