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Wonder whats going to happen in Australia...i feel bad for Khushi,i understand they will find love eventually but the journey is going to be so painful more for Khushi and for no fault of hers she is paying for it with so much pain...i felt so bad about that part where she shed tears in the bathroom and held herself from making too much noise..she is still able to enjoy herself outside his company and now he wants to question that? The tape recorder thing was so sad..i don't feel like empathizing with his conflict Big smileof being forced into this marriage and now actually fighting his attraction!

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Originally posted by V323

Originally posted by basicquestion1

Dont rush art, please.
Ps- my payment? chapter 21? WHEN is it coming? Sahab ji, bhuke bachhon ko khilaana hai, allah ke naam par tankhvah de do.

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*double post* 

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Note and Q&A

Hi guys, so before I post the next part there are certain things I needed to address, so please bear with me and read this note to clarify some questions and some queries. 

First things first, you can send me buddy requests, however as you know I haven't accepted them. The reason being that I am going to be finishing off my Armaan-Ridhima story hopefully soon, after which I am going to delete a lot of people from my buddy list, as some people on that list comprise of people who only read AR ff's. So, till then I am not going to be accepting any requests. 

Also I am very slack in sending PMs now. Uni work refuses to let me stay on IF for too long, and I haven't even had the chance to read stories from some of my favourite authors, so please bear with me as I am unable to send out notifications for any updates. 

Since PM-sending is not happening, I would like to quickly write about this other story...or well aDrabble Central that I have started. It's a collection of short OS's and Drabbles from me, consisting of scenes that I would have liked to see on the show. 
The most recent one is called, 

Hide and Seek - Arnav and Khushi manage to hide just in time as Shyam is coming up to his room. 

Please check it out! :)

Now for Q&A

A few questions I'd seen popping up repeatedly as I read the comments. 

Why is Arnav jumping between hot and cold. 

That is to display his confusion in mind in regards to Khushi. He is hot when he gives into the attraction, albeit briefly, however he immediately turns cold as he realises she is someone he does not want to get too close to. 
He still hates her, but not as bad as he did before. It's almost as though he is continually reminding himself to continue to hate her. 
In the last few parts we've seen Arnav continually trying to get a rise out of Khushi, trying to make her snap so he will hate her - so he'll have a reason to hate her, but Khushi never responds the way he expects her to. She hasn't broken down yet, and that..confuses him. 

Which is why in the last part, when Khushi looked like she was going to snap, Arnav was happy, he wanted her to lash out so he'll get the reason to cancel his honeymoon. A valid reason to hate her. A valid reason to lash out at her. 

Why is he attracted to Khushi when he is surrounded by models?

When two people spend day and night together, when they are bound by the constitution of marriage, and when everyone sees them as a couple, attraction is going to follow. You are going to start noticing the person, start behaving in a different manner. 
Khushi is attractive, and he knows that. In one of the parts, he acknowledged that she was pleasing to the eye, that she brought about a good change in his family, his family adored her...
So he found himself getting physically attracted to her presence. He notices her a lot more - depicted via the staring - he is more conscious of her, and he is more..snappy at her because of this attraction. 

Right now Arnav's mind is at its most confused state. He is fighting his attraction, yet he is giving into it slightly, by slightly - as his actions sometimes portray. 

Is Khushi attracted to him?

She sees him as a raakshas for now, and finds his behaviour and actions contradictory of each other - as well as it messes with her mind. 
For now, she is starting to understand him a bit better, however she doesn't realise that he is attracted to her. 

Is Khushi very naive that she doesn't even realise why a man is staring at her?

Well...yes. To an extent she is naive. 
See the thing is, that she is confused by his behaviour. He has told her on numerous occasions that he hates her, cannot stand the sight of her, doesn't want her as a wife, etc etc. 
So now that he is staring at her - she doesn't know what to make of it, and hence she is brushing it aside as nothing. Sure his staring confuses and makes her uncomfortable, which is why she tries to hide and do silly things, however she is unaware that he is attracted to her. 

Also if you do not like a person one bit, would you consider them liking you back?

Why haven't they fallen in love yet?

