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Heights of obsession#2 pt 23/pg 136-new link added (Page 12)

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Thanks for everyone who ever commented and liked my updates till now.

I replied all your comments individually in old thread Check if u r interested.

Please take ur time to comment. Even if you find it bad or feel good let me know. That will help me in writing the next part as per your liking.

Thanks to all once again.


RK: Don't need to explain urself. Not when it is difficult for u. I can understand ur hesitation n confusion. Just leave it here. WE have lots of time to talk about all these in future. N  ya I will leave Aniket for now. Only coz of u. But I won't spare him after this. I swear even u also can't stop me next time. 

I was looking at time not knowing what to talk n he continued.

RK: Ha I don't want u to defend him or anyone. I don't like it.

Part 14

All of us gathered in the office room to discuss about the future plan. I am new to this project as well as this field though my whole family is in film industry they are not involved in all these hence I don't know its procedures and functions. It's new to me so I am being a mute spectator in their convo.

All are talking about the locations, dates and some contract and all. Everyone has managers to manage their dates and other procedures, but what about me?? I pouted cribbing to myself what and how can I do?? I can't plan a week ahead of my life and they are talking all are talking about their 6-12 months plan. I was wondering what I have to say if they ask me. Though I am completely in my thoughts I can feel two pair of eyes on me, instantly watching my every action. One I know Its HIM. But the other is Aniket and I don't know what he is thinking about or did he recognize me being the same girl he fought this morning? I simply left that idea and tried to focus on the bigger problem b4 me n turn to HIM making a baby face. Now I am desperate to take his help or idea in this. He raised his eye brows as if asking what my problem is. I tried to tell him by showing everyone. I can say he didn't understand what I am indicating as I am showing everyone and he frowned as if asking to come again. But our eye talk is disturbed by the spot boy who bought drinks for all of us.

Every one took what they want from beers to normal drinks. Almost every one took beer except for very few and HE is also ready to take beer but I glared at him as if warning. I don't know what made me do so. But I didn't like the idea of him drinking. I know HE drinks but I didn't like HIM doing the same b4 me. N he stopped mid way n took diet coke every one there almost chocked on their drink and see him as if he is an alien.

Director(Ramakanth Choudary): RK.. What happened man? U r drinking a soft drink? What's happening to u? Are u alright?

RK: Yep!! I am thinking of being on diet. U see first time I am gonna do full length romantic movie I want to b like a lover boy rather than a rough and tough action hero like my last two movies. So u see I have to b like a soft boy. So no alcoholic drinks and heavy food till this project completes. (while saying this, he is looking towards me n I simply turned my head but was lightly smiling n felt very happy coz he gave so much respect to my unsaid words)

RC: Wow that's what makes u RK. No doubt u r most loved actor by producers' n directors along with people for ur dedication n seriousness about the work u do. NO amount of negativity can bring u down.

RK: Common RC I am not doing any favor here. I am doing everything for me n my career. Also I am the co-producer of this film. So it's general that I have to take care of my first project.

RC: Oh RK. But u are always like this.  Always think about being perfect.

HE gave a small smile which didn't reach his eyes. Also I can c some unhidden pain in them. It always pricked my heart whenever I see this painful smile which no one seems to understand. Even here in this small group no one tried to c through HIM n his words. All are more concerned about the work and praising HIM. Of course this is what everyone is concerned about. Coz no one wants the pain of the person. I really wanted to soothe his pain n comfort HIM but can't do anything. At least not here, so I remained mum. He continued

RK: Life can't be as perfect as we want but at least we can make some things perfect that is in our hands. And when I can control my work n make it perfect why will I leave that opportunity. Leave all this n let's continue with our "Plan of Action"

RC: Ok RK. U can let me know your dates. Actually I will talk to ur manager. Once we get ur dates we will start this project as I know u are already busy with many projects in hand.

RK: Multitasking is always there in RK's dictionary. U know I am the only star who works on more than 3 projects at a time. So I can include this in my agenda. I would like to start it from next week itself. One of my projects will anyhow end by this month ending. So we can work lightly in this month and seriously from next month.

RC: As u say. In the mean time I will finalize other actors and I will get u the script. We can sit and change if necessary. By the way Aniket will be assisting me. As u both are friends it will b easy for both of u to work.

I was like wow if just few minutes of encounter between these two made the environment so violent n send dangerous waves around me. What will be the fate if we have to work with these two volcanoes who are ready to burst at each other's site. I am looking upwards as if asking for the help of Ganapati bappa. But was jerked out of my thoughts when director called me.

RC: Ok now that everything is almost settled what about you Miss Madhubala. How can we plan about u?

B4 I can answer I heard Aniket whisper back my name. and spoke

Aniket: Madhubala... It's lovely name just like honey. N if I am not wrong ur name means honey in English. Am I right? So I would love to call HONEY. What say?

I immediately glanced towards HIM who was in a verge of losing his composure. If I am not wrong he already lost it n can pounce on this Aniket any moment. HE is already showing his hatred n anger towards Aniket on the poor coke tin. So b4 any tamasha happen I started.

Me: No sorry. I don't like all these names. They will look soo odd. U may call in general but others won't take it as cool as u do. So I am happy with my name being called same. U can call me Madhu or Madhubala.

