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WU 8/20 *Choti Toasty <3*

Tejy_Kumari Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 6:33pm | IP Logged

Happy 400 Episodes!!!!! Party Clap It is so bittersweet with Aish gone and SBS ending two weeks from Thursday :'(


If you haven't already signed the petition for SBS 2 once Aish is well again, please do!! We're at 103 signatures…great job everyone!! <3


Written Update: August 20th 2012


Toasty is in the new title page pic <3 Just seeing her face and smile there is enough to keep me happy now <3 God bless Aish and let her recover well <3


Smiley tells Tej to get some hot water, a towel, scissors, and antiseptic.  Tej runs and gets everything and hands it to Smiley.  Dadaji and Tej are tense and Smiley is shown tense as well and Malti in pain…Smiley finally calls Dadaji and Tej inside to show them the baby girl.  Dadaji is super happy <3 and Tej too <3  Dadaji then gets worried and says why hasn't she cried yet? Everyone is worried and Malti holds the baby and Dadaji tells her to give the baby a small pinch in the back.  Malti does so and the baby cries and they are all relieved and happy.


The whole family is back and are excited seeing the baby.  Nitika asks what name they have chosen?  Prachin also asks and they say it should be a special name.  Malti says Toasty.  (Oh my God at Tej's expression <3 and TejYa male BG music :'( Literally I was in tears <3) Gyaan says that there is no name better than this.  Smiley sneaks out of the room sadly.


Tej wonders where Smiley went and goes to look for her.  Smiley is talking to her mom in her room and tells her about how scared she was doing the delivery and that when she did it, she didn't feel like an outsider at all but like Malti was her own bhabhi and the baby about to be born was her own niece or nephew.  She says that this family has become like her own and their happiness was in her hands and she felt like if she failed, then Toasty would fail.  Tej hears the last part.


Shobha and Nitika are in the kitchen cooking and Tej walks in from behind to go to the fridge and listens to them talking...Shobha is saying to Nitika that its lucky that Smiley was in the house otherwise who knows what would have happened.  Nitika says and if Toasty would have been here, she would have been so happy seeing the baby.  Shobha agrees.  (I never thought there would come a day when I actually didn't hate Shobha anymore but I guess I don't hate her anymore, lol) She tells Nitika to give some soup to Smiley too because she must be tired and hungry too.  Tej walks out of the kitchen without them noticing.


Nitika goes to Smiley to give soup and Smiley refuses saying that she is going to go now.  Tej comes and tells her to quietly drink the soup and that she's not going anywhere as it's very late and if she wants she can leave in the morning. 


Pashu is talking to Pitaji and Nitika is talking to Ved and Pitaji and Ved are together...they tell them about the baby girl and Pitaji is super happy.  Pitaji and Ved hug and are super excited.


Tej is talking to Lalit and tells her its a girl..Lalit is happy and tells Sudha.  Tej tells him, we've even kept her you know what it is? Choti Toasty.  Lalit tells Sudha and Sudha pulls the phone from him, congratulates him and tells him that they are coming right away to see them all and not to fall asleep.  After hanging up, Sudha starts dialing a number right away and Lalit asks who she is calling and Sudha excitedly says Toasty! I need to tell her that she has become a chachi.  Lalit looks upset. 


Tej introduces Chaturvedi's first Miss Chaturvedi, Toasty, to the Sharmas <3  Sudha is very happy and holds the baby and talks happily with everyone.  Malti tells her there was no need to bring so many gifts and Sudha says there was and anyways they're not from me, her chachi brought them...Toasty chachi.  Tej becomes a little sad :( Sudha tells him to feed everyone sweets and Tej says he forgot to bring sweets and goes to get some.  Sudha starts lovingly lecturing Malti on how she shouldn't sit for too long and should rest and also make the baby sleep soon or she'll get bad habits, etc :) <3 Everyone except Malti and the baby go out into the hall to talk.