Yeah, I know I am evil. Chapter 21 and they have still not fallen, nor confessed their love. 
Well...sorry :)
It's gonna be extremely slow-paced, and I had warned everyone from the start. 
They are eventually gonna fall in love, however I am gonna try to draw out the emotions as much as possible, so you are able to see the journey of them falling for each other. 

If you guys know me, I am the type of reader that loves slow-paced romances, even though sometimes they drive me up the wall. You know why? Because even the smallest of touches between the characters is...something. Even the smallest of glances gets butterflies in my stomach, and I love that feeling. 
So I am going to be going slow with this fanfic. 

There are a few questions I have not yet answered, and I won't because they might reveal a bit of the plot. 
So enjoy the story, go with the flow :)
I'll try to do justice to the characters and the parts as much as possible!

Once again, constructive criticism is welcome!
If you found something confusing, please let me know, so I can help you understand the part better!
Also I normally try to reply to a few comments with a thanks or something along those lines. I wasn't able to do that for all the comments that touched my heart, so please know that if you left one of those amazing, long lengthy comments, or one of those comments that makes me do a little victory dance, and brings the widest of smiles to my face - here is a tight, tight, tight, tight hug for you! 


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 NOTE: People! READ the note above! I am not going to continuously repeat myself over PMs again and again! Anybody else asking me why I am not PM-ing them, why I haven't accepted them on my buddy list, that i should send them a PM for the next update etc etc, is going to get ignored. Kinda getting annoyed, that despite me answering my reasons for not accepting people, I am still getting PMs of people telling me to send them a PM and accept them in my "buddy list"

Part 21


"When you first fall in love, it's supposed to be awful. Awful, uncertain, scary, wonderful, confusing, all at once. That's how you know it's real. You have to care deeply. Passionately. That hurts." - Nancy Werlin


Khushi sat in her seat, her small frame getting swallowed by the large, plush leathered seat, with a TV in front, and remote on the side with buttons on it, for different functions. She pressed a few, her face lighting up in delight at what each was for.

"I was going to book the first-class, but Di insisted we travel by business, because you would probably get intimidated since this is your first time flying" Arnav explained, as he quickly packed away their hand-luggage at the compartment on the top, waving away the air-hostess which had offered to help. Khushi shrugged her shoulders with indifference and stared out the window, the excitement of travelling by plane for the first time taking over her,

"I don't mind' She said, as she looked at the remote, biting her lip in confusion as she pressed down on the power button, but the TV did not switch on. As Arnav sat down next to her, he made himself comfortable, while Khushi kept pressing down on the button, slowly getting frustrated as it refused to corporate.


She felt Arnav's gaze on her, and a blush slowly started at her cheeks at the embarrassment of not being able to switch on the TV.

"Stop" He hissed, and Khushi turned to face him, her hand still holding the remote, looking at him confused, "It won't switch on till the plane takes off" He explained, and Khushi's mouth dropped open in understanding, as she placed the remote back, not quite getting the rules and restrictions of the plane. 


As the airhostess walked around, she glanced at Khushi's seat, and smiled while leaning in to tell her something, "Ma'am, the plane is about to take-off. Would you please put on your seatbelt?"

Khushi nodded and looked to the back of the seat to grab her seatbelt, but frowned when she found nothing, as she looked around, she saw the strap of the belt at the side and grabbed a hold of it, she tried looking around for the clasp, but at finding nothing, she looked around, confused.


Arnav tutted and exhaled in frustration, putting the magazine that he had been holding back in the rack, and faced her, a look of irritation passing his features.

Khushi looked back down at the seatbelt and continued to look around for the buckle, feeling her face heating up as she couldn't find it, dreading what would happen if the plane took off without her wearing the seat belt.

A hand enclosed around hers, and Khushi jumped in her seat, as her body stiffened up, and she held her breath, as Arnav leaned in to grab the seatbelt off from her, took the buckle hanging at the other side, and buckled her up.

She held her breath, as she felt his fingers brush over her stomach, as he tightened the buckle, and continued to hold her breath as he let go, and leaned back in his seat.

