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May 16th, 2005


Suraj brings Dhurv home. Everyone is worried. They thank Suraj. As Suraj is leaving Vedika comes home and they miss each other. Vedika is very worried about Dhurv and takes care of him. Day passes by and Dhurv is fine. Umma is glad that Vedika now loves Dhurv, but Vedika says she only cares for him.

Suraj and Dhurv meet again at his office. Meanwhile Rahul thinks that Niharika now is married in a rich family he can just use her to get money.

Suraj comes home with Dhurv. Vedika is about to put her Sindoor when Tara comes and ask her to come downstair Suraj is here.

Full Update:

Vedika thinks she will leave aside her past and move into the present. There, Dhruv is helped by Suraj to come up from where he clinged to the tree. He then takes him in his car for first aid.

Titli and Anurag chat asto where Niharika vanished in the hospital. Titli says she has given the money to some person, sure that she does not have the necklace set with her. Titli vows to put this issue up to Kavitha at an opportune time. She says she will fenitely get out the secret from Niharika.

All are seated in the hall. Vedika is not there when Suraj brings Dhruv home. Dhruv looks very pale, has a fractured right hand. He also has some bruises on his leg. He limps a bit. All are worried. Dhruv says he had an accident and this guy saved him. Kavitha thanks Suraj a lot. Behind Suraj, is a photo of Vedika and Dhruv. Suraj does not look at it. He says God bought me to that place , so he saved Dhruv. He says he has to leave now and goes.

Vedika is coming in her car back home. She enters the gate. Suraj is walking to his car. As Suraj gets into the car and starts to go out of the gate, Vedika's car comes in. Both do not see each other.

Vedika comes home. Tara tells her about Dhruv's accident. Vedika is shocked and runs to her room calling for Dhruv. Dhruv is in bed. Vedika goes near him and puts so many questions to him. How are you, how did this happen? Dhruv looks very weak and pale. He says he just had a minor accident, not to worry, Sunny saved him. Vedika gives a sigh of relief. She then says he has to take complete rest and she will take care of him. Dhruv then gets up to go to his sofa to sleep. Vedika says you sleep on the bed. Dhruv refuses. Vedika very jokingly says if you do not agree to what i say, then i will go to my house. Dhruv remembers the last time Vedika went out of the house. Vedika then asks will you not stop me from going? Dhruv nods with a cute smile. Vedika too smiles at him.

Rahul in hospital thinks i am a fool. I did so much to get my love. Now Niharika is married into a rich family, she is living happily, here i am suffering ......He then decides he will utilise the oppotunity and amass money from Niharika. He gives a very wicked smile.

Next morning, Vedika gets coffee for Dhruv. Dhruv is in bed, sleeping. A background music plays, scenes just roll on, looks like some days passoff. They show Vedika giving soup in a spoon to Dhruv .She is feeding him, it is hot, she quickly blows the soup to take away the hot, gives it to him. Kavitha is looking at how Vedika is taking care of Dhruv and is very happy. Dhruv is slowly getting alright. He is sitting in the sofa, Vedika is nearby, when he receives a call on his mobile. He tries to pick up the phone with left hand, but not able to do it. Vedika quickly picks up the phone, holds it near Dhruv's ears, he talks. Some days pass. Dhruv is ok, his hand is set, no bandage. He is leaving for his office. Vedika comes there. Dhruv says madam, can i get the permission to go to office alone today? Vedika in a broad smile says you got the permission ,sir. Dhruv smiles and says thank you madam and leaves.

Dhruv is going in his car when Sunny is standing on the road. Dhruv stops seeing him, they both have a pleasant talk. Sunny says his tyre got punctured, no spare. He has a very important meeting, he says. Dhruv offers to drop him. Sunny gets into the car. Dhruv thanks him for his help the other day. Sunny says he helped him that day, now Dhruv is helping him. He says he has a meeting with Mr.Raizada today. Dhruv does not reveal that heis the one. Sunny says the path in which both are travelling lead to the same destination. He is referring to the area. Dhruv then drops him , says we will meet soon.

