Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Nautanki Times#8:Meri BIWI Pe Sirf Haq Hai Ek Mera

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Nautanki Times #

Meri BIWI Pe Sirf Haq Hai Ek Mera

Dimple and Shivu dancing…
Dimple: meetha yeh namkeen paani!!
Shivu: yeh Halkat Jawani…!
Dimple: aaye hayee!!!
Shivu: oye hoye!!!
*An E-Mail in the Nautanki Office Inbox*
Sender: Shifali
Dimple and Shivu straighten up. And Shivu reads it aloud-
I am going inactive this week. So you girls better don't create nuisance
Shivu murmurs: WE create nuisance?
Dimple: hmmmpphhh….
Get out the NT Edition on time
Shivu: this toh we always do!
Dimple: I know!! Chal aage padh!
And…PM Gur…to make it sticky! I wont be there!!
Shivu: chalo…theek hai ji!
Dimple: chalo ji…I'll get read!
*Goes to the podium*
Hola Amigos, Chalo ji…we'll be reaching the 10th Edition Soon! So… got any ideas as to how to make it happening and all!! Btw… lets get on this week…!

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(By SheDevil )

Monday(Chaar phero ka chakkar)

Episode start wid RK grabing Madhu's hand & brought her to Mandap.LOL uske baad dhamaal start.Bewada RK's 'Saasu maa Calling' his dukhiyari biwi Madhubala.But phone cut & 4 phere ka chakar shuru where RK said woh barbaadi k aage chalta hai as he is storm.1st phere mai he promised 2 remove every1 who support Madhu.In 2nd pehra he promised 2 make her life hell.In 3rd phera he promised 2 bharo her Life wid dukh-dard & in 4th phera he paused listening abt parents.Nalayak nai Magalsutra Madhu k gaale mai & sindoor floor pai pheka.No mehnat.And baja dali apne crew members ki who laughed at him whn Madhu slapped him.Now audience & Madhubala both r confused whether RishBala r married or unmarried:P.In short faadu drama tha

Tuesday(Sasuma ka Aadarsh Damad & Biwi ka Gulam-RK:P)
LOL this was faadu episode as Tharkey RK went 2 meet his Darling Saasu ma & the drama start where Saasu maa was crying 4 her darling daughter,daughter was on maun vrat & RK was doing all bak bak.LOL RK nai apni saasu maa ki saas hi rok di & full on bajayi unki.He asked 4 her blessing but was refused.He told madhu 2 leave wid him as whole Malik family is mad:P but Madhu asked 1 min 2 meet Shammu but he gave 2 min & after tht nalayak RK apni Biwi ko lekar nikal rha tha but Paddy stoped him but RK said 'She cant stop him as Madhu is his wife now'.LOL watch this episode 4 RK's faadu dialog & his chemistry wid saasu maa & 4 heart touching scene of shammu & madhu

Wednesday(Narak ka aarambh start:P)
This was another power packed episode.Paddy stopped RK frm going but RK was determine 2 take Madhu.Paddy said no need 2 b afraid of RK but Madhu said its not RK but her decision bas tab kya tha RK ho gaya Biwi pai latoo & took zabardasti ka ashirvad 4 himself & Madhu:P.Ab time grah pravesh ka where RK welcomed Madhi wid khali kalash & kala tika.He made her meet his 8 naukars & declared Madhu as his 9th servant yani RK ki 'Navratan' :P.LOL watch this episode 2 c unique grah pravesh:P

Thursday(Suhaagraat Zara Hatke)
After Grah pravesh time 4 hot Suhaagraat,LOL agar dil garden garden ho gaya hai toh bacho zara dil ko thamo coz RishBala's suhaagraat was full of red chillies & Cactus.LOL RK decorated the bed wid cactus & red chillies.Madhu ho gayi apni sanki pati ki harkato ko dekh kar shock but RK wnted 2 mock.He forced her 2 drink madhu nai palat di drink.But haye chudiyaan dil le gayi where RK made Madhu wear choodiya which was gifted 2 him by madhu only.Hatkari k badle chudiya not bad.He humuliated her.Call her ugly & Madhu royi raat bhar lke Pagli:P, Watch this raapchik episode was its unique suhaag raat

