Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin 04/05/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

A very warm 'hi' to all my dear friends. You all are really wonderful people. Smile
It happened that I got some free time today after ages and I thought I'd come to meet you all through an update of our dear JJKN.
So here we go.....

Well, a highlight: Dear Range Baal, yes Pari is back!!
A good episode, an endearing Armaan and an interesting end.


Mallika and big brother Aryan are in her cabin. Mallika is furiously clicking away at the keyboard and Aryan looks thoroughly confused. Confused He asks her, "What are you planning to do, Mallika? Do you intend to use the money you extracted from Kohinoor's account? The money which you accused Jassi of stealing?"
He wags his finger at her. "This is dangerous, Mallika!" he cautions. "I suggest you stay away from that JWalia account you falsely created."
"No way Aryan!!" argues his sister. "If I don't do what I am planning to, that Jassi together with Purab will destroy us! They will snatch Gulmohur away from us! Now, do you want this to happen, Aryan?" she says desperately.

Suddenly, her eyes freeze at the computer screen. She turns pale. Dead Aryan looks at her, puzzled.
"Aryan!!!!" she barely whispers.
"What happened??" Aryan is dying with anxiety.
"The money...the money I took out of Kohinoor's account.....it's..it's vanished!!!!" she stammers. Shocked
"WHAT??" yes, it is that typical "Aryan-what". He looks as if a bullet has shot right past his nose. Dead Shocked Mallika is still staring at the computer in utter disbelief.
Aryan rechecks what his sister has just announced. Both brother and sister look aghast.
Mallika wonders aloud where the 10 crores she has managed to transfer from Kohinoor's acct disappeared.
"How is this possible??" Aryan asks desperately. Mallika says that she fails to understand. Aryan sighs a "Oh God!!".

To add to their chagrin, enters Miss Jessica Bedi.
"So Mallika, got the money to recover Kohinoor?" she chirps. Mallika gives an angry-cum-desperate-cum-frustrated look. Angry
"No?? Oh! It's ok, Mallika. So you agree then, that I am the owner of Gulmohur?" Jessica's smart question.
"No!" thunders Mallika. "I don't! You! You are a thief!!" she shouts insanely.
"Shut up, Mallika!", scolds Aryan.
"I won't!" she retorts obstinately.
Aryan moves close to her and whispers in her ear that if Jessica ever finds out about the JWalia acct, they are done for.
"What rubbish, Aryan! This is my office and this woman is standing right here and talking to me like that!" Mallika is quite mad at her bro too.
"Excuse me! But I guess this office is mine now! It is you who are to get out!" Jessica tells them sternly. Stern Smile
Aryan pulls his sister out.

Mallika and Aryan are standing in the hallway, where the gang can clearly hear and see them.
"Damn it! I can't believe this!" Mallika fumes. ( Has dear Armaan passed his "damns" to her?)
The gang is relishing this new scene. Tongue
Aryan is clearly embarrassed and asks Mallika to stop making a scene.
Mallika doesn't care a "damn" and continues, "I had clearly destroyed that bespectacled mouse (chasmish chuhiya), had succeeded in defaming her family, in fact I would even have won back Armaan..... . (now that is what I call a sweet misunderstanding. but I just commited one mistake!!" her eyes emit fire at Aryan.
"I told YOU my plan!!"
"Crap!!" Aryan yells.
His sister screams, "Of course Aryan! It was only the 2 of us who knew about it...and how can I forget your repeated proclamations about your new business?"
"Do you mean to say you are blaming me?? I didn't expect this from my sister!!" he shouts and looks around uncomfortably at the gang which is clearly having a gala time.
"Of course Aryan! Money is the thing which you love more than even your sister!!"
"I can't take this!! I am ashamed of you, Mallika!" he says with utter disgust. Ouch


Thought of this new name for their combined cabin... Embarrassed A mesmerizing scene...aww what chemistry between the two...scintillating.

