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Updates for May - No "Thanks"

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For March & April Updates check the following topic

Update for May 2nd

Niharika thinks she has to plan something for avoiding Antariksh coming near her. She goes to Kavitha and tells her that in the gupt pooja, she has to give a sankalp that she will be away from her husband physically for 6 months. Kavitha agrees and tells that she will tell Antariksh.

Niharika is in her room, happy when Antariksh comes. He has got to know it from kavitha. First, he asks her how this is possible? Niharika starts to cry and pleads that this is for their well being. Antariksh then agrees and then gifts her a necklace. Niharika is happy.

Vedika tells Dhruv that she will be going tomorrow when Niharika goes. Dhruv is unhappy and tells her that he knows that she willl not return. But he will miss her a lot. Vedika is touched but cannot help it.

The next day, Niharika and Vedika with their husbands go to Uma's house. Dhruv is very upset that Vedika will not come back if he send her to her mom's place now. Vedika too feels odd to leave the house, but cannot herlp it. Dhruv is very sad.

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Update for May 3rd

All the four reach Uma's house. Niharika and Antariksh are about to go back to Raizada house. Uma asks Dhruv to allow Vedika  here for some days. Dhruv says he wanted to do so and leaves too. Uma and Vedika are there. Uma tells Vedika that Dhruv loves her a lot. He actually struggled a lot to save her in the court case when Vedika tried to kill a person. Vedika is shocked, but says she cannot accept him as her husband bcos she is Suraj's wife. Uma is shocked.

Dhruv is very upset. He goes to Arti's house and tells her everything. Dhruv asks her why does this happen only to me? Today, i have lost my love again. He cries. Arti  is sad too. She advises him to go and tell Kavitha about this. Dhruv agreees and goes home.

Uma tells Vedika that she has to consider about her sister too before taking a decision. Vedika is in a dilemna. She goes to a temple, before God, she asks what is in store for me? You have pushed me to this state. Now, you have to decide. Just then, a swift wind blows and the kumkum on the plate before god flies in the air and is psread over Vedika's forehead as sindoor. Vedika sees it and is shocked.

Dhruv reaches home. Kavitha is there. There is no power at home, she is sitting with a candle light. Dhruv says i want to tell you something. He tells her that you know, that Vedika has got well. But the fact is after getting ok, she does not recognise me and does not take me as her husband. Kavitha is shocked to hear this. Dhruv has tears in his eyes seeing his mom in such a state.

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Detailed update for May 3rd by upzz_upee


Well last i watched d serial when Niharika leaves d house 2 meet her boyfriend at d night of her wedding.

yesterday d episode started with niharika n vedika at their mother's home with their husbands after d marriage where their mom is indirectly making niharika understand what her responsibilities are towards her inlaws n to forget past n move ahead in life. Then Antriksh n niharika take leave n then dhruv also asks 4 leave when umaji(girls' mom) ask him when he will b cuming 2 take vedika to which he replies dat he shall call up n let her know in a very upset n confused look n giving d side looks 2 vedika who also seemed to b confused.

Then after dhruv leaves Umaji tells vedika that dhruv is a very nice boy as he  took very good care of her when she was not well n also saved her from d case to which vedika immediately says "what case". Then Umaji tells her dat in d state of her mental illness she had almost killed a person n itwas dhruv who supported her all d way.Then Vedika reacts by saying dat she doesn't remember, n then she says dat she doesn't agree to that.

Her mom tells her dat its true n perhaps she was not well she doesn't remember. Then vedika says dat in the same manner she doesn't remember dat she is married to dhruv.vedika says"main is shaadi ko nahin manti, mein dhruv ko apna pati nahin maanti , mein apneaap ko raizada parivaar ki bahu manne se inkaar karti hun". her mom says" ye tu kya keh rahi hai". Then she asks her mom "kya is shaadi ke liye meri razamandi thi, kya aapne mujhse puccha tha. maa apto jaanti thi ki main suraj se pyaar karti hun aur hamesha karti rahungi to mein is sab ko kaise maan lun, mujhe aaj bhi wo saare wade yaad hain jo maine suraj se kiye the........."then they show umaji"s face completely upset n shocked.


IT IS SHOWN THAT SOMEBODY IS RINGING THE BELL N DHRUV'S ex- girl friend Aarti goes to open d door n at d door its none other than Dhruv himself who is completely lost somewhere in seemed very low.


HERE we have Vedika standing by a tree completely lost into her own world thinking hard what to do what not to?

