Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani


Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani
Sarrkkar..Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani

SARKARR...UPDATES(by manasi_16, ronitfan) (Page 2)

Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2005 at 4:41am | IP Logged

here's the link for the update for 09/05 N=1

Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 12:58am | IP Logged

Update fro 10/05 N=1

sukh IF-Rockerz

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thax a bunchClap
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thanks so much!  I really love this serial and the cast as's an EXCELLENT show Clap
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Thank you soo much for the great updates. I agree with Anju. This show is really good, with a great cast and a well-written story line! Smile
Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2005 at 3:00am | IP Logged
ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Sarrkkar update for 16 May-

Priyamvada is very upset that Krittika refuses to understand her situation and keeps on maintaining contacts with Rishabh. She goes to Kunal's room where he's working on his laptop. She comes and sits besides him. He almost immediately senses that his mom is tense and leaves his work asking her what's wrong.

Priyamvada- I need your help Kunal.

Kunal- Sure mom, what can I do for you?

Priyamvada- I am here to talk about Krittika…she simply doesn't agree with me on any thing and is aloof from all family matters hardly showing any concern towards anything.Why doesn't she try to understand my situation?

Kunal- Mom I think YOU need to understand Krittika's condition. She's lost her husband, then her father. It's virtually impossible for anyone to forget such things so soon and start leading a normal life…she needs some time….for herself.

Priyamvada- I understand Kunal, but she still keeps on meeting that Rishabh, very well knowing that he's Bhagwat's son….who is the oppositon leader. If the media is to get even a slight scent of this relationship, the spark will create a fire so intense that it will burn everything….

Kunal- Excuse me mom, are you here to discuss Krittika, your daughter or some political issue? (with slight anger)

Priyamvada- Kunal…I'm concerned for my daughter and want you to help me out in this mess.

Kunal- I am very sorry mom but I can be of no help in the current scenario.

 Priyamvada is left a bit crest-fallen by Kunal's response and leaves.

There's a party meeting going on when Tripathi tells Bharti (vir's sister) that Karan is degrading the image of the party and that no-one in the party supports him.

Bharti- Tripathi, do you have anything against my family? Or Karan?

Tripathi- It's nothing of that sort Bharti ji, we all are of the opinion that Karan should not continue working in the party or it will be hazardous and also that the party needs a new leader, and the state needs a new CM..

Bharti- Are you trying to instigate me to raise my voice and become the next CM? If so, that's not going to happen. My brother and I have always believed in clean politics and so does Priyamvada. So there's no question arising! And yes, have you ever though that if your plan were to backfire then we could lose the mid-term elections!!

Tripathi is shocked as he'd never thought abt that side of the coin. He remains silent throughout the meeting.After the meeting, Bharti calls Priyamvada and tells her something. She thanks her for the info and is happy.

At home, Priyamvada is reading a book when Karan comes from behind and surprises her. She's very happy to see him and tells him that she's completely bowled over by his courage and congratulates him on completing the assigned work so soon.. He too is happy. She tells him that she loves the thing that he always does what he promises.

Karan- I know I have made you very happy today mom. So if I ask something of you today, I hope you will not say no my rani saheba!

Priyamvada- ranisaheba for others! Only Mom for you darling! Ask what you want to.

Karan- Shweta mom….Shweta!

Priyamvada is very dis-appointed at hearing this and does'nt talk.

Karan- Mom I know that you don't like Shweta but you haven't even met her once. Please meet her once and I am sure you will like her, rather you will LOVE her at her sight. Look mom, atleast give her a chance! I have decided I am going to marry only Shweta.

Priyamvada agrees and tells him that she will meet her at her convenience. He's ecstatic.

Priyamvada calls up a producer and tells her to approach Shweta with a bold film. Shweta meets the producer who tells her that there can be many objectionable scenes in the movie as per the script requirements and that she should seriously think about considering the offer. Shweta agrees and signs the film. She goes and the producer tells Priyamvada that things are going on just as she wanted. Shweta hears all this and is angry. The next day, the media goes overboard with the news of Shweta signing the film.

Karan's very angry and rushes to meet her. Kunal tries to stop him but Priyamvada says-

" Let him be Kunal…there's no use…and he's no small kid that you have to console and explain things to him every time. Let him see the difference b/w his and his mom's choice…let him go" Kunal is very upset.

Kunal is sitting with some executives of his department. When the meeting ends,

Kunal- (Sigh) I have told these people so many times…. it's such a simple thing…I don't get it why they should consult me each and every time.

