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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman-Beyond Control (note pg-151) (Page 5)

BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
It is beautiful, I lost myself in your
story, so well written.
You definitely should continue.
Love how you builded the story and
at the end brought Virat's past in...
Making me curious for the next update.
Will you PM me when you continue?

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lafiza

lovd it. pm me wen u updte

Thank you Smile

Originally posted by Radharaday

Awesome SS .. loved it to core
COntinue soon and pm me 

Thank you so much dear Smile

Originally posted by RaJiforever

Hey dear !! This is awesome...please pm me whenever u update. I've sent u a buddy request !!Big smile

Hey! Thanks for the buddy request.. Will pm Smile
aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cukky

nice starting. cont soon pls pm meSmile

Thank you.. Big smile

Originally posted by gsrocks

Nice start!!
You have written it beautifully!!
I am curious to know about virat's past!
Continue soon

Will reveal his past after few more chapters...
Thank you so much.. Keep reading EmbarrassedSmile

Originally posted by __Shivani__

Nice start!
PM me wen u cont!

Thank you Smile

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by BrunoMars

It is beautiful, I lost myself in your
story, so well written.
You definitely should continue.
Love how you builded the story and
at the end brought Virat's past in...
Making me curious for the next update.
Will you PM me when you continue?

Oh thank you... That's an overwhelming compliment...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Will surely pm you when I update...
Thanks again Smile

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-Aswathy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Whoa!That was just awesome..Love the Virat-Viren bond in your story and looking forward for the memories!
Plz PM me for the future updates..

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Rads24 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
amazing start! continue soon and do pm me! Smile

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 6:59am | IP Logged

Hi! Hope all my lovely readers are doing well... You all wouldn't know how pleased I felt after seeing the response you all gave me... That was really a wonderful feeling... Thank you so much HugHug Love you all... Keep reading and commenting.. really makes my day... Embarrassed

You all wanted Virat and Manvi to meet each other but I'm sorry I had to be fair with Manvi by giving her one whole chapter as I did the same to Virat... I will surely make them meet in the next chapter... Happy reading Smile

Chapter 2

It was a bright day in New delhi, the sun was streaming through the trees around the hostel, the birds were hopping and chirping to welcome another beautiful day with lots of new hopes. We can see a room with two single beds, one occupied with a sleeping figure and one neatly arranged, the bedside table next to the sleeping figure covered by a blanket from head to toe held a phone which was continuously blinking indicating an incoming call. Disturbed by the ring the girl under the cover moved it away from her face scrunching her nose and stretching herself. Manvi Chaudary was awake to live another beautiful day of her life.

Manvi the only daughter of Akaash Chaudary a well known businessman in the UK, her mother passed away when she was only ten years old. Akaash Chaudary tried his level best to give all the love and care to his angel but noticed he has failed miserably in doing so when he saw Manvi shutting herself away from the world, she was not the naughty, stubborn and bubbly little girl anymore, she was lost, silent and rude most of time. He was so broken after his wife's death, he forgot that how his angel, mother's pet will overcome this pain. He was glad that he realized it before it was too late and decided to send Manvi to India near his brother like friend Jaskaran. It's not that he didn't love his daughter he just didn't trust himself upon bringing up his angel as his wife expect her to be when she grows up so he trusted on his and his wife's close friends Jaskaran and Jasmeet to bring up his angel which they gladly accepted understanding his condition. Manvi was thirteen when she was sent away to India, she hated her father for keeping her away from him but she didn't have any option other than to accept his decision.


"Di is more nervous than me for my exams" thinking Manvi tied her long curly hair into a messy bun and grabbed her phone to listen to her Jeevika di's long lecture for waking up late on an important day.   

Jeevika , the only daughter of Jaskaran and Jasmeet was only three years elder to Manvi. Though she was young and the pet of her parent's she happily accepted Manvi as her sister and started to care in every means to keep Manvi away from trouble. Is engaged to Viren and is soon planning to tie the sacred knot.

But on the other side Manvi who was used to live alone and independently found it annoying beyond the limit. She didn't want anyone to get close to her and believed in keeping people in an arm's length. Getting attached to someone means getting your heart broken, something she hated to go through. Though after living with Jeevika and her parents for seven long years she couldn't stop herself from loving them, they were so caring and loving towards her that she started to accept them as her family, her ma, papa and di, she was their laadli. The anger she felt towards her father was also proved useless as she loved it here more than in the UK. It didn't mean that she did not miss her dad she did but he never missed talking to her through phone, he even visits her once for every six months, and now she was again the bubbly Manvi Chaudary she used to be when she was small.

"Hey di," greeted Manvi lazily.

"Mannu, are you still asleep? Teri exams hai aur you are still on bed…" said Jeevika feeling agitated by her sister's ignorant behavior.

"Di, app… Why are you getting tensed.. you trust me right? Mein yun ready hojaungi aur yun time pe pohonch jaungi ok? Don't worry"

"But… fine I trust you and I know ki you would do your best.. Wish you all the very best.. Acche se likna aur har baar ki tarah make us all feel proud,"

"Thank you di, you are the best, bye"

Hanging up the phone she looked around and sighed after noticing the empty bed next to her.

"Kuch log kabhi nahi badlenge," she said out loud and entered the washroom to get ready for her exams, there was only an hour left and she has to rush.

