Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani


Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani
Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani

SARKARR...UPDATES(by manasi_16, ronitfan) (Page 5)

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finally i din watch it

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Sarrkkar – update for 24th May


Priyamvada gets very worried after Bhagwat's inflammatory speech and switches off the television. Karan comes in and says that he wants to talk about some important matter. Priyamvada says that at present nothing is more important for her than the riots at Kusumpur. Karan says, 'Those riots were initiated by Bhagwat's own people and I has found out everything. That's all I wanted to say, rest of the things I can manage myself.' Priyamvada is very perturbed, but Urvashi consoles her saying that she will be able to handle this crisis.


Kunal is in his room thinking about what Karan said to him the day before. He makes up his mind to leave Mumbai. He comes down where everybody is having dinner. He tells Priyamvada that he has decided to go back to Banglore. She asks him if he has forgotten that his family is under threat from terrorists. He says that he knows that and so he is leaving Urvashi and the kids behind but he cannot postpone his work further. Karan asks him why he can't start his computer business here to which Kunal replies that he did try but here his only identity is 'the CM's son'. Priyamvada tells Urvashi to talk to Kunal and convince him to stay. Urvashi goes up to their room where Kunal is packing his bag and tries to talk to him. But he says that he has decided what to do; now it's her decision whether she wants to stay on in Mumbai or come with him. She screams at him saying that he knows she can't stay without him and start crying. Kunal takes her in his arms and quietens her.


Karan rushes into a doctor's clinic…bombarding her with questions like 'what's wrong with Shweta', 'is she ok', 'nothing serious is it'. The doctor tells him that everything is fine but now he has double responsibility because if Shweta is under stress it will affect the baby's health. Karan is very happy to hear this news and as soon as the doctor goes out he hugs Shweta. Shweta tells him to talk to Priyamvada immediately. But he says that that is not possible as she is very tensed because of Kunal leaving and the riots. Shweta gets very angry and tells him that he has to do it fast because soon everybody will come to know about her pregnancy and after that she and her family will not be able step out of the house. Karan also loses his head (anyway that doesn't take long) and yells at her saying, 'you always think just about yourself. Have you ever thought what problems I face – tumhari tension, party ki tension, desh ki tension aur ab yeh' she is shocked and asks if he wants her to abort. But he again yells saying did he ever mention abortion.


Kunal is all set to leave for Banglore. Urvashi tells him to take care of his diet s he always puts on weight when she is not there. The two kids (I don't know their names) come in the room and say that they'll miss him a lot and if they can visit him in the holidays. He says definitely but only if they behave well and don't trouble their mother. He comes down where Priyamvada is sitting with Chintanji and Kritika. Kunal embraces Kritika and then goes to his mother. He touches her feet and says that it's time for him to leave. Priyamvada blesses him with tears in her eyes and says, 'kaam ke beech agar waqt mila to maa ko yaad kar lena.' He tells her that he'll talk to her as soon as he reaches Banglore. He goes out and everybody accompanies him. Chintanji comes back to see Priyamvada standing in front of Vir's portrait. He says, 'Kunal is very much like Vir in many things.' She turns ad says but he is running away from Vir's 'virasat'. Chintanji is shocked and asks, 'Priyam tum ro rahi ho?'








