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Devilish.Angel Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 2:21am | IP Logged
thanks for PM

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annab Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Brilliant story with an awesome concept...loved ur writing...i read all the parts in a goo...
              u mixed some reality into ur fiction ,which is true and really happens in the celebrity world...i loved when khushi sd  'sorry ASR...when people talk I usually stay and listen but I turn a deaf ear when donkey's bray you see"..that was soo hilarious ...ROFL...u go khushi..tht will teach him a lesson..
                            he is very arrogant and full of himself which is not very attractive...
so wt happened in-btwn tht 2 yrs?? im waiting to read ur next part...pls continue soon and pls pm me whn u update...

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EverydayCloud Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Interesting twist, can't wait to see where you go with this :)

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
okay that was a twist i certainly didnt see coming up
what did he do now man wasnt it enough he got her thrown out of her job
wonder what happened a year ago that she left him
well all we know is he did something silly for sure and now he is regretting it what ever it is
since he lost khushi
and anji and her mom are planning to go about to bring khushi back into his life because apparently the dude has become complete devdas
well lets see what happens next
didnt think a leap would come up in this but then you know what you are doing so thats okay with me
cheers for pm dear
see ya soon

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Blondiexzy Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
loved the way stand up to him

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Blondiexzy Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
ASR is do   rude and arrogant

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princess_avani Senior Member

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 5:01am | IP Logged






Arnav entered his room…he was tired…it had been a most grueling practice session…but he welcomed such strenuous practices nowadays …after all only when he was tired to his bones was he able to catch some sleep….otherwise he would lay tossing about in his bed all night…restful, peaceful, sleep had evaded him for the past ten months…his guilt was eating him alive….he wanted to make things right but he didn't know how…he was helpless…his mind went to the one time when a girl had cursed him…a curse which had come true to it's words and crumpled up his being.

Arnav entered the party with Aakash…he was greeted by Mr.Singhania at the entrance…

"ASR…so glad you could make it….how are you feeling now??"

"Quite well…why??"

Sameer shot him a weird look…"Aakash told me you were unwell yesterday…"

ASR bit his tongue and looked at Aakash who was motioning him behind Sameer's back and patting his stomach….Asr got the hint…

"Oh ya Sameer…just an upset stomach…nothing to worry about… I'm really sorry I couldn't come for the meeting yesterday.."

"Oh that's ok ASR" said Sameer still looking a little suspicious.

Aakash knew that it was best to change the topic fast …

"Mr.Singhania….I heard that your daughter was here…"

Sameer beamed with fatherly pride…"Ya…my Lavanya just returned from Havard after completeing her MBA….she must be backstage now….some of her friends are in a band and they will be performing tonight…"

Barely had he said this when the emcee called everyone to attention and introduced the band called Potential….it was a two guy two girl band….everyone clapped as they entered the stage…

Arnav, who was quite near the stage, looked at the band members….they were wearing masks…his eyes roamed to the lead singer and his eyes got stuck to her….she was wearing a short black off-shoulder dress which hugged her in all the right places, showing off her beautiful curves… ….he couldn't see her face but all that he saw was enough to get him stuck….her ebony black hair falling carelessly on her bare shoulders and still looking perfect…her pale and perfect skin glowing in the light…her pink luscious lips which she bit in nervousness…her slender hands holding a mike….her petite waist emphasized by a white belt…her sleek long legs that ended with high-heeled white boots ….she was quite an exquisite beauty and Arnav was already lusting for her…he was looking at her face when she saw him and suddenly her entire demenour changed….she slumped and fell back….by now everyone was waiting for the band to begin their performance…she came to the front…

"Before we begin guys…I've something to say…infact a story to tell…"

All eyes were on her now…listening with interest as to what this girl might have to say…

"I had a friend called Neha…she was my bestest friend in the world…we grew up together…we shared everything with each other…she was my support….but I…I lost her yeaterday…and do you know why…Because of ASR!!!!!!!"

There was a murmur in the crowd as all the heads turned towards him…ASR gulped…what was happening…when had he killed a girl…

The girl continued…."ASR and Neha were having an affair…they were dating for two months….he kept telling her that he loved her a lot…and she…she was madly…head over heels in love with him…she never understood the hollowness of his words until it was too late…She came to him excited with the news that she was pregnant with his child…she expected him to be happy and marry her…but alas she was mistaken…he blankly told her that he already had another girlfriend and that he had nothing to do with the baby…he slammed the door on her face…she begged and begged but his stony heart wouldn't melt….yesterday when I came to her house I saw her hanging from the ceiling…yes people…Neha…my Neha…had taken her life because she couldn't bear the shame…My Neha killed herself because of this man here….My Neha is dead and you are the only reason for it Arnav Singh Raizada…." With that the girl succumbed into tears and ran off the stage….her band members followed her and left behind a silent gathering.

