Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Aashiqui-Part 9 (pg 98) June 2nd

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Hi everyone, I've decided to start a new story.  Give it a read and let me know what you think.  As usual most stories take a few chapters to take off so please bear with me.  If I feel like there isn't a readership for it then I will not continue.  And before your guys start wondering about KI, I've finally started it but I had to write this as it's been on my mind.  Take care and thanks for reading, look forward to your comments. 

Part 1-Page 1
Part 2-Page 10
Part 3-Page 16
Part 4- Page 29
Part 5-Page 46
Part 6-Page 61
Part 7- page 78
Part 8- Page 90
Part 9- Page 98

Part 1
"And the Filmfare goes to Arohi Ahluwalia for Best Choreography!" "Oh my gosh!" Arohi screamed as she jumped up from her seat and her friends and family hugged and cheered for her.  "I can't believe I won again!" she said with a radiant smile and a toss of her hair as she accepted congrats.   People fawning over her as she made her way to the stage.  Upon reaching the stage she accepted the award and shared an extra tight congratulatory hug from Salman Khan and a glare from Katrina Kaif, .  "First I would like to thank Filmfare for honoring me with this award for the 7th year in a row." she gushed into the mike.  Second I want to thank god for giving me this talent and my mom who always supported me and pushed me to strive to attain my goals, never losing hope that I will one day not only reach, but surpass them.  "Mom, this is dedicated to you for all you love and support." Arohi said holding up her award and bestowing the crowd with another one of her radiant smiles. 
 "AROHI AHLUWALI!" a voice bellowed into Arohi's ear.  Arohi winced at the intrusion and burrowed deeper into her pillow only to have a hand reach out and rattle the life out of her.  "You are going to be late for college again!" her mom yelled as she hit her arm.  "OW!" Arohi whined as she slowly sat up in bed.  "Pagal ladki!" her mother was muttering as she moved around Arohi's room picking up her causally tossed clothes and books.  "I was having such a nice dream and you ruined it!" Arohi said making a face as she stretched.  Arohi's mom's glare had Arohi quickly looking away.  "Yes your dream about Bollywood!" her mom said with a shake of her head.  "When will you get your head out of the clouds and concentrate on your studies?" her mom asked her as Arohi got out of her bed.  Arohi smiled and walking to her mom put her arms around her.  "What's the point of concentrating on my studies when I know what my future holds?"  "I'm going to be an internationally known Choreographer." she said dreamily.  "Hmm, internationally known choreographer!" her mom mimicked as she shoved her daughter's arms away.  "Do you know how many people go to Mumbai with the same dreams as you and end up driving taxis for a living!" she snapped.  Arohi frowned and then smiled as she wrapped her arms around her mom's neck again.  "I'm not just anyone Ma, you heard guru ji he said I was going to amaze the world one day." she said with a smile. "Hmm, guru ji can say that, he doesn't have two un wed daughters at home!" her mom snapped.  Arohi rolled her eyes and moved away from her mom to grab a towel.   "Your daughters are 19 and 15, hardly the age to be getting married." Arohi said heading towards the bathroom.  "I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary at the age of 19." her mom answered softly as if she was remembering a time long ago.  Arohi turned around and walked back to her mom giving her a tight hug.  "And Papa always said you were the most beautiful bride he'd ever seen." Arohi said with a smile.  A soft smile and a distant look appeared on her mother's face.  "Your papa was the most handsome of grooms and such a gentleman too boot." she said.  "And so romantic, I remember him bringing you flowers and all the flirting he used to do with you making you blush." Arohi said with a laugh as her mom blushed and pulled away from her daughter's embrace.  "Now that seems like a very distant memory." her mom said sadly wiping a tear from her face.   "It's hard to believe he's been gone for 5 years."   Arohi felt her own eyes fill with tears.  She remembered a strong, loving father always laughing and joking around.  A man who was so proud of his daughters and had taught them to believe that they could become anything, do anything they put there mind too.  He'd died from Liver Cancer.  Within 6 weeks of being diagnosed he was gone, leaving alone a young wife with 2 young daughters.   Her mom who had been a stay at home mom had taken up a job as a tailor's assistant and with the help of her dad's life insurance and small pension they were able to make ends meet without any problems.  Arohi quickly wiped her own tears and forced a smile back on her face.  "Ma, I'm so hungry, my stomach is growling." Arohi said.  Her mom quickly looked at her daughter.  "You quickly get ready I'll make breakfast right away." she said hurrying out of the room.  Arohi smiled after her mom.  Her rock really.  She was a little rough around the edges but her heart, her heart was made of gold and Arohi knew how fortunate her and Priya were to have her for their mom.  
"He's so cute!" Neha whispered to Arohi.  Arohi looked over at the subject of Neha's adoration and shrugged.  He was alright, a little shorter then what Arohi would go for but Neha was all googly eyed over this one.  "I'm going to talk to him after class today." Neha said resolutely.  Arohi rolled her eyes at her best friend.  That's what she'd been hearing all semester.  "No you're not." Arohi said glancing at the boy again.  He was staring at Neha and catching Arohi watching him he blushed and quickly looked away.  "Interesting." Arohi thought to herself with a smirk.  It seemed like this was a case of "Aag dono taraf lugi hui hai." After class, Arohi and her friends made their way to the courtyard where they grabbed a table and threw their books down.  "I do not know what that professor wants from me?!" Arohi's friend Tia whined as she looked at the C- on her English paper.  "Probably something coherent." Arohi teased back.   Tia stuck her tongue out at her friend as everyone laughed.   "Oh don't look now but lover boy is approaching." Neha suddenly said, elbowing Arohi.  Arohi looked up just in time to see a smile flash across Jai's face as he came and sat down beside her.  Jai was a very sweet guy who Arohi had known for many years now.  