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Update for 25 may-
Priyamvada sheds some tears in front of vir's portrait and tells Chitan that she's alone and that all her kids have left her to walk on their own paths-
Priyamvada- I am shattered and helpless. Krittika and Karan are brash. I expected Kunal to take care of things but even he does not seem to care for his mom. I am tired Chintanji...i can do all this no-more!!
Chintan- Is this the same Priyamvada I know? Do you remember Priyamvada? Vir always used to say-"If i ever lose hope or if ever I am tired, I just look at Priyamvada's glowing face and I'm charged up again." Your kids are grown-up now Priyamvada. Do not shed your tears. It will only make you weaker and your enemies stronger.
Priyamvada decides that now it's time for her enemies to suffer and she'll no longer cry and be a weak woman. She has a determined look on her face.Big smile
Rishabh (the opposition leader's son) and Krittika are having a talk-
Rishabh- Do you remember your old teacher Krittika?
Krittika- How can I ever forget him? Dont u remember he was my favorite teacher?
Rishabh- and yeah dont forget...YOU were his favorite student....
Krittika- And you used to become so jealous that everytime you met him you used to ask him who his favorite student was...!!
Rishabh- yes...and I always used to get the same answer-you!
Krittika- But why have you taken this topic all of a sudden?
Rishabh- Do you remember he was always into social welfare...he has called upon you and requires your help. I thought this news would interest you so....
Krittika- Thank you so much Rishabh! I will get in contact with him as soon as possible.
Rishabh returns hom where his dad, Bhagwat stops him-
Bhagwat- Where ARE you these days son? I hardly get to talk to you.
Rishabh- I am always with you's YOU who is so busy.
Bhagwat- Anyways, this is important stuff. I just dont know how to start. If your mom were here, she'd have conveyed this to you much better.
Rishabh- Oh come on pop! What is that YOU have to be ashamed of? Shoot..
Bhagwat- Actually I was thinking of your marriage....
Rishabh- Marriage? How did this arise?
Bhagwat- Son, you cannot lead your life need a companion in life. And frankly speaking, I like Krittika very
Rishabh- NO DAD! you are getting this all wrong. Krittika and me are just good friends and I hope your mis-understanding is cleared.
Rishabh is a tad upset and leaves Bhagwat who feels for his son and wants him happy.
Shweta is very depressed and waiting for Karan. He comes and they hug-
Shweta- I am losing my mind Karan. I am pregnant, we are not married. what do I do? I cant take this anymore...plz tell me when we will marry!
Karan- Sweetheartm just gimme some time. As soon as the right time comes, I will tell it all to mom....
Shweta- Right moment? Right moment?!?! When WILL it come Karan? You just keep on talking. The right moment will come when me and my child dies wont it?
Karan- Shweta!!! Are you out of your head? It's not just your problem ok? it's even my problem. How can you be so selfish?! atleast spare a thought for me!
Shweta- Yeah it's your problem allright. If you wouldnt have been there then this problem wouldnt be there in my stomach....
Karan- Oh are going mad...this is disgusting....
Shweta- I am going mad...Ill show you how mad I am...
Shweta loses control over herself and starts behaving wildly. She breaks a lot of things, throws them at Karan and finally in a moment of insanity, cuts her wrist with a knife. She becomes unconscious. Karan is shell-shocked and rushes her to the hospital.
At home, Priyamvada talks to Urvashi-
Urvashi- Shweta is a nice girl Mom. But not some-one for whom Karan can fight the world....
Priyamvada- All this is not Shweta's doing. Her mother is playing the real game and I will not let her game be successful. I have come to know that Shweta's not capable of all this mind-games thingy.
Urvashi- Maybe you are right mom...but then what are you gonna do?
Priyamvada- You just wait and watch Urvashi. And yeah one more thing, I know that you are staying away from Kunal just for my sake.I promise you that he will be back soon.Clap
Urvashi- He's very stubborn mom....and this time he's determined.
Priyamvada- If he's stubborn, then even I am his mom. I will get him back.Confused
At the hospital,
Shweta regains consciousness and Karan comes and takes her home.
At home,
Karan and Shweta march in hand-in-hand. Priyamvada and Urvashi are shocked to see them. Priyamvada shows presence of mind and quickly puts on a false smile and says-
" It's good that you both have come Karan. I will soon have to talk to Shweta's parents for your marriage....ASAP!"Wink
The END-
How did u like it-
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Sarrkkar – update for 26th May


Priyamvada tells Karan that she wants to meet Shweta's parents to fix up their marriage. Everybody is shocked, but no one more than Urvashi. Shweta is looking aghast. She says that she feels that she is day – dreaming but Priyamvada assures her that this is reality and that now she should go home and tell her parents to meet her as soon as possible. Karan comes and hugs Priyamvada and tells Shweta that he always knew that his mother would never refuse him anything. Priyamvada tells him to stop all this 'laad aur pyaar' and drop Shweta home. Urvashi asks what made her suddenly agree to the marriage when she was so much against it. Priyamvada tells her that its not that she WAS against the marriage but still IS. But she has to get them married if she doesn't want Karan to do something brash. But Urvashi feels that marriage need not necessarily improve Karan, but Priyamvada says that she has no choice. Karan is not only her son but also the heir to the 'kursi'. If she doesn't accept their relationship she will lose both her son and her heir.