No one on earth would accept that this girl, Manvi Chaudry has a motive in life and she could take something seriously too when she is with her family, she is this petted and spoilt kid when she is at home, and not to forget extremely stubborn, if she wants something she would get it by hook or by crook. That is the sole reason for her being in the hostel in Delhi away from her family for the past three years, she was so stubborn about getting in to the famous collage in Delhi that she even threatened her ma and papa by not eating or drinking for one whole day. Worrying about her health they had to give in by agreeing to send her to Delhi. Though they visited each other relatively whenever it was possible Manvi knew that her ma, papa and di are missing her, it could be clearly seen by the number of calls she gets and not to forget their over protective nature and she couldn't wait to go back home and get all their attention and love.. oh how she missed being pampered by them. The day was not very far, she has completed her third year and today was her last paper, she was going home back the day after tomorrow as she was forced to attend the farewell party which is being thrown by the college committee. 

Coming out from the washroom dressed in a blue skirt and black top, Manvi was now meddling with her bag muttering under her breath,

"Meri tho yaha kisi ki koi parwa hi nahi, main…" just when she was going to continue her rattling the door of her room barged open and a fair skinned girl with beautiful big eyes dressed in a white anarkali approached her breathing heavily,

"Anu, kya hua.. tum aise… Batao na kya hua…?" said Manvi all tensed,

Ananya and Manvi were best friends from the day Manvi started her schooling in Shimla if Manvi was loud and outspoken Ananya was shy and quiet, extremely opposite but loves each other immensely, Ananya's mom passed away the same day she gave birth to her and her father after few years, she doesn't even remember her days with her father as she was very young when he faced an accident, from that day Anu and her brother were brought up by their aunt in Shimla, that's how the fate brought these two friends together,

"Mannu tum… Tum na…" she said gasping in between, "You will get me killed someday… I thought you are still sleeping and I got super worried…. Agar exams miss ho jathi tho…"

"Arre.. iss liye you came running all the way… Are you mad..?" asked Manvi offering a glass of water to Anu and patting her back.    

"Ok fine… I'm sorry, I should have called you.. Actually Di called and I just thought that you already left… But you should have called me na..?" continued Manvi feeling guilty.

"I didn't take my phone with me… It's ok let's move warna we'll get late.." Said Anu worriedly grabbing Manvi's wrist, smiling Manvi followed her best friend's lead, she would go anywhere and everywhere for her friend, all Manvi wishes for her friend is happiness, guaranteed happiness for the whole lifetime. 

After finishing their exams the girls were now silently walking towards their room with gloomy faces,

"Mannu, wont you ask where I was in the morning?"

"Where else, library gayi hogi koi book return karne keliye"

"Wah, my friend knows me very well," Manvi gave a tell-me-something-new look to Anu and resumed with her walking. This was normal for the duo to behave like this, when they are upset it is as if they have exchanged their characters, Anu would utter nonsense and Manvi would switch to silent mode,

"Excited for the party? Wonder who will come.. I mean with us, second year's students would also come I think, to host the party and all that… other than few third year student rest in committee are all second year student's so they'll come.."

"Anu stop the blabbering.. Aur yeh batao ki tum mere saath Shimla arahi ho ya nahi? Asked Manvi finally running out of patience, opening the room door now,

"Mannu, please try to understand… Bhai yaha akele kaise rahenge… he has got this job after trying so much and you know him na… he doesn't take care of himself when he starts working… and I have some responsibilities towards him also right? He is doing all this for me I know that.. then how can I ignore that fact… Please Mannu… Don't make it more difficult for me…" pleaded Anu,

 "Par tum yahan akele kaise… He will go to work then you have to stay all alone at home right? And that too a new place" Manvi didn't want to let go. How can she stay away from her friend?

"Mannu please, mujse aur nahi hoga.. I have been trying to convince you from the past two weeks you have to agree, think about bhai at least,"

"Fine… but under one condition.. You are coming to stay with me for at least 1 month on di's shaadi… Bolo manzoor?"

"Manzoor, tum mere best friend ho… Thank you," said Anu hugging Manvi tightly, she is going to miss her but they had to go on their own ways one day, she knew that they would have to face this day, but it seemed to have reached soon, how is she going to face this society she didn't know… school to college, it has been a smooth journey till now with Manvi, the love and support she got from Manvi and her family has been a huge support to her, people who would just look at those two friends would say that Ananya is the one who is supporting Manvi, but the truth was vice versa, Manvi was the one who kept her away from trouble and she was the one who held her when she gave up on expecting anything from life, she was the one who taught her to dream and live.

Manvi's sobs broke her chain of thoughts, and she pulled away from Manvi to do the impossible that is stopping the crying queen's tears, her friend rarely cries but if she starts she leads all the TV serial heroines,

After an hour of consoling and crying she finally managed to cheer up Manvi, and the next difficult task was to get Manvi dressed for the party, though she herself was not in a mood for all those saj dajna she wanted to help Manvi, who knows when they'll get a chance to get dressed doing all those masti.

Party was another emotional affair, it started with a bang and wrapped up with buckets of tears, this was it, the immature and playful times spent together had come to an end now it was time to step out into the harsh reality, to learn and live life in a wise manner. Though with heavy hearts the day's fatigue made both of the girls fall asleep as soon as they crawled up on the bed, tomorrow is going to be big day!


"Nahi.. nahi… I have changed my plans, I need a ticket from Delhi to Chandigarh for today…" pause, "hmmm… hmmm ok I will wait for your call"

Manvi's conversation with someone on the phone woke Ananya from her sleep, it took few minutes for her to grasp what Manvi was talking,

"Mannu, Tum tho Shimla janey wali thi right? Then why Chandigarh? Asked Ananya confused from what she heard.

"Kuch kaam hai.." said Manvi smiling mischievously.   

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Wow... Manvi and Virat both in chandigarh. Waiting 4 ur Virman 1st meet now. Update soon.

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