Vedika is packing lunch, juice and medicines for Dhruv. She tells the servant to ask Dhruv to take the medicines immediately. If he does not, call me , she says. Uma has come , she looks at Vedika and is very happy. Vedika sees her mom. Uma says i am very happy that you have forgotten your past. Vedika says i am trying to do it. Uma says i am happy that you have started loving Dhruv. Vedika gets quite, then says  this is not love. This is just caring. Uma says you never know, when this caring will turn into love.

In the office, Dhruv is seated when Sunny comes in. Sunny is very happy to see Dhruv. They have a talk.

Dhruv brings Sunny home. They both park the car in the graden, walk in. Vedika is in her room, trying to put sindoor on her maang. She says from today, my past will never step into my present. But, they show Sunny stepping into the house. She is about to put sindoor on her maang when Tara comes, calls her and says Sunny has come.

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May 17th, 2005


Vedika doesn't put the sindoor on and starts to go downstair. But Suraj's Didi calls, so he leaves and Vedika doesn't see him. Suraj talks about Vedika to his didi and gets sad.

Rahul says he needs 7 laks to Niharika, but he said he will manage it. He gives to clue to Niharika.

Rahul is discharged now. Antriskh and Niharika takes him home. Rahul has his picture on the wall with Niharika. So Niharika pretends she hurt her foot and Rahul moves the picture.

Suraj meets Arti due to something. Dhurv has told Suraj about her. They are happy with each other. Seeing this Dhurv gets an idea.

Vedika thinks she now loves Dhurv. She is at a temple. But a newspaper flys on her face. She sees Suraj's picture they are realise he is alive.

Full Update:

When Tara calls Vedika, she closes the sindoor box, does not put sindoor on her maang. She comes out. In the hall, Kavitha is talking to Sunny. Dhruv is also there. Vedika is walking from her room towards the hall. Sunny gets a call. He then says i am coming sweet heart. Kavitha asks him is it your girl friend? Sunny says she is my Dida. I call her girl friend. He says he has to leave, and goes. When Sunny steps out of the house, Vedika comes to the hall.

Suraj gets his Dida home. They have a pleasant talk. Dida gets reminded of Vedika and tells Suraj that she prays everyday for Vedika to come back to his life. Suraj is very sad, lies on Dida's lap, cries.

Next day, Dhruv is in his office when Sunny comes there. The servant asks Dhruv to take his medicines. Sunny says to Dhruv you have a very loving and caring wife. What is her name, he asks? When Dhruv is about to answer, he gets a call. It is Vedika. She asks Dhruv whether he took his medicine. Dhruv then asks her to hold on, takes the medicine. Vedika asks did u take it for sure? Dhruv then says Sunny is here, you better ask him. He puts the mobile near Sunny's mouth. Sunny says yes, Dhruv took the medicines. Vedika after hearing the voice becomes uncomfortable. Dhruv asks Sunny about his love life. He says they were to get married, but before that happened, a calamity struck. He then says he has a property dispute, so is in search of a lawyer. Dhruv gives Arti's card and says you got to her, she is a friend of mine, i will speak to her.

Niharika is in hospital, Rahul tell her he needs another 7 lakh rupees. He will get out of the hospital and somehow get that money. Niharika is upset to see Rahul sad.

Rahul is being discharged. Antariksh and Niharika are there. An tariksh tells the doctor that he will drop Rahul home and asks for his address. Niharika at once says  10th road, Juhu. Antariksh is shocked. Niharika manages and says she had read that in a file. Rahul is dropped in his house. Antariksh says he will want to come in. Rahul hesitates. But Antariksh asks again. So he takes them in. Both Rahul and Niharika are worried for some reason. Rahul opens the door. There is a framed photo of Rahul and Niharika hanging on the wall. Rahul is upset, so is Niharika. As Antariksh gets in, Niharika pretends to fall, says she has hurt her leg. When Antariksh bends down to attend to her, Niharika makes a sign to Rahul to remove the photo. Rahul does it. Then Niharika says she is alright. Antariksh then asks Rahul about his love life. Rahul says he had one, but she got married. Then he says he is sure though that the girl will come back to him as he loves her a lot. Niharika is pleased to hear this.

Arti is talking to her friend about a childhood friend of theirs. The girl says he has come down from US, has become very handsome now. The friend says he is coming now to see her. Arti says she will teach him a lesson. Just then, Sunny comes there. Arti thinks this to be that boy, goes to him, and talks all rubbish. She says i heard you were looking for a match for you. Marry me, she says. Sunny is shocekd and screams at her. Arti then  gets to know that he was not the one. She gets to know that Dhruv sent him.