Then her mom comes frm behind n calls her.She tells her that" kab tak vedika ateet ki gehraiyon mein rahogi aur apneaap ko yun takleef deti rahogi, suraj to ab is duniya mein nahin hai lekin tumhe to apni zindagi ka koi faisla karna chahiye." To which vedika says" maa mujhe kuch samjh nahin aa raha mein suraj se is tarah judi hun ki kissi aur ke bare mein sochna namumkin he". Then she asks her mom dat y did she get her married in that state"apne meri shaadi kyun ki, ye to aap logon ne bataya ki dhruv mera pati hai warna mein kabhi use kabhi nahin pehchanti"

Umaji in a very tensed tone replies that" tumhari tabeeyat bahut kharab thi humein kuch bhi samajh nahin aa raha tha, ye tin saal jaise tees saal ki tarah guzare. Doctor ne kaha tha ki agar tumhari shaadi ho jaye to tum thik ho sakti ho, aur jab dhruv jaise ladke ka rishta aya to meri mamta aage aa gayee , mujhe laga ki tum dhruv ke pyaar se jaldi theek ho jaogi".

Vedika replies back"  maa aaj mein us ghar mein wapis jaa sakti hun, us parivaar ki bahu ban sakti hun , dhruv ki patni ban sakti hun, par pyaar nahin kar sakti, kyunki mein suraj ke siva kisi aur ko nahin chah sakti" Umaji then advises her by saying"Vedika jo bhi faisla lena jaldi lena aur soch samjh kar lena". thae uma leaves frm there n vedika again starts thinking.


Here they show dhruv at aarti's house who is completely lost n looked as though he is about to cry. Just then aarti starts off by saying"Dhruv kya baat hai jaise jaise suraj doob raha hai vaise hi tumhara chehra aur bhi something upset or gir raha hai(forgot d exact word)"

Dhruv:"aarti mujhe samjh nahin aata ki aise mere sath hi kyun hota hai, aaj mene phir se apna sab kuch kho diya,mene jo kiya sirf maa ki khushiyon ke liye kiya, maa ko jakar sab kaise bataun , mujhe pata hai ki wo samjh jayegi upar se kuch nahi kahegi par andar se toot jayegi."

Arti:"dhruv mein jaanti hun aunty bahut sensitive hai par tumhe unhe sambhalna hoga"

Dhruv: "ab jane kya hoga"


In this part they show Vdedika walking on the road with wind blowing n she is having d flashbacks of her gud old time spent with suraj n also what her mom said n what titli aunty once talked bout somebody elses' bahus.

Suddely she stops after hearing bells ringing in d near by temple. She enters d temple n in front of d goddesses statue starts shouting angrilyd way it is shown in many movies.

Vedika says" Maa aaj tujhe mere sawalon ka jawab dena hi hoga, aakhir tune mere saath aisa kyun kiya, jawab do maa, aaj mein aise dorahe par hun jahan faisla karna bahut mushkil hai, ek taraf suraj ka pyaar jo mujhe rok raha ha aur dusri taraf mera faraz etc etc......."

Then she shouts aloud" ab tum hi mujhe raasta dikhao, tumne hi mujhe is mushkil mein dala hai ab tumhi nikalo maa, maaaa mujhe raasta dikhao". Then suddenly sindoor udta hai from d thali kept near by aur vedika ki maang paar girta hai.Vedika touches her forehead n is shocked.

n the episode ends.........


Final Scene by swathi

upzz_upee, thanks for the update.

The final scene was actually at Kavita's house. There is no electricity and Kavita is lighting a candle. (I was surprised that such rich people and they don't even have a inverter. To give these people the benefit of doubt maybe it was out of order). Dhruv comes in at that time and wants to speak with his mum. Kavitha says that there is no light and if they can speak later. But by looking at Dhruv she senses his urgency and asks him if it is anything urgent. Dhruv thinks to himself that whatever am going to tell u will shock you and I cannot see that look in your face. Dhruv tells the truth that Vedika is cured and she has forgotten the period when she was mad. Kavitha is shocked at this revelation and the episode ends on her face.


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May 4th, 2005


Kavita finds out that Vedika does not accept Dhruv as her husband. Dhurv and Kavita are both sad when Vedika comes back and says she's sorry and she will not be leaving.

Later she lets Dhurv that she only came back for her sister and they will pretent to be in love front of others, but when they are alone they are strangers for each other.

