Hum ne li hai... Shapath


Hum ne li hai... Shapath
Hum ne li hai... Shapath

FF: GauShi Love-Story(Pending...)

GauShi_MadHas Senior Member

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Shapath is becoming a crime show and it's love stories are disappearing so Zariyat made this FF to complete all the love stories of Shapath with her own ideas and twists.
Hope you all enjoy this.

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MsPrez IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Main Characters Sketch :

Hasan Zaidi as Senior-Inspector Gautam
He is 25 years old and is very hard-working and patriot officer.He is the only son of DCP Jairaj and is one of the senior-inspectors of Mumbai Crime Branch.He left home because his father cheated on him and then he started living with Shikha because she also left home for the same reason.She was his best friend of college and they loved each-other but couldn't confess.He loves Shikha as much he loves his country.

Madhura Naik as Shikha Yashvardhan
Madhura Naik
She is a 24 years old social worker.She is the only daughter of Industrialist Yashvardhan.Her mother when she was a child then her aunt Neela used to live with them.She has two best friends.One is just a friend and other is the person whom she loves.Abhigyan is her best friend of school and Gautam is her best friend of college.She left her home as his father also cheated on her just like Gautam's father.She started living with Gautam , the person she loved the most.She also loves her country as much she loves Gautam.

Piyush Sachdev as Senior-Inspector Abhigyan
Piyush Sachdev
He is 27 years old senior inspector of Mumbai Crime Branch.He is the only son of a rich businessman.He is a very tough cop which sometimes melts with emotions.He loved her best friend Shikha but when he realized that his colleague-friend Gautam and his best friend Shikha loves each-other then he left them alone.At first he loved Suhasini , Shaurya's mother but because his parents didn't agree so she left him.Everyone even Shaurya himsellf is unknown that Suhasini is Shaurya's mother.He loved Suhasini and Shikha but both left them.

Manasi Salvi as Advocate Tanisha
Manasi Salvi
She is 27 years old but a successful lawyer.She helped Gautam , Shikha and Abhigyan in many cases and shares a very strong bond of friendship with them.

Anjali Mukhi as Suhasini
Anjali Mukhi
She is 48 years old.She is Shaurya's mother but Shaurya doesn't know about this as she abandoned him when he was infant.She was the lost love of Abhigyan.She left Abhigyan because his parents didn't agree and the main reason was that she is very old for Abhigyan.

Sarwar Ahuja as Senior-Inspector Shaurya
Sarwar Ahuja
He is another senior-inspector of Mumbai Crime Branch.He is 25 years old but is a patriot officer.He was abandoned by his mother when he was infant.He grew up in an orphanage.He still is unknown that Suhasini is his mother.

Sargun Mehta as Sonia
Sargun Mehta
She is 24 years old and is the only daughter of ACP Karanveer.She doing course on Fashion Designing.Her mother died in an accident then she lived with her father.She became friends with Shikha when they met in a shopping mall.Then she also became friends with Gautam , Shaurya , Abhigyan and Tanisha.

Narendra Jha as ACP Karanveer
Narendra Jha
He is the commanding officer of Gautam , Shaurya and Abhigyan and father of Sonia.He behaves with all his officers and also with Shikha as they are his family.Sonia is his only daughter.

Mohan Kapur as Industrialist Yashvardhan
Mohan Kapur
He is one of the leading industrialist.He is Shikha's father but also corrupted indestrialist.Shikha left his house because he was corrupted.He is against Gautam-Shikha's relation.

Karan Kundra as Rohan
Karan Kundra
He was Shikha's colleague.He was appointed by Yashvardhan to spy on Shikha.He also helped Yashvardhan in Shikha's kidnapping.He was jailed along with Yashvardhan.

Celebrity Characters Sketch :

Misbah Abdul Jabbar as herself
Entered as Gautam's best friend of school.

Naina Mamgain as Dr. Naina Mamgain
Entered as Shaurya's best friend and a doctor.

Shreya Singh as herself
Entered as Gautam's crazy lover and Harshad's would be wife.She is also Tanisha's friend.

Namratha as Anjali Singh
Entered as Shreya's younger sister.

Harshad Chopra as himself
Harshad Chopra
Entered as the childhood friend of Shikha and Abhigyan.He is Shreya's would be husband.

New characters will be introduced here.

