Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani


Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani
Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani

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Sarrkkar – update for 14h June


Karan enters the police van with his gun outstretched and sends everybody out. K. D. falls to Karan's feet and pleads for his life, but Karan doesn't relent. He is about to shoot when Samar comes and stops him. Priyamvada goes to the aashram where Kritika is on a fast. All the women there are shouting protests against Priyamvada. They ask her what the govt is doing. Bhagwat comes there and gives a very instigating speech saying that all this is Priyamvada's doing. Karan comes to the scene with the police van behind him. He goes straight to the lady foremost in shouting slogans against Priyamvada and says something to her. Bhagwat continues to speak against Priyamvada. Priyamvada tells him not to instigate people because if they rebel it will be most dangerous. (I am not writing the dialogues because they'll sound meaningless in English) The police officers open the door of the van and bring out K. D. all the public there lynch him and tear his clothes. He is beaten up mercilessly as Priyamvada and Bhagwat are just mute spectators. Both Kritika and Gayatri are very happy.


Bhagwat addresses a press conference where he criticizes the way Priyamvada had handled all this. He demands President's rule to be imposed and says that if his demands are not met then the opposition will boycott the next session in Parliament.


Kritika returns home with Gayatri. They are talking to each other about how Priyamvada fulfilled her promise. Kritika feels that she really misunderstood her mother. Karan comes there and tells Gayatri that what happened cannot be changed but she should try to forget it and move ahead in life. He tells her that all of them are with her and he wants to see her smiling and cannot tolerate tears in her eyes.


Kritika comes to Gayatri's room and finds her packing. On being asked Gayatri says that she had come here for a holiday and so she now has to return to fulfil her mother's dream of a school. Kritika agrees to let her go very reluctantly and makes her promise to stay happy always. Gayatri also asks Kritika to always support and fight for truth. In the living room below Chintanji is reading out news to Priyamvada, Karan And Urvi. He tells them that even the media has not let go of a single opportunity to write against Priyam. Kritika comes down with Gayatri. Karan tries to stop her. Gayatri takes everybody's leave, touches Priyamvada's feet and goes away.

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Sarrkkar – update for 15h June


Priyamvada is at the breakfast table with Urvi, the two kids and Kritika. Karan barges and throws the newspaper towards Kritika in anger. He asks her to explain why she has been meeting Rishabh. (The paper has published some article and a photo about Kritika & Rishabh). He says that if ever he sees them together then God bless Rishabh. He tells her that she is not bothered about the family prestige on which Kritika retorts that she is at least more concerned than he is. Karan gets very angry and says that if she had not been his sister he would have killed her. She says, "killing, beating, threatening…is this what papa had taught you?" Kritika & Karan have a very heated argument, which Priyamvada stops & makes a gesture to Urvi to intervene & explain Kritika. Urvi tries to say that even she will not feel good if someone misuses her photographs to malign her or the family. Karan asks her what her relationship with Rishabh is, for whom she is going against her entire family. Urvi tells Karan to keep quiet as she is explaining. But Kritika says that no one here is trying to explain. She is being threatened and emotionally blackmailed using her father's name. She picks up the paper and walks out. Priyamvada says to herself, "I must meet Manav (the journo)"


Bhagwat is sitting at his table when Rishabh comes there & questions him. Bhagwat tells him that he had nothing to do with the article but Rishabh doesn't believe it. He says that he is aware of the relations his father has with the journo. But Bhagwat says that being in politics he has good relations with all journos so that doesn't mean that he is responsible for the article. He assures Rishabh that when he comes to know who is trying to spoil his son's reputation he will not spare the person.


Karan is planning with Samar to beat up Rishabh. But Samar says that it's dangerous for Karan to be directly involved as he is the CM's son & Rishabh is the son of the Leader of Opposition. Karan finally agrees and drives off. Soon after, Rishabh drives there in his car when two men pretend to be fighting and one falls in front of his car. When he gets down a third man hits him on his head with a hockey. They beat him up very badly and when he finally faints Samar comes out and rings up Karan.


Kritika is in her room, crying with her father's photo in her hand. Chintanji comes in and sees her. She tells him that after Vir's death she finds herself very lonely and alone in this house. But he tells her that while he is there she should not feel so. He tells her to confide in him about the smallest of things that go on in her mind. Just then the phone rings and someone informs her about Rishabh.


