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Heights of obsession#2 pt 23/pg 136-new link added (Page 95)

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Originally posted by mytinypaintings

just finished reading all your 20 parts very well written and nice ...please add me to your pM list I just sent you request
love saumya

Thanks Dear Smile .. added u... n will PM  u 4 sureSmile

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Originally posted by Luvforever

Awsome & lovely updt... Dey r so romantic & so much care & luv 4 each oder dey hv bt dey dint undrstnd it plzz cnt soon waitng eagerly 4 nxt part & u knw i m waitng wen in serial too dey wil hv more lovey-dovey moments atlst u gave it...

 Thanksa lot Dear Smile...I think or say hope very soon we will get RishBala romance in show

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Originally posted by Mlle_Fabuleux

Awesome update! =)

Thanks Dear Smile

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Originally posted by sukklover


keep ing dear...Big smile


 Thanks a lot for lovely Pic comments Dear Smile

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thanks to all for liking n commenting. ...thanks to all for liking n commenting. ...thanks to all for liking n commenting. ...

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Thanks for everyone who ever commented and liked my updates till now.

I replied all your comments individually - from pg no 100(for ur reference) Check if u r interested.

Please take ur time to comment. Even if you find it bad or feel good let me know. That will help me in writing the next part as per your liking.

Thanks to all once again.



I simply hummed n hold HIS hands tightly that are rested on my stomach n turned my neck to enough space for HIM.HE smiled a little which I could feel coz now he replaced the nose with HIS lips n gave sweet pecks all along the neck, shoulder n back to jaw line. Both were again slipped into trace forgetting the world around us. Our trance was broken by shrill sound of my cell which is from my home thus indicating our parting for the day.


Both of us are very sad n disappointed but we know that we have to go back n it's inevitable. Thus with heavy heart we left our dream there in that place n resumed our journey to go to our respective places.

Part 21

I reached my home and changed to my night suit i.e black knee length pants n white T's.I was in no mood to converse with anyone. I am completely in the thoughts of that one person who was a mere stranger 10 days back n and a crush six yrs back which vanished with time but came back with such a force in just a weeks' time that nothing is making sense to me. How HE simply invaded my thoughts, my life, my heart even me for that matter.


I was all ready to go to my den when my mom was worried coz I am going there after a long time. Almost after 6 months now. Bcoz as per her knowledge I go there only when I am too depressed or stressed out. So she quickly said

Mom: Gudiya!! R u alright beta?? Why r u going to the den?

Me (Smiled gently n said): Mom I am more than alright. Don't worry. It's just I am too stressed out coz of the function n all the after events there so I want to sleep peacefully away from trish's sleep talk (Trish simply hit on my head. I rubbed it with pout n continued). Also tomorrow is Sunday n hence I don't want to come here atleast till noon.

Shammu: Arey.. why darling? Tomorrow we can plan outing then u will b too fresh. What say?

Me: No papa. I am having a way too busy schedule ahead. So plz.

Shammu: Gudiya r u seriously ok. U call me papa only when u r upset.

Me: It's not so I just am missing '.

Of course I can't take HIS name or else that's the last time I would see HIM.. My mom would simply kill me for my insanity so I was thinking for right words. Also I cursed my clumsy brain. It just follows its old order of calling names. I am in mess all thanks to my idiocy 'so now strolling to make up n simply blames my stress, which is actually not there. But who knows?? So I continued confidently

Me: I mean just don't know. I am feeling too tired.

N after that there is no inquiry commission. But mom just said.

Mom: Gudiya, I know ur noon comes only after sun set. U will forget everything once u will b there. I still remember the last time u were not out from that creepy place for whole day. N this trish is so scared of ur that freaking place.

Me: Mom don't call my place freaking or creepy. It's just didu n u r scary cats. Roma n malik never fear that place its just that I don't allow them in.

Trish: Hahah ha' it's more like a horror movie setting. Actually no one can find out there's a door in that wall except for ghosts like u. by the way what's fun in living in a monster room. can I forget u r one of them. Always love watching horror movies sitting in a dark room alone.

Me: what to do I am strong n braver than u. not like seeing a ghost on tv or movie my temperature never goes 104..

That's it I touched the nerve of trish n she simply through pile of sofa pillows on me n said.

Trish: Oye hello.. I am not weird girl like u who loves horror movies. I love movies of my dreamy RK. He is so sweet, macho, handsome n everything a girl wants.

That's it I really want to through all the pillows back at her face. But controlled my anger n gave a fake smile. But the image I maintained b4 my family about not being a crazy fan covered it all into an uninterested gesture. But then suddenly trish shouted n said

Trish: Gudiya. U stolen my golden chance. At least help me in meeting RK once in ur set. I just wanna take an autograph n if possible photograph. None from our chawl except u got the chance to meet him. Plzzz.

Though I so want to say no but have no heart to break her expectations hence told her.

Me: Ok. I will take u once we start the real work other than talks. That's may be in 3-4 days ok.