After that, Dhruv, Sunny and Arti are having a small get together. All are laughing. Sunny says thank god, i for afraid. I thought Dhruv was making a match making for me. Dhruv and Arti get uncomfortable. Dhruv then notices that Sunny and Arti like each other's company. Arti is smiling a lot. Dhruv keeps looking at both their happy faces. Probably gets the idea.

Vedika is in the temple. She is thinking of the time she spent taking care of Dhruv. She then thinks about her mother saying caring will soon turn to love, you will never know when it happened. Vedika then is tying a sacred thread around the tree when she thinks am i forgetting my past and accepting Dhruv? If what mama said is correct, then i feel i am loving Dhruv now. Suddenly, there is a swift wind blowing, a newspaper comes along in the wind and falls on her face. She takes it, sees a photo. It is the opening ceremony photo where a group of people are seen. There she recognises Suraj in the group. She sees that date, it is 2004. She tells to herself that Suraj died in 2001. But this paper says 2004. So my Suraj is alive, she says.

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May 18th. 2005


Vedika is happy that Suraj is alive. She goes to the temple and have a word fight with God. Suraj also comes there, but doesn't see Vedika's face. She doesn't see his.

Title makes a plan and ask Kavita that she wants to wear Niharika's diamond neckles for puja tomorrow. Niharika makes up and story that it is stolen. Kavita believes her.

Vedika decide to tell Dhurv about Suraj and decide to go back to him. She tells Niharika that she hasn't had any relationship with Dhurv so far. She also tell her that Suraj is alive. Niharika is shocked.

Full Update:

Vedika is shocked to know that Suraj is alive. She is just catching the paper and crying when another strong wind blows and the paper is blown away from her hand. Vedika runs behind the paper which is flown across roads. Vedika runs mid road behind the paper. It starts to rain heavily. Vedika runs behind the paper. Then, a speeding vehicle comes, crushes the paper with its tyre. Vedika screams Suraj and runs to it. But the paper is in  pieces now. Vedika holds those wet pices of paper and cries, squatting in the mid road , getting completely drenched.

Dhruv drops Arti in her house. Both have their own umbrellas as it is raining. Arti gets out. Dhruv calls her and says thanks to her. He says just bcos of her, Vedika is changed. She is showing more of liking for me, he says. Arti then tells him that this had to happen, as you were in love with her. By accident, she heard what you had to say. So, all is good. Dhruv says i feel very happy. Feel like i have got back my life, i am smiling nowadays bcos i feel Vedika is changing. I think she will accept me. She has slowly forgotten Suraj and accepted me, he says. Both Arti and Dhruv are very happy.

When Dhruv is saying this to Arti, Vedika there is walking in the mid road in rain. She is telling herself, no, now when i know that Suraj is alive, i will have to go back to him. I do not know how Dhruv will react to this. But i will tell him the truth, she says.

Vedika then goes to the temple. She is there before god. She questions the deity why did you do this to me? If you had to take away Suraj from my life, why did we ever fall in love? Now, i am married to a different person. When i was about to accept facts and accept Dhruv as my husband, I come to know that Suraj is alive. You tell me, what i have to do now. I cannot live without Suraj , i am going to search for him, she says. Just when she is screaming before God, Suraj comes to the same temple and is just a few steps behind Vedika. He sees her back. Vedika instead of turning back to go out, goes thro' the side door to do a pradakshina to god. So her face is not revealed. When she goes away from the deity, Suraj comes near the deity and says i have been waitingfor 2 long years for Vedika now. Please bring her back to me.I want to see her for once, he says. He then goes into a pradakshina from the side door, at that time Vedika has finished and comes back to the main deity. She then goes out. When she is leaving, Suraj also starts to leave. Again, Suraj can see  Vedika going at a distance, again does not see her face.

Titli and Anurag chalk out a plan. Titli comes to Kavitha and tells her that for the puja tomorrow, i want to wear the necklace set that you got for Niharika. Kavitha agrees after some hesitation. She calls for Niharika and asks her to get that set. Niharika does not know what to do. Then she starts to cry and says she wanted to keep the set in the bank, so was going to the bank the other day, when somebody stole her purse. She did not want to tell this to the family, so kept quiet. Kavitha believes her and says not to worry and consoles her. Titli tells her son that she is a great dramatist.