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GauShi_MadHas Senior Member

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged

Character Sketch at Page 1
Part 1 ,2 ,3 & 4 at Page 1
Part 5 & 6 at Page 2
Part 7 at Page 3
Part 8 ,9 & 10 at Page 4
Part 11 ,12 & 13 at Page 6
Part 14 at Page 7
Part 15 at Page 8
Part 16 & 17 at Page 10
Part 18 at Page 15
Part 19 at Page 18
Part 20 ,21 & 22 at Page 20
Part 23 at Page 25
Part 24 at Page 26
Part 25-Half at Page 28
Part 25-Half at Page 31

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GauShi_MadHas Senior Member

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Part 1(Written by Khushi and edited by Zari)

Subah 6 baje Gautam ka phone bajta hai,gahri nind se jagte huye Gautam

Gautam : Offfho...itne subah subah kiska phone hai,yeh to ek unknown no. Hai...anyway dekhna to parhega...hello...

Ek lady : Hi dear,how r u?

Gautam : Who's this?

Ek lady : Main jo bhi hu aaose ek baat batani hai aur ek surprise dena hai..

Gautam : Kya baatana hai?Kya surprise?Subah subah yeh kaisa mazak hai...!!!

Ek lady : Yeh bolna hai ki I LOVE YOU

Gautam : What rubbish!!!Yeh kya mazak hai?

Ek lady : Jo bolna tha bol diya..ab surprise ki wari,so open the door...hurry...

Gautam : Door khol kar dekhta hai ek lady apne dono haatho se apna face cover karke khari hai

Gautam : Who r u?

(Wo lady apna haath apne face se hatati hai,and Gautam shocked)

Gautam : Shikha tum??????????Its really a pleasent surprise

(Then they hug each other)

Part 2(Concept by Zari and written by Aishwariya)

House owner comes.

House owner : Are Shikha tum!Kaisi ho?

Shikha : aunty mai ab thik hu.Sorry aunty itna subah subah apko disturb kiya.

House owner : Par tumne Gautam ko achcha surprise diya!

Shikha : Aunty ab ap jake soo jayiye.

House owner : Thik hai.Tumlog bate karo mai jati hu.

House owner left them alone.

Shikha : Kaise ho tum?

Gautam : Mai thik hu.Shikha tum yaha rahoge ya Mr.Yashvardhan ke saath Yashvardhan Mansion mei rahogi?

Shikha : Gautam mai jane se pahle yaha rehti thi aur ab bhi yahahi rahungi...tumhare saath...tumhare pass...

Gautam : Tumhara luggage?

Shikha : Vaha hai(Pointing outside)

Gautam : Tum apne kamre mei jao mai luggage lata hu.

Shikha : Thank you Gautam.

Gautam : Dosti mei no thank you no sorry.

Shikha : Par ye doodti to nehi hai...

Shikha went in her room.Gautam is standing , he is confused.

To be continued...

Part 3(Concept by Zari and written by Aishwariya)

Police Station
At 8:30 am
Gautam enters.All the other inspectors are talking to each other.Gautam is smiling and thinking about Shikha's last line(Hum sirf dost nehi hai-Shikha).He is walking towards other inspectors.
Aditya : Lo Gautam sir bhi agaye.
Vikas : Aur dekho Gautam sir aj kitna muskura rahe hai.
Abhigyan : Are Gautam aj itna muskura kyu rahe ho?
Shaurya : Mujhe to lagta hai Gautam ko koi mil gayi hai!Gautam ko pyaar ho gaya hai!!Kyu Gautam mai sahi keh raha hu na?
Anand : Are Shaurya sir Gautam sir ko to pyaar bohot pahle hi ho chuka hai...
Shaurya : Pyaar bohot pahle ho gaya hai?Kon hai vo ladki?
Chandan : Aur kon Shikha maam!
Shaurya : Shikha?Ye kon hai?
Pooja : Industrialist Yashvardhan ki ek loti beti Shikha Yashvardhan.Shikha maam Gautam sir ki college ki best friend hai aur Abhigyan sir ki school ki best friend hai.
Anand : Are Pooja Shikha maam ab Gautam sir ki dost nehi zindegi hai!!Yaad nehi Gautam sir ne ek din khud kaha tha!Shaurya sir apko pata nehi Gautam sir aur Shikha maam ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte hai.
Gautam : Anand!!
Anand : Sorry sir.
Shaurya : Oo to ye baat hai.
Aastha : Par Gautam sir Shikha maam to abroad gayi hai na.
Vikas : Kahi Shikha maam wapas to nehi agayi hai?Sir kya Shikha maam wapas agayi hai?
Gautam : Haan tumne sahi kaha Shikha wapas agayi hai.
Shaurya : To humse kab mil va rahe ho?
Gautam : Bohot jald!