Niharika finds out tha Rahul hadn't came to the office since she got married. Anurag sees her there, but she makes false excuss when Kavita ask where she was.

Kavita makes Dhurv put the wedding neckles on Vedika.

Full Update:

Kavitha is shocked to hear Dhruv tell her that Vedika has not accpeted him as her husband. They both are standing looking at each other's tears when Vedika comes there. Kavitha sees her and goes to her. She asks Vedika what is Dhruv telling? Vedika has tears in her eyes. She tells Kavitha that she has told Dhruv that and also that she will not come back. But, she thought about this once she went to her mom's place. She says, Subah ka Bhool agar Shaam ko Ghar aaye to kya galat hai? Kavitha is happy and hugs Vedika. Vedika looks at Dhruv who is standing there. Dhruv does not react, he goes away.

Dhruv and Vedika are in their room. The power is not there. Dhruv says thanks for coming back. Vedika says she was forced to come back. She came back only for her sister. She will be here till Niharika makes a position for herself in this house. She will leave then. She says they will be husband and wife before others, but these four walls will be proof that no relationship exists between them. She asks whether Dhruv agrees . Dhruv has no other options left, so says yes.

Niharika and Vedika have a talk to each other. Both are under the impression that the other is happy.

Niharika goes to Rahul's office to see him. But a friend of Rahul's says, he is not coming to office from the day you got married. Niharika is worried. She leaves the office. When she is leaving, Anurag sees her. He immediately calls his mom and asks where Niharika is. Titli says she has gone to some hospital to see her friend.

Niharika comes home. Kavitha, Titli and Anurag are seated. Kavitha enquires about her friend. She says she is better. Titli then hints does it take so much time to see her friend? Niharika says she did not spend much time as she had to go to her friend's office to drop some of her friend's papers there. Anurag and Titli are shocked as they were about to expose her. Niharika is smiling wickedly and says thank god, i saw anurag following me.

Dhruv and Vedika are sleeping. Vedika is on the cot, Dhruv is sleeping in the sofa. Kavitha comes to their room to give Vedika's repaired mangalsutra. The door is not locked, so she walks in. She is shocked to see them sleeping away from each other. Just then, both get up. They both are shocked to see Kavitha there. They run to her. Vedika then says Dhruv is still angry with me bcos i left the house. ASk him to cool down, she says. Kavitha then tells Dhruv to forget it. Dhruv remains silent. Kavitha gives the mangalsutra and asks Dhruv to put it on her. Vedika says she wil wear it afterwards. Kavitha insists that Dhruv put it on her before her. So, Dhruv without any other choice, takes it and puts it on Vedika. Vedika is stunned and keeps looking at the mangalsutra.

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May 5th, 2005


Rahul has an accident with Antrisksh's car. He is taken to the hospital. Niharika also comes there and find out it's Rahul. She is sad.

Dhurv is feeling cold due to the AC on. Vedika turns it off, but she's feeling Dhurv turns it on and sleep with a big blanket on.

At night Nikarika goes to visit Rahul.....but when she comes back she tell Antrisksh that she had gone to get some water.

Dhurv and Vedika are made to go to Puna. There Vedika hears the same song that Suraj use to play.

Full Update:

Antariksh is on his way home in his car. He and Niharika are due to go to a party when a man comes in between Antariksh's car and is injured. Antariksh sees the guy. He is Rahul, is unconscious with a head injury. He takes him to the hospital. The doctor says he is critical. Antariksh asks Niharika to come to the hospital as he can leave the hospital only after the police come. He says we can go to the party from here. Niharika comes there. She asks Antariksh why worry so much for an unknown person. The doctor says he is still critical.He did not have any address or family member's identity in his pocket. He had this handkerchief which has a N mark on it. Niharika sees it and is worried. She goes and looks at the man mying in the bed. She is shocked to see Rahul there. She hold his hands and cries. Antariksh enters, he asks her to come, they have to leave. With half a mind, Niharika trying to hide her tears goes with Antariksh thinking of Rahul.

In the night, Dhruv is in his sofa and Vedika is in the bed. Since the AC is on, Dhruv is feeling cold and he is unesy. Vedika notices this and asks him what happened. Dhruv requests her to lessen the AC. Vedika switches it off saying its ok. THen after sometime, Vedika is unable to sleep bcos she is feeling hot without the AC. Dhruv notices it and then gets up, switches on the AC and sleeps with a thick blanket over him. Vedika notices this and sees that Dhruv is feeling uncomfortable eith the AC.

