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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHiliciousDroolers#45:Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

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rHilicious Droolers #45
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Song of the week: Roshini1494
Poem of the week: 
Summary of the week: tanthya
Funny scene of the week: -Smiles- 
Picture of the Week: _Aanchal_
Filler of the Week: ~Saraa~
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: Roshini1494/--Pooja-
Achari Scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: minuu
Best FF of the Week: arisai
 Best OS of the Week: OnlyHope
Message to CVs: 
Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: Appy_Indy
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Costume of the Week: godhuli12
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
Joota scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Blooper of the Week: ~Saraa~

Banner and animated logos: Khushix PurpleFairy

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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Le Jaayenge, Le Jaayenge, Dilwale Dulhania Le jaayenge!!

The Grand week of marriage preparations began in the world of IP ;

Arnav walks away angrily after  confessing the heart stopping   'I LOVE YOU, DAMMIT ' to Khushi, leave her pole axed  like a lightning arrestor on the terrace
 * and if she is hit by a Lightning , Don't blame  Arnie Bwoyy * ..Khushi who was not expecting this largesse from Arnav is thunder struck and wonder struck ..and her joy begins to peep out in the form of smile ...After some time she returns to her bedroom,and realizes that Arnav is not in the room.. A happy Khushi content on finally winning the heart of the man she loves looks on dreamily  at the decorated bed  * Bad Timing, Arnie Bwoyy, Had u been here at this hour, U surely would have scored THE goal * , On the other hand we see Arnav  driving around  aimlessly on the roads  * what is this fetish of his BTW ??..Kuch  earth shattering ho jaaye , galiyon main bhatakne lagtha hai ** Khushi  sleeps off awaiting his presence ...

Next Morning Comes  in bright and clear ;

Khushi who had been sleeping on the recliner , notices that the bed has been cleared up, understands  her Raizada had  marked his attendance for the night, Khuhsi hurriedly dresses up, wearing the full sleeved Pink Dress 
* Face Palm !!  Not that Splitwaali suit * ..She comes down her eyes searching for  delicious , hanshome Arnav but unfortunately it is the Traffic Regulator aka Dadi who deigns to give her the Morning Darshan,Hiding her disappointment and conforming to her courteous upbringing..Khushi dutifully  wishes all the members of the Raizada's n Malik !!  More to avoid the stern , Hawk eyed gaze  of Dadi than with any real desire for Adrak Chai or any chai for that matter ..Khushi moves into her  destressor zone, The Kitchen...But she is not allowed to chill as Nani calls her out of the Kitchen..

Nani demands to know the truth about Khushi's marriage while rest of the family surround Khushi..Like  a startled Meek lamb confronted by a pack of hungry wolves, Khushi too panics, stutters but tries to stick to truth ...It is at this moment , Buaji drops into Raizada House...Khushi is surprised to see Buaji so early in the morning  and seeks  to know the reason ...when to her consternation THE VOICE booms out that it was SHE who had summoned Buaji into her Majestic presence ...All turn towards THE VOICE of Dadi as she continue her diatribe against Khushi , not using any wrong words, abusive words, Dadi manages to be utterly venomous and insinuates that Khushi is characterless , No Morals yada , Yada
 * Bechari, when she accused Arnav of Character dheela few months back, she never had any idea that remark will come back and bite her ** ...Shocked and Angered by Dadi's accusation, Buaji  turns towards Khushi, demanding the truth, when Khushi is unable to deny the statements, Buaji lift her Sunny Deal Hand to deliver a Stinging  slap on Khushi's phoolon jaisa Nazook Nazook Cheeks..but finds the Hand frozen somewhere in space, closer scrutiny reveals that the hand is stopped by another Hand which belongs to Arnav , Arnav steps in between Buaji and Khushi, with quiet authority n chilling politeness  informs Buaji that She does not have permission to even touch Khushi much less hurt her !!...Immediately Bedlam ensues with the whole family ranged against Arnav ..All unequivocally stating that the Marriage is null and void as they did not  do Phera's ...Dadi is intent on sending away Khushi and refuses to recognizes her as the Bahu...Just when it seems She will achieve her objective, Arnav  punctures her Balloon , saying that he will remarry Khushi the traditional way...All are relieved and Happy except ofc Dadi!!..Khushi leaves with  Buaji to Gupta House   but before that she too confesses her love to Arnav!!