To be continued...

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Metis Viewbie

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Oh wow! Lovely Aishwariya. Do continue. Clap

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GauShi_MadHas Senior Member

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by khota_sikka_sri

Oh wow! Lovely Aishwariya. Do continue. Clap
Shreya maine to sirf likha hai pura credit to sochne wale ko jata hai...Credit goes to Zari!!Clap
Shreya tumhe nehi lagta hume Zari ke iss creative ideas ko ek thread mei post karna chahiye...Zari post karegi nehi to hume hi karna padhega...what do you think?

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Part 4-Half of Part 4(Concept by Zari and written by Aishwariya)

Police Station
9:30 am
Gautam is discussing something with Vikas.Other are working with Abhigyan and Shaurya in their own cabins.Vikas notices Gautam's wrist.
Vikas : Sir aj apne apni ghari nehi pahni?
Gautam : Meri ghari...(looks at his wrist)...oo mai ghar hi bhul gaya.Ghar jake lana padhega.Mai ghar jata hu(handovers a file to Vikas).
Shikha enters.
Shikha : Usski zarurat nehi hai!
Everybody looks at Shikha.
Aastha : Shikha maam!
Shikha moves forward to Gautam and others too.
Abhigyan : Shikha!
Abhigyan and Shikha hugs each other.
Vikas : Hello maam.Ab ap kaisi hai?
Shikha : Mai thik hu.
Shaurya : O to tum ho Shikha!
Shikha to Gautam : Ye...(pointing to Shaurya)
Gautam : Ye Shaurya hai..yaha ke ek aur senior inspector.
Shaurya : Hi i am Shaurya ,Senior Inspector Shaurya(moving his hand forward to Shikha).
Shikha : Hi i am Shikha ,Shikha Yashvardhan.
Shaurya and Shikha shakes hand.
Shaurya to Shikha : To tum ho Abhigyan ke dost aur Gautam ki girlfriend.
Shikha looks at Gautam and Gautam looks at Shaurya.Others started looking at each other.
Shaurya : I...i...i mean Gautam ki dost.
Shikha : Haan.

To be continued...

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Part 4-Another half of Part 4(Concept by Zari and written by Aishwariya)

Police Station
Everybody are talking and Shikha is also present there.Yashvarhdhan enters.
Yashvardhan : Shikha!Shikha!
Shikha : Dad!
Yashvardhan : Shikha tum phirse yaha agayi tumhe kitni bar mana kiya hai in donoke saath(pointing towards Gautam and Abhigyan) specially Gautam ke saath itna mila maat karo.Chalo tum mere saath.Chalo ghar chalo.
Shikha : Indono ke saath kyu na milu mai?!Kyu mai Gautam ke saath na milu?Aur ap kon hote hai ye decide karne wale ki mujhe kiske saath milna hai aur nehi mil na hai?Aur konse ghar ki baat kar rahe hai ap?Maine bohot pahle apka ghar chod diya tha...Mr.Yashvardhan!!
Yashvardhan : Shikha tumhari himmat kaise huyi apne baap ko namse bulane ki?!!
Shikha : Baap?Ap to baap ke nam par kalank ho!
Yashvardhan : Tum..tum...dobara kabhi mere ghar par maat ana raho tum Gautam ke saath(Yashvardhan left)
Shikha to Gautam : Achcha ab mai chalti hu.
Gautam to Shikha : Par tum yaha ayi kyu thi?
Shikha to Gautam : Oo vo mai Tanisha se milne jaa rahi thi aur dekha ki tumne apni ghari nehi layi to maine socha mai tumhe deti chalu.(gives Gautam his watch)
Gautam : Than...(he wanted to say thanks but then he remembered Shikha line"yeh dosti to nehi')
Gautam smiled and Shikha also smiled.
Shikha : Bye everyone.
Gautam : Bye.
Shikha left.

To be continued...

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