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TaaRey FF: Can Vengence Turn Into Love

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Can Vengeance Turn into Love?


Character Sketch:

Rey Singhania: General Sectary (G.S) of the college, captain of the football team, smartest student in his batch and every girl's eye-candy. Rey is spoilt, ill-mannered and a snob but somehow he has it all except love. He grew up in a household where money and prestige were the rule of the day and things like family and values were inconsequential in comparison. The only person he cared about was his baby sister Sharon. Maybe, because she was the only person who needed him and looked up to when things got bad around the house. Their parents were too busy keeping appearances at parties, balls and counseling (they were about to get divorced but then thought they should give each other a chance). The time had come, Rey was finished with his high school and had to go to college. Rey desperately wanted to get out of the dreary place he called home and go somewhere far away. He decided to go to Delhi for his college. It took some time to convince his parents but the finally got around the idea. School was everything for him now so he excelled in everything but still remained a spoilt-rich-snob.

Taani Raiprakash: Belongs from the small town Jodhpur where there are about 50 families. Due to its small size news spreads as fast as the light travels. She comes from a very large close-knit family. As the only girl in the family she has been protected by her 2 older brothers Rahul and Jai. She has never been left wanting for anything it has always been given to her within reason. Generations have passed but one thing has not changed, the importance implied on gaining exemplary education. She has never faced pressure in academics although her family is pretty strict, she is an exceptional student. She is ambitious and is determined to uphold the family name. She has decided to join Saint Louis College in Delhi for her higher education. She is charming with a devilish sense of humor and a quick wit which is why she is an utter delight to know.

Swayam Shikhawat: He has had his share of highs and lows in life which is what keeps him so grounded even after coming from a rich background. After experiencing the great trauma of losing his mother the Shikhawat family moves to Delhi from Jodhpur where so many memories of the ones lost haunt them. He is exactly the kind of guy which every girl wants to present to her family. He got the looks, the brains, the manner, the charm and a sassy personality to go with it all. Regardless of what he has Swayam has to content himself from living under the shadow of Rey Singhania as Assistant General Sectary (AGS).  

Sharon Singhania: Younger sister to Rey she has always been protective about him since he practically brought her up. She is the light and life of a party. Considering her brutal childhood Sharon prefers to walk on the brighter side of life. Although she has many friends but the only person she truly cares about is her brother, Rey.


Chapter Index

Character Sketch: Page 1
Chapter 1: Page 1
Chapter 2: Page 6
Chapter 3: Page 12
Chapter 4: Page 18

Note: If you are not a fan then ignore the post and refrain from commenting. People who want updates for the ff then please like this post. Enjoy! x

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*Phone rings*

"Yes mom I just reached the hotel." Taani says to her mother trying to make her stop worrying.

"Okay! I just wanted to make sure if you reached Delhi safely. It is late so you should get some rest as you have school tomorrow. Good luck and Good night!" Mrs. Raiprakash replies back.

"Not school mom, college. Thank you! Good night!" snaps back Taani and shuts the phone.

Taani prepares her clothes and bag as it is a big day tomorrow, first day of college. Although she never gets nervous and definitely not about small stuff like first day of school but for some reason she is getting shivers thinking about tomorrow. Maybe, because it is not school but college or maybe because she is away from home. Whatever the reason maybe tonight she knows she is not going to get any sleep. As soon as she gets a little drowsy she is reminded by the fact that she has to look for an apartment tomorrow after college.

*The next morning at the college*

"What is this? A notice. About what?" asks Sharon.

"We need somebody to help us pay the rent since after Sid moved out." replies Rinni while walking towards the class.

"I already feel bad for the person who will move in with you, Simmi, Vicky and Nilesh." Says a laughing Sharon as she takes her seat.

Swayam enters the class and upon noticing Sharon he mutters to himself, "There you go ajj bhi Miss Diva front row mein bethi hain, na khud parhe gi a mujhe parne degi. Ughhh!"

Sharon looks straight at Swayam and says, "Hey Einstein iss baar kaunse subject mein top karne ka irada hai?"

Everyone bursts out laughing.

Swayam gives them a cocky look and a grin appears on his face when he replies, "Hey Miss Diva iss baar kaunse mein fail'"

Swayam suddenly halts when immediate silence reins, and he feels a presence behind him.

"Care to complete that!" Rey says venomously.

Swayam shrinks back thinking to himself how unfair it is that Rey gets away with everything and he is left all alone looking like a fool. He cannot even revolt back as he is Reys assistant and any revolt might result in him getting stripped of his post which he has worked hard for unlike Rey.

*Taani leaving for college*

"Dang it! I am late and it's my first day. Why didn't this stupid alarm go off? SHIT!" Taani thinks to herself rushing out of the bed.

Taani takes a quick shower and slips into a short yellow dress looking her best like the usual. She is about to walk out of the room when the phone starts to ring.

"Hey! So finally you decided to call? Just because I am in the same city as you does not mean you don't call me." Taani snaps at the guy on the other end of the call.

"WOAH! Relax. Jeez woman! I was busy, things around the college aren't going that great so couldn't call. Sorry!" says the guy trying to defend himself.