Shobha is talking about how when Malti was born, the whole village visited her because it rained for the first time in a long while.  The C's don't believe that because of someone's birth, lucky things can happen.  Sudha says no it's true...she says she had a cousin who couldn't get a rishta anywhere and as soon as Toasty was born, within a month, she got married.  Shobha says that now watch, Choti Toasty will be lucky too..Gyaan says so someone will get married here too? Shobha says shaadi and band baaja..Nitika says to  Prachin..kyon, it's your turn now right?  Gyaan says before that Dimple di has to get married too..Dimple says I don't want to get married and Prachin asks why don't you want to?  and Dimple says it's my choice.  Prachin says it's necessary to get married and Dimple argues and they both start fighting.  Sudha pulls Dimple back and says you're fighting for no reason..anyways it is Tej's number :@ :@ :@ :@ *Considers strangling Sudha..obviously she doesn't understand that Tej's no means NO!!* :@ :@ Sudha says Toasty wanted Tej-Smiley wedding so until this happens how can our Choti Toasty sit peacefully? :@ :@


NItika says but Smiley is planning to leave so how can it happen...Dadaji says Smiley will stay.  Choti Toasty stopped her the first time she tried to leave and she will stop her again.  Smiley comes with chai right then and Shobha says becasue of Smiley, Choti Toasty is here so until her naam karan, Smiley will have to stay back.  Smiley says she's leaving and Dadaji strictly tells her no and that she can't until the naam karan.  They all stop her saying for Choti Toasty's sake.  Smiley reluctantly agrees and then goes to the kitchen.  An unhappy Lalit says you've convinced her to stay but it will be hard to get Smiley and Tej married.  Sudha says it's hard but not impossible because the director of this is Toasty and Toasty has made such a drama that they will be dancing to her tunes...ask what...salsa.  Dimple and Prachin share a wink.


Lalit, Sudha, Dimple, and Prachin are all at the Sharma's place and Lalit calls Tej with a napkin over the mic and at first starts talking like Lalit but then changes his voice and way of speech and pretends to be the person organizing the salsa competition and asking for the reason behind not participating.  Tej says he has some personal reasons...Lalit asks what? Tej says I don't see a need to share those with you.  Lalit is confused what to say and Sudha tells him to say something...Lalit say see, if it is a matter of fees then we will refund your fees.  Tej says it is nothing like that.  Lalit asks then why have you withdrawn? You have to give a valid reason.  Tej says my valid reason is that I have no interest being in your competition (why doesn't he just say that he and Smiley aren't married? :S) Lalit yells but we have an interest in you being in the competition! and everyone motions him to calm down and get back into character and Lalit changes his voice back and says meaning all our contestants are very valuable to us.  Their problem is our problem.  Tej is really irritated.  Tej says at this moment my problem is you..if you don't hang up the phone then I ...Lalit holds the mic and says he's about to hang up the phone!  Dimple pulls the phone away and starts talking in a different voice saying hello? You can't withdraw your name like this.  Tej says now who is this talking? Dimple says I'm Dimple.  Tej is like :S  Sudha is like gaaahh!!!  and Dimple covers up and says Dimple Kaur.  Tej falls for it and says Dimple Kaur ji, why can't I take my name back?  If I want to take a part in your competiton I will, if I don't I won't, it's my choice.  Dimple cries into the phone and says please sir, we'll be finished and bankrupt. Tej hangs up the phone.  Sudha calls Dimple a duffer.  Lalit says Tej isn't going to listen.  Dimple asks how will we convince jeeju? Prachin says if Toasty bhabhi were here, she wouldn't accept defeat this easily...we have to think of something.  Sudha goes into thought.


Pre-cap: Looks like the gang hired an actor to be someone from the salsa competition organizers...he is in C Nivaas and calling Smiley, Mrs. Chaturvedi, and asking why she withdrew her name.  Smiley says I'm not Mrs. Chaturvedi and Tej also comes out and says we're not married.  The guy says how are you not married..I have proof that shows that you both are pati-patni (>.< I think maybe Sudha might have replaced Toasty's face with Smiley's in TejYa's shaadi pic :@ :@)

Gupshup posted in the next post Smile

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BEWARE!! This is going to be my longest gupshup ever :P


I'm surprised that this episode didn't upset me as much as it probably would have earlier.  I'm taking everything in one scene at a time and even though maybe the upcoming track overall isn't what I was looking for, some of these small family moments are definitely very SBS-esque and I'm enjoying them because I know that the time left of the show is very less. 


