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Virman-Beyond Control (note pg-151) (Page 9)

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Hello everyone hope you all are doing fine... Thank you so much for the wonderful comments... It really motivated me to write... Hoping to post the update tonight... Do read and give your lovely comments EmbarrassedSmile

Shivrajput52 - Hope I will be able reach your expectations Embarrassed thanks for the comment Smile

abhilasha143 - Thank you dear Smile

MTBT_12071316 - Thank you so much dear Smile

avika26 - Thank you Smile

Radharaday - Thank you! you will get it by tonight Embarrassed

BrunoMars - Oh thanks for understanding... Smile

Angeline124 - Thank you Smile

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jannat89 - Thanks dear Smile

chandana123 - Will pm..please as me to your buddy list.. saves time Embarrassed

shilpa09 - Virat.. scary? hope you will get to know about him more in the future updates Smile

__Aarti__ - you are always welcome... and thanks for the comment

shona_virman - I'm glad that you liked her character.. keep reading and giving comments.. I love to know what you all think about this ss... Thank you Big smile

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Hello friends... I'm here with an update... I was a bit apprehensive about this update but thought of updating anyway as I didn't want to make you'll wait any longer... Forgive me if you find it incomplete... unexpected visitors at home so got busy... Feeling a bit sick too Ermm
So here you go... Happy reading Embarrassed

Chapter 3

"Mannu… Take care ok? Why are you going to Chandigarh? seedha ghar jao na…"

Said Anu hugging Manvi tightly, they were now standing in the airport waiting for the announcement to be made, they had to rush from the hostel soon even before breakfast as Manvi got a ticket to Chandigarh in the morning hours, reaching the airport on time was not an issue as they didn't have to be here very early as it was only a domestic flight, Anu was worried for Manvi since she was not going home but to Chandigarh even without giving her the purpose of this visit, she didn't want Manvi to create any problems for Jeevika with her childish behavior,

"Uff… Batha nahi kaisi kismet leke aayi hun main… wahan ek di hai aur yahan ek friend," said Manvi holding her head dramatically,

"Manvi…" started Anu

"Don't worry Anu… Vanshika aunty knows that I'm going there, actually she was the one who invited me, and papa ko bhi pata hai ki I'm going there, so no worries.."

"How are you going to go to their house from the airport, are you going to go alone?" started Anu with her other list of worries.

"Anu chup karo.. Aur listen.. Aunty said that she will send the driver to pick me up.. and before you ask how he is going to recognize me… The driver knows me as I have travelled with him earlier when they came down to Shimla, remember when aunty and uncle came to Shimla to stay with us for few days last year? She continued after seeing Anu nod.

"And she said she will by herself drop me at home day after tomorrow, as she has some work at Shimla.."

They heard the announcement for Manvi's flight and gave each other another tight hug with teary eyes.

"Anu… Tum please mujhe bhool mat jana ok? Bata nahi tumhari bina mein… I don't know yaar.. I hate you for doing this to me… For making me feel so helpless.."

"But I know that you love me and I love you too, I always will… Take Care of yourself and others too…"

"I love you too.. and I will miss you loads… Bye,"

Manvi parted herself from Anu with great difficulty, turned and ran through the crowd before she breaks down seeing her friend tear streaked face. Reminiscing the moment spent with Anu from her childhood she didn't feel how the time passed and now she was standing in the Chandigarh airport trying to spot the driver,

"Aunty ne tho kaha tha ki woh ayega jab unse baat ki… Kaha gaya.."  Manvi scanned through the crowd one again and smiled at Ramu kaka, the Oberoi's driver,

"Beti maaf karna traffic mein phas gaya.." said Ramu kaka feeling bad for making her wait,

"Koi baat nahi, kaise ho app aur ghar par sab theek haina," asked Manvi trying to build a friendly atmosphere, Soon they were zooming past the beautiful roads of Chandigarh with a light hearted conversation.


Dressed in a beige 3 piece suit Virat was now descending the stairs, talking to someone on the phone, more than talking we should say screaming,

"What nonsense? I told you yesterday that we have to present our plan in the meeting, which is supposed to be held today… And you are telling me that you are not ready with it? No Mr. Kashyap I am NOT Taking any excuses today means today, if not you will see the consequence of your irresponsible behavior and believe me it is not going to be nice…"

Seeing Virat almost shivering with anger early in the morning, Vanshika was hesitant to ask him to have breakfast but she didn't want to stay silent, she had to break the wall between them,

"Good morning beta, going to office…?"