A fully drenched Vedika comes. Kavitha seeing her asks her to change and is very happy to know from her that she had been to the temple. She says you went to the temple to pray for Dhruv, i am happy to see that my son and daughter in law love each other so much. Vedika goes away.

Vedika has chenged and is sitting in bed. Dhruv comes there. He tells her that Sunny is a nice guy. We have very similar tastes and likes. You should meet him, he says. He says Sunny is of the impression that we both have met for some other reason. He says our goal is the same. Can you tell me anything of that? Vedika gives a blank look. Dhruv then says i will change and come. Vedika feels i have to tell Dhruv ...

Next day, Niharika is in her room tying the strings of a broken mani mala. Vedika comes there and tells her that Suraj is alive. Nih is shocked. Vedika tells her that she was not able to get into a husband-wife relationship with Dhruv till now. Nih is shocked. She scolds her and tells her that you should have told me this earlier. Vedika says i did not tell it bcos i wanted you to be happy. Nih is shocked. She asks Vedika what are you going to do now, what can you do? Vedika in a very determined way says i am going to tell Dhruv and go back  to my Suraj. Nih is shocked.

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May 19th, 2005


Niharika ask Vedika to go to Puna to find out about Suraj. She will manage the rest. Niharika tell Rahul that Suraj is alive and when Vedika leaves she will also leave that house. Rahul tell her to stay there and then get a divorce so she can get money. Niharika refuses. Rahul said he won't marry her until he's rich.

Vedika didn't find out anything about Suraj in Puna. She comes back and the Puja is performed to remove the gandbhandan. Vedika and Niharike tight the diya thinking about Suraj and Rahul.

At night Vedika tell Dhurv that Suraj is alive. Dhurv is shocked.

Full Update:

Niharika then advises Vedika to go to Pune and enquire in the lady's house where Suraj used to stay. Nih says she will manage things here, asks her to go , come back before the puja in the evening. Vedika leaves.

Nih meets Rahul and tells him that Ved is going to leave Dhruv. She says the minute, Ved does that, she will also leave that house and come to him. Rahul is shocked to hear this, tells her that she has to live there even if Ved comes out. He  says Nih should be there for 6 months, tell all that Antariksh harasses her, then get a divorce. After divorce, you will get a lumpsome amount from them, he says. Nih says she cannot do that and cheat people. Rahul is angry, says you were cheating them for days. Nih says i did it for my sister, never did anything for money. Rahul says if that is your decision, then you hear to mine too. I will not marry until i get rich and make money. So that may take years, so i will not marry you till then. So the ball is in your court, so you decide ,he says . Nih is upset.

In Pune, Vedika goes to the lady's house. The lady identifies Vedika and before Vedika can tell her that Suraj is alive, the lady says for the past two years, Suraj has been coming here to enquire whether you came here to see him. Now, Vedika is very excited and is sure that Suraj is alive and is in Pune. The lady tells her to go and see some apartement where he lives. Vedika goes there, but the security says Suraj was living here 2 years back .Now he does not know where he is. Vedika is upset.

In Raizada home, all are preparing for the puja. It is a custom that all should wear red saree or salwar. So Nih is fully decked up in red saree with jewels. All are waiting for Vedika. Kavitha asks Nih where she is. Nih says she has gone to see her friend, will be back any moment.

Dhruv and Antariksh are ready for the puja. They both talk to each other that the other person is lucky to have got such a good wife. Antariksh says our life would not have been so goos if we did not have Nih and Vedika in our lives.

Kavitha explains to Titli about the puja. This is a puja for removing the Ghatbandhan tied during marriage, she says. The Ghat bandhan is removed, puja is performed and then the nanand will get this cloth along with a silk saree. So Titli says Tara will have a good time today.

When all are waiting for Vedika, she comes with a very blank look. Kavitha asks her to get ready and come soon. Nih wants to follow her and ask her. But titli mami wants her to help her. Dhruv tries to go to Vedika, but Antariksh stops him from going.