Its night, Antariksh is sleeping. Niharika is worried about Rahul. She slowly goes out of the room, goes to the hospital and sits before RAhulwho is still unconscious. The doctor asks her to sign some papers which she does. Antariksh gets up in sleep, is worried not to see Niharika there. When he is searching, Niharika comes back to the room and says she went to drink water. Antariksh sleeps again.

Next day, Antariksh gets a call when all there at the dining table. Antariksh then tells Niharika that he is going to Pune to attend a meeting. Kavitha tells Antariksh to take Niharika too. Nih is shocked. She does not want to leave with Rahul in such a state. She then tells Kavitha that Dhruv and Vedika can go. After Vedika got alright, they both have not gone anywhere. Kavitha then tells that all the 4 should go. Niharika says only 2 can go bcos she cannot leave her alone. Kavitha is very happy. She decides that Vedika and Dhruv go.

Dhruv and Vedika are driving to Pune. Dhruv says that he is sorry bcos he could not say no to mother. Vedika says its ok bcos if she is out of the house, she need not act before all.

They both reach the hotel .They check in. Dhruv gives the room key to Vedika and says i will go to the office. When Vedika is going to her room, she hears the same tune which Suraj used to paly in his mouth organ. She is shocked and asks the receptionist where this tune is from. She says somebody is playing the tune in the piano in the ball room. Vedika runs to the ball room. She enters. There, Suraj is playing the piano in a very sad mood. Vedika comes there and is shocked to see Suraj.

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Update for May 9th

Friends, i did not see it. So i am writing whatever i saw in the recap the next day.

The first scene was not shown. But i feel nothing happened there. By the time, Vedika came there, Suraj must have gone. (assuming this!!).

Rahul regains consciousness and tells Antariksh and Niharika that he had taken money from some people and that they are now chasing him for money. Niharika is upset.

Vedika feels Suraj is somewhere around. She then sits with Dhruv and tells him her love story and how Suraj died. Dhruv thinks i hjust hope i can take his place in your life. Vedika is desperate that she feels Suraj is around. They then start to leave. At one point, both Dhruv, Vedika and Suraj are in the lobby of the hotel but do not see each other. They both leave for Mumbai.

May 10th, 2005

Summary for May 10th, 2005

Niharika ask Vedika that if Suraj is alive would she go back to him? Vedika says lets not talk about this. She sees Arti's picture in Dhurv's book and ask Tara who is this lady? Tara does not answer.

Vedika goes to meet Arti. Later she asks Dhurv why he married her? He said b/c mom wanted that. She gets mad at him for not thinking about his life.

Vedika decide to get Dhurv and Arti together.

Full Update:

In Mumbai, Vedika is still upset. Dhruv notices this. Niharika comes to Vedika's room. So Dhruv goes out saying he is going to office. Vedika and Niharika talk. Dhruv remembers that he has forgot to take him mobile and comes back to the room. He hears the converstion taking place between the sisters. Vedika says to Niharika that she has a feeling in Pune that Suraj was somewhere there, not dead. She then tells her that she heard the same tune of Suraj again and again. Dhruv is listening. Niharika asks Vedika assume Suraj is not dead, comes back in your life, what will you do? Will you run to him leaving Dhruv or you will be with Dhruv? Niharika is thinking in her mind Vedika, answer that you will run with Suraj leaving Dhruv behind. If you answer along these lines, i will also run to my Rahul. Vedika is in a dilemna. She thinks if this happens, she will be happy to go to Suraj. But, tells Niharika that its good that they do not think about this. Dhruv is shocked to see Vedika's expression. He then enters to take the mobile. Niharika goes out. Vedika looks at him. Dhruv also looks.

Vedika is taking out some books when she sees Arti and Dhruv's photos. She asks Tara about the girl. Tara says she is Arthi, Dhruv's friend. A lwayer who won her case. Vedika asks is she just his friend? Tara hesitates , does not answer, goes away.

Vedika goes to Arthi's cabin. Arthi is shocked to see Vedika. Vedika thansk her for taking her case. Arti says Dhruv and Kavitha had so much faith in her that she had to win it. Moreover, she had to win especially bcos she was ...She stops at that. Vedika asks her to complete her sentence, but Arti does not. Vedika tells that some things are understood even without saying.