I don't want to support Tej-Smiley rishta but at the same time if Toasty IS going to die for sure in the show and Tej-Smiley form some kind of understanding or friendship that they decide to make the foundation of their marriage, I'm prepping myself from now itself so that I'll be able to live with that ending happily.  Even if Aish has shot a few scenes of Toasty coming back and dying surrounded by her family, it would bring a little more closure to everything rather than leaving it hanging.  I'm not sure if my predictions from last week still apply…I'm not sure how much shooting Aish did before she left and how far in advance they had planned out the story at that point.  I'm hoping some of it does come true…seeing the new title page, I'm starting to get a little reassured that Aish left us with something before going J God bless her. <3


I didn't get a chance to post my gupshup from last week and I just wanted to take a moment to squeal for Dimple and Prachin…that scene in the caf was tooo adorable…the knowing smile on Dimple's face and how Prachin not knowing how to say why he had come to meet her and how to tell Dimple that he's interested in her.  Following up on them for today's epi..loved how irritated Prachin got when Dimple said that she didn't want to get married.  Hope Prachin confesses soon!!  :D I kind of wish Gyaan knew and had said "Jab Dimple Didi haan kahegi, tab Prachin bhaiyya ki shaadi hogi" :P  


And now I'm going to take a moment to bow before Mr. Ravi Dubey who is beyond words of praise.  Just watching that scene on Wednesday when he is talking to the collage of pics with him and Toasty automatically brought tears to my eyes and I was sitting there smiling like an idiot at my lappy and crying at the same time.  Even without Toasty there, Ravi created that same chemistry and really showed beautifully, the connection and understanding between Tej and Toasty in the way he had the conversation with the pictures.  Some of those dialogues are now my absolute favorites ever..I probably put that scene on repeat at least fifty times since Wednesday :D  The part where he asks Toasty if she would have married someone else if she was in his place…I wish he would have  had the chance to say that to Toasty in person to make her realize that it is up to Tej whether or not he wants to give her place away and if Toasty was in his place, everyone knows that she would never re-marry and would live for the Chaturvedis instead, taking care of all of them.


My FAVORITE part!! "Tumhe theek lagaa jab apne antim sanskaar karne ka haq mujhse cheen liya, jis ke liye main tumhe kabhi maaf nahin karna chahiye lekin phir bhi main chup raha." and "Main jaanta hoon ke tum bohut ziddi ho…lekin tumne abhi tak meri zidd nahin dekhi.  Beta, zidd mein na, main tumhaara tau hoon.  Tum mujhse yeh baat manvaake raho." (You better stick to your zidd, Tej!!)


That first favorite part of mine really makes me think that Toasty will come back.  It makes me strongly believe in what I was thinking in my Gupshup last Tuesday.  I don't think she would take that right away from Tej to do her last rights…and we all know that her last wish was to die in Tej's arms and with her family happily around her.  Like I said before, I don't know how many scenes Aishwarya shot before leaving and whether or not they had even fixed an ending by that point but my intuition tells me that Toasty is doing all this to teach her family to move on without her because otherwise she would have had to live seeing them in pain watching her slowly dying before them and instead she wants them to get their grief over with so that when she comes back, they can live her last days happily.  Again, this is how I would salvage what the CVs have done but it all depends on what or even if Aish left anything behind in terms of scenes. 


Now finally onto today's episode!!


CHOTI TOASTY!!!!! (As I'm sure we all guessed the baby would be named :P) God, she is one adorable baby!! <3 I wish I could have transported myself to the sets that day to first swoon over meeting Ravi and then hold and rock that sweet little darling <3 Tej's expression and the TejYa male BG music did it for me when Malti said "Toasty" as the name for the baby…it brought tears to my eyes right away.  I could just imagine the emotions that would be running through Tej in that moment, seeing that baby, having it be named Toasty, and then thinking that Toasty has come back to him.  For sure, Choti Toasty and Tej will share a very close Chachu-Bathiji relationship as far as the characters go…we unfortunately probably won't see it play out in the show though L <3 


*Please don't kill me…you all know how crazy I am about TejYa so remember that*  I've seen a few epis of Punar Vivah and the tension between Tej and Smiley right now kind of reminds me about the pair in PV.  Tej can't bear to see Smiley taking Toasty's place and he doesn't want to let her take that place but at the same time, he can't deny that Smiley is a sweet person and she doesn't deserve to see his hatred…the part where he tells her to quietly drink the soup and that its too late at night to leave and then he just storms off from the room…it was a great depiction of Tej's struggle between trying to be nice to Smiley and treat her the way she deserves to be vs. not wanting Toasty to be successful in this mission and disliking her just enough to show that he would never be interested in marrying her. 