All this drama is watched by Shyam through CCTV installed strategically all over RM by Shyam 
* Yeh Ghar hai ya phir shopping Mall * ...Shyam vows  to disrupt the marriage..

Khushi and Buaji are in their home ...Buaji is scolding Khushi for her rash act when there is a knock at the door..Khushi opens the door and is confronted by Dad..Dadi steps in and begins to insult Khushi and her upbringing..She manages to manipulate the situation in such a way leaving Buaji no other alternative other than to break the alliance..Dadi is pleased by the result  and leaves.. She is noticed by a fear stricken Garima who has hidden herself the moment Dadi had arrived  ...A angry Buaji is letting out steam and is blaming Arnav for the mess , Khushi is trying to defend Arnav...When Garima storms in and slaps Khushi ordering her to go into the room ...Startled and hurt by words more than the slap, Khushi walks into the room..

Meanwhile Dadi triumphantly announces to the RM people that the wedding has been cancelled at the behest of Buaji and that there is no need to prepare for any ceremony ..All are shocked by this announcement, Arnav who had walked in calms everyone and commands them to continue the preparation , announces that  the Marriage is on and will not be stopped...

Arnav departs to Gupta House to have a tete with Khushi and her family ...Arnav walks in to Khushi's room , notices the mark of slap..and is royally angry..Khushi calms him down  by the simple expedient of hugging him and explaining that Garima is her Mom and she has the right...A slightly mollified Arnav walks out to the hall, tells Buaji and Garima  that he will be coming with the shagun for Khushi the next day ..It is then he comes to know the dirty machination of his Dadi..

Arnav comes to Raizada Mansion, informs everyone that they will be leaving for the Shagun tomorrow and gives a veiled warning to Dadi !!

Arnav is unable to sleep as he recollects every moments of hurt he has given to Khushi, He rushes back to Gupta House at the dead of the night, ignoring the shadow of Shyam who is lurking behind  a pillar ..

Arnav  heads to Gupta house, meets Khushi and seeks forgiveness from her...A Loving Khushi replies that she does not need all this and his love is enough for her...

In the Hall, Garima is panicking at the thought of having to interact with Dadi in future and wondering at the course of ehr action...both become aware of Arnav's visit to Gupta House ..

Arnav walks into Raizada and is welcomed by the mischievous duo of NK and Anjali who begin to tease him on his nocturnal visit ...The 3 share some warm moments, NK bids Good night n walks away..while Anjali suddenly develops Coughing fit n is helped to her room by Arnav ..who hands over a medicine bottle and urges her to take care of herself...

Arnav comes out of the room and is met by the raised voice of Dadi who is still casting aspersions on  Khushi and her family...angered by her obstinate stand..Arnav  invites her to meet the Gupta's 
 *At that Late hour !!* ..Dadi is ever willing as she has become very curious on hearing the name Garima !! ..Both begin to leave for the Gupta House when Arnav informs Dadi that Khushi is a Orphan like him ..This stops Dadi in her tracks and she decides to meet the Gupta's in the morrow !!

Next morning is the Shagun Morning ..The whole of Raizada's barring Arnav
  * who  is not allowed to come  on the ground of Riwaz* leaves to Gupta House... They are welcomed by Buaji and Shashi ... Garima  has seized on the the opportunity of getting medicines for Shashi and has left the house avoiding  the meeting with Dadi ...The Shagun goes with out a hitch ...when the potha of Dadi  , The irrepressible Arnav walks in unable to keep himself away from Khushi... On encountering the wrath of Dadi, He  amiably retorts that  He came AFTER the Shagun is completed  and  now wishes to speak to Khushi Alone, Arnav  holds Khushi by hand, leads her to their room and have one of their cute moments ...

The Rokka is scheduled for tomorrow !! 

