Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman-Beyond Control (note pg-151)

aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Hello friends! I'm Ayesha... Some here might know me as they would have seen me lurking around the forum with few comments here and there Embarrassed
I'm a big fan of Virman and EHM.. This craziness and the awesome writers of this forum made me write something on Virman... This is not my first time in writing but is absolutely the first time in doing it all by myself.. I mean the last time I wrote on a couple but the concept was taken from a novel.
But the concept for the SS (Beyond Control) is solely mine Embarrassed
I actually wanted to finish writing the story first and then post it here but was not sure whether you all would be interested or not so thought of seeing the response I'm getting by posting the first part...

So please friends do share your views about it so that I could decide whether to continue or not..
Sorry for the long and boring speech, I had to at least give an introduction on myself as there is none for the story... Smile

Thank you and Love you all Smile

Chapter 1 -    below

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Chapter 1

A six foot tan skinned handsome man in his mid twenties was walking through the busy airport towards the counter, his brown orbs deep as an ocean, long sharp cheek bones covered with light stubble was it all what it takes to make the women in his surrounding to go gaga over him. The extravagant aura around him could make anyone loose their sense; he is none other than the Virat Vadhera. If asked from his employees and the people around him what arrogance is, they would say it is Virat Vadhera, the living example of arrogance. The only son of Vivek Vadhera, born and bred in the US is now here in Chandighar to take over their business in India.

 Virat never bothered to know the reason for his dad asking him to come over here as he didn't mind where he lived as long as he has his work to immerse on. Other than his work he also had another reason to come over here and that was his childhood friend cum his legal advisor Viren Oberoi. Viren had to shift to India a year back as he had to take over his father's law firm after his demise. Virat missed Viren, yes anyone who would hear this might get the shock of their life but fortunately or unfortunately that was the truth, if Virat was open to someone then that was only Viren, Viren had this calm and quiet characteristic in him that it always gave peace to Virat to be around him or to converse with him. Especially it was only Viren who so far manages to take Virat's sudden mood swings and his temper.


Checking out from the airport, he was now greeted with a middle aged man and a nervous looking young lady.


Mr.Kashyap, the middle aged man introduced himself as their head office Manager and the young lady standing next to him as his newly appointed secretary, Ms.Pooja. Virat wanted all his office and staff's to be appointed as he was all set to start his new project in Chandighar as soon as he reaches, he didn't have time to waste it on some stupid interviews.

"Hello Mr.Vadhera, Welcome sir, I'm Kashyap and this is your secretary Ms.Pooja"

"Hello Sir!" Pooja nervously smiled.

Shaking his hand with Mr.Kashyap and giving a brief nod to Pooja, Virat made his way out of the airport and the duo mirrored his action without further ado knowing very well about their boss's nature. 

"So Ms.Pooja, What is my schedule for today?

"Sir, as the meeting regarding the mall project was already set for day after tomorrow, you'll most probably will have to visit the site tomorrow as you wanted to check it before you signed the deal, So today you have two appointments related to the Shimla project with the accustomed team and the Land owner, I have kept the evening free as you have requested through the mail." She completed releasing a deep breath.


"That will be fine, Then what about the meeting I was supposed to have with the staff's?" asked Virat narrowing his eyes at his PA's blunder.

"Sorry sir, it's scheduled at 2pm and we'll be able to reach the office on time if we start now." Finished Pooja, turning to look at Mr.Kashyap.

Catching the signal Mr.Kashyap came forward, "Sir, here is the key for your car and the navigator will help you with the route."

Grabbing the keys Virat got into the black Mercedes Benzs and zoomed past the busy roads of Chandigarh to reach the office on time for the meeting.

Gasping Mr.Kashyap and Pooja tried to follow their boss to escape the hunt for a new job.