Jessica enters Armaan's cabin. She is pleased to find Armaan Sir not in his cabin. She says to herself that this means she can freely go into her cabin, that is Jassi's.

She opens her cabin door......to find.......Armaan...............
Armaan.....standing... in the same cute pink shirt and beige suit....with his eyes closed, his hands resting on his Jassi's table, his head slightly tilted to the side, a calm and peaceful look on his face after ages....he looks like an idol made of white marble. The romantic 2nd title track plays softly in the background.
She looks at the serene picture she has treasured in her eyes all her life with awe....she can't get her eyes off him. She moves slowly towards him, eyes focused on him, and then quietly goes and sits in her chair in front of him.
She stares at him....Armaan's long black eyelashes highlighting his glowing face... his lips break into a gentle smile, as if he has sensed her presence and he softly opens his eyes.
He looks at Jessica and gets instantly reminded of his Jassi sitting in the same chair. The two stare deeply into each other's eyes. Heart
Suddenly the phone rings. Out of habit, Jessica picks it up and starts, "Armaan Suri's office......" She stops, startled. Armaan looks at her with surprise. He comes very close to her and slowly takes the phone from her, all the while, his eyes boring deep into her's, which are now filled with discomfort and anxiety. He tells the caller that he'll talk later.
He then says to her softly, "I don't know if it's your face or my eyes, who are playing games with me...but for some reason, you remind me of Jassi!"
Jassi freezes. She looks uncomfortable.
"It may be because you know that I have met Jassi and know her.." she tries suggesting.
"Maybe..." he replies, all the while staring painfully at her." Or maybe because of something else that I see in your eyes..."
Jassi has already started melting from his gaze. She turns her eyes away to escape his. She says to herself, "Don't Armaan Sir! It were these eyes of yours that have always melted me....in these eyes I have always drowned....now please don't look at me like that!"

By now, Armaan too has come out of his world.
"Sorry..." he slutters..."I guess I said what I should not have. By the way, what did you want to say?"
"It's ok...actually I wanted to discuss something..I was thinking of making some changes in the office." she says.
"Jessicaji..." he starts, again those eyes starting their magic." I know that what you decide will always be right. I believe you just as I believed...." he stops for a second, closes his eyes..."Jassi!" he finishes.
He then opens his eyes and the two then stare, stare and stare at each other till I fell off the chair.
Just then Jassi's cell rings and she excuses herself.

It's Nandu. He is sitting on the swing in Walia house. He accuses Jessica of not informing him about the transfer of Kohinoor's ownership. She mutters a sorry. Nandu says that he expects a sorry not from her, but from Jassi. Jessica says that however, Jassi is not here. Nandu questions how she managed to get her signatures then. Jessica stammers that she is in touch with Jassi. Nandu then asks her to tell Jassi that if she doesn't meet him the next day, he'll never talk to her. Jessica says that tomorrow is 4th May.
Nandu hangs up. Jessica suddenly remembers that 4th May is Nandu's bday. She scolds herself that how could she forget. Nandu tells himself that if his doubt is true then Jessica will surely meet him the next day.


Well, if Nandu is here, can Pari be far behind??

Pari has returned from her "holiday". She looks very fresh and chirpier than all the sparrows in the world put together. Tongue She is wearing a light blue halter neck, complete with shades and of course, streaked hair. "Hello Gulmohur!" she says with her oversize grin. Big smile
The gang "welcomes" their Range baal. Pari gives a disgusted look, calling them the "behenji fauj" and wonders how she tolerates them.
They scoff at each other and Pari stomps off to meet her best friend, Mallika.
Bindiya heartily wishes that Jessica will take care of Pari as well.