You guys would kill me if I said anything but the episodes of August 13th and 14th, wouldn't you? Well, here's to ArHi and the magic created by them on-screen in not just one or two but 5 whole episodes. ClapClap


Do I even neeedd to say anything? I don't think so. So, Shyaam Manohar Jha is back! Ouch And what a jooti worth an entry! ClapClap I think it was more comical than scary as I'm guessing the CVs had implied for it to be. But please take over this category back Shyaaam Ji. We missed giving this one out to you. Big smile


Hey Guys,

I think the funniest scene this week was when NK and Anjali joined forces to tease Arnav!! It was so cute and hilarious!! LOL

This week's rakshabandhan scene is when Arnav returns after a sweet yet emotional meeting with khushi and NK-Anji are waiting for him so that they don't lose a chance to tease him.As soon as he comes they both start pulling his leg and Arnav with his hindi ascent make Arnav laugh.At the end the sweet conversation between Arnav and Anjali was worth watching.We are having Arnav-Anjali scene in this category after a long time.Hope to get some cute and sweet scenes of them during ArHi marriage.

Has has has has to be Dadi telling Arnav that she wants to visit Garima. What a drag! Sleepy And what a way to get the story out of Arnav that Khushi is not the real daughter of Garima and Shashi. I mean could the CVs not think of a better way of Dadi finding out? Perhaps, through Khushi yelling this to Dadi - I'm sure everyone wants a confrontation between Dadi and Khushi. I sure do. LOLBig smile

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I always used to wonder why noone other than Arhi gets a chance to be in the BC list! How much i wished for Anji , Payal etc etc except Dadi to be in this list! Anyways there's noone better than ArHi! So this week, the person who is deserving to be in the list is Khushi! Infact i would like to give her an award for tolerating the people in RM [except Arnav]. RM is just like a zoo full of wild animals only we get less number good people but now a new monster has entered the house. I really cant understand how Khushi is tolerating nd listening to Dadi! She has no bad feelings for Dadi eventhough she keeps her taunting second by second. When Arnav gets angry with Garima, Khushi tried to make him understand that its her mom, she has the right to beat her! She loves her family no matter how much they get angry with her, that much she loves them! nd she has proved again that she is a good wife nd a good bahu! Keep going Khushi!!


The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. Well, this week it's again none other than Dadi Ji. I can bet Dadi Ji is going to stay at this slot for weeks to come! Tongue

Firstly, it was really bad to see how she went to Khushi's house and insulted Bua ji while assaulting Khushi for not being a decent woman. Side by side, she even indirectly called her a gold digger!Angry Agreed that their past is connected somewhat with the future but insulting Khushi and her family at every stage is really irritating.

Secondly, it was really infuriating to see how she made up the story of Bua ji not agreeing to the marriage when this was not really the case! Did not think she would go to such lengths to stop the marriage. She even seems like a bigger villain than Shyam!Confused

Also, don't know why but I am really suspicious of Dadi's intentions and really think she is helping Shyam carry out his deadly deeds.Dead

Well, see you guys in the next week. Bye! Embarrassed

Hey everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. This week has been another interesting one, with amazing progress and wedding preparations.

This week the funniest character award goes to none other then NK. he surely knows how to light up the situation and no one can stop his blabber, not even Daadi. He's surely a great comfort these days and is doing a great job to cheer us up after watching daadi's pointless, childish tantrums.

His epic teasing and cute acts always put a smile on our face! well done Karan, you are doing a great job.

Keep up the great work NK...we Love you!

this is all for now...
take care

So, this week folks, there isn't just one dialogue but several dialogues of the week. Ready?

Arnav: That, I love you dammnit!!


Apni patni ko haath laganay ki ijaazat mainay kissi ko nahin di. Thappar maarna toh bohat dur ki baat hai. 


Khushi: Jaanay sey pehlay hum bhi aapsay kehna chahtay hain key...hum bhi aapsay I love you dammnit! *Oh hooo tune later* Hum aapkay aanay ka intezaar karaingay.


