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OS- Let's Run Away

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{OS: Let's Run Away}

Dadi pointed an accusing finger at Khushi. "This is all this girl's fault! All of it! She trapped my granddaughter's husband and now she has has the audacity to accuse him?"

Khushi quietly stood her ground, fiddling with the ends of her dupatta, her hazel eyes now pools of endless tears.

Dadi went and put an arm around Anjali who wouldn't stop crying as Shyam held her other hand, a wicked smile on his face. "If it wasn't for Daamad ji I would have never known the truth about this  girl. She is nothing but a home wrecker!"

Khushi flinched as Dadi raised her voice. But not a word escaped her parched lips. She didn't have the capacity to defend herself anymore. She had lost all the strength to fight for herself. It had been just a week since their marriage. She had thought that things would fall in place and everyone would finally accept her including Dadi. But she was proved wrong. Again. Shyam had come out of nowhere to inject all the poison in her life.

Everyone stood paralyzed in their places. Nobody had the temerity to go against Dadi. Except one.

"Enough Dadi!"

The family turned to face a fuming Arnav standing by the door, his hands by his sides and his palms clenched tightly. His gaze fell upon his wife who stood there, lifeless. Her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"How dare you accuse my wife?"

"Arnav? This girl here ruined you sister's life! You should be with your Di. Protecting her and her child. Instead you are running away from your responsibilities..."

"Dadi. I know what I am doing. And out of all people is giving me lectures on responsibility? The person who abandoned her family when they needed her the most? Where were you when we were thrown out of our own house? Where were you when Di and me were roaming on the streets? Where?"

Dadi was at a loss of words. Arnav walked up to his Di and pulled her hand out of Shyam's grip. "Di. I need you to understand me. This is for the good of your baby and your future. This man doesn't love you. He is blinding you to the truth. Di..."

Anjali didn't care to look up. Instead, she left her Chottey's hand and held Shyam's.

A tear trickled down Arnav's cheek. "Di?"

She remained mum. 

Arnav turned to look at the others. They all looked down, helpless. Even Payal. But she was Khushi's sister, wasn't she? She was supposed to stand by her side. Nani shook her head.

Arnav couldn't take no more. The silence was prickling his heart like a needle. He turned to look at Khushi. Only to find the place empty.


He hurried to his room. "Khushi? Khushi!"

He checked the bathroom door. It was locked. "Khu..."

He heard her. She was crying. Loudly. Every tear of hers dropped on his heart like acid. And it hurt too much.

"Khushi..." A whisper managed to escape his lips. He tried to gulp the knot stuck between his throat. But to vain. He hadn't felt so helpless before. He didn't know what to do. He decided to give her some time. Time to heal. Time to let it all go. The pain.


He came back late that night. He tip-toed his way through the dark hallway to his room. Their room. The room where he had carried his bride, his angel adorned in red, just a week ago. 

He entered the dark room and watched his wife asleep, her fragile body curled into a ball in a corner of their bed. He smiled.

His Di pushed him inside and locked the door behind, the melody of her giggles leaving its trail behind. How badly he had craved to hear his sister's laughter echoing in his house...again. He sighed. 

But today was the night his life would take a new turn. Their life would. He laid his eyes on his Khushi, the sole reason to his happiness. His breath caught in his throat as she sat there, in the middle of the bed. Her red and gold lehnga fanned over the silk white sheets. Her veil pulled over her head giving him a tantalizing view of her trembling pink lips. Her fair hands were dark with henna, adorned with her husband's name. His name. His love. He sat by her and pulled the dupatta off her head. She didn't look up. 

He took her chin between his fingers and made her look up. "You look beautiful." She smiled shyly. He reached for her hands and placed them on his palms. "You know...they say...your mehendi darkens with your husband's augmenting love." A faint blush crept up her cheeks. She nodded. "But I don't need a proof to show me that you love me Arnav ji."

Tell me a secret,
Tell me things 
that no one else should know...

Arnav looked up and smiled. He pulled her to himself. "I love you Khushi."
Khushi wrapped her arms around her husband. She felt something wet on her blouse. She pulled back. "Arnav ji? Arnav ji...are you crying?"