This was not the first time for Virat in India, he had to come to India six months back as Viren needed his moral support when he was going to meet his fianc in Shimla, Virat personally never believed in women or commitments, Marriage on the other hand was merely a farce for him. He had his own reasons for not believing in women, for him they were those creatures who were never satisfied, they are always behind perfection that they don't think twice before breaking someone's heart ruthlessly. People were too selfish in their own way to care for someone or love someone, they just think about themselves that's it, he knows what he is and how he is, bringing a woman into his life will only end up in a disaster, so that was out of the question, he was worried when Viren told him about his father's friend's daughter and their plan to turn their friendship into a relationship etcetera etcetera. Being the obedient son Viren was always, he decided to give it a chance even after his father's demise, Virat somehow managed to convince Viren to take things slow and made it a point to only get them married after they get to know each other very well. He can now see even after six months they seem to like each other's company even more than in the beginning, he was happy for his friend, Viren deserved the best and he really hope that its this girl. Her name was Jeevika, the only daughter of Jaskaran and Jasmeet. Jaskaran is a multimillionaire who owns many five star hotels all over India, Virat always admired hard working people so he got along well with Jas uncle when he visited them last time, they were so warming towards Virat and Viren even a difficult and distant person like Virat couldn't keep them away by being somewhat rude.

He was glad that he was able to reach office without any hazard, driving though made him feel happy he was actually not used to drive in India, especially he was total blank when it comes to finding the route to a specific place, and Virat Vadera hated to get stuck be it a journey, business or life it should keep on moving.

Walking in to the sophisticatedly decorated building he felt a wave of satisfaction engulfing him, this was his baby, the result of his endless hard work, he was working day and night for the past six months to set this office according to his style, It was not easy, no not easy at all he had to simultaneously finish a project at hand and at the same time wrap up work at his previous office, he doesn't actually remember when he got a good night's sleep may be few months back, shaking his head mentally he nodded at the staff's who were greeting him, this was not the time to think of rest or relaxing, there was lot more to be done and Virat Vadera will never let his weariness show on his face or actions. Entering his equally lavishing office room he made himself comfortable on his seat, the walls around him was coloured with a shade of navy blue, the room was decked with black furnishing and large glass table holding the official documents in the center, closing his eyes for brief five seconds he took deep breath to settle himself, there was ten minutes more for the meeting so he decided to go through the files till then.

It was almost half passed six when he decided to inform Viren about his arrival, Viren was out of Chandighar and Virat didn't get an opportunity to inform him about his travel plans. Viren would be angry but Virat knows that he'll understand.

Settling himself on the couch placed at the right corner of his office room he grabbed his phone to dial Viren's number, the office was almost empty and he didn't have any plans to wrap up his work yet, Viren answered the phone after the second ring,

"Hey bhai," greeted Virat,

Growing up together and Viren being elder to Virat made Virat address Viren as bhai though they were the best of friends, Viren who always dreamt of having a younger sibling didn't mind or you should say loved it and started treating Virat as a bhai too.

Viren's first reaction to his greet was ecstasy, but it was soon replaced by a frown as realization downed,

"Virat…? Is that you, Oh my god are you here in India, you never told me that you are coming so soon… When did you come? Where are you? And why didn't you call me I would have picked you up..? Ranted Viren and Virat had to release a deep breath instead of Viren, he had to agree Viren sometimes reacts like a pesky girlfriend.

"Bhai… Bhai please relax and listen to me.. I reached in the afternoon, now I'm in the office and I couldn't inform you because I was too busy at the last moment and besides all of these you told me that you will be out of station when you spoke to me last time.." Virat finished pondering over Viren's questions to make sure that he has answered all his queries.

"But Virat you told me that you have planned to come here only in the coming week.." but was cut off by Virat shortly as he said, "That's because I didn't get any tickets and I didn't want to postpone my plans, so here I am,"

"Achcha tik hai, so for how long are you planning to work, aren't you feeling tired?"


"No bhai, I would wrap up in about one or two hours, there're just few errands which should be completed before tomorrows meeting,"


"Main maa ko inform kardunga, that you're coming home, mana math karna she was so excited to see you," said Viren before Virat could protest.


Virat didn't have any option left, saying that he will reach home after he finishes his work he hung up and started on his work, he didn't want Vanshika aunty to wait for him for too long. Virat still remembers how Vanshika was crying when she had to leave Viren with them to return back to India, they were neighbors and their father's somehow managed to build a friendship within this period, when Viren's parents had go back to India they decided to let him complete his studies in the US as it was his dream, from that day he used to live with Virat and his father. Vanshika was an introvert she spoke very less but she never failed to voice her opinion when it was important, altogether she was a smooth person to move with.


"Virat… Virat…," He could hear a familiar voice addressing him but he couldn't manage to open his eyes, his eyelids were so heavy as if it was carrying all the earth's burden.


"Virat… Wake up yaar," now the voice was dripping with concern,


"Bhai aap?" Virat managed to whisper, rubbing his eyes to get a clear view of a worried Viren standing in front of him.