She considered him a good friend but that was it, and she had told him that on several occasions as well.  She knew he'd initially been upset but he'd reassured her that her friendship was more important to him and he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it.   "Have you seen this?" Jai asked holding out a pamphlet for her to read.  Arohi shook her head and let her eyes skim over the paper.  "There is going to be a musical being held at our College and auditions are starting tomorrow."  Jai said excitedly.  Arohi looked from the pamphlet to him.  "A musical, what does that have to do with me?" she asked.  "Arohi, a musical...meaning there will be dance!" Jai replied.  "Yes but there will also be singing...I can't sing!" Arohi replied.  "The singing will be dubbed, so you don't need to worry about that."  "The story will be based on Devdas."  "I think you'll be perfect for this."  he said with excitement.  Everyone except Arohi started talking excitedly.  "Arohi, you love this kind of stuff."  "Remember the performance you did when we were in school and how much it was loved."  "You can do this." Were the comments she was hearing around her.  She knew she could do this, who could possibly dance better then her, and she'd taken some drama classes as an elective in high school and she'd always done well.  "I'll do it." she said after she'd shushed everyone.  "I'll be the best Paro this college has ever seen." she added with flourish as her friends clapped and cheered.  Laughing she grabbed her books and rushed off to her next class.
Arohi glanced at her watch as she left her last class.  She had time to quickly drop off some books at the school library before she had to rush off to make her bus.  Headed in the direction of the library, she walked through a narrow vacant walkway and let her mind drift to her favorite daydream.  Her being a famous Choreographer working with the most famous of Superstars.  So lost was she in her daydream that as she turned a corner she didn't comprehend the giggles or see the couple until they were right infront of her.   Her mouth fell open as she first looked at the girl who was pressed against the concrete wall, her little moans making Arohi blush and then her eyes fell to the  tall man that seemed to be devouring the girls lips.  His hands on her waist as he kissed her senseless.  She knew she should look away, but she was in such shock that she stood frozen infront of this couple.  Neither one of whom she could see fully as the girls curly locks almost hid them from sight.  It was probably only a few moments, but it felt like hours when Arohi finally was to pull away from her shock.  Quickly turning around she tried to make a hasty retreat but her mortification was not quite complete.  A husky voice she knew all too well stopped her in her tracks.  "Have a good look?"  Arohi should have known...ofcourse it had to be him.  Who else would be so shameless she thought to herself in disgust.  Straightening her shoulders and tightening her lips she slowly turned back around.  His shameless smirk stared back at her, his hand still on the unknown girls waist.  Arohi briefly glanced at the giggling girl.  Mentally she shook her head at the stupid female who was probably imagining herself in love with this..this...this...thing!  Forcing a mocking smile on her face she looked at him and then at her.  "Hard to miss when certain people go out of their way to flaunt their conquests."  "But as usual you're keeping it classy." she added with a bright smile making it apparent that she expected nothing less from him then this cheap behavior.   A slow smile spread across his face as he moved away from the girl.  A smile that always made Arohi nervous.  She found his gaze drift over her light blue and white fitted peasant top and down to her skinny jeans.  She forced herself not to reach out and fix her hair.  She would not give him the satisfaction of knowing he could get to her.  "Arjun Singhania always keeps it classy, but I have a strong suspicion that your definition of classy is definitely different from mine." he said in that mocking voice.  And that tone that always seemed to be laughing at her.  And as if on cue, a burst of giggles released from the dimwit next to him.    Glaring daggers at them Arohi watched at Arjun Singhania, her sworn enemy, the that was too small a venue...India's biggest JERK and not to mention playboy grabbed his latest play thing of the week's hand and the two of them walked past her. Arjun making sure to crowd her in that narrow walkway.  The giggles of the dimwitted girl grating on Arohi's nerves and the desire to cause bodily harm to Arjun Singhania barely being suppressed.  But as his hand accidentally grazed hers as he passed, Arohi felt an electric current pass through her.  Her eyes widened and she saw Arjun turn around and glance at her hand and then glance at his own.  For once it wasn't a smirk on his face but a frown telling Arohi he'd experienced the same thing.  Quickly turning on her heal she rushed towards the library blaming the reaction to just her extra sensitive nerves around that arrogant man.  

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wow m 1st [:D/]

new ff [:D/] Party

welcome again will also rock lyk ur other master piece

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Originally posted by AAKMH2

wow m 1st [:D/]

new ff [:D/] Party

welcome again will also rock lyk ur other master piece

Thanks Mahi!

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Welcome back Raman

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welcome back raman Hug 

another fab story... im sure this ones going to rock too Thumbs Up 

so arohi has huge dreams and arjun is a playboy??!!! the ambitious girl and the wastrel LOL not to mention the undeniable mystery and chemistry between them... sounds very very interesting and intriguing. is it going to be a love-hate story??? coz i love those Embarrassed im guessing this arjun is rich enough to have dimwits lusting around him Disapprove 

so when are you updating this one next??? ROFL im sorry couldnt help asking!

thanks for the info on KI... what happened to Chahat??? please update that one too... 

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Raman, we luv u

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Di,u r bk...god m so happy. N new ff. What a treat. Luv u di.

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ofcourse u haft to continue this anyhw :D

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