Bhagwat comes running into the hospital room where Rishabh is admitted. He asks him who did this. Rishabh tells him that it was just an accident. But Bhagwat knows who is responsible. Kritika comes in with Chintanji and stops at the door on seeing Bhagwat. Both wish him but he just glares at them, is about to say something but stops & walks out. Rishabh heaves a sigh of relief. Kritika runs to him and asks him to name the person behind this attack. But Rishabh tells her that someone hit him from behind so he doesn't know. Kritika asks him if he doesn't know or doesn't want 5o tell her. She remembers Karan's threat this morning and tells him that she knows who did this.

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               Sarrkkar update for 16th June ( Thursday)

Preparation for marriage ceremony of Karan and Shweta are going on in the Singh household. The priest has been called to find an auspicious date for the conduction of their engagement. Shweta and her family are also present. Date of their Engagement is fixed. Karan is very happy about everything. Natasha is given the responsibility for organizing  the engagement ceremony, which in turn makes Shweta a little disturbed.

Meanwhile Kunal calls from Bangalore, Priyamvada is very happy to receive his call. She tells him about Karan's engagement and asks him to come. Kunal says that he wont be able to come on Karan's engagement, but asks Priyamvada to convey his best wishes to Karan. He says that he will talk to Urvashi later.

At the same time, Kritika enters with Rishabh absolutely enraged and furious on Karan. She holds him responsible for the attack over Rishabh. This in turn makes Karan angry too and he says a few words to Kritika. Priyamvada asks Rishabh about the attackers, but he says He couldn't see them properly. Priyamvada assures Rishabh that she will punish the attackers as soon they find some clue about them. Before leaving Rishabh tells Priyamvada that He and Kritika are very good friends and no matter what people say, no body should conclude any other meaning out of their friendship. Shweta and her parents leave too. Priyamvada asks both Karan and Kritika not to do any such thing which led to violation of peace in the house or in public. Karan leaves saying that he did not attack Rishbh.

Karan and Shweta share some good moments together and both are equally excited about their engagement. Natasha comes there too, to finalize the jewellery for Shweta. Shweta is not very happy on Natasha's participation in the preparations. She says that she doesn't like any of the jewellery sets, Natasha is shocked and she tells Karan that she never expected that aunty's(Priyamvada) and Shweta's choice could ever be so different. Karan and Shweta decide to go out for Lunch and Karan asks Natasha to company them too. But Natasha refuses saying that she has to attend an urgent party meeting. Before leaving she hugs Karan and kisses him on his cheek. This makes Shweta extremely angry.

Karan and Shweta are on their way out for lunch, Shweta tells Karan that she doesn't like Natasha at all, she tries to insult her every now and then. But Karan understands that its more the hug and the Kiss that bothers Shweta. He says that Natasha is his childhood friend and she doesn't need to worry about anything.  

Urvashi comes to Kritika and tells her that she should not misbehaved with Priyamvada that too when Shweta's family was present there and preparation for Karan's engagement was going on. Kritika does not listen to her and she thinks what she did was absolutely right. Attacking Rishbh was a crime on Karan's part and she will never forget Karan for this. Urvashi tells Kritika that Karan might not have attacked Rishabh and its just a mis conception by Kritika, but Kritika is very sure of Karan's hands behind Rishabh's attack.

Bhagwat and RaghuNandan discuss about Rishbh's attack, meanwhile a reporter enters and tells both of them that he got information that Karan's friend Samar was behind All this.

Bharti Bua(their paternal aunt) comes to meet Kritika and she too tells Kritika that she should understand Priyamvada's sentiments and not always misbehave with her. She says that if Veer had been alive he would said a same kind of thing to her which she would now tell her. Kritika is confused. Bharti Bua asks her to marry Rishabh. Kritika tells her that she and Rishabh are only friends and nothing more than that.And no matter what she wont break her friendship with him at any cost even if it leads to Priyamvada's and Karan's anger over her.