Friday(Jaag uthi sherani)
This week was full of drama.On Fridays episode aayi saasu maa 2 meet Biwi:P.Servant called madam madhu & Madhu seedha maa se chipki.Paddy asked her 2 leave RK as she thinks he is jalad lke Ballu:P but Madhu refused bola I m strong.I m not scared of RK.RK ko aaya apni Biwi pai dular 2 c her purane type of sanskar.But chila utha tharkey kaha Saas meri Lalita Pawar nikali:P.He pointed at his saasu maa jo na hua madhu se bardasht so after Saasu ma Mansion se khiski Madhu RK k kamre k liye nikali.Bola hello pat darling 'Insult me,mock me but leave my pyaari maa' But RK ko aa gaya maan pai pyaar issliye he gave her 'Maan,samaan,aAbhimaan,swabhimaan & Apmaan' ka gyaan:P.Madhu nai kaha maine diya tumhe thapad coz u deserve so saale ab Chup kar but aa gaya RK ko gussa & punching bag ko aisa maara ki udd gaye Madhu k hosh & audience shouted once more once more.Ab wait 4 Monday coz RK jaayega Madhubala k kareeb. 
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(By   SheDevil  )

Romantic moment of the week is definately 'RK making Madhu wear her chudiyas'.Finally RK nai apni Item Madhu ba la ahaan aka biwi ko chudiya pehna hi di:P.LOL Hatkari k badle chudiya 4 lifetime not a bad deal MBians. And the scene where RK make Madhu chin up frm his finger was hot & steamy too.So b ready 4 more wild roller coaster ride of RishBala's Hot,insane & passionate romance.(Infact whole suhaagraat was killer.LOL kanjoos RK nai Madhu ki chudiya ussi ko pehnai yeh nhi kuch better buy kar laaten:PLOLROFL)


(By jigyasa28 )



(By lovelygeet24x7 )

All the episodes of this week were heart-warming.It basically showed how MB becomes a 'Kathputli' of R.K.The worst scenes,in my opinion, started from the four pheras,the mangalsutra,her entry into the house,the empty pot,the black tikka,the bed with cactus & red chillies & most of all R.K calling Madhubala as his new servant.Monkey WinksEven Paddo was humiliated to a great extent! R.K left no stone unturned to make Madhu's life hell.Monkey Winks

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )

This week the title is again snatched by Kameena Kundra oops.. Kisabh Kundra aka hottie superstar RK. This week we got to see high voltage drama and azab gazab wedding. and the weirdest wedding of 4 pheras, no sindoor and havankund showered with alcohol credit goes to one and only Risabh Kundra. Though he made a good job by saving Mallick but the price has to be paid by Madhu by giving her commitment as wife of Risabh Kundra. We are happy that they are married so soon but RK's amazing antics such as wedding ideas, making Madhu the 9th servant in his Mansion and decorating the bedroom with chilies and cactus earned him the title.




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(By  lovelygeet24x7  )

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Onion Emoticon Set

Lets not just talk about it!Move on!Onion Icons

(By Armu4eva  )

Hello .. Hi ... Khushamdeen BehnoTongue ke Bhai WinkLOL

Yesh.. so a fresh new week ends.. .n i get to come back and do my two minutes of yapping Wink

This week ..was largely full of Angry Meano RK Angry and Stoic Quiet Madhu ..Ouch and amidst all the Shadi ka Ho-Hum .me did manage to find one moment that i found could qualify for the STUPIDEST Moment..!

^^ Yes.. i know . .i know the intent here was to show how CRUEL .. n EVIL things r gonna b for Madhu but .. isnt CACTUS filled bed and Chilly flower trails a bit too silly?? Confused More than fear.. i was laufing LOL seeing the scene..! Everything before the scene.. was perfect.. n the intent of the scene to show Madhu her thorny n chilly future.. was mucho appreciated but still ... found it ..err .. a bit stupid! 

[PS : Was secretly hoping.. RK did pin Madhu along the side of the cupboard n u know do a bit of ding-dong WinkLOL but *sigh* Ouch]

(By DamnedDrooler-)

This whole week has been low on fashion ... not much of clothes around to judge ... so what do we do ... Ummm I think I will be nice n give the kundra's the title of this week ... Madhu in her bridal dress n RK in his suit with blue blazzer ... complimented one another ... my gift for the newly wedded LOL


(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Nothing much on fashion since entire week everyone one in heir same cloths Stern Smile An entire week with same cloths. RK and Madhu in their wedding attires and Roma, Padmini are in the usual. No fashion disasters this week.

