Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani


Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani
Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani

SARKARR...UPDATES(by manasi_16, ronitfan) (Page 8)

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Sarrkkar – update for 21st June


Priyamvada is sitting at her office with Krishnamurtyji & discussing something. Krishnamurthyji's phone rings & someone gives him information about Shweta's photo shoot that night. He passes the information to Priyamvada who gets very angry & tells him to call Karan immediately.


Karan & Samar go to meet Rajendra Guruji. Karan tells him that the govt. has arranged for a bigger & better alternative place for the ashram & he would like Guruji to shift there. But Guruji refuses saying that he will not leave asik nagar for it to be demolished. Karan slowly gets down to slight threats by telling him that right from childhood Guruji ha had to bow down before his wishes & it will be same this time also. Krishnamurtyji calls up Karan & asks him to come home immediately. Karan gets a bit irritated & tells him that he'll come later but Krishnamurtyji says that Priyamvada has called him urgently. Karan & Samar leave.


Karan comes home & sees Priyamvada troubled. She speaks for sometime in riddles, taunting him about his managerial skills with people. He tells her that if he had 2 mins more with Guruji, he would have managed to convince him to leave asik nagar. But Priyamvada asks if he couldn't control a person (read: Shweta) in two years, how did he accept to convince Guruji in just 2 mins? She tells him that she accepted Shweta only because her son loves her a lot but Shweta is spoiling Karan's reputation by having obscene photo shoots. Karan is shocked.


Shweta's shoot is in progress. Karan storms in with Samar & 2 goons. He fires the gun & takes the camera roll from the cameraman. Shweta is very angry. Karan yells at her & says that she is not bothered about herself, she should at least care for Karan's reputation. Shweta asks him, "Who the hell are you?" Karan gives her a resounding slap & tells her that at present he is not in his senses so she should try to push him because he'll stop at nothing. He packs up the shoot, takes some clothes & thrusts them into Shweta's hands saying, "Get some clothes on, will you?" He waits outside near his jeep for her; she comes out in a salwar kameez. He once again yells at her. He tells her that he has convinced his mom about the marriage with so many hardships & she'll ruin everything if she behaves this way. Shweta starts crying & promises him that such a thing will not happen again.


Guruji & his followers plan to stage a protest (dharna) outside the CM's residence. Guruji doesn't want Kritika to participate because he feels that media will blow it out of proportion & the real purpose will be overshadowed by the Kritika – Priyamvada factor. Even Rishabh tries to dissuade her but she is adamant on participating.


Priyamvada is holding a meeting with ministers & party workers her residence. Krishnamurtyji comes to know that Guruji & his followers have come & are demanding to meet Priyamvada. Priyamvada asks Bharti didi to conduct the meeting while she goes out to meet Guruji. She comes out & hears slogans being shouted against her.

Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Hey rfan...PM me when u post the wed update...I have the thrus one readyBig smile
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Update for 22 June----Sarrkkar
PM goes outside to find a large crowd of people revolting against the demolition of the Asik Nagar slums. PM spots Krittika and Rishabh along with Guruji in the crowd and grows tense.
PM- What lessons are you teaching now Guruji?
Guruji- I am not teaching anhything to anyone. And if I am, then it is the ministers who need my teachings the most.. I have come here to request you to please stop the construction work in Asik Nagar.
PM- This is not possible. Much progress has been made in that aspect. Ask anything of me except this thing. And to all of you people, the govt. has made arrangements for relocating al of you ,
Guruji- And what about the remaining 10,000 people.
PM- Makeshift arrangementa have been made for them too.
Guruji- Neither will they go anywhere and nor will we. If you do not act as we are saying, we will sit on a fast unto death.
PM- Guruji, you are proving to be an obstacle in the state's development.
Guruji- Development cannot come at the cost of destruction of so many houses.
PM- The next generation has grown very intelligent in your company. But I am sorry I cant do anything in this aspect.
PM leaves behind an upset Krittika and equally so, Guruji.
Afterwaeds, Krittika decides to sit for the fast herself and that too, outside the CM house. Rishabh tells her not to do so as the opposition can give a political color even to such a small thing. She unwillingly agrees to his point.
Without even giving a notice, Shweta & her mom come to PM's house for Shagun. PM is very irritated by sich behaviour-
Indu(Shweta's mom)- First of all we thought of taking an appointment but then we thought that we need not as this is our house only.
Urvi gives a puzzled look to PM.
Indu- But after looking at you, I think we should have taken an appointment.
PM- But now that you have come, please have a seat.
Indu- I think you are not happy by us coming.
PM- No, it's not that. It's just that this procedure is taken up after a lot of discussion with the family. These are our values and we hope that you shall instill the same values in your children Shweta.
Indu- Our families' values are pretty much tha same.
PM- Then all this..........? I would like to tell you that I've agreed to this alliance only bcoz of our immense love for Karan. And I will certainly not tolerate anyone taking undue advantage of that love. I request you all to wait a while for the marriage. It is on the cards but at the moment, nothing is more important for me than the elections.
Just then Karan enters with a sad look on his face but nevertheless, he supports PM's decision and convinces Shweta and her mom. Inside deep somewhere he's hurt.
He storms into PM's cabin and tells her that she needs to give more importance to his marriage than the elections. PM again tries to make him understand that she just wants him to wait for the elections & then she'll marry him off. She tells him that the opposition will take advantage of the fact of his affair with Shweta and conspire against her and the govt. He does'nt give a damn to what her says and storms out again. PM is hurt to no extent.
Krittika is playing with some kids and Rishabh recollects his golden days with Krittika when they were in love. He gives some flowers to Krittika and tells her that he feels very happy for her when she's enjoying. Guruji comes with a newspaper and tells them that they shuld not fast bcoz PM's gonna contest for the elections. Krittika reads the newspaper and is upset.
Indu is talking abt the way PM tries to insult them at every step when Shweta feels sick and vomits. Indu understands that she's pregnant and tells her that now PM can delay the marriage no longer.
Bharti tries to talk abt Karan and Shweta's marriage but PM tells her that her first priority is the elections and that all the family's honour is on stake. Bharti tells her that they cant delay the marriage any longer as it will be too late and Bhagwat will take advantage. When asked for clarification, she reveals that Shweta's pregnant with Karan's kid Pm's shell shocked