"Haan Virat mein, Chalo get up we'll go home.. Look how tired you are looking, what was the need for you to work as soon as you came back. Ek din ki toh rest banta hai na yaar? Come" he ushered Virat out of the office to the car.


"Let the driver bring your car, I'm not going to allow you to drive." said Viren as soon as he ignited the engine.


"Par bhai when did you come back? I though you were out of station," asked Virat now waking up from his sleep completely and making himself comfortable on the passengers seat.


"I came back just one hour back, you called me when I was on the way from Dehradun, I was expecting you at home but mom said that you didn't still come so thought of checking on you," said Viren concentrating on the road, he was worried for Virat but he didn't want to push him much, Virat agreeing to stay at their place itself was a big miracle, being too protective might spoil things up, he has to be very careful when it comes to Virat, he didn't want to loose his brother. More than anything he didn't want Virat to live a lonely life anymore, the main reason for him to make Virat live with them was to keep him surrounded by people who loves him, he and his mother have decided to try their best to add some love in to his life, Jeevika will be added to the list too, she can be a sister to Virat and make him experience a bond he has never experienced.


"Sorry bhai, I don't know what got in to me, I have fallen asleep while I was working," Virat stuttered feeling guilty for making Viren come all the way to his office after he, himself traveling for hours.


"Seriously Virat, you don't have to say sorry, Itna formal mat bano, and waise bhi it is normal for a human being to fall asleep after such a long and tiring journey," Viren said turning to look at Virat for a split of second.


"Did you have something for dinner at least? Asked Viren pulling up the car in to the entrance of his house, it was a huge luxurious house with a beautiful garden which held plenty of flowering plants and a small pond in the center, the fragrance of the flowers were effortlessly flowing in the air to sooth any soul which enters the garden.


"I didn't feel hungry," said Virat sullenly, the vibrant flowers, in particular the orchids were reminding him of something or you should say someone he never wants to remember, the mere thought of that particular person is enough to ruin his mood.    


Viren frowned listening to Virat's tone, he couldn't get why Virat was suddenly angry, but then he decided to ignore, this was not the time to question him, this was the time to make him comfortable at his house which is from now their house, thinking he guided Virat in and as soon as they entered they were greeted by a smiling Vanshika,   


"Hello Virat beta, kaise ho tum? She said seeing Virat, she could say that he was trying his best to give a smile but failed miserably, sighing she walked closer to them and leaning in pulled Virat into a short but love filled hug, she couldn't help it, she was so happy to see him, the boy she loved equally to her son, she still remembers the painful eyes of the little boy who stood at the door frame looking at her hugging Viren when she had to return to India, she was not just crying because she had to leave Viren but she cried for Virat too, though he never let her get closer to him she never wanted to leave them alone there to live without a mother's love and shelter, but she was helpless.


"I'm fine aunty, just tired" said Virat shifting uncomfortably.


"Oh tho I think you two should have something to eat and call it a night, both of you must be feeling tired, especially Virat thum jaldhi se kuch khalo aur phir fresh hone khe baad so sakthe ho," said Vanshika guiding him to the dining table.


Virat was not in a mood to eat anything but thought of giving in as he didn't want to hurt Vanshika, so gobbling in few morsels and bidding Vanshika good night he was now under the shower having a hot bath, he wished that the lukewarm water running through his body would wash away the bitter memories he had with him, why was it so difficult to forget someone you hate, whoever who said that hate is a strong emotion was right, but he couldn't forget and forgive, he was also a normal human being, giving up the attempt of doing the impossible he decided to give into the fatigue, making himself comfortable on the bed he tried to ignore all those invading memories, soon the tiresome took over him and he slipped into deep slumber filled with nightmares.    

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avika26 IF-Dazzler

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Eager to knw virat's past hope its nothing to do with our manvi

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shaimah Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 3:56am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
continue soon and do pm me!!
i have sent you a buddy request

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__Aarti__ IF-Rockerz

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lovely and interesting start .loved it .continue soon .

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Shona1907 IF-Rockerz

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I liked it a lot... Hmmm so virat has got a bad past... Plz update eager to read further:)

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VirMan_Ria Senior Member

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Awesome update!
PM me when you continue! :)

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..BlueBird.. IF-Dazzler

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it seems interesting
plz pm me next time

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