Trish hugged me with such a force that we lost balance n almost fell down but malik caught us on right time n said

Shammu: Enough of ur drama. Ok Madhu. I want u here for lunch exactly @1:30 n take those packets which have bread, biscuits n jam. If u want take tea in flask. Water will b anyhow there with u. N if I don't see u for lunch. It will b ur last time to visit ur place.

Malik said it in a no nonsense tone which has finality, which means if I cross his words that's too danger n him calling me Madhu other than nickname is not a good sign. Hence I accepted all their terms n conditions n collected all the stuff n ran to the abandoned house in backyard which has a even creepy terrace. No one in their right mind use such a place for hideout except me. That's the talk in the whole chawl. But chawl being the most secure place of Mumbai coz here all are same family no body objected me to use that. But b4 going mom said

Mom: Beta apply sugar juice to mehandi n after it dries apply oil and wash it after few mins. That will give u good color n u will get a good husband for u.

The thought of mehandi itself brought back all the events of evening I just blushed n quickly went out to my den b4 I will b caught in one more convo or teasing session. Now I am in my den which is a best hideout place for me from all my worries n also the best place where I keep secretes from everyone, including my malik. But the funniest thing ever is I even keep secretes from myself. It may sound crazy for others but it's the reality. I buried my personal secrets there which I promised to not think once I will b out of that room. N HE is one of such secretes.

Yep it's the harsh reality of my life. For every one even me I was out of my once craziness for this superstar. But reality is whenever I go to that place my mind will simply think only about HIM. N hence I stopped going there when there was a big gossip about HIM having an affair HIS co-star which HE never denied 6 months back. I think that's the time I stopped liking HIM or that's what I thought till a week back.

I switched on the light of the room n saw a mannequin with a chain n a teddy which has a name cutie. Yep that's exactly what I call HIM. Don't know why I named HIM that n hence I named my big teddy which is a price I got in a competition of course which is again a mystery how I got through it. But I named it after HIM. That's why I love to call HIM cutie. Coz no one except me will never ever (even in dreams) will call HIM so. N hence it give me a sense of relief n belongingness.

I took cutie in my arms but carefully coz though mehandi is dried out I still want it secure. It's HIS first gift to me. I blushed seeing MRK carved in my palm secretly like HE marked me as HIS. I simply hid my face into cutie in shy only to b jerked out with some touch. B4 I can shout HE closed my mouth. I was hell shocked seeing HIM there but b4 I could react he pulled my cutie so harshly n threw it to the corner of the room.

I couldn't help but blush even more if it's possible with HIS jealous over a non living thing. But pouted in fake anger as HE threw it and hence I said

 Me: Hey, How can u through my cutie?

RK: But u calls me cutie. Then how can u allow him near u? If u want I can serve u like him.

Me: I named it after u, but abandoned it when I got to know u have an affair with that last heroine of urs. From then I never liked any of ur movies.

HE pulled me closer almost on to HIS lap n hold me tight around my waist n said

RK: I never had any affair with her or anyone for that matter. It's just they use my name for their career n I just ignore all this nonsense just coz if I start giving explanation then it will definitely lead to more gossips n linkups. If I am calm n will ignore them the news will automatically cools n no one will give any importance to that.

Me: if now u get gossips with anyone?

RK: I will simply kill who ever create that. Coz now that u r here with me I won't allow anyone to link my name with anyone else. N if it's with u them I won't say anything n if they ask me about that I will accept that.

Saying so as if it's so casual HE simply settled the pillows of the mattress (that's there in that room for my use) to the wall n settled comfortably leaning n stretching, turning & positioning me in a such way so that I can relax completely on HIM. It is too intimate pose my back glued to HIS chest which is revealing through open of the shirt which is not buttoned properly. HIS one hand is around my stomach while other is around my shoulder n neck passing my heart. Whereas HE hid HIS face into my neck n hair.

After what seems like eternity we could calm our wild heart beats which is so prominent for each other. After the calming ourselves I asked HIM

Me: If u accept gossips my mom will simply kill me. By the way what r u doing here? Do u have any idea what could happen if u get caught? 

RK: I won't let anyone to touch to harm u.

There was some crazy madness when HE is saying those words which I couldn't fathom the meaning. But just in a flicker moment changed HIS expressions casually n said

RK: It's not so easy to catch RK. It needs talent n guts.

Me: u r so proud of urself isn't it?

HE just shrugged.

Me: But u didn't answer me.

RK: It's simple I sneaked in here without anyone notice me. N u feel it as the most secure place in Mumbai.

Me: How do u know?

RK: So simple. The way u behaves so confident about this place give out ur thoughts.

Me: Ok now purpose?

RK: Did u forget I said I want to b the first one to c the real color of ur mehandi.

Saying so HE took the sugar syrup n applied it to my hands. I blushed at HIS gesture n leaned more into HIM. I so wanted to turn facing HIM n hug HIM so tight that even air can't pass through us. Ok my thoughts started going wild coz I know where it can go further. But as always HE turned me to face HIM n held me tight placing my arms around HIS neck carefully not to stick my sugary palms anywhere n embraced me into HIM crushing my soft frame into HIS hard one touching each other at all right places making us both shudder in anticipation.