Priyamvada calls Bhagwat to enquire about Rishabh's well being. She thanks him for not letting this issue out in the public. Bhagwat tells her that he would not like to drag Kritika between the animosity between him and Priyamvada and wont punish her unnecessarily. Bharti comes to the CM office to meet Priyamvada and discuss with her about Kritika. She tells Priyamvada that the work Kritika is doing with NGO is very good and Priyamvada should support her. But Priyamvada says that behind all the good work of NGO Bhagwat is putting all his brains. He is even making his son Rishabh play puppet in his hands. She thinks through Rishabh, Bhagwat is trying to break the unity of her family. She believes that when Bhagwat could not defeat her politically, he is trying to create waves in her family. But she is determined not to let any tricky idea of Bhagwat work and break the bonds of her family.

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Sarrkkar – update for 17h June


It's the day of Karan & Shweta's engagement. All the guests have arrived at her place. Her mother (Indu) asks her father (his name is Pushkar, I think) to call up at Karan's house to see if they have left. But he says that it looks very bad to call up every now & then. Just then Shweta comes down, all ready for the engagement. Both her parents praise her. She asks about Karan & when her mother tells her that her father is reluctant to call she goes up to call Karan. Priyamvada enters with Urvi. She says that inspite of telling them to keep it low key they have called practically the entire city & there is not even enough space for all. Shweta's parents come & welcome them. Priyamvada asks Shweta's mother that when she had said that she wants it a sober affair why are so many people called & if indeed they are called then why is the place so small that half of the guests have to stand. Shweta overhears all this & retorts that people don't come to an engagement to sit and enjoy. Rather, they come to witness two people being united in a relationship. Priyamvada gets very annoyed but doesn't speak a word & walks out.  She meets Bhagwat on her way out who realizes that something is wrong & tries to find out but Priyamvada just shows him in. Urvi is about to follow when Chintanji stops her & goes out himself. He tells Priyamvada that she should not have walked out like that as she is the cynosure of the party. Priyamvada says that she has made a very grave mistake by agreeing to this marriage. But Chintanji tells her that she can't change what has already happened so she better accept it because Karan will not tolerate anything against Shweta, as he loves her more than his life.

Karan's phone rings…its Kunal calling to wish him. Karan tells him that he is very sad that Kunal is not attending the engagement of his younger brother. He asks him, "People say that one can be either happy or married. What has your experience been?" Kunal replies, "I'm a happily married person. Urvi is happy and I'm married." (He looked choooooo chweeeeet!!!!!!) Karan laughs & says, "OK but you have to definitely attend my second engagement." Shweta calls Karan. Kritika comes there and wishes Karan with all the previous hostility between them replaced with love. Bharti didi also comes with Priyamvada. Karan introduces her to Shweta & her parents. Bharti didi talks about how time has flown & their small Karan who used to play in her lap is now getting engaged. Priyamvada indirectly taunts Shweta by saying to Karan, "Just because you have grown up doesn't mean that you forget your values. Karan, touch your bua's feet." Karan blushes & touches her feet. Bharti says that it doesn't matter but Priyamvada says, "If children forget their manners it is the duty of elders to reprimand them, isn't it Induji?" Bharti anticipates an argument and asks them to proceed with the engagement. Karan & Shweta exchange rings and hug each other. Shweta's mother seemed more interested in seeing Priyamvada's discomfort rather than Shweta's happiness.  Bhagwat & Raghunandan Tripathi are standing together when Raghunandan tells him about the face – off between Shweta & Priyamvada. Bhagwat is very happy & decides to befriend Shweta's parents. So when both of them come to see if he is comfortable he invites them over to his house for dinner. Priyamvada wants to leave & tells Samar that to bring Karan home is his responsibility.

Kritika goes with Chintanji to meet Rishabh. The doctor is examining him & says that he needs rest. Chintanji suggests going home but Kritika says that they have just come. Urvi & Priyamvada reach home & come to know that Kritika is not at come. So, Urvi calls her up. Kritika tells her that she is with Rishabh & may be late in coming. Urvi repeats this to Priyamvada, apprehension showing up clearly in her voice & expressions. The episode ends with Priyamvada going up to her room & Urvi standing below looking at her.