It was only when she was sure that he wasn't going to lean in, did Khushi release her breath, and leaned away from him, closer to the window next to her, leaning her head against the plane, silently praying to her Devi Maiya to make this trip bearable.




Khushi kept her eyes looking out of the small window, the journey long and tiring but the excitement brewing at the pit of her stomach made any jetlag and tiredness she felt, flying out the window, as she saw the greenery and sections of plain land as the plane hovered over the island of Australia.


She clutched onto the plastic of the window, and leaned in closer, her nose touching the glass, her breath fogging it up, as her eyes widened and took in the lights, the traffic, the roads, the structure, the foreignness of the land.

She had never travelled that much when she was in India, and this was the first time she was travelling overseas. She tried containing her excitement but was failing miserably, and she clapped her hands together as she saw the plane was getting closer to touch-down, jumping slightly in her chair, a giggle escaping her lips.

"Calm down" A voice came from her side, and the smile immediately vanished from her face as she quickly sat back in her chair her arms crossing at her chest, and glaring at him. He had his eyes closed, and the formals which he had worn at the start of the journey had slowly started coming off as the flight had taken-off.

Now Arnav sat next to her in a pine-striped shirt tucked into his pants, the top button undone, as the vest and tie had been packed away in his hand luggage.


The spacious seats, and the way they inclined back had Khushi completely baffled at the start, and Arnav had not done much to comfort her either, but eventually after pressing a few unknown buttons, she had managed to unintentionally call the airhostess several times, make the TV switch channels without meaning to, and recline her seat back further than she wanted to.

Finally getting a grasp for the buttons, she had a pleasant second half of the journey, especially since Arnav had gone off to sleep, leaving Khushi in peace to do whatever she wanted.


As the plane touched down, she closed her eyes tight, and prayed a quick prayer to her Devi Maiya for the safe flight.

Opening her eyes she saw Arnav stretching out on his seat, the arms flexing as he raised them up, the shirt stretching across his flat stomach and the broad chest, and Khushi looked away, tapping her foot in impatience for him to get out so she could get her luggage and explore the country.


"Keep close to me. I don't want to keep looking out for you" Arnav muttered as he handed her, her handbag, and started walking down the narrow aisle towards the exit of the plane.

The airport was nicely conditioned, and Khushi's eyes widened as she took in the interior design, the people bustling about, people with all kinds of coloured hair, dress sense, and just the whole atmosphere of being in a different country.

Despite feeling tired after such a long journey, Khushi kept the smile on her face as she stuck close to Arnav, her eyes darting around, taking in everything, the excitement slowly bubbling at the pit of her stomach as she thought about everything she would tell her Jiji when she got to the hotel.


Seeing Arnav step on the travelator, Khushi gulped, and held onto the side railing of it, gently placing her foot on the fast moving machine, and quickly stepped on it, giving out a gasp as she lost her balance and felt herself toppling back .

A hand grasped her shoulder firmly, while the other came to rest on her waist, and helped her regain her balance. Khushi looked over her shoulder to thank the stranger and found herself looking into twinkling blue eyes, sandy blonde hair covering his forehead, a dimple appearing on the man's cheek as he grinned at her cheekily and asked,

"You alright, mate?"

Khushi's eyes widened as the accent was lost on her and her mouth opened slightly in confusion as she looked at him bewildered. His smile deepened and he repeated,

"Are you alright?"

Khushi felt her cheeks warming as she continued to look at the man with the blue eyes. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she tried stringing the words together in her head, trying to make sense of his heavily accented English, and smiled shyly in embarrassment as she realised that she had no idea what he was asking of her. She was snapped out of her thoughts as a hand enclosed around her arm and pull at it lightly. Khushi looked and saw Arnav standing there, his eyes briefly looking over her blushing face, before he turned to the stranger,

"Yeah she's fine" He said, and then pulled at her arm again, quickly waking down the travelator, making Khushi follow him. 

Khushi looked over her shoulder again to see the handsome man staring at her, and winked at her as he caught her eye, the cheeky grin covering his face again and Khushi gave out a gasp as she quickly looked ahead, her eyes widening, and a hand clapping to her mouth, her face turning red in mortification.