"Yes aunty and I will be late tonight…excuse me" said Virat still walking and answering the phone which was ringing continuously, "What the hell are you trying to do by calling in every five minutes?" Yelled Virat on the phone and that was when Manvi entered the house, she stood still in the entrance after hearing Virat scream, actually she was so happy to come to her jiju's place for the first time, she was going to meet her jiju face to face for the first time too, though she has spoken to him on the phone, video chatting and all she has not met him because her studies kept her busy for most of the time and she was not present for her di's engagement ceremony which was held 2 months back as it was all decided at the last moment, her di and jiju informed the family that they were ready to proceed to the next step and then they were forced by the elders to make the relationship official as they had waited enough, that is how it all happened,

And this sudden outburst of Virat as she entered shocked her to wits,

Virat on the other hand was so furious that he didn't even notice Manvi's reaction.

"Excuse me… Are you going to stand like this the whole day? Move…" said Virat, annoyed as she was blocking the entrance,"

"hmm.. Oh sorry," said Manvi moving aside, she was not in a state to react to Virat's rude behavior, she has never seen someone so angry, true she had moved with many people, her dad, he was pretty short tempered too but he has never even spoken to her a bit loudly than his normal tone with her, then papa, he was this so easy going types that he rarely got angry, even when she does something mischievous he would say a "Aisa nahi karte beta," with a pat on her shoulder  and that's it, then her ma, oh she would always get angry with Manvi's antics but her scolding will have so much love that you'll just feel like getting scolded more, same goes with Jeevika di…

Lost in thought Manvi didn't see Viren rushing towards the entrance calling out for Virat hurriedly,   

"Ouch," yelped Manvi as she banged with Viren,

"I'm sor…. MANVI," shrieked Viren out of surprise…

"Jiju control," said Manvi covering her ears,

"Oops sorry.. But Manvi what a pleasant surprise… When did you come and why didn't you inform me..?"

"If I would have informed you then I wouldn't be getting to see this reaction," said Manvi pointing to his face,

"Oh welcome dear," giving a side hug to his to be sister in law, he then dragged her into the house,

"Who actually jiju, aunty ne kaha that she'll send the Ramu kaka to pick me up and not tell anyone about my visit, surprise you know.."

"That's great, tum ma se milo, I'll just be back, ok jao," he hurried to the entrance again after escorting Manvi in, but he was too late to catch Virat as he had already left,

"Aunty…." Squealed Manvi rushing to hug Vanshika who was setting up the breakfast table.

Vanshika was upset with Virat's behavior as he left without having breakfast but as soon as she heard Manvi's squeal she couldn't help but to smile..

"Manvi beta, kaise ho?" asked Vanshika moving away from the vibrant and lovely girl,

 "Mein toh tikh se bhi zyada tikh hoon, aap?

"Achchi hoon," said Vanshika caressing Manvi's head lovingly. "Your journey was fine right? I mean koi thakleef tho nahi hui..?

"No aunty, It was all fine,"

"So come join us in breakfast, I'm sure tum nahi ki hogi,"

"Yes aunty, I'm feeling super hungry," said Manvi grabbing a chair to sit,

From the time they came back to India, Viren's dad has been in touch with the khurana's slowly the bond they shared started to grow stronger, they started spend their vacations together and they often discussed about changing their friendship into a relationship by getting their children married when they were too small to even think of marriage, For Vanshika Jeevika and Manvi were the daughters she always dreamt to have, one calm and quiet and the other one bubbly and vibrant.

Seeing Viren returning alone to the dinning table, Vanshika's thoughts were again occupied by Virat, looking at his behavior, her will to bring a change in his life seems to weaken, is it too late? No it's never late.. She will do whatever it takes to change him.. She cannot just sit back and watch him live his life like this… She will have to talk to him straight away… enough of this hide and seek.. she thought and served food for the two hungry souls who were waiting for her.

"Maa, I'm done and don't worry…. I will check on Virat on the way.. I'll make him eat something too ok?" he knew his mother's concern even he was worried but he knows Virat.. It is very tough to handle him, from childhood till now every emotions Virat held was beyond control be it hate, be it love or be it despair, Viren wondered what Virat's office staff's might be going through at this time.

"Yeh teek rahega, who kal raat bhi teek se nahi kaya and he was telling that he would return home late too" said Vanshika feeling somewhat relieved,

"Virat?" After a small pause, "Was it Virat who I saw in the entrance?" Being a spectator of the conversation Manvi couldn't stop herself from asking,

"Haan, he just came back yesterday… Ok ab mein chalta hun, see you in the evening.. Bye"


Manvi has heard about Virat many times from her sister and Jiju, even from ma and papa but she never thought he would be such a angry young man, no wonder that he has achieved so much in business at such a young age, he is a rude and an arrogant workaholic. But what she heard about him and what she saw today was totally different,

'No one said that he is rude or arrogant' she thought to herself, 'Manvi you have lost your mind, jiju yeh thodi na kahenge ki mera bhai arrogant hai and tumhari jo sweet family haina who log tho kisi ke bar main bura sochenge bhi nahi tho kahenge kya..?' Now stop thinking nonsense and mind your own business, like Anu says, Oh… how she misses her already.

