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Hitler Didi 17th August 2012 Written Update

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Hitler Didi 17th August 2012 Written Update

~ Minkey~


At Diwan's house

Simi, Rishi with others ladies in living room

Simi: (showing Rishi to the ladies) please welcome my son.(to Rishi) Come on beta, everyone are waiting for you.

Rishi: (gently admonishing Simi) you are so much involved in business that you do not remember this important day. Didn't you friends remind you about this? Mother can forget but a son cannot. (to the ladies) today is my mother's birthday (simi recollects) and Mrs. Simi Diwan's birthday.

Simi: Oh my god, today is my birthday and I had completely forgotten about it.

Rishi: (hugs her) happy birthday ma.

Other ladies too wish her.

Rishi: Why don't you celebrate your birthday along with the new venture you are going to start?

Simi: yeah, this birthday is very special (to rishi) since you are here.

She cuts a three-layered chocolate cake as others sing the birthday song. Rishi and Simi feed a piece of cake to each other.


Roadside restaurant at Chandni Chowk lane.

Indira: (relishing Chole bature) wow, it is so delicious uncle. You need to have some chilli along with choles, only then there is excitement. (Hogs at the food)
the cook: (watching her) it looks like by the way you are eating that this seems to be your last day.

Indira: uncle, if you like something you need have that until you are full. (Stuffs food into mouth) What will you get in life? You need to enjoy life as if it is your last day.

She is about to eat a green chilli and a hand stops her. It is Swetha.

Swetha: You need to be treated and now you are here eating all unwanted food to ruin your life.

Indira: (to uncle) what did I say uncle, Don't know when when someone puts a stop on us. (Indira gives a wry smile at Shwetha) sit down (Shwetha sits down) Actually, Shwetha you came at the wrong time. if you had come a bit late, then I would have had all of it. (shwetha glowers as Indira continue to eat) don't give me this angry look. (gives the plate to the person) I am done. Now, you want to ask why I called you here. (takes out movie tickets from her purse.) I got three tickets for movie. I just decided that we go for movie tonight. You rishi and me.

Shwetha: (slightly annoyed) so you called me for this.

Indira: Yea. See Shwetha, I am in a very good and jovial mood. So I just thought that I call my friends out for a movie. Enjoy, gossip and whistle in the dark hall of the theatre, wow, it will be lot of fun. (giggles) I do have a friend. But she is in her in-laws place and though you would be a good option. You too are like my friend and I like you. So now we are going and don't say no to this. We are going to watch movie that it.

Shwetha: I think you have gone mad. I haven't changed my dress,. I assumed it could be some sort of emergency and rushed here. I have not applied any perfume and you are planning to go out for a movie.

Indira: So what if you haven't changed? No problem, I am there to manage this.(Indira pretends to cry) cant you fulfil a wish of a dying girl, you doctor

Shwetha: No need to feel emotional. You are not going to die like this. When you get the treatment you will be better. That is why'.

Indira :(gets up going slightly irritated ) Please Shwetha don't crow like a cock. And as it is my life is short and I need to get Rishi married too. (Taking money out to pay the person)

Shwetha: (surprised) what you want to get Ricky married?

Indira: (shocked) oh, Rishi's marriage '

Shwetha: you just said it.

Indira: when did I say? Have you gone mad? No, I mean I need to get Mandira married.(pays the person and drags Shwetha from there)

Swetha: (reluctantly) did you see a anyone for Mandira'.


In a bedroom

Pappu: Mandira please get ready soon. (Mandira in sari and jewels looking into the mirror) or else it will get late,

Mandira: (turning to him) how do I look?

Pappu : (fascinated by her) yes good . you look like a brinjal.

Mandira: (annoyed) do I look like a brinjal? (pappu nods his head)

Pappu: No I mean, you look like a slim and long brinjal.

Mandira: Ok fine. Thankfully, this is just an act or else my destiny would be miserable.

Pappu: Ok, I need to thank you for this. After all this you are ready to help me.