Niharika goes to meet Rahul. Titli follows her to the hospital. So Niharika enters a room where a girl is the patient. She talks to her. Titli feels it is Niharika's friend. So she is right. Niharika sees Titli , comes out and asks Titli whether she is supecting her. Titli is insulted and goes away. After she goes, Niharika goes to Rahul's room. She sees some men going out of his room. He is worried. She asks her what the matter is. He says he had taken 5 lakhs from a person, they want it back. He cries as he does not have money. Niharika is upset.

Suraj is in Pune, calls his Dida. Dida is happy to talk to him. She tells him that she is going to show him a girl. Suraj laughs and says you know the answer, so why ask? Dida is upset. She holds Suraj's photo and says, Where are you, Suraj misses you a lot. Come back into his life, Vedika.

At night, Dhruv is lying in the sofa. Vedika asks him why did he agree to marry her though he knew that she was not ok? Dhruv tries to avoid the question saying he is feeling sleepy. She insists. So Dhruv says mama wanted that, so for her happiness, he married. She screams at him, how could you do that not thinking of your own life? Dhruv avoids her and lies down.

Vedika is in the garden thinking. She feels Dhruv loves Arti and Arti loves Dhruv. She is feeling uncomfortable in this house as she is in love with Suraj. So she decides she has to get back Arti and Dhruv as husband and wife. If this happens, then there won't be any problem for Niharika too.

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May 11th, 2005


Vedika give sindoor to Arti and ask her to go to Dhurv and tell him to take Arti as his wife. Vedika thinks Dhurv still loves Arti. When Arti ask Dhurv to put sindoor on her. He refuses and said Arti is his past and Vedika is his present and future. He only loves Vedika. Vedika hears all this. She is shocked.

Full Update:

Vedika is in a temple. She has called Arti there. Arti comes. Vedika tells Arti that she knows that Dhruv was her first love. For, Dhruv too it is the same. Even after marrying me, Dhruv thinks of Arti. That is why he has her memories as photos, keeps them with him. Vedika says their marriage was conducted without her knowing. So, she wants to come out of this relationship. Now that, she has decided to step back, Arti can step forward and take her place. Vedika gives a sindoor ka dabba and asks her to decide. She says go and ask Dhruv to put Sindoor on you and take you as his wife.

In Raizada house, all are seated in the hall seeing some video clips. First, the clip has Antariksh and Niharika eating in a lawn. They both see it and laugh. Then, Titli, her son and Tara playing. Then, Vedika(who was not ok then) with Dhruv. AS soon as their part comes on screen, Dhruv gets up from there. Vedika is also there. He goes to another place and sits. But he keeps looking at Vedika's reaction. Vedika sees the clip. There, Dhruv gives her cake, he wipes hermouth with towel, holds her hair as wind is blowing. Vedika then feels so, just bcos he cannot see himself close to me, he went away. He loves Arti and i have decided to give him back Arti. Then she wonders what Arti has decided.

Arti is thinking a lot in her house. She has the sindoor dabba in her hand. She then dresses up. Dhruv comes there. Arti has asked Dhruv to come to her place. Dhruv asks her what the matter is. Arti then starts to talk very emotionally. She says  now that Vedika does not consider you as her husband, why are you sticking on to that relationship? Why do you want to ruin your life? You know i am still waiting for you. We are made for each other. Why can't we show to the world that we love each other? We can lead a very hapy life as we both understand each thoer so much. She comes near him, hold him, hugs him. He then pushes her back. She is shocked. She then says showing the sindoor dabba take this, and then accept me as your wife. Dhruv then takes sindoor in between his fingers. He then gives her a very stern look. Then he starts to say that this Sindoor is only for my wedded wife. She has all the right on it. Ya, it might be right that she does not see me as her husband. But, i see her as my wife. Its also true that i loved you more than anything else. But the day i married Vedika, she became my life. I consider you as my Ateet, but Vedika is my Present and Future. I don't care whether Vedika realises this  or not, but i have this feeling. After i married Vedika , i thought though our relationship as lovers had ended, i thought i found in you a great friend. But, today i am sad that i lost my friend too. He says this very emotionally and walks off without seeing Arti. Arti is very upset. She then goes near the wall to the other side. There, Vedika is standing, shocked. So, Vedika has heard what Dhruv said.....

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May 12th, 2005


Arti tries to tell Vedika to accept Dhurv. However, Vedika just leaves. At night Vedika sees a tota tara. She calls Dhurv and they both pray that they get their love. Dhurv tells Vedika that love can't happend with force.