"Kya hua beta?" asked Vanshika noticing Manvi's changing expressions,

"Oh it's nothing aunty, I'll just call my friend and tell her that I have reached safely, aur phir we'll plan the surprise for Di and jiju… I'm so excited," she squealed and hopped out to call Anu.

"Bilkul pagal hai," thought Vanshika smilingly and resumed with her work. 

After talking to Anu and changing into a comfortable dress, Manvi was now seated in the living room with Vanshika planning their surprise, it is Jeevika's birthday the day after tomorrow and they were planning to have a pooja and decide a date for their marriage in the coming month, the pandith jee has already suggested few dates so they just have to discuss with Jeevika's parents and finalize everything.

After planning everything they had to do a bit of shopping, it was almost evening when they returned and both were feeling extremely tired,

"Sorry beta, you must be feeling tired, you were running here and there the whole day,"

"Arre aunty why are you saying sorry, anything for my di's happiness,"

"But now it's time to rest, go rest for some time, I'll wake you up when it's time, ok ab jao,"

"But…" Started Manvi

"No go and get some sleep," said Vanshika strictly and Manvi had to obey,

On the way to the guest room, her phone started to blink, she didn't want to talk to her di now, she didn't like lying to her but she had no option left, she has told her that she would stay with Anu for two days and then only would return home after exams as she didn't want to spoil the surprise, but her di would get worried if she didn't answer,

"Hi, meri pyaari di, kaise ho aap?" greeted Manvi jubilantly.

"Bohot pyar araha hai mujh par aaj, issi liye exams katam hone ki baad seedha ghar aayi na..?

"Oh ho di… naraz ho..?

"Why shouldn't I be? You were with Anu na for so long so why do you want to spend time with her..?"

" Di.. I'm going to come home back right…? Phir zindhagi bhar aapki saath hi rahunji na?"

"Phir bhi Mannu… I really miss you.. Aao na meri paas…"

"I will come di.. Don't make me cry now… please.." whispered Manvi helplessly.

"Chal ok… Don't cry… but I'll wait for you, take care ok?

"I will di… bye"

Making herself comfortable on the bed, she was staring at the ceiling and thinking about her sister, though she said that she is going stay closer to her di for the rest of her life, she knows and has already accepted the fact that her di will get married soon and would go far away from her. Ma always used to mention this when she sees their bonding and thanks to her and the days she spent in the hostel she thought that she has somehow learnt to live away from her di, but that was not the complete truth she was able survive in the hostel only because she had Anu by her side, she was not used to sleep alone at night, she was not even used to choose a dress for herself without both of them, she was completely dependent on those two. The realization hit her like a storm, she will not have them now, what is she going to do? How is she going to live without di and Anu? She was already dreading the day she would have to let go of her di, Anu is already gone, she has stepped out from her life, all these thoughts were hunting her like scary ghosts, she finally felt her eyes getting closed after about an hour, she didn't want to sleep it was already late but she couldn't stop herself by giving in.


Virat walked into a dimly lit house and he was glad that he will not have to face bhai or Vanshika aunty, he was as always not in a mood for an encounter with any of them, walking through the corridors, he noticed the lights of the master bedroom were lit and door wide open, he could Vanshika aunty have fallen asleep on the couch closer to the bed, he knew why she was sleeping on the couch, she must have been waiting for him again, why did she always get successful in making him feel so freaking guilty, sighing he turned to go to his room but changed his mind and went closer to a sleeping Vanshika and looked at uncomfortable position she was sleeping, he took his hand closer to her shoulder to wake her up but didn't have the heart to do so  instead he grabbed a pillow and blanket and made her comfortable carefully without disturbing her slumber, switching off the lights he turned to exit the room but was shocked to see a girl who looked quite familiar standing there looking at him with an expression which he failed to comprehend.

Will send pm's later... Sorry..

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Yay!!!Smilefirst to comment .Big smile.Loved ur update.Heart ClapSweet Vanshika ma.

Would like to read more about the reason behind virat's behaviour.So does virat have any painful past ?(Sorry yaar for asking too many questions.).I will wait and read it in ur updates .

So manvi and virat met .Waiting for their interactions. I want the mischievous maanvi to irritate virat  and would wait to see his reactions in ur updates.
Thanks yaar.SmileHug

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waiting to read the mystery behind virat's behaviour. Vanshika's again proves her a loving mother. So now virat's behaviour is Beyond Control for viren. Waiting to read how manvi change virat. Hope in next update, there will be more virman scenes. Continue soon.

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awesome update dear !!!!!! everything perfectly described . continue soon .

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Oh oh nice nice... Virman's first encounter was nicely written virat da rude man displayed to sweet Manvi... Will be w8ing for nxt part...

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Awesome . .its getting intresting day by day...pls continue soonSmileTongue

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Nice update. Angry young man and chulbuli Manvi loved it. Nw waiting 4 backstory and Virman reaction.

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