The intensity of all the dialogues. The way they were delivered. Barun and Sanaya's acting. BRILLIANT. I have no words, everything just fell into place with such an amazing week! ClapClap And did Dadi really think that she could get rid of Khushi? 
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Good job, IPKKND team at giving us the treat. Thumbs Up

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An eternal bride she is.. with embroidered red lehenga and pink dupatta... Only an Angel could look like this on her dreamy wedding night... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Yes this week we have seen our khushi with a gorgeous lehenga.. It was just a mesmerizing dress...  Khushi was shy scared bemused.. all the blushes on her cheek blended with the pinkish red color of this beautiful lehenga.. Thanks to CVs once again to make our barbie doll look so glamorous... 

StarOur Eternal Bride Star

Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

THE most amazingly hilarious blooper. WHO and HOW in the world was Shyaam's camera SO focused in on Khushi and Arnav's face? I would have gotten it if it was shown in a whole screen but the focus on their faces just made the whole scene hilarious! ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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Made by: PinkCinderella

Here is ur Gift

Made by: --Komal--

Here is ur Gift


Madeby: sizzlingsmarty1

Here is ur Gift

Made by: curledup

Here is ur Gift

VM made By : --SweetFarwii--

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

'' I'll make you mine eternally ''

Everywhere i look
I see your face i cannot escape
Its just won't go away
I don't know how i make it through
Every day without you

When I don't see you,
But I miss you only
Nothing else I want to see
I want to be yours for always,
Nothing else I want to be

I'll to look in your eyes
And get inside your dreams,
Share your every thought
And explore your realms,
I'll enter your heart
And get dissolve in your blood
Then search your every part,
With the flow of blood stream

You are the one who'll make you smile
Who gives you joy throughout your days,
You warms my heart when evening comes
And brightens your life in endless ways,
With me beside you, you'll never worry
will feel your pain and hear your story,
With every step you'll ever take
I'll walk with you each day you make.

When I talk to you my Heart flutters ,
It feels like its going to fly away
I feel like I cant breath when I see you,
I feel like there is nothing in this world
That could make me love you anymore 
Than what I already do 
I can feel your soul touching mine
Your beating heart travels time
For me it comes in search.

No matter what anyone could say
This is the only place for me,
And no one could ever take that away
Nothing could come between us,
Your hands caress and hold me tight
They always seem to say,
The future for us ,is very bright
Don't ever fade away & i'll make you mine.

Runner Up

Here is ur Gift


Decoding Secret Messages by tash10

Here is ur gift

Runner Up

Scandal by Krani

Here is ur gift


D for Desire by Omoraboti 

Here is ur Gift by tanthya

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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Yes! It's a 5 again. Many valid reasons. Everything is going on track like it's supposed to. The mystery behind Arnav's past and it's connection to Khushi is finally coming in the frame. Yea, the dad is a LOT annoying but I suppose that's needed for the past to come out? And think about it, that is only making Arnav and Khushi's feelings stronger for each other and they are defending the other even more! (How I love that!) This new Arnav definitely steals the mark. Moreover, Shyam is back! Not that it wasn't obvious before but it's official now. We all knew he wasn't the one to be simply thrown out. Can't wait for his complete destruction as well!! All said, it deserves the 5 and there was no fillers this time I'll say. Maybe a bit of over-exaggeration but it was all justified! 

Dearest CVs,

Thank you for finally bringing in the past track! We have been waiting to know since ages. The new strong bonding between ArHi is also a pleasure to watch! Shyam is back! That's great as well! Keep entertaining us. My only concern is hoping that you don't drag the re-marriage that more than needed and don't mix it all up wtih Shyam and Anjali. It just gets a complete mix and match when different tracks are going on at once. That's all for now! 


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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Editorial Note: 

Heyo Droolers! Hope everything is fine in Drool Land Tongue Here goes the next NL and one more week closer to 50th NL! WooHoo! Baby will be half century old. *Proud moment*

Apart from all that, Poem will be added super soon Embarrassed 

NL team: Look out for a pm from me or Neetz or minu soon Tongue One of us will send. We're working on it LOL 

And I guess that's all! Get ready for next week + their marriage Day Dreaming 


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