All the 4 newlyweds perform the puja, Ghatbandhan is removed, given to Tara. Then, Kavitha asks Nih and Ved to light lamps as a symbol of love. They both start lighting. Nih thinks of Rahul and his sayings and lights. Ved lights thinking of Suraj.

Titli asks for the symbolic meaning of this. Kavitha says that during marriage, Ghatbandhan is made to unite them for life. But after few days of marriage, it is removed, bcos now, as the couple is united, they have no forces to hold them together. They are not pressurised to be together. It is out of love for each other that they are together. Then, as far as the lighting of lamp goes, she says this light will bring joy and happiness in their life. Both Ved and Nih feel guilty. They cry for their lovers and light the lamp.

At night, Dhruv is sleeping. He gets up, Ved is not there. So he goes down to search for her. Ved is standing down in the midst of those diyas which they lighted. The entire room is lit in that diya light. Dhruv asks her what is the matter? Ved turns to him and says Suraj is alive. Dhruv gets a shock. All the diyas a re blown off in a swift wind. The entire room is plunged in darkness.

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May 23rd 2005


Ved tells Dhurv that Suraj is alive. He is shocked and yells at Ved, why did she pretend to love him. He leaves, Ved is sad.

Next morning Dhurv tell Ved not to do any thing for him as he will have to get use it to doing himself. She offers him breakfast, he said he doesn't want it. She offers juice and he reply the same.

After work, when Dhruv comes home, he says sorry to Ved and promise to help her find Suraj. While they are talking, someone is listening.

Full Update:

Dhruv is shocked to hear what Ved says. Ved continues saying Suraj is alive and now she cannot live without him. Dhruv is very upset. He holds Ved's hands, asks her if you had to leave me, why did u try to get close with me? Why did you develop love in me? Ved says i had made only a samjauta with you. Dhruv says yes, you made a samjauta that you will be here till Nih settles well. But Nih settled down long back, but still you did not leave this house. So i developed a feeling that you will stay here for me. I started getting close to you, dreamt of you. Why did you do this to me, he screams. Ved cries. Dhruv says you will never understand what love is, he says and goes away leaving Ved crying.

Dhruv sits in the garden. It is raining very heavily, he sits getting drenche din the rain. He remembers what Ved told him. He is crying. Just then, Kavitha comes ther with an umbrella. She tells him ,some days back, i was worried, so i was sitting in the rain. You came to me with an umbrella. But today i am here, with an umbrealla. But why are you worrying, now that everything is alright in your life? Dhruv is upset, says he is thinking of old happenings. When he and Antariksh were small, they would run in the rain. She would come with an umbrella, hold their ears and scold them for getting drenched. Kavitha says i remember. Dhruv then asks her why can't time stop and we always cherish good times? Kavitha says time does not stop for anyone. We have to keep moving. Dhruv is very upset. He says i cannot face the future. Kavitha says why do you think about future? You are happy now, just think about the present. Enjoy the happy moments you get now, do not worry about tomorrow. Dhruv is very sad.

Nih gets a call from Rahul's neighbour that he is hurt himself very badly. Nih runs to Rahul's house. There, Rahul is having a bandage on his forehead, arms. He is packing his bags. Nih asks him what happened? Rahul says they came again for money, beat me up. So he is going away from this place bcos he wants to live, not to die. Nih pleads that she would also come with him. Rahul says he does not know where he is going, so cannot take her. He starts to leave with his bag. Nih cannot withstand this, runs to him, hugs him and says i will get you the money. Promise me that you will never leave me. THey both hug. Nih leaves. Then Rahul gives a wicked smile and says Nih i love you, but i cannot live my life without money. I need money more than anything, he says.

Next morning, Ved is arranging Dhruv's suit. Dhruv comes from the bath. He sees her and tells her please do not do all this. Why do you help me, i have to do it myself in few days time. Ved says let me do these work till i am here. Dhruv does not say anything, just goes.

In the breakfast table, Ved and Kavitha are there. Kavitha's friend has come and they both are going out. Dhruv comes there. Ved tells him that breakfast is ready. He says i dont want. She then offers juice, he says no need. Kavitha scolds Dhruv, and tells her friend that if boys get a loving and caring wife, they go overboard. She tells Ved not to care for him, he will come on line. Dhruv then takes the juice. Kavitha and her friend leave for shopping. After they go, Dhruv keeps the juice glass without drinking and leaves. Ved is sad.