Saying so, I looked at HIM. He is still angry n not at all approving our convo. But what can I do? We all have to work together. Aniket being a Asst Dir he have to call me and work with me. So I pleaded HIM through my eyes but still HE is angry. Our discussion cum pleading session come to an end when RC started.

RC: Ok Madhu ji lets talk about ur plan. How will we manage ur Dates?

Me (Simply shrugged my shoulders n said with forlorn expression): Till today I never planned anything beyond a few hours. How can I ever plan for these many weeks or better say months?

I heard everyone almost laugh at my dialogue. Even HE has the small smile on his face but trying to hide from me.

RC: U should have a manager or till u get one u can go with ur mom/sis or aunt or anybody from ur home.

Me (Almost shrieking): NOOO….

N saw everyone covering their ears tightly at my sudden outburst or better say screaming in such high pitch. I simply bit my tongue n said slowly n in soft voice

Me: Oops!! Sorry. I didn't mean to scare u or make u people deaf but, no that's not simply possible.

Aniket: Ok Why should she give her dates. Arhhh ….I mean what is she exactly here? Is she not from technical team?

RC: Aniket!! She is the new girl for this movie. I mean lead for whom media is creating such a hype.

Aniket: WHAT?? (shouted in shock)

RC: Ok if this shouting competition continue for a while I will definitely go deaf. N Yes Aniket, she is the main lead of this movie and her pics will be given to media in 2 – 3 days which will we took in photo session. But she will be presented b4 media on the day of official launch of this movie b4 media.

Aniket seems pale like almost lost his color after the piece of information. I thought he might came to know that I am the same girl n may be thinking he may not be able to teach me a lesson to mess up with me coz it will create unnecessary news. While RC continued…

RC: SO we will meet again on Monday to sign the deals n finalize dates. From then we can proceed further. Lets enjoy the week end and meet fresh.

 Everyone r leaving for the day. It's decided that we will meet on Monday i.e after two days. I am thinking about manager thing and thought of talking HIS help. Every one almost left the place after half an hour n I went to green room to get my accessories to leave for the day. But suddenly remembered the pain in HIS eyes when talking to RC n anger on Aniket n my convo. So I wanted to confront HIM.

So I entered his room and saw him standing by the window looking lost into the sky. I calmly went n stood beside him n said

Me: R U still angry?

He just nodded and continued his staring session. I too look in the same direction as HIM but found nothing interesting other than evening sky, also the sun set is not visible so prominently to enjoy the evening from this place. Only taller office buildings are visible.

Me: What's so fascinating in here, that u are not even looking at me when I am talking? R U still angry with Aniket n My convo?

RK (looked seriously towards me n said): I don't want his name in our convo. I have had enough of him already there. I can't stand him but have to work with him.

When I thought he is going back to his angry mood I changed the topic. I started why I am actually here.

Me: I saw the pain in your eyes when u r talking about perfection n all to RC. What's so paining in that? N even when u r angry there the pain is more dominating. What happened?

RK (turning his face away from me): Nothing like that. It's just I am talking generally.

Me: I can read u. U can easily cover ur pain with ur arrogant self infornt of whole world. But never forget there will be always someone who can truly read u. Now I can do that. If u doesn't want to share with me, I can understand. Coz some things can't be shared with anyone. We can only share with closed ones. But I just want to say only one thing. Plz don't suppress ur pain in u. It will eat u from inside. Share it with ur dear ones. It will let u live in peace.

RK: I am 5n. Really. It's just I am thinking about career …n

Me: U know u can be gr8 actor for the world. But u can't lie easily, atleast not b4 me.

He saw me with such an emotion that I felt some body squeezed my heart raw. It's really painful than I expected it to b when I saw some unsaid n unbearable pain along with a thin layer of tears in HIS eyes. I don't need any words from him to know the depth of HIS pain. May b I don't know the reason but I can always identify HIS genuine happiness. I felt this way even when I saw HIM on screen. But seeing HIM directly made me believe in those words. I didn't talk further, n let HIM say any other word.

I simply don't want to think about rationality, consequences of my actions n what may happen, what I will say, how I may justify this action of me. But just followed my Heart and hugged HIM tight. I just want to cocoon HIM in my embrace away from this cruel world and simply hide him from every sorrow. I don't know why but just want to save the innocence of HIM which is unknown to this world. To save the same innocent child who HE is suppressing in the fear of something from this world. I don't know how much time is passing all I know is HE is safe in my arms. N relaxing in my embrace. N I found HIM circling HIS arms around me and hugged me tight as if HE found some solace in me.


-- to b continued.. stay starts the sweet nokh jhok n cute romantic moments of Rk n Madhu. N What will Aniket do here in their story??…


Precap (first part is of precap is covered in this update n second part is same): I am also ready to leave but HE cornered me behind the pillar away from prying eyes.


Note: Those who want the PMs please add "gbr_pm" ID.

Thanks for all those who liked and commented.

Please take time to like the post and write at least a word to say what u feel about my update.

That really gives a lot of encouragement n courage to proceed further.

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Awesome update...
Although less RIMA scenes and convo but still nice update... Good job..

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Awsome...this aniket is naughty...mischievous...eye talk was too good...I loved their emotional bonding...and loving it... Heart

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oh choo sweet  innocent  RK...
love madhu cum honey cum wildy...
nice update...di keep it upBig smile

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Awsm update.Rishbala really understand each other well.Hope that stupid Aniket doesnt create problems in their life

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superb update

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