"I told you to keep up with me!" Arnav snapped, as his grip on her arm did not loosen, and Khushi kept quiet, her mind still reeling from the small encounter with a stranger, and a small smile resting on her face.



As they walked into the Crown Towers where they were staying, Khushi held back a yawn as Arnav went to the reception to fill out the formalities. Arnav came to stand next to her, and the butler and porter followed, leading them to a separate hallway, their keys ready in hand, small kind smiles ready on their faces as they explained to them the Villa Experience booked under their name.

"These are your private elevators, which you can use whenever, however the floor you need to go on will only be activated when you swipe your key like this" The Butler explained as he swiped his key. Khushi tried keeping up with what he was saying however he was speaking too fast, and his words were heavily laced with thick Australian accent, dropping a mate at the end of every two sentences.


"They lead you directly to your Villa, My name is Matthew, and I will be there for your assistance 24 hours" The Butler explained, as he opened the doors to their Villa, and Khushi stepped in, her eyes widening as she took in the room.

It was more like a house. There was a lounge room the moment you entered, with big windows surrounding the entire living room, giving a breath-taking view of the entire city, the lights twinkling as night started to fall, and Khushi's eyes widened as she went and stood in front of the windows, her hands touching the cool glass, a shiver running down her spine at the view. She had never expected to see such an amazing view.

Her breath fogged up the glass, and she stepped away, her eyes taking in every little detail of the suite, whether it was the furniture that complimented the colours, or the small decorator items that surrounded the suite, adding their own personal touch to it. The fresh flowers surrounding the living room, created a fresh look in the modern design of the house, and she inhaled deeply, the aroma of the flowers invading her senses, and the tension and tiredness slowly leaving her body.


"Mrs. Jha had called up before your arrival and had asked for our Indian staff to assist Mrs. Raizada on a few things"

Khushi's head snapped up at her name being mentioned and she went and stood beside Arnav, who was listening to the Butler,

"So we have asked Miss. Nandini Sharma to assist you, ma'am" Matthew said, mispronouncing Nandini's name. Khushi nodded her thanks, and then moved around the suite, stepping into her room and stopping short at the sight in front of her.

She faintly heard Matthew address how it was their honeymoon, and therefore the bottle of Champagne and cake was on the house, and Khushi gulped audibly as she saw the decorations on the bed.


Candles surrounded the room, unlit, yet surrounding the entire room, already filling it with their sweet incense, and Khushi took in a shaky breath as she saw the flower petals strewn about the entire room, the lights dimmed, the white bed sheets neatly tucked in, a few hear chocolates nicel arranged on the bed, the whole room reeking of romance and love, none of which existed in their relationship.


She heard Arnav come up behind her and stopped short, his own breath hitching at the sight in front of him, and she practically felt the tension in the room heighten, her own hands gripping the sides of her suit, her breaths deepening as she heard him take another step into the room, and the heat from his body warmed her back. She gulped as the feelings from her wedding night returned, the feeling of helplessness, anger, fear, confusion, and she waited.

She waited whether he would do something.


Her hands gripped the sides of her suit tightly, holding her breath, ready to lash out in case he touched her.

He cleared his throat and quickly took a few steps, brushing past her, not sparing her a glance as he placed his suitcase on the bed, took out his nightclothes and quickly went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Khushi let out the breath she had been holding, the tension slowly leaving her body, as she walked up to the bed, and sat down, feeling the softness of the sheets under her palms.

As she laid back on the bed, and closed her eyes thoughtfully, she wondered who would be sleeping on the couch tonight.  

Here is the layout of the suite:

They are in Melbourne, Australia...since I live there, and kinda have an idea of the people, streets and places :)

Please let me know what you thought of this part! 

No PMs have been sent as of yet!

Exams approaching so might not be able to update till November! :)


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ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 November 2010
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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome update !!
Khushi is sooo cute man !

Plz make the stranger negative lolzz ! and plzz make both of them to fall in love

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butterfly06 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Omg we'll have to wait till November...omg please make arnav fall in love during this honeymoon!!!!!!!

Edited by butterfly06 - 03 October 2012 at 11:53pm

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