Arti and Sunny are having a talk in a hotel. They are laughing and talking. Kavitha with her friend, sees them, goes and talks to them. Sunny says she is my lawyer, courtesy Dhruv. Kavitha and her friend sit in a nearby table. Sunny and Arti keep laughing and talking. Kavitha notices this and smiles.

Its night. Dhruv returns home. The room is very dark, no light switched on. He sits in the sofa, very tired. Ved switiches on the light. She is also seated on the other end of the sofa. She says she will get dinner. Dhruv stops her and says i am sorry. I should not have screamed at you last night.I did not do it intentionally, he says. Ved says its ok, is about to go, when he stops her and tells her that he will help her in searching Suraj. She is happy, tears in her eyes. He says even though you do not consider me as your husband, we are still friends. So as your friend, i will help you in searching for him. We will begin our search tomorrow. Ved is very happy. She says i can never sacrifice you. You sacrificed your love for me, but i cannot do that, as Suraj lives in my dreams. He says i understand. Ved says you are great. AS they are talking, somebody has listened to them. They show a hand holding the curtain as they talk. I think is is Kavitha, but not sure.

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May 24th 2005


Dhurv and Vedika goes to Puna to search for Suraj. They find out that he's in Mumbai, but the lady gives them two hotels names since she isn't sure which one he's in.

They go there, but no ones is there named Suraj. They decide to go to the other hotel so Dhurv goes to get the address and bumps into Sunny. He wants to meet Ved, but his dadi calls, so they go there.

Kavita talks to Dhurv about Sunny and Arti and he says he will talk to Sunny. Tara tells Dhurv she knows that Ved love Suraj. She heard them talk last night.

Nih finds money in Ved's cupboard that Dhurv has given her. Nih tries to take the money, but Ved stops her. At night she calls Rahul and when she's finished talking she finds Antriskh standing behind her. She is shocked.

Full update:

Dhruv continues to tell Vedika that he will help her to find Suraj. They both decide to start their search tomorrow. They both leave to Pune the next day. They go to the club where Ved had heard the piano dhun. They do not get any info there. Then Dhruv asks her did you go to the place where Suraj was living? Ved says yes but there is a commercial complex there now. Ved and Dhruv go to some lady(did not get how she is connected)she says Suraj will be very happy to see VEd. Ved is excited, asks how Suraj is? The lady says he is fine, but always keeps thinking of you. This makes Dhruv dull. Ved is over excited and asks the lady if Suraj was in Pune mentioning some date. The lady confirms it. Ved then bubbling eith joy, says so the tune i heard on piano was by him. Dhruv asks the lady to give details about Suraj. The lady says Suraj will now be in Mumbai. They ask for his address to which sha says i am confused, it is either Hotel Imperial or Hotel Empire.

They both then start for Mumbai. They go to the Hotel Empire first. They get to know that there is no person staying there of the name Suraj. Ved is upset. Dhruv says we have to go to the other hotel now. He says i will get the exact address of this hotel, be seated. Ved just sits in the lobby and is worried. Dhruv while walking hits against a guy and he is Sunny. They both are surprised. Sunny calls Dhruv to the room to meet his Dida. Dhruv says he has to go out now , his wife is with him. Sunny wants to meet his wife. They are proceeding towards Ved. Ved is sitting turning her back to them. Just then, Sunny's dida calls Sunny. He takes Dhruv along and gets him introduced to her. Dida says Sunny talks a lot about you. A person comes and remids them of a meeting scheduled at the same time. So Sunny says you carry on, and Dida and Sunny leave. Dhruv comes to VEd. He tells her that Sunny was here. She is not bothered and wants to go to the other hotel.

Its night, Ved and Dhruv come home. Kavitha is waiting for them. She asks where they had been? Dhruv says they had gone out. Kavitha says she met her friends Arti and Sunny. She asks Dhruv how do you find Sunny? Dhruv says he is nice guy. Kavitha says now that you are settled with Ved, Ant with Nih, i think Arti can marry Sunny. Dhruv with a sad face says yes, that can happen. He says he will talk to Sunny. Kavitha says she will talk to Arti.