The best friends exchange kisses.
Pari screeches that all the while she was on holiday, Mallika never told her that GM had signed Jessica Bedi, the super model. She is obviously over excited at this new appointment and chatters away non-stop. The mention of Jessica makes Mallika's face turn sour.
Pari continues that Jessica's style and class match her own and she can't wait to meet her. Mallika asks her to shut up. Pari looks dramatically hurt and she sulks. Disapprove She asks Mallika why she is talking to her like this, esp. since she was away for so long. She starts off to meet Jessica when lo and behold, the heroine herself makes her entry, making Mallika look all the more livid.
Pari looks like she has seen Madonna. She starts gasping and looks like she'll faint any moment. She starts off with her "Oh my Gods" and "I can't believe its". She manages to tell Jessica what a biiiiig fan she is of her and if she may please give her an autograph, it's for the neighborhood children, she explains. Mallika looks like she'll slap Pari any moment. Angry
Jessica, ignoring Pari like a doormat asks Mallika to clear the mess in the cabin as she is making a new appointment.
Pari continues her raving and ranting and gets another "Get out" from Mallika.
Pari sulks that she at least deserves an intro but is thrown out by Mallika. She asks Jessica what new appt. she is talking about.
"Nandan Verma".


Nandu is pacing up and down on his b'day, waiting for Jassi.
Bebe and Amrit laugh and say that although grown up, he still acts like a kid. Amrit says that he looks like he is waiting for gifts from so many people. Nandu retorts that he is waiting for just one special person.
Bebe tells him that every year he is with only them for his b'day, the cooking, the eating, everything he does with the 2 of them and.........she stops.
Amrit asks him who he is waiting for.
Nandu says to himself that if his suspicion is right, that person will surely come.


Armaan, dressed in a crisp blue shirt (no suit) and looking as excited as a kid, enters his Jassi's cabin with a bouquet of red roses in his hand. He picks up a vase from the shelf and places it on her table. He holds the roses close to his heart and says dreamily.." Jassi! You are coming back...and this time I won't let you go!"
He keeps the roses in the vase, stares long at her table. He walks towards the door, slightly bends his head (I noticed this typical style of his when he shuts her cabin door Smile ), smiles happily and shuts her door.

Damn! Mallika outside. She snaps badtemperedly if he verifies the signs on Jessica's papers. He smiles and says that he has along with Aryan, those were Jassi's signatures. Mallika, clearly upset suggests that if the Board got together, they could do something to save GM from Jassi's clutches. Armaan asks her calmly what's wrong with her. She asks him to try and understand or else Jassi will destroy GM. He asks her to relax as nothing like this would happen. Mallika shouts that who is this Jessica Bedi, where has she come from and if she is a part of Jassi's plan. Armaan tells her that he believes that like Jassi, Jessica will always work for GM's good and that she is also bringing Jassi back.

"WHAT??" is all a shocked Mallika can say.


Nandu is sitting on the doorstep. Bebe hands him a halwa plate and tells him that they will all eat it together. Nandu gets up, upset and says that he'll eat it alone.
Bebe and Amrit shake their heads. Amrit says that it is probably because it is his 1st b'day without Jassi. Bebe says that at least today Jassi should come.
And there....arrives Jessica. Bebe & Amrit look pleased.
Jessica says that although it's Nandu's b'day, she has got gifts for them all. She gives them their's and asks where Papa....oops! she stops short and corrects herself "Mr. Walia". Bebe looks with a little surprise and says that he is in his room. Jessica asks if she can go there and they say she can.