Situation we are in simply aroused wild thoughts in me to feel HIM even more carnally. Seriously I need a doctor's aid in controlling myself. That's the first thought I got after my wild imagination n my traitorous body is not helping, giving away my vulnerability towards HIS simple actions. My body reacted so shamelessly to HIS simple hug if we can say this too intimate position simple. My softness crushed into HIS hard chest n my buds hardened n poked into HIS frame. I could simply die out of embarrassment n to top it all HIS content n teasing smile is making the matters worst.


Sticky sugar hands, odd semi sleeping sexy statue pose, acting too cozily... all r long forgotten. I didn't know when my hands threaded HIS hairs n pulled HIM more close if its possible with already being so close. I started kissing HIM sensually from temple to jaw line to chin carefully avoiding HIS lips. I could feel HIM hardening beneath me. I flushed n turned completely wet coz of this sensation. Suddenly my hands in HIS hair couldn't move freely breaking my or say our dreamy moment as I can see how pleasant HE was. I could hear HIM groan in frustration coz of the disturbance in the moment.


RK: Kya yaar WILDY, How can u break my bubble like this? I soo wanted this moment n time to freeze n u have to think of the stickiness now only?

I pouted as I too felt frustrated coz of the disturbance. n said

Me: Cutie, what can I do? I felt so uneasy. Common lets wash ur hair n my hands.

Saying so I literally dragged HIM to the open terrace n washed HIS hair by bending HIS head down washing my hands in the process. Once done I said HIM to stay in same position n went inside to bring the towel. But HE has to do opposite of what I said n stood up.

The sight b4 me seriously cracked me. No wonder HE is cutie for me coz there HE is standing with a pout n head dripping water wetting HIS shirt. I laughed as much as I could shaking my head n said


Me: Cuite. I told u to just wait in same position. c what u did? Why don't u listen to me?

RK (cribbing like a kid): I just couldn't find u anywhere n hence I stood to search u.

Pulling HIS cheeks which is my favorite thing now a days. I chuckled n said


Me: It will take time to bring towel from my pile of clothes n sheets. Ok now just come quickly its very cool here n u will catch cold.

Saying so I dragged HIM back to the room, pushed HIM down on mattress n without any further thought on what I am doing just rubbed HIS hair with towel n opened HIS shirt which is wet n kept it on the window door which is on the side of mattress n was about to pull HIS vest. Just when my hand rested on hem of the vest, I jerked back to reality of what I am doing?


Thinking wild n acting wild is two different things n this act of me almost ripping off HIS shirt n vest was way beyond my limit n the thought HE may take me as a despo just turned me moist n tears rolled down coz of this turmoil.As if HE understood my turmoil simply kissed away my tears n said


RK: Sweety. Plz don't ruin this pure moment with ur baseless doubts n thoughts. I could never think anything bad about u. Not now or ever for that matter. N plz if u cry on this moment I will feel bad coz it's bcoz of me u r crying.


I shake my head in NO but he continued...


RK: As I said u have full rights on me. U could do anything with me. n I literally meant anything which includes forcing n ...


HE deliberately paused to give me hints n I hit HIM playfully, smiling with tears. HE held my hands n saw the color of mehandi which is sooo deep. HE kissed both the palms slowly every inch specially the place where he craved our names.


I hugged HIM tight out of shyness n I forget the past crying moment. Of course it's been like that only since a week when I started feeling something or HIM. I tend to forget everything when ever HE is near me. We slowly slipped on to the mattress under the blanket looking deeply into eachothers eyes when HE said


RK: Sweety. I promise u that I will bring so much trust n confidence in u regarding our relation that u won't hesitate or backoff what ever u want to do. n I promise u that u will have the last word in this relation n I promise I will kiss away ur tears which will flow from ur beautiful hazels what ever may be the reason other than me being the reason coz i won't let u cry coz of me.


I can c the sincerity n pureness in HIS words so I did something I never thought or dreamt I could dare. I climed on top of HIM n pecked on HIS lips. Not a deep kiss but a slight brush n a dry kiss. n the time frozen for us with that simple moment.




But I jerked back to present where I am shedding endless tears from past 48 hrs pondering on HIS promises which HE broke n didn't came to soothe me nor kiss them away. I am definetly not going to spare HIM nor forgive HIM for this.


--To be continued'

 Hope u like it.

Precap:More RIshbala moments. May b twist (Will try to include in this part)


Note: Those who want the PMs please add "gbr_pm" ID.

Thanks for all those who liked and commented.

Please take time to like the post and write at least a word to say what u feel about my update.

That really gives a lot of encouragement n courage to proceed further.

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Awesome update dear As usual. Luvd Rishbala moment a lot Embarrassed
Bt the ending was sad Ouch.I feel vry bad & also curious 2 know the reason of MB's sadness & where is RK. What has he done 2 MB. Pls update soon & Thank u so much fr PMing me.

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