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Sarrkkar – update for 23rd June


Priyamvada asks Bharti didi who told her about Shweta's pregnancy. Bharti didi says that Induji (Shweta's mother) had called her up. Priyamvada is shocked to know that Karan could do such a thing. She asks Urvi to call Shweta & her mother for breakfast the next day.


Samar & Karan are sitting on the jeep, near the house when Kritika comes there with some people from the ashram. She goes up to Karan & gives him a file which has a list of demands & questions to be answered by the govt. Karan tells her that these friends of her's (whom he refers to as 'bhikari dost') are a hindrance to the development of the state. But the govt. is going to give them flats in lieu of their shanties being razed.


Bhagwat comes to meet Raghunandan at his house. He tells him that their party has chosen a popular film star (her name is Deep something…I don't remember!) to contest the elections from Kusumpur against Priyam. Bhagwat wants Raghunandan to support his party openly this time.


Kunal is sitting behind in his car with a driver & a bodyguard. His driver observes a jeep following their car for a long time & mentions it to Kunal. But Kunal says that no one here knows that he is Priyamvada's son, there are plenty of jeeps around, and so it is not necessary that it is following him. He says, "I had told Ma that I don't need security but still she sent you both." He gets down from the car & tells them that as tomorrow is Sunday they need not come. The guards say that they don't want a holiday. But Kunal retorts that he wants one & walks off.


Shweta & her mother come home for breakfast. Priyamvada greets them with unusual enthusiasm. She asks Urvi to arrange for sweets. Her phone rings & she tells the person on the other side that after a very long time she has managed to take time out for her guests so she will not see anybody else. Priyamvada announces that her marriage to Karan has been fixed in the coming week. She gives a bangle to Shweta & tells her that the bangle is from their 'khandaani zevar'. Then she leaves Shweta with Urvi & takes Induji to the temple. There she tells her that she is hurrying up the marriage because Shweta is pregnant. She also warns Induji of anybody else coming to know about it as it will bring disrepute to their family which she will not tolerate. Induji assures her that it will not be known to anybody else.


Bhagwat & Rishabh are at the breakfast table. Bhagwat once again asks Rishabh if he is interested in marrying Kritika but Rishabh gets upset & walks off.


The actress who is going to contest against Priyamvada comes to Bhagwat's house. (She seems to be the unnecessary comic element in the serial…there were some very weird dialogues between her & Bhagwat) Raghunanadan also comes there. Bhagwat asks him to support his party directly but Raghunandan says that if he continues to be in Priyamvada's party he can collect valuable information for Bhagwat.


Krishnamurtyji tells Priyamvada that the intelligence report indicates that a terrorist organisation is tracking Kunal's activities in Banglore. Priyamvada gets worried & wants Kunal to be called back immediately.


Priyamvada addresses a press conference where she tells them about her decision to contest elections from Vir's constituency Kusumpur. The reporters ask her if she is insecure about the mass appeal of the actress standing against her but Priyamvada says that the public is intelligent enough to choose the right person. Then Manav asks her a question about the rumours ob Shweta being pregnant with Karan's child. The episode ends on Priyamvada's face.

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Just a jist of what happened-on 24 June---sorry-
PM rubbishes Manav but he produces the medical report which leaves her stunned and embarrased.
Karan gets to know about the fixture of his marriage and smells trouble brewing.
PM refuses to meet Karan but he barges in and has a argument abt the marriage at the end of which an enraged PM cancels his wedding.
Krittika supports Karan in his decision to marry Shweta.
Kunal calls up and advises Krittika to take care of PM as she's going through a lot. He says he shall come soon.
Karan gets drunk and gets into a scuffle in a restaurant where Panditji comes and takes him away to the temple.
Urvi calls Shweta to come urgently to the temple.
After much deliberation,Chintan and Urvi get Karan and Shweta secretly married.Karan's worried abt PM's reaction.
They reach home and are shocked as they see some-one after entering home.
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May be PM is short of Priyamvada.

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Yeah Manasi.
PM is short form of Priyamvada...her name's toooo long!LOL

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