And the last thing I want to talk about…this plan to get Tej and Smiley together.  *Grabs a pitch fork and runs after Sudha* But at the same time, I really loved that scene with the Sharmas and Prachin calling up Tej at the shop.  Forgetting for a moment what the cause is behind the mission, I was reminded of the original SBS and how the C's were when they were trying to get Tej and Toasty back together.  Lalit was hilarious!!


I'll be honest that the first time I ran through the epi today and watched it, I was annoyed with epi once the Tej-Smiley talks started happening again but after watching it again with a calmer mind, I appreciated it and liked it a lot more.  So now I'm going to try to not get too hyper over everything that happens in the next few weeks…I'm taking it in stride and I'm slowly coming to terms with whatever happens.  I've realized how much I truly love SBS in the past few weeks where no matter what seems to happen in this show, I can't ever hate it or ever turn away from it.  And I think I need to thank one--the actors for that because I definitely love them with all my heart but also two—that no matter how ridiculous the plot gets or how out of hand, they make it seem like it can happen and they make it real…and then when I look back at it with a different perspective that I don't know if I can describe well enough in words, I'm able to link the character's feelings and emotions with whatever happened and understand how it all fits even when I thought it was the most horrible way to go about it.  It may just be me being a die-hard supporter of SBS too :D


Chalo…I'm finally going to shut up…I've managed to fill up 6 pages in Word and I'm wondering if it will all even fit in my one post in the forum…might have to reserve a post for gupshup under my update :D


See you all tomorrow!! <3 I want to cry right now thinking I only have 5 more update of SBS to do :'(


Don't forget to sign the petition!!!! Pleaseee! <3 Every signature and comment counts <3



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Bella-Edward Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
this is getting disgusted i don want anyone to replace tosty's lace in tej's life n i want her to return lets see may be she goes for treatment somewhere with tej or anything at all but return she has to return tej can't marry anyone dat can't happen

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.Sunshine. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Thanks for the great update! :D
I loved Tej's expression when Malti said 'Toasty' <3 I was almost in tears <3
And when they were all talking about how a baby enters a family and something good happens, the first thought that came to my mind was of Toasty coming back fit and fine :D
And coming to your gupshup, I was really missing it since last week :/
I thought I would really be disappointed with today's episode but I saw myself laughing at the last part. Though I'm not in favour to the on going plan, but I love how it is happening. The reason we all love SBS is how all the people come together to achieve something and that is happening right now so I kinda like it :)
In this whole plan, I'm okay with Tej and Smiley coming closer as friends and not something more :) Though I don't like the new title montage but seeing a new one with Toasty in it is giving me hope that probably we will get to see Toasty soon ;)
Dimple and Pracheen have always been adorable <3 The cafe scene was really cute <3 It was so cute how Pracheen got angry when Dimple didn't want to get married <3 I was really hoping Gyan would say that :P
I agree with you. Even though Aish wasn't physically present as Toasty, Ravi as Tej created the chemistry even then <3 I loved that scene <3 That scene kinda signified how much he loves his Toasty. He kept quiet for everything because it made her happy <3 And I love how he asked her whether she would re-marry. The answer goes without saying that she wouldn't re-marry, just like Tej :)
A huge part of me doesn't like what's happening-the whole Tej-Smiley thing but I'm watching it as I'm a big fan of SBS :D No matter how they end it, it's always going to be Tej&Toasty for me <3 They are bonded together for all the lives, not just 7 lives <3
One more thing I would like to say is that when those people have taken care not to replace Toasty, I'm quite confident that they wouldn't break people's heart by ending the show with Tej and Smiley becoming a couple :)

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abc113 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Tejy, I admire your patience, faith and dedication towards SBS because after being a SBS fanatic for so long, I have lost it all now. I am not able to enjoy the show :(

I wanted a happy ending for this show and wouldn't want to see Toasty return now only to die in Tej's arm surrounded by C-family. That would be severely depressing after all this drama.

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abc113 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bella-Edward

this is getting disgusted i don want anyone to replace tosty's lace in tej's life n i want her to return lets see may be she goes for treatment somewhere with tej or anything at all but return she has to return tej can't marry anyone dat can't happen

We can make ourselves believe that Toasty is actually undergoing good medical treatment and thus has chance of returning back to the show but I seriously doubt that because if Toasty's mom and dad had any hope that their daughter will survive this cancer, they won't be so fixed on getting their son-in-law married off to another girl.

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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thanks for update:))

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