Mandira: Well, I am practical girl now and whatever I am doing it is only for myself. You needed an actor and I needed money. That's it.

Pappu cajoles her with sweet talk and tries to make a move but is slapped by Munna. Munna warns him to behave himself. The three of them are seated along with Pappu's parents. Pappu's parents are pleased with Mandira's tea.

 Munna: (sarcastically to pappu) you prefer tea in morning and whisky by nights. Pappu's mother: (angrily) Pappu does not drink whisky.

Munna: (grins) but what did you do in Macau?

Pappu changes the topic and his mother calls Mandira close to her and hugs her. Munna praises them. Later, Mandira throws up a little on the woman's head. Munna asks her why she cannot control her vomiting. Mandira blurts out that it is due to her pregnancy. Pappu and his mother are surprised and questions pappu about it. Munna blurts out that this happened in Macau and Pappu receives slaps from him and his parents.


At Diwan's place.

Rishi: (standing her Simi and in pleading tone )  ma I need your  help.

Simi: (concerned) Now tell me what the problem is?

Rishi: ma, My Shrimatiji (Simi is shocked) has brain tumor and I need to get her treated for that. (Simi looks at him shocked) ma you know very well how much I love her. If anything happens to her, I cant live, I too will die

Simi: (puts her hand over his mouth) no don't talk like this. Let your enemies die (urges him to sit down on sofa , gives him water to drink and sits down next to him.

Rishi:  time is short and I desperately need Rs. 40 lakhs for her treatment. I am not able to get this. (simi is silent and anxious making Rishi awkward) I know very well you will not give me this since you think that Shrimatiji has separated your son from you. You still detest her. Ok fine I am going (looks miserable as he gets up. Simi takes his hand.)

Simi: (emotionally) yes, this is your problem. You never tried to understand your mother. I know that servants brought you up but it does not mean that I am your mother. This is a good opportunity to bring my son back into my life and will not let you go. (Rishi goes tearful) I will give you the money. There is nothing great other than your happiness.(Rishi hugs her going emotional) I will contact Dr. Malhotra is the Brain tumour's topmost surgeon and get her treated through him. Don't worry, I will sort out all the things for you.

Rishi: (tearfully) thanks ma,

Simi: I will give you the money tomorrow. Today the bank is closed.(rishi is happy) Now listen, don't stress yourself going in public transport. Take your bike. It is waiting for you. Your superbike.

Rishi: No (suddenly he gets flashback of Indira saying she yearns to ride a speeding bike.)


Rishi going overjoyed is riding the superbike on the road and simultaneously he tries to stand and make some stunts on it while riding it. He reaches Chandni Chowk and enters his room in anticipation. He sees Indira's back.

Rishi: (overjoyed comes to hug her from back and plants a kiss) I am very happy today. (He freezes when he sees Indira going awkward standing in a corner. The person next to him is Shwetha.

Rishi: (admonishes) Swetha how did you come here and why you are wearing Shrimatiji clothes?

Indira: (pretending to be annoyed) why are you angry with her? I called her here and I decided that all three of us go to a movie. Poor thing, she just came from hospital and I suggested her to change into my dress. Come lets go.(cheerfully)

Rishi: Where do you want to go and what is the plan to go for movie all of a sudden?

Indira: Nowadays, you are becoming too much and keeps taunting at us. You are not aware of it. Come lets go

Rishi: where? (Smiles) first you go and I will follow you. (Indira is surprised) I mean today, I got you a big surprise.


Indira repeats and Rishi compels her to close her eyes leading her down the stairs. Shwetha smiles after them and feels her cheek. He guides her to the front of his bike and tells her to open her eyes. Shwetha follows them to the bike. The sight of the bike captivates Indira.

Indira: (elatedly) hey, this is my favourite bike.

Rishi: yes, you want to take a long ride around Delhi in this bike.

Indira: (elatedly) yes (turns to him thinking hard) but how did you know about this?

Rishi: (stunned and smiles) hey, have you forgotten that we had discussed about our wishes before our marriage.