Even in your weakness,
Baby drop your guard...
Just let it go...

"Khushi...I am so sorry for everything I ever did to you. For every single time I hurt you. After all that happened with me years ago...I thought I'd never face happiness again. I locked up all the love somewhere deep within my heart to never find it. Then you came. Fell like an angel in my arms to unlock all the love in my heart. I...I love you too much too lose you again. I..."

Until everything's exposed,
And you don't have to feel ashamed 
Baby just say my name...

"Shhh..." Khushi cupped Arnav's cheek. "You don't have to...I love you too. More than anything else in the world. Let me Arnav ji...let me ease your pain. Let me heal you..."

And I'll drop off my halo,
If you let go off your wings...
You don't have to be invincible,
Cause I sure ain't no saint...

Arnav pulled Khushi into his warm embrace. They might have stayed like that forever. Lost in a world of pure love and passion.

Arnav was dragged out of his trance when he heard Khushi's faint sobs. It hurt him to see her like that. He wiped away his tears and sat next to Khushi. He placed his hand on her head and stroked her hair. Khushi's eyes flew open and she sat up with in a jolt. "Arn..Arnav ji? When did you come? Why didn't you wake me up? I..."

Let's run away,
where nothing stands between
Me & You...

"Let's run away Khushi."

"What?!" Khushi barely whispered and looked at him like she'd seen him for the first time.

"Let's run away..." Arnav repeated, his voice holding more determination than ever before.

She stood up abruptly. "Arnav ji? Why...I mean...what's wrong with you?"

When I see you standing there,
you know it all becomes so clear.
The way you look, the way you touch.

"I can't see you in pain anymore. Let's go some place we can be happy. Where there is nothing between us..."

"But Di...Dadi..."

I need the way you lift me up,
This will never feel complete until there's nothing in between...
And we have brought down every wall...'s just fall...

"Di? I love her and always will. But she doesn't trust me anymore. She is in a delusion. She will realize her mistake with time. And others..I don't consider them family anymore. People who can't support the truth, can never be my family."

Let's find a place ,
somewhere a little closer
to a dream...
And call it a home,
where there's no right and there's no wrong...
And we can be all alone...


Arnav held Khushi's hand. "Do you trust me?"


"Do you love me?"

"More than anything else."

"Then come with me. I promise to keep you happy. I promise to love you forever. I just need you Khushi...I just need you..."

And I'll drop off my halo,
If you let go off your wings...
You don't have to be invincible,
Cause I sure ain't no saint...

Khushi rested her forehead against his and cried. 

"Run away with me Khushi." Arnav whispered, letting his tears fall.

He felt her nod against his forehead.

He scooped her up in his arms. They looked back at their room one last time. It looked grey, a somber grey. But they were leaving behind colorful memories. Memories of their love.

You'll always be my angel,
no matter what you do...

They didn't bother meeting or telling anybody before they left. Nobody was worth it.

He carefully placed her on the passenger seat and took his place next to her as they drove off. Off to a world they could call their own.

'Cause you take me to heaven,
Just be being you...

Yeah...I know it's been so long since I wrote something.
I am so sorry I haven't updated any of my FFs in the longest time.
I will be doing that soon :-)
Enjoy this OS till then.
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Manal <3
The song used: Just By Being You- Steel Magnolia

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The best solution to all their issues..Let them just run away and find a world of their own..
P.s i was wondering, how would shyam manage to give bread butter to the whole family that arnav fed if ASR ever ran away from the mad house..LOL

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love it continue

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Aaah Manal, this was beautiiifffuuull ! 
Loved it to bits. Loved how he supported his wife against his sister who didnt know any better. Loved how he had apologised to her at their wedding right! Heart
Loved how he came up with the best situation.
Reminds me of the heer-ranjha act when he said "if not here, there will be a world where u and i will never seperate'! Loved ittt! Big smile

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Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1


You found me already? Hehehehehe...
Though I'd send you a PM...
But I am glad to see you here before that!
It's been ages since we talked!

Manal <3

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Loved it! 

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged

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great os

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