Karan is driving Shweta back home. Both of them are very happy. But Karan tells her that now it is her turn to do something for his family. She doesn't understand what he is trying to say. Karan explains to her that his family has a certain set of rules and 'usool', which she now has to accept. There will be times when she may feel awkward but it is she who ahs to adjust to his mother. She assures him that she will do it but why is he telling her all this. He replies saying that he knows both Shweta and his mother very well and both are quite headstrong.


Urvashi tells Kritika to be ready for her second 'bhabhi' because Priyamvada has agreed to get Karan and Shweta married. Kritika is very happy and says that she really has to ask someone if the sun rose from the west today.


Priyamvada is leaving for Kusumpur with Bharti didi. Karan wants to come with her as that area is very unsafe but she refuses. Krishnamurtyji assures Karan about the security there. Priyamvada tells Karan that in her absence he is responsible for the party and the govt. so he has to behave in such a way that people say that if there is anybody who can control the govt it has to be Karan Pratap Singh.


In the car Bharti did asks Priyamvada why she appointed her as the home minister. Priyamvada says that Raghunandan was a threat to her so she sacked him and in a way Vir's last wish has also been fulfilled. Bharti didi says that after the home minister is next in hierarchy after the CM so even she can pose a threat to Priyamvada but Priyamvada says that Bharti didi is not just a minister but is also part of their family.


Both of them reach Kusumpur. The people there are protesting against her with slogans like 'Priyamvada Devi murdabaad' she gets down from the car and quietens them. She says, 'I've not come here to give any speech or make promises. I've just come to share your troubles. But I would like to know where were these voices, which are shouting slogans against me when women and children were being killed. If at that time someone would have raised their voice against this injustice, those people who were killed would have been alive now.' Everybody start clapping and the slogans change to 'Priyamvada Devi zindabaad'  (seems like thy have shown Bihar…in Mumbai people don't change their opinion in spilt seconds!!!) But she stops them and says that she is knows that troubles lessen if they are shared so she has come to share their problems and if that is a crime then she is a criminal. Anyone can try to threaten her but she will still stay here with them. The episode ends there.





My God, the dialogue writer can write speeches for even Sonia Gandhi!!! Kya speech tha…taliyan taliyan taliyan!



I have missed one scene between Priyamvada and Natasha and then between Priyamvada and Kritika because at that time my sweetoo was being shown in Kasautii, toh mere haath se remote ka button dab hi nahi raha tha



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Originally posted by no1fanofronit