Indira: No I don't remember (smiling at him)

Rishi: (jokes) what else do you remember? I think you are growing too old. (she gives a baffled look) I mean you are always involved in you work and earnings. (He pulls her and tells her to ride the bike. She smiles joyfully.) Let see how you ride this bike.

Indira: (smile fades) but I don't know how to ride the bike?

Rishi: hey, I am there. I will show you now'(hands the helmet to Shwetha).

Indira sits in front and Rishi behind her on the bike and they go around the lane. Swetha watches them go. Indira waves her arms and laughs in joy during the ride. Rishi tries to kiss her, she tells him to bring the bike to a stop sighting Shwetha.

Rishi: why did you stop? (Indira gets down)

Indira: (looks at Shwetha and stutters) rishi, I just remembered a meeting in my workplace. Need to go there now. You take Shwetha along with you now.( gives him two tickets for movie)

Rishi: but do one thing. Finish your meeting and then we will go for movie together.

Indira: Why are you creating a fuss? It is just a short meeting and I will be there soon before the movie starts. Also, I know that if you miss the beginning of the movie, then there will be no fun. Now you want to fulfil my wish. (Puts her elbow on his shoulders) Now I wish to watch a movie with you.( Rishi smiles) now you and Shwetha go there first

She urges Swetha to sit behind Rishi despite his protests. Indira urges Shwetha to keep her hands on Rishi shoulders for support while he drives.

Indira: he drives very fast. Without the support you may fall in some corner of Delhi (giggles as both of them stare at her) Now go on.

Rishi: Please come on time

Indira agrees. She goes inside and comes out after they have gone.

Indira: Now go Rishi. You need to get used to others (she tears up her movie ticket and smiles.)


Day 22

Inshi's room

Rishi sitting on chair and enjoying the footage of Indira from handy cam

Rishi: (smiling) My Shrimatiji has all sweet and small wishes. She is just like a kid. (Shuts the camera) now, Once I get money from mother I will get her the treatment ready for her. Then, your last wishes will never be there and you will not go away from me (smiles)

He hears Indira coughing while entering the room. In an instant, he gets up from the rocking chair and hides the handy cam beneath his shirt. She comes inside and he goes out.

Indira: (looking at him) Rishi, where are you going?

Rishi: (stops and stutters) No just here.

Indira; (puzzled) are you hiding something from me?

Rishi: (vigilantly searches his pants and shirts) nothing

Indira: (comes near him) no, I think you are hiding something. What is it?

Rishi: (trying his best to hide the handy cam) nothing here.

Indira's phone rings. It is from a television channel who wants to meet her after she won Jhoom Barabar Jhoom contest.

Indira:  no thank you (the person states that they want to interview her in the evening) my interview after winning dance competition? See I am not available '.

Rishi: (comes to her and grabs the phone from her hand) Shh. (she grumbles) Yes, please come for the interview. We will be here.

Indira: (annoyed) why did you call them here?

Rishi: Now you have won this competition and the big amount. (Indira fumes) The public should know how hard you worked

He slaps her on her back smiling at her. She grumbles and he receives a sms tone from his phone. Rishi reads the message cautiously. "I have withdrawn the money. Please meet me soon"

Rishi: (give her the phone back) now, I have some task to attend. Will come back soon.(walks away from the room despites her protests)

Indira: (puzzled) now what is going on in his mind?



Rishi: (flips over the calendar page to date 28th August anxiously) the time is short and I am not able to do anything.

Shwetha: (comes to him) the days are going by and Indira is investing her winning amount on her family. What was the necessity to give your winning amount to her? (Indira overhears their conversation standing close to them)

Rishi: (worriedly) now time is moving fast and I do not understand how to save Shrimatiji from death. (Indira is overwhelmed to hear his words).

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Clap Nice work minkey. Thumbs Up

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Thank for the update. INSHI rock.

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Thank for the update. INSHI rock.

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 Thanks all..Tongue

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Thank you so much Minkey for WUBig smile

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thanks for update

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Like button nt working 4 me on this post. So, thanks for written update. Thanks a lot. Where r HDians?

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