Nih goes to Ved's room. She asks her has not Dhruv suspected that she is searching for Suraj? Ved says he is helping me. Nih gets a shock. Ved wants medicine for headache, asks Nih to get it from her cupboard. Nih opens it, finds some big money there. She asks Ved, Ved says Dhruv asked her to keep it safely. Nih keeps the money back.

Dhruv is sitting in the garden, crying. Tara comes there, asks him whether mom told about Arti and Sunny. Dhruv says yes. He says i think they should marry. Tara is in a crying mood, tells him yes, all will be happy and settled. Arti will marry Sunny, Antariksh is happy with Nih, Ved will marry Suraj. Dhryv gets a shock,sees her. She starts crying, says she heard him and Ved talking. She says i know you are searching for Suraj. Why does this happen to you, bhaiya? Dhruv gets up, tries to console her, says it is very difficult to get trur love, Ved loves Suraj, they should be together. Tara cries what will happen to you? Have you thought of your future? Why don't you think of your happiness for a change? Dhruv with tears in his eyes, says i will be very happy if Ved, the one i love is happy. Tara then, holds his cheeks, wipes his tears, cries loudly,. Why does this happen to you, Bhaiya? Dhruv hugs her, cries his heart out. A very emotional scene..............Cry

Nih is sleeping. She gets dreams of Rahul saying he needs money. She gets up, goes to the living room, calls Rahul. Rahul says did you arrange money? Nih says the money is in Ved's room. He asks her to get it. She keeps the phone down, turns is shocked to see Antariksh standing there. (Not sure whether he heard it.)

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May 25th 2005


Ant says to Nih that if she ever betray him, he will either kill her or himself. Nih is scared. They hug. Ant ask who she was talking to, she says mom.

Dhurv ask Ved to get ready so they can search for Suraj. However, Ved falls down when she get up. Dhurv touchs her forhead and says she has fever. He will search for Suraj. Ved ask how will he know it's Suraj, he says he will see her face in his eyes. Ved is touched.

Dhurv tries to convice Sunny to marry Arti and Kavita is doing the same to Arti. Nih tries to take the money from Ved, fails to do so.

Rahul gets mad at Nih for not getting the money yet. She gets angry too and says if he has the guts come and get it.

Ant is showing his shopping to everyone. Rahul comes there then and says Nih called him to come here.

Full Update:

Antariksh is standing there, Nih gets a shock. Ant says to her, that i have to tell you one thing... I love you very much, if i see you betraying me, i will not take it for granted, i will either kill you or kill myself. So never betray me, amke a promise. Nih just nods her head with fear, they both hug. Nih is worried. Ant then asks her to whom were you talking? Nih says i had not spoken to my mom today, so was not getting sleep. So i talked to her. Ant says good, they go to sleep.

Next morning, Dhruv is ready to go to Hotel Empire to search for Suraj. But VEd is still in bed. Dhruv goes to her, asks her how she is feeling. She says better. He then asks her to get up , get ready , they have to search. Ved gets up, but again falls onto her bed. Dhruv touches her frehead, realises that she has fever. He then tells her to rest, he will go search for Suraj. Ved says how will you recognise him. Dhruv in a very touchy way, says i can, bcos he is your lover, he must be loving you in the same way as you love him. So if he is around me, then he must have your memories too around him, so i will identify him with your memories aorund him. Maybe, i can see your face in Suraj's eyes. He goes. Ved is touched.

Uma comes home, tells all that she had been to Shirdi. Titli, Tara, Nih and Kavitha are there. Kavitha tells Uma that is why your daughter was missing you so much. Ant was telling me that she got up at 3 in the night to call you. Nih is now worried. Uma is shocked.

Nih and Uma have a talk in Nih's room. Uma screams at Nih, asks her when she will stop all this. She asks her so, you talked to Rahul, isn't it? Nih nods her head, Uma slaps her. She screams at Nih when Titli arrives there with juice glass. Uma and Nih behave as though nothing has gone wrong. But Titli has her own doubts. After she leaves, Uma closes the door and again screams at Nih, why are you bent upon shattering your married life? Please do have some sense.

Ved is coughing, is packing lunch along with medicines for Dhruv. Kavitha sees her not well and complains to Uma about her. Uma says let her do what is good for her. Then, she thinks in mind, i hope Nih also  becomes so very loving and caring to her husband and family.