kritika has a husband... i din kno i thought she was unmarried

She's a widow, right?
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Here's the update for 30 May-
Priyamvada manages to get the people on her side and promises a compensation of 5 lakh ruppees for the family whose member has died+ a govt job for one of it's members and a separate 1 lakh compensation for material loss. Bharti tells her that she shouldnt forget this promise and that the matter shouldnt remain in downtrodden files. Priyamvada assures her that this wont happen.
Kunal reaches Bangalore and calls Urvashi from there. As soon as she picks up the phone, she starts telling him about how Priyamvada managed the whole situation and how creditable it is and stuff. Now Kunal is really bored of all this and tells her that he already knows abt his mom and wants to know about his wife. She realizes and asks him when he'll be back . He tells her that there's loads of work to be done and asks her to come over for the weekend with the kids. She tells him that kids have their exams and she needs to help Priyamvada. Kunal is angry and cuts the phone.
Krittika's childhood friend Gayatri comes to meet her but is stopped at the gate by the security. She calls up and Krittika is delighted to know she's come. Urvi asks her why she's so happy and she tells her abt Gayatri. Even Urvi is excited and calls her in. Krittika and Gayatri are ecstatic on meeting each other after so many years.
Gayatri gets nostalgic on seeing Vir's protrait but Krittika cheers her up. She introduces her to Urvashi as her sis-in-law. Gayatri gets angry on Kunal bhaiyya for not inviting her on his marriage. Urvashi tells her it's not his fault and that the thing happened very quickly.
They pray in the house temple where Krittika tells her that she now doubts God's existence after all that has happened to her. She narrates the happenings after Vir's death. She tells her that she no longer finds solace and comfort in her house. Gayatri is confident that happiness will surely come back to the house. She gifts Urvashi a set of red bangles on account of their first meeting ever.
Priyamvada  comes home to meet a happy Karan who congratulates her. He gets a call and tells Priyamvada that Bhagwat and Tripathi are planning to bring about a no-confidence motion. Bharti is confident that it will not be passed but also emphasizes on the fact that they need to find the two-timers in the party. Karan makes some plans. Priyamvada is very happy and stands near Vir's portrait and thinks-"I always used to tell you that Karan has all reqd qualtities of a gr8 leader, undetstanding of the enemy, plan-making, speed, effeciency.....only if he gets some control on his anger, i will be care-free..." Karan comes to her and assures her that everything will be alright. They hug.
Gayatri decides to surprise Karan and Priyamvada. She starts a bhajan in the temple and Priyamvada gets nostalgic and immediately recognizes the voice.
that's it for the day!
Hope u liked it-
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Thanks for the great update ronitfan. Priyamvada is sort of right about Karan. He def has the fire in him to become a leader and make a difference but that anger of his messes him up every time. When you're always in the public light, you can't afford to blow up all the time. Shweta sort of brings out the worst in him sometimes. Confused Kunal is the complete opposite. He's really cool and composed but lacks the desire to succeed in politics. He's not too keen about politics and it shows and its hard to succeed in something when your heart's not really into it. Thanks for the update again.

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Sarrkkar – update for 31st May


Priyamvada immediately recognises Gayatri's voice and goes to the temple. When Kritika and Gayatri look up they see Priyamvada standing with hands folded and praying. They both get up and Gayatri touches her feet. Priyamvada blessed her and hugs her…she is very happy and has tears in her eyes. Gayatri tells Urvashi that Priyamvada also sings well and is a very good cook. Urvashi is very surprised to hear that. Gayatri and Kritika insist that today Priyamvada should cook food. Priyamvada agrees. Then Gayatri goes to Karan's room to meet him where he is talking to Shweta. After he finishes Gayatri keeps her hand on his eyes... He says, 'Bhabhi' 'Kritika' but doesn't recognise her. She asks him to keep his eyes shut and raise his hand. She then ties a rakhi on his wrist. When he opens his eyes he immediately remembers how she and Kritika used to tie rakhi to him and Kunal. He looks up and says, 'Gayatri' she touches his feet but he hugs her. He enquires if everything is all right with her.


All of them are sitting at the dinner table…talking about old times. Suddenly Urvashi says, 'Mummy, kal wo no confidence motion…' the good mood immediately evaporates. Kritika says, 'Bhabhi please…no politics during dinner.' Karan's phone rings and he excuses himself.


Some MLA's of Priyamvada's ministry are discussing tomorrow's no confidence motion. They are very angry that no one asked for their opinion. Karan enters in his usual style…with his 'chamchas' in tow. He threatens them by reminding them of the cases pending which can land them behind the bars. He tells them that they'll be staying in a hotel till tomorrow's motion is passed and he himself makes them sign in favour of Priyamvada.


Kritika and Gayatri are talking about old times and want to meet a teacher. They go out and are enjoying themselves.


Priyamvada reaches the assembly the next day and meets Bhagwat on the way. Lot of dialogues…loaded with politics and taunts. Bhagwat is sure of getting the motion passed and Priyamvada is equally sure of getting it revoked. As a parting shot Priyamvada tells him that he doesn't look good on the CM's chair…Krishnamurtyji is looking on…amused...trying to suppress a smile.


Sorry if I have missed anything… I was again watching Kasautii

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