Priyamvada- But I am very happy son that you are taking care of your responsibilities so well. You plan so well. I hope someday Karan also takes a feather from your hat and follows suit. You know what? I am planning to make Karan the general secretary of the party. I am sure this will burden Karan with so much of work that he'll not be able to meet that Shweta.

Kunal- (Sarcastically) Oh! So you are giving him the post not because of his capabilities but only because you want to keep him away from Shweta? OH! Hmm…I understand.

Urvashi gives a disapproving look to Kunal.

Priyamvada- Are you passing sarcastic remarks Kunal?

Kunal- Oh not at all mom…I am just trying to understand politics…now that I HAVE to live here…. it's high time I get hang of things going on…don't I? Excuse me…

Kunal leaves. Urvashi apologizes to Priyamvada on Kunal's behalf telling her not to mind his sayings and that he's simply very depressed.

Karan meets Shweta in a hotel.

Karan- (throws some newspapers at her) What's all this nonsense? "Call-Girl"?!! What was the need to sign such films Shweta? Do you know how angry my mom was after all this? And all these pictures are making me mad!!

Shweta laughs at him…

Karan- And now why the hell are you laughing?

Shweta- Oh Karan! Has no-one told you that you look SO cute when you are angry!

Karan- Cut the crap Shweta!! This is no time for nonsense!

Shweta- But how can you just jump to conclusions like this Karan? I haven't even read the script till now! And if there are any such scenes, I am not gonna do them OK? So baby please calm down..and what's this? You haven't even given me a hug!!

They hug each other and Karan's consoled by Shweta. He expresses his love for her and leaves the place. He also tells her that it's going to be an uphill task to explain all these things to Priyamvada. Shweta calls up her mom-

Shweta- Mom, everything's happening just as you wanted them to. Priyamvada devi should now know that she may be ruling the common masses but it's Shweta that rules Karan's heart.

She ends the call with a sly smile.

ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Sarrkkar update for 17 May-

Kunal is very upset that politics has even reached their family matters and gets into a heated argument with Urvashi-

Kunal- Nowadays you have started to think everyone else than me is right….

Urvashi- Leave my topic Kunal, you shouldn't have talked like this with mom. This is now way to talk. You should apologize.

Kunal gives her an angry stare and looks elsewhere. Urvashi understands his state of mind and comes and holds his hand gently-

Urvashi- Kunal, you always say na that others' happiness is of more priority than our owns?

Kunal – Arre! Giving others' happiness so much of importance to others' happiness doesn't mean that you put your principles in the dustbin!! (Slowly growing angrier and angrier) I had never wished to hurt mom. I am living here against my wish! For whom am I doing so? Only for mom's happiness. And then, why SHOULD I apologize? What I felt was appropriate, I spoke out. If you thing that's wrong then come with me, I'll apologize

Kunal holds her and pulls her along to apologize. She stays put and is hurt-

Urvashi- Earlier too we had our fights, arguments. But never did you talk to me in such a tone before.

Kunal- (very angry) That was because then we were living in our OWN world, which was made by us, where we lived with our own choice…nowadays speaking to you also has become…

He's very angry and walks out of the room. Uravshi's sad.

At another of the party meetings, Priyamvada tells that the state is now going to be divided into zones and she assigns various zones to certain ministers who have to give their regular reports directly to the co-ordination committee (headed by Kunal). Tripathi's a tad concerned. Priyamvada propses the name of Karan as the General Secretary of the party. Tripathi indirectly hints and gets the message clear that because of Karan, the party's image is going down. Not only is he violent in his working but also his current romance with Shweta is creating obstacles.

Priyamvada- I request you all to still consider Karan as a contendor for the post. Not as my son, but as a normal person. Please consider his capabilities and decide. I would still like to have a voting just to check Karan's support in the party.Thank you all very much!

Kunal is discussing his plan with Mukul, his assistant in the project, who has evil designs in his head. They are amidst a conversation when-

Mukul- Kunal bhaisaab! You should keep a check on your brother's activities, or it may go against you in the future.

Kunal- (irritated) Mukul….we are here to discuss our project and not what Karan is doing and what he should not…alright?

Mukul- No…nothing like that's just that everyone in the party dislikes Karan for his brash attitude and "I-care-a-damn" attitude. But on the other hand, all members simply admire your way of working. I have already told them that you are CM material.

(Kunal is seriously pissed off on sensing politics brewing) you just have to give ONE hint..that will be enough to chuck Karan out of the party.

Kunal's anger now knows no bounds. He throws his laptop away and shouts on Mukul-

Kunal- Mukul!!! How dare you?!?!!! Stand up!! And get out of my house! OUT!!!!