(By  Armu4eva   )

First and foremost a warm HELLO .. shello to all ... for its my first entry for 'Pic of the Week' Embarrassed and *sigh* .. cant seem to decide which of the wedding pic i should put Ermm

After a careful contemplation for exactly 0.00000000000000000001 second.. me goes with these two pics..! 

de Chudi moment... Pretty symbolic with the fact that.. 'What goes.. comes around' Embarrassed Once upon a time.. Madhu had sent these bangles for RK n today.. RK returned them as gift to her.. but making it clear .. it was more of a bondage.. than a bond! Shocked

de 'Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho' Moment...Call me a sucker for romance.. evil or other... buh Rishbala together locked in one room..can make even the purest soul .. go ..  Naughty!!!Wink Ahan!!! [PS: Madhu.. u too had the same thots din u Wink 'Teda hai par tera hai' ..Ahan]

(By .SilentPrincess   )

By: -AmyHeartzNoah-

~A big lie called Marriage~


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(By --Rashu--  )


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By  ~ seher_90 ~

(By  --Rashu--  )

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By ~ abhiya_pkyek ~


(By  bubblygal1711 )

VM of the week

by sonu2ever aka Humera


(By  Jyo_Ks )

Rangmunch - Qaid me hai bulbul

Its an amazingly written article which has given a gist of the entire week.Thumbs Up
Titling as Madhubala-Ek Katputli Ek Jallad, it tells us about all the torture RK has started to do on MB post marriage.Disapprove From the narak pravesh, followed by empty kalash, kala teeka, smoky aarti, & most of all the title of Biwi as the ninth servant at RK Mansion, he is leaving no stone unturned to take revenge from Madhu & make her life hell.Ouch The humiliation Madhu is facing is very sad to see, but at the same time its going to be interesting to see how she strikes back with time kyunki, picture abhi baaki hai doston! Wink Keep watching MadhubalaCool
Credits: Swetha Singh(Rangmunch) Posted by: Armu4eva Views:665+ Comments:35+ Likes:39+

 (By princess163 )

*Swati waltzes in thinking of Character of the week*
As soon as she goes on to declare the result,all MB characters whine as they guess the result*

True...poor people have to cry as our Hero and glycerine Dont give the others a chance

This week,its Mr.Kundra who takes the title,for his brilliant and superb acting of being the cruel man who will leave no stone upturned in humiliating the girl who dared to mess with him and continued to hold her ground despite the wounds inflicted on her perfect life by him.

Hats off Boss!
P.S.-Iss hkh shi me pleasee Madhu ko bakhsh do Shocked


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( By x.Maaneet4eva.x )

Show & Cast RANKING/TRP - Discussion Thread


Most Discussed Topic

(By -NaGs_BaBy- )

$$ GOTW- Word Antakshari $$

By --Shivu--

933 Replies, 4517 Views

(By swaron502 )


Glycerine Of The Week: ...Harshita...
your Gift:

Suerstar Hot Chunk RK of The Week: SheDevil
You Gift:

(finally ur demands are fulfilled LOL )

Laughter Medicine Of The Week: Arnav90
Your Gift:

Gossiping Queen Of The Week: TrueKash
You Git: (goggles nhi hain :p)

Heroine Of The Week: TheBlackJaguar
Your Gift:

And introsucig to u guyz a whole new category which has been added in the awards section for the MBianz !!! Party

DVDian Of The Week: coolestsh
Your Gift:

Character Awards now Wink

Chuglibaaz Of The Week: Bitto G

Hats Off To You Of The Week: Padmini

Satti Savitri Of The Week: Madhu

bhago Yahan Se of the Week: Trishna (vo already bhagi hui he actually :P)

Chakna Choor Chalak Item Of The Week: Madhu (for her courage actually :P)

Thats all for the awards..

Note: u r supposed to use dese gifts as ur siggies in ur siggie box guyz Wink


Heads: Dimple (-Dimple-) and Shivangi (--Shivu--)
Main Banner: --Shivu--
Logos: -Stutz-

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Enjoy the NLEmbarrassed

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Awesome...!Thumbs Up
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Its  so nice !! Thumbs Up

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