"It's okay. I had a feeling it would be something related to college." Taani says guiltily.

"Anywhooo. Where are you? Have you left for college yet?" asks the guy impatiently.

"I was just about to. Finally after a year we are going to meet. I am so happy!" Taani replies with excitement evident in her voice.

"Yes finally. Abb jaldi se aajao. I can't wait anymore. See you today?" replies the guy with equal amount of excitement.

"Yes you will! I have to go now I am already late. I love you! Bye!" Taani said hanging up before he could even say anything.

Taani waited for the elevator but since it was taking a long time she decided to take the stairs. She went outside and relaxed after looking at the parked taxis in front of the hotel. She got into one and asked the taxi driver to drive as fast as he could to Saint Louis College. She still couldn't put a finger on what was making her so nervous and nauseous when a thought struck her mind.

Taani thought to herself, "THAT IS IT! I am going to see HIM after a year and that is exactly the reason why I am not myself. Oh this is not good; this can ruin my first day at college. Ughhh I hate you for doing this to me, I hate you." Her thoughts got intruded by the nasally voice of the driver saying, "Madam app ka college aa gaya hai."

"Har kam mujhe pakra datey hain, abb mein inn flyers ka kya karoon? Kisko doon?" Vicky grumbled out in agitation.  He stopped pacing when he tripped over his shoe laces making all the flyers go up in the air.

Taani who enters the corridor sees Vicky lying on the floor with flyers spilled all around him.

Vicky snaps at her, "Kya dekh rahi ho? Yahan pe koi show nahi chal raha. Abb khari kyun ho? Come and give me a hand. "

Taani rushes towards him and helps him gather all his stuff when her eye catches one of the flyers reading, "Roommate needed.  For further information contact the following people."

Vicky sees Taani reading the flyer and he says, "Oh yeah our roommate left so we need someone to help us with the rent. By the way I am Vicky."

Taani gives him a shrewd look and replies, "Hi I am Taani. Oh and I think I can help you with that."

Vicky confusedly answers her, "Oh really? How? I haven't seen you around, are you new here? Aren't you?"

Taani gave a small laugh, "Yeah! I just moved here and I need a place to bunk. I am more than willing to help out with the rent."

Vicky says impatiently, "So when are you moving in? Come I will show you around."

Taani gave a squeak and jumped around. She realized that her day wouldn't be as bad as she thought it would be.

*Boys getting ready for football practice in the locker room*

Rey slams shut the locker turning to Nilesh and starts to rant saying, "Swayam! Ughhh! What does he think of himself? Just because no one can compete with his level of being a brainiac does not give him the right to talk to Sharon like that. He should stay in his limits. He has always been jealous of me and what I have. He is a nobody and he will remain a nobody. He has always been under me working as AGS so he should remain like that."

Swayam walks in with Amar and Bharat.

"Gali diya tu ne Swayam ko." Bharat attacks Rey when Swayam stops him from doing so.

"Chor na yaar inn ke moon kya lagna." Swayam taunts.

Swayams comment makes Rey go ballistic, "Tumhari aukat hi nahi hai ke tum mere sath moon laga sako."

When Swayam hears Rey say that he realizes that the time has come to put Rey back in his place, "Tum ho kaun? You are nothing without me. All the attention you enjoy is all because of me. Kaam mein karoon aur credit tumhe mile? Nope this is not done.  In high school all your G.S duties were handled by me while you partied. You know what chuck it! I am going to run for G.S this year."

Rey smirks and mockingly says, "HAHA! You, Swayam Shikhwat are going to run for G.S? For people to vote for you they first have to know you and for that to happen you have to come out of your little shell in which you hide."

"I wonder what would happen if the faculty gets to know ke kaam kaun kar raha hai aur party kaun? I guess then they would disqualify you from running for G.S!" snaps back Swayam.

By now a crowd has gathered in the locker room

"And finally this is the boys locker room!" says Vicky excitedly as he enters.

Taani stares in shock at the sight in front of her.

Note: If you are not a fan then ignore the post and refrain from commenting. Enjoy! x

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Faatiii...wat more uv stored fr us???


wow..!! loved it..

nice concept..m really looking forward to it..!!

keep up the good work swthrt 

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Nyc update Fatima :D 
I liked it Embarrassed
Do Continue Soon , Cant wait 2 noe who tani is shocked 2 see ! 

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awesomee creativity ! keep up the good work... I'm really lookin forward to know what's in the stock... I believe ,, it'll be as Good as yur vms... =)

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Nyc update Fatima,I liked it Embarrassed
Do Continue Soon , Cant wait 2 noe who tani is shocked 2 see !  plz plz fatima do pm me the link whenever u update this post k n thanks 4 the update,,,,Thumbs Up

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first off wow!! amazing!! for u first ff wow Clap love everythign the concept the characters just everthing

oooh really interesting Fati!! really wanna know wats gonna happen next

but do not like rey in this part Pinch he's so mean to cutie swayam Angry

ROFL but i know that later on you will make us fall in love with rey Day Dreaming

loved it continue soon thats an order LOL

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Taarey ff Hug nice one :) continue soon .

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