Umma requsts Vedika to accept Dhurv. He's a nice guy. Vedika thinks she is starting to love Dhurv. Meanwhile Niharika sells her diamond neckles to help Rahul and Title comes to know of it.

Arti tells Dhurv that she Vedika knows Dhurv loves her. When Dhurv is coming home, he gets into an accident and Suraj saves him.

Full Update:

Vedika is shocked after hearing to what Dhruv said. Arti then tells her did you hear what Dhruv said? I knew he wolud say only that. I agreed to do whatever you said bcos you will come to know Dhruv. Arti says i was his past, now he loves only you. Please, Vedika, come out of your past. Accept him just as he accepts you. He will keep you very happy, she says. Vedika is confused, simply leaves the place.

Night time, Vedika and Dhruv are in the room. Dhruv does not know that Vedika heard what he had said to Arti. Vedika feels cold, so goes to close the window. She sees a star breaking, so calls Dhruv there to see the thootta tara. Dhruv comes there, they both close their eyes and ask for a wish. Vedika then asks Dhruv what did u ask? Dhruv does not answer. Dhruv says but i know what you asked for? Vedika's face becomes small. Dhruv says you must have asked your love Suraj back. Vedika asks him why does it happen that we want to get a person for life, not knowing he is not here, not loving them ets. Dhruv says love happens not by force. We cannot predict when it can happen. It is not always important that the person we love reciprocates in the same way. But we continue to love him. Vedika then says i prayed that you get your love, she says. Dhruv says I prayed that you get your love. Vedika then says we will find out who gets the desire fulfilled. Who will that star grant wish, who will not get the desired wish?

Niharika is thinking about how to get 5 Lakhs for Rahul. Titli comes there asking why Nih is upset. After she goes, Nih is thinking. Then she gets an idea. She takes the necklace that Kavitha made for her(diamond set). She thinks she has got the way to make 5 Lakhs. She sells it, gets the money and is going to the hospital. Titli has followed her, so knows she has taken money for the necklace. She follows her to the hospital. Thinking Nih wants to give money to her friend, she goes to the friend's room. (The lady with whom Nih was talking the last time, and Titli got an impression that she is her friend). There, she asks the lady. The lady says she had seen the lady for the first time yesterday. Titli thinks something is fishy. In the meantime, Nih is in Rahul's room. She gives him the money and says she can do anything for him. They both hug each other.

Vedika goes to  her mom's place. Her mom asks her to think before deciding. She pleads to her to be happy with Dhruv and forget her past. Vedika says she cannot. Uma in a very angry tone tells her that it was Dhruv who accepted her even when she was unfit, when she was not loving him, when he knew she was loving somebody else. This gives Vedika a shocker. She cries.

Dhruv is in his office when Arti comes there. Dhruv is angry on seeing her. Arti says you should understand me. I did not do it deliberately. Somebody was testing you. She says Vedika was also there with me when you scolded me. She has now come to know that you love her. Arti says now, you will have happy days ahead. She will definitely accept you as her husband. Dhruv is thrilled. He asks her how do you know that? Arti says a lady can understand another lady's feelings. So, i feel that. Dhruv is very happy, holds Arti's hands. Dhruv says you were and always will be my very close and loving friend. Arti says thank god , i got my friend back. They both smile at each other.

Its night time. There is a strong wind blowing with heavy rain . Vedika is waiting for Dhruv. She is thinking of the words Dhruv said to Arti that vEdika is my wife. On the other side, Dhruv is driving home. There is a heavy downpour of rain. Dhruv is driving the car and seems to be lost in happy memories. He is thinking about Arti telling him that Vedika will accept him as her husband.

Vedika on the other hand, thinks why is it that my heart beat rasies when i think of Dhruv? Probably i am starting to love him. I am not realising it bcos i have not come out of my past.

There, Dhruv does not see a vehicle coming from the other side, then tries to turn, hits against a tree, falls out and hangs in air catching a tree. His leg is on the mud which is there. But it is giving way as the mud is sliipery due to rain. If he falls, i think he falls down a small mountain like thing. Not sure though.

Vedika is thinking that she will from now on try to forget her past as Suraj is no more. Dhruv is her present and future. So she will give the same love to Dhruv as he gives to her. She decides that she will be a wife to Dhruv from now on.

Dhruv screams for help. He is catching the tree. A car comes there, stops, a guy gets near Dhruv, tries to save him in the rain. He pulls him out of that mess, and is turns out to be Suraj.

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