Kavitha goes to Arti's place. Dhruv goes to meet Sunny at the hotel.

In Sunny's room, Dida is having a routine checkup done by the doctor. He says all is well. She then insists Sunny that they both go attend the meeting. But Sunny asks her to take rest, he has entrusted all work to some other person. Dida then asks him why dont' you marry? Sunny is quiet. Just then, Dhruv arrives there and says you are absolutely correct, Dida. Sunny gets a call, so goes away leaving Dida and Dhruv there. Dida then requests Dhruv to convince him. She aslo says that he is always thinking about his lost love. Dhruv recommends Arti to Dida. Dida says that lawyer girl is good, i have talked to her, why don't you talk to Sunny? Dhruv agrees.

Kavitha reaches Arti's place. Arti is excited to see her. She tells Kavitha that she is now working on Sunny's case. Kavitha then asks Arti about Sunny.

There, Sunny and Dhruv are having a talk in an open air. Dhruv tells Sunny that it is difficult to forget your lover. But, now that 2 years have gone by, why doesn't Sunny think that the girl he loved, will have her own life, would be married and settled? It is high time he stops thinking about her, marries Arti. Sunny says it is very difficult as he has seen Arti just as a friend. Dhruv says it is true that Arti is his friend , but it is just that he should change the way in which he sees her. Sunny says it is difficult to forget the first love. Dhruv's face becomes small.

There, Kavitha tells Arti that it is true that first love cannot be forgotten. But you have to think now. Arti says i have seen Sunny as a friend. Kavitha tells her to change her view now, try to consider Sunny as her partner. Kavitha pleads Arti to say yes.

There, Dhruv pleads Sunny to say yes.

Nih slowly goes to Ved's room to steal the money. She takes the money, is about to leave, when Ved comes there. She tries to keep the money back, but Ved sees her with the money in her hand. Ved is shocked, asks her what she is doing. Nih says she came here to take a saree of hers. But the money fell down. So she was arranging it back. Then Nih tells Ved not to keep so much of money in the open. She suggests that she will keep the money withher, give it to her when she needs it. Ved says sorry, but i will keep it more safely. Nih still insisits that she will keep the money. Ved says she will keep it in such a place that nobody can think of, takes it. Nih is sad.

Rahul calls Nih , asks about money. Nih says she was almost caught by Ved today. Rahul says he wants money. Rahul then says can you come to meet me, atleast? Nih says no,  i am going out with Ant. Rahul gets angry, says you are playing a drama with me. You  do not want to give me money, you do not want to meet me. Nih says if you think so, so be it. She also gets angry. She tells him, if you have the guts, you come here, meet me, take money form me. She keeps the phone down.

In the hall, Ant is exhibiting to all the shopping he has made. He has bought a saree for Tara. Kavitha sees a very good saree in the bag, asks Ant whether this is for Nih. She then gives the saree to Nih, says this is a very pretty colour , will look good on you. Just then, somebody comes, it is Rahul. Nih is shocked to see him. Ant asks him you, here. Rahul in a very smiling face, says to all that Nih asked me to come here, she called me to tell me....Nih is shocked. All see  Nih's face....

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Update for May 26, 2005

When Antariksh introduces Rahul to everyone, the entire Raizyada family is very happy to meet him. Titli senses something hanky panky between Rahul and Niharika, when Rahul gifts Niahrika a small Ganpati and also notices their constant looks to each other. Rahul thanks everyone and especially Antariksh for putting him in the best hospital for treatment. Titli and Anurag realize it was the same hospital where Niharikas fake friend was kept. Titli wants to tell Kavita about the entire scheme but Anurag stops her and says that they must have some proof. Dhruv meets Arti in her chamber and suggests her to get married to Sunny, arti agrees. Suraj and Arti meet up. They both decide to forget the past and go ahead together with the marriage. Suraj and Arti meet up with Dida. Dida blesses them and is very happy. She calls up Dhruv and invites Dhruv and Vedika for dinner. Dhruv and Vedika are on their way to Sunnys house when Vedika gets down and goes to a florists to buy flowers for Arti. She notices Surajs car near the signal and sees Suraj sitting inside talking on his cell phone. She runs towards him in the busy traffic. When she is about to reach him, the car goes away. She turns and finds a truck about to hit her. She screams.

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