Mukul leaves a visibly adamant Kunal.

At the dining table during dinner, Kunal and Urvashi are sitting with their kids. While the kids are dining, Kunal & Urvashi are waiting for Priyamvada.

When she finally comes,

Kids- What is this granny? We have finished!! And you are coming now?

Priyamvada- I am so sorry kids, actually I am not hungry.

On hearing this, Kunal who's about to begin eating, stops mid-way and asks Priyamvada what's wrong. Urvashi tells the kids to go to bed after finishing their school work. They leave.

Kunal- What's bothering you mom?

Priyamvada- This relationship of Karan with Shweta has left our position and esteem reeling in the party. I am simply unable to understand what to do!

Kunal- Mom, I have a very simple solution to this problem. Get both of them married.

Priyamvada is both shocked and angry at the suggestion-

Priyamvada- Now that you have just spoken, I expect you must have thought something before talking so!

Kunal- Mom, whatever is my understanding, one thing I have understood- that both Karan and Shweta like to stay in public attention. Shweta is out-spoken and so is Karan. Unless you get them married, everyday we will have news about them being printed in the papers.

Priyamvada- I am not satisfied with your suggestion Kunal.

Urvashi- I too have an idea mom. Why don't u go and talk personally to Karan. I am sure he will understand.

Priyamvada- Lets hope things go as planned Urvashi..lets hope.

Priyamvada goes to Karan and talks-

Priyamvada- Do you remember Karan? When you were a kid, you loved to play around with fire! At diwali, you used to light bombs in your hand. Your body would get burned and you would suffer. Childhood has gone Karan, but not your obsession with fire (trouble). The only difference is that now even I am affected by this blaze.

Karan- Agreed that I play with fire, but surely I will find a way to deal with it too. You wont suffer mom. Now those people will suffer who are using Shweta to hurt our family and it's reputation. Shweta , too, is very innocent. She's so gullible. She trusts anyone who comes her way.

Priyamvada- At this age, trusting someone so much without knowing isn't gullibility, but foolishness.I hope your Shweta knows what she's doing.

Karan- you don't know her yet mom. So tell me when should I tell her to come over and meet you.

Priyamvada –Tell her to come tomorrow. Let me also see who knows my son better than me.

Karan- Mom….NO-one knows me better than you…(hugs her) thanks mom…thanks for everything!

Karan is playing chess all by himself when Kunal comes and stands besides him-

Kunal- Karan…?

Karan- Bhai…you? Woah! You come in so stealthily brother…no-one comes to know. Come on…sit by me.

Kunal- What's the matter? Playing all by yourself?

From this point, Karan starts talking about the game, indirectly a code for politics….this was a gem of a scene!

 Karan- You know all right bhai! I have always played this game alone…but now that you have come, I think my game will soon be over.

Kunal- Lets' play together! It's been ages.

Karan- What's the point bro? After so many years, Again you will lose.(both of them laugh)….the reason being that you just cant defeat me in this game. And moreover, in this game of chess, there wont be mom to help you about.

Kunal-(smirks) I don't need mom's help either. By the way, Mom's very upset Karan

Karan- And why is that?

Kunal- Because I suggested your name for the post, that's why! (Karan grows a bit anxious) Look at this, I noticed a thing which even you did'nt! (Lifts the queen and kills the bishop) Check and mate!

Karan- (stunned for a while) WOW! Master stroke brother! Woah! I didn't know you would learn the game and play it so well so quickly!

Kunal- How am I to blame Karan? You never gave me a chance…(shrugs cutely!) anyways, you are the expert of this game and my little brother. So what shame in losing to you? Karan I am here only because of mom…and not to play this "game"…

Karan- Brother! If we wont play THIS game, which game will we play? The game that you want to play is not approved by mom and the one which mom wants , you are not ready to. It's a catch-22 situation.Whether you want to or not, you will have to play this game bro…there's no choice…- Leave that brother! Nowadays I am more concerned about you. You are normally such a chilled-out guy! So relaxed….what do they all say? Yeah…bindaas!! But now when I look at you, especially after Dad's death, you are so bottled up…u know what I mean…

Kunal- Yes Karan, I know what you mean. That was so because I wanted to go to Bangalore….but we must understand Karan…there are other games in life except computers and politics…let's what destiny wants us to play…

Karan breaks the good news to Shweta who's ecstatic. Her mom is also very happy but not her dad. Priyamvada., on the other hand is irritated and is in no mood to meet Shweta and her family.


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