Billu is sitting with his head in his hands and Jessica knocks. He smiles and asks her to come in. She tells him she has a gift for him and asks him not to say no please. Billu looks surprised and says that he is happy she thought so much for them, but he's afraid he can't take it. Jessica's smile disappears. She asks him sadly why he can't. She says that he calls her his daughter and then breaks her heart. She asks him what if his Jassi had got this. Billu looks at her and says that then he would have surely NOT taken it. Jassi's eyes fill up with tears. She gets up and stands by the window, crying. Billu asks her surprised, why she is crying. Bebe scolds that how can he ask her this after hurting her. Amrit continues that especially when she is away from her home and family. Jessica says that she had started considering them as her family, but she supposes they don't. Bebe scolds Billu who says that now all women have got together. He asks Jessica not to get upset & that he will accept her gift. Jessica smiles happily and says that she hopes they like the gifts. Amrit says that the biggest gift she has given them is the glow she gives their family and home everytime she comes. "Just like Jassi!" finishes Bebe.
She then asks Jessica to gift the b'day boy. Jessica says naughtily that she will not give him the gift but hide it in his bag. Bebe looks at her in wonder and says that Jassi used to do the same thing! She would act as if she had forgotten his b'day and then quietly hide the gift in his bag. Jessica smiles. Bebe tells her that Nandu is up in Jassi's room.

Jessica goes to her room and finds Nandu's scoolbag on her bed. She remembers the old times when she was telling Nandu not to keep his dirty bag on her bed. Nandu argues that he will keep it wherever he likes and then they got into a friendly fight. She smiles to herself and starts hiding the gift when she notices that she has forgotten to write anything in the card that is stuck on the gift. She goes and sits on her desk and writes in the card. Nandu comes up behind her, looking suspicious. Stern Smile
Jessica turns behind and they come face to face. She gets uncomfortable and tells him that since Jassi is out station, she had told her to get a gift for him. She hands it to him and Nandu reads the card with "Jassi" signed absentmindedly below. His face tightens.
"So, did she teach you to sign like her?" he asks.
Jessica, looks away.
"Or did you see her signatures on Kohinoor's papers?" he continues sarcastically.
"Hm..yes..." she stammers, sweating by now.
"And she also told you what to write in the card?"
Jassi's eyes start welling up with tears, she doesn't dare look at him.
"Any answer? Why are you so scared??" he asks sternly.
Jassi is crying.
"How do you know what she writes year after year for me??" Or did she tell you that too on the phone? Did she also teach you how to coy handwriting over the phone??"
Jassi's tears flow relentlessly.
"How will you save yourself now, Jessica Bedi or should I say JASMEET WALIA?" Nandu throws his words.

A tearful Jassi turns slowly to look at her best friend.

TOMORROW: Jassi has confessed her identity to Nandu. He asks her how she can hide herself from Bebe. Jassi says that she had written a letter to Bebe abd then fears that she has left it in GM. She is worried that Mallika not get hold of it.

Thank you so much friends, Smile

Love and Prayers,

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bystander IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update!
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
thankz a lot for the update and WELCOME BACKBig smile
Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

its really a wondrful experience to read your update after such a long time, the update which i loved most to read.

 A tribute to my dearest friend:


Kitne dinoke baad aaj tum aye!!!

      Zara thahar jao!


Kitne baate tumse karni thi……..

        Agar sun lete to achchha hota.


Ek zordaar baarish aa jane do!!!

 Usme apni dilko bhigo lena!!!!!


Pata hai, kitne dinoke baad

aisi baate karneke liye fursat mil gayi?


Meri zindegi ki jis raastepe

          tumhari saya padti thi


woh aaj bhi waise hi

         biraan padhi hui hai!


Lagta hai ----

ek bahut pehchana sa dhun gunguna rahe ho


aise hi gungunate raho!!!!!


 Mai jo yaha baithi hoon


Us dhun ko  sunneke  liye!!!!!!

sangeeta Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:17pm | IP Logged

Welcome back Daisy. I am so glad to see you back with your wonderful update.

kdokka Senior Member

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Hi Daisy, welcome back. Thanks for another great update.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
woohooooooooooooooooo Daisy. Nice to see ya. Great update and lovely episode I guess...but will be missing the episode tonight because of some office party...Confused
HoneyJaan Groupbie

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Posted: 04 May 2005 at 1:20pm | IP Logged

O boy that was a great update! n

Daisy you are outstanding!!!!! Thanks again

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