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Reallllly sorry but here;s the update for 20 June-
Priyamvada (PM) is disturbed when she comes to know that Krittika's with Rishabh. On the other hand, Krittika is asking Rishabh time and time again who it was who attacked him but still he refuses to tell her anything. Chintan tells Krittika to leave for home as PM will be worried.  Rishabh also seconds him. She gets irritated and just at that moment, Bhagwat enters and is shocked to see Krittika and  Chintan. He expresses his pleasure over the fact that both of them are working for society and wishes them all the success. he goes on to ask her if PM knows she's here. After getting the answer, he's delighted. Krittika and Chintan leave for home.
       When she reaches home, she meets a drunk Karan who asks her why she left his party so soon. She apologizes for doing so and tells him that she was with Rishabh. She leaves behind a very furious Karan.
             It's morning. Krishnamoorty, PM's PA, is announcing her schedule.
She's still thinking abt the embarrasing incident at Shweta's place. KM excuses himself. Urvi comes and notices all this. She goes and tells PM to forget all of this. This makes PM very angry and she lauds Urvi for being such an excellent daughter-in-law for so many years and sadness over the fact that now she'll have to bear some-one like Shweta. Urvi calms her down and tells her that they've done all they have could but Karan is just too madly in love to listen to anything. PM is angered even more and tells Urvi that Shweta's very shrewd and has cleverly identified our only weakness- Karan and that she should not come into this house. PM is upset with Karan, as well as Krittika, who are hell-bent on going against her.
Kunal calls up and tells his son and daughter that he's already courier-ed them their gifts and they have no reason to complain. Urvi takes the phone. Kunal asks her how everyone is and how the engagement went off. He's just too excited and asks if Karan's happy. Urvi says he has to be.
Kunal- Is mom happy?
Urvi remains silent and is in a fix.
Kunal- Why? What happened? Why are u silent?
Urvi tells him what happened and asks him to come over ASAP. He assures her that he'll try.
Shweta gets a film offer from a very big banner and informs Karan that their engagement has brought gud luck. Karan's ecstatic and assures her that this is just the beginning to her way to being a top actress.
PM calls upon Krittika and asks her where she was. Krittika and PM end up having a heated argument with PM suspecting her . At  the end of it all, Chintan tells PM that he was with Krittika the whole time. Krittika is hurt and runs away. PM is sad.
That's it!
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Sarrkkar – update for 21st June


Priyamvada is sitting at her office with Krishnamurtyji & discussing something. Krishnamurthyji's phone rings & someone gives him information about Shweta's photo shoot that night. He passes the information to Priyamvada who gets very angry & tells him to call Karan immediately.


Karan & Samar go to meet Rajendra Guruji. Karan tells him that the govt. has arranged for a bigger & better alternative place for the ashram & he would like Guruji to shift there. But Guruji refuses saying that he will not leave asik nagar for it to be demolished. Karan slowly gets down to slight threats by telling him that right from childhood Guruji ha had to bow down before his wishes & it will be same this time also. Krishnamurtyji calls up Karan & asks him to come home immediately. Karan gets a bit irritated & tells him that he'll come later but Krishnamurtyji says that Priyamvada has called him urgently. Karan & Samar leave.


Karan comes home & sees Priyamvada troubled. She speaks for sometime in riddles, taunting him about his managerial skills with people. He tells her that if he had 2 mins more with Guruji, he would have managed to convince him to leave asik nagar. But Priyamvada asks if he couldn't control a person (read: Shweta) in two years, how did he accept to convince Guruji in just 2 mins? She tells him that she accepted Shweta only because her son loves her a lot but Shweta is spoiling Karan's reputation by having obscene photo shoots. Karan is shocked.


Shweta's shoot is in progress. Karan storms in with Samar & 2 goons. He fires the gun & takes the camera roll from the cameraman. Shweta is very angry. Karan yells at her & says that she is not bothered about herself, she should at least care for Karan's reputation. Shweta asks him, "Who the hell are you?" Karan gives her a resounding slap & tells her that at present he is not in his senses so she should try to push him because he'll stop at nothing. He packs up the shoot, takes some clothes & thrusts them into Shweta's hands saying, "Get some clothes on, will you?" He waits outside near his jeep for her; she comes out in a salwar kameez. He once again yells at her. He tells her that he has convinced his mom about the marriage with so many hardships & she'll ruin everything if she behaves this way. Shweta starts crying & promises him that such a thing will not happen again.


Guruji & his followers plan to stage a protest (dharna) outside the CM's residence. Guruji doesn't want Kritika to participate because he feels that media will blow it out of proportion & the real purpose will be overshadowed by the Kritika – Priyamvada factor. Even Rishabh tries to dissuade her but she is adamant on participating.


Priyamvada is holding a meeting with ministers & party workers her residence. Krishnamurtyji comes to know that Guruji & his followers have come & are demanding to meet Priyamvada. Priyamvada asks Bharti didi to conduct the meeting while she goes out to meet Guruji. She comes out & hears slogans being shouted against her.

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Hey rfan...PM me when u post the wed update...I have the thrus one readyBig smile
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Update for 22 June----Sarrkkar
PM goes outside to find a large crowd of people revolting against the demolition of the Asik Nagar slums. PM spots Krittika and Rishabh along with Guruji in the crowd and grows tense.
PM- What lessons are you teaching now Guruji?
Guruji- I am not teaching anhything to anyone. And if I am, then it is the ministers who need my teachings the most.. I have come here to request you to please stop the construction work in Asik Nagar.
PM- This is not possible. Much progress has been made in that aspect. Ask anything of me except this thing. And to all of you people, the govt. has made arrangements for relocating al of you ,
Guruji- And what about the remaining 10,000 people.
PM- Makeshift arrangementa have been made for them too.
Guruji- Neither will they go anywhere and nor will we. If you do not act as we are saying, we will sit on a fast unto death.
PM- Guruji, you are proving to be an obstacle in the state's development.
Guruji- Development cannot come at the cost of destruction of so many houses.
PM- The next generation has grown very intelligent in your company. But I am sorry I cant do anything in this aspect.
PM leaves behind an upset Krittika and equally so, Guruji.
Afterwaeds, Krittika decides to sit for the fast herself and that too, outside the CM house. Rishabh tells her not to do so as the opposition can give a political color even to such a small thing. She unwillingly agrees to his point.
Without even giving a notice, Shweta & her mom come to PM's house for Shagun. PM is very irritated by sich behaviour-
Indu(Shweta's mom)- First of all we thought of taking an appointment but then we thought that we need not as this is our house only.
Urvi gives a puzzled look to PM.
Indu- But after looking at you, I think we should have taken an appointment.
PM- But now that you have come, please have a seat.
Indu- I think you are not happy by us coming.
PM- No, it's not that. It's just that this procedure is taken up after a lot of discussion with the family. These are our values and we hope that you shall instill the same values in your children Shweta.
Indu- Our families' values are pretty much tha same.
PM- Then all this..........? I would like to tell you that I've agreed to this alliance only bcoz of our immense love for Karan. And I will certainly not tolerate anyone taking undue advantage of that love. I request you all to wait a while for the marriage. It is on the cards but at the moment, nothing is more important for me than the elections.
Just then Karan enters with a sad look on his face but nevertheless, he supports PM's decision and convinces Shweta and her mom. Inside deep somewhere he's hurt.
He storms into PM's cabin and tells her that she needs to give more importance to his marriage than the elections. PM again tries to make him understand that she just wants him to wait for the elections & then she'll marry him off. She tells him that the opposition will take advantage of the fact of his affair with Shweta and conspire against her and the govt. He does'nt give a damn to what her says and storms out again. PM is hurt to no extent.
Krittika is playing with some kids and Rishabh recollects his golden days with Krittika when they were in love. He gives some flowers to Krittika and tells her that he feels very happy for her when she's enjoying. Guruji comes with a newspaper and tells them that they shuld not fast bcoz PM's gonna contest for the elections. Krittika reads the newspaper and is upset.
Indu is talking abt the way PM tries to insult them at every step when Shweta feels sick and vomits. Indu understands that she's pregnant and tells her that now PM can delay the marriage no longer.
Bharti tries to talk abt Karan and Shweta's marriage but PM tells her that her first priority is the elections and that all the family's honour is on stake. Bharti tells her that they cant delay the marriage any longer as it will be too late and Bhagwat will take advantage. When asked for clarification, she reveals that Shweta's pregnant with Karan's kid Pm's shell shocked

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