Arnav could feel all the eyes on him…he could feel all the angry glares…he could see the hatred and anger lined in all their faces…but there was nothing he could do…what could he say when nothing made sense to him only….he didn't know about any Neha…he had never been in a relationship since he was 22…he was so ultra careful then how could he have made a girl pregnant…had he done something when he was drunk??? ASR left the party and stood outside in the hallway thinking to himself….

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder…he thought it was aakash

"I'm not in a mood to talk Aakash"

"Waise bhi Mr.Raizada….you never talk…you just bite peoples head off…"

ASR turned around to see the girl who had been on the stage….this time she stood without her mask…this time he could see that it was none other than Khushi Kumari Gupta…

"You….how dare you….and what was all this rubbish that you were saying…"

Khushi looked at him with a smirk…

"How does it feel Mr.Raizada when you are shouted at for no mistake of yours….how doeas it feel when someone embarrases you and you can do nothing but stand silently.."

Arnav was very angry now and drove her against the wall…he held her shoulders tightly and shook her…

"What the hell do you think you were doing…do you know what people would think about me…do you have any idea what harm you have done…you Bi**h…do you even have any brains???"

Khushi's anger rose higher and higher…

"Do you know how it feels when you are removed from a job that you loved because some pea-sized celebrity uses his influence to get you chucked out….Do you know what it feels like when you are shouted at and insulted by a boss whom you have whole-heartedly served for 3 years without chance of a complain….do you know how it feels like to feel helpless and just hear insult after insult being hurled at you because you gave someone what he deserves….no you don't Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada….because you only know how to use your status and get what you want…you and your big fat ego can't understand reality….you just do what you feel like without thinking about others….you feel the world revolves around you….you have never lost anything have you…you've never been hurt Mr. Raizada…I curse you…>ASR…one day…you will lose something you loved more than your life….you'll want it back…you'll suffer and pine…but you won't be able to get it back….I curse you…."With that she pushed him aside and walked away….before turning the corner she yelled…"BTW I'm not as cruel as you…..Sameer uncle declared on the stage that it was just a prank"….with that she disappeared out of his sight leaving him feeling angry as well as a little guilty.

Arnav saw how her words had come true on him…he'd lost the thing he loved the most…he'd lost his Khushi and now he was suffering and try as he might he couldn't get her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Khushi entered her house and shut the door with a bang, escaping the incessant unseasonal rain in Australia. She looked at the empty house and sighed. This wasn't what she had wanted from life….this wasn't what she had expected for herself….never in her worst nightmares had she thought that she would ever have to face all this in her life. This emptiness, this hollowness, this pain, this darkness which now surrounded every living hour of her life killed her every second, maimed her…left her defenseless and broken. It had been ten months since that day when her world had shattered, when the earth had sunk below her feet, when everything…every happiness…every colour in her life had ceased to exist…leaving only her broken heart behind…leaving behind a pale shadow of what Khushi Kumari Gupta had once been. It seemed God never wanted her happiness…infact she had lost all confidence in her Devi Maiya….what kind of goddess would take away everything from her most devoted worshipper…what kind of goddess would first give her more happiness than she would have imagined and then take it away before she could even realize what was happeneing….no there was no Devi Maiya…no higher being who helped you….there was no one you could depend upon except yourself. It had been so difficult to move here…to show a happy face to everyone…to act like nothing had happened….to put on a fake smile….to hide her tears behind that pretence of being an introvert….to live like a ghost who just ate, slept and worked….she hated her life and she hated the man who had made her life this way….she hated Arnav Singh Raizada….but she hated herself even more….because even after what he had done to her…she still loved him!!!!!

She kept her bag on the couch…she wished there was someone she could cling to and cry…someone into whose arms she could rush and let go of this pretence…Always in her life Khushi had made it a point to have a dog…right from the time she was 18 she had kept a dog…because she had loved dogs…she felt that they were always so dependable and cuddly…they seemed to have some sense of understanding human emotions…thay came and licked you just when you were down…they would do crazy antics to make you laugh….they cuddled into you when you needed warmth…somehow they just understood you….but she couldn't do that anymore….because now every dog reminded her of him….she remembered that day well…

Khushi hadn't slept the whole night after coming back from the party….she had kept on thinking what she was gonna do…where would she get a job…she kept on cursing him for doing this to her….she hated him…that Ba***rd….she had thought the whole night and only in the wee hours of the morning had she fallen asleep…

She woke up suddenly hearing the shrill sound of her phone…she picked it up without seeing the caller ID…


"hey Khushi….I need you in the office right now"

"But Karan it's a Sunday and I don't work there anymore"

"What????What do you mean you don't work here anymore??"

Khushi bit her tongue…She had forgotten she hadn't told him…

" I…um…"

But Karan cut her off…"Khushi tell me the story later….right now Papa is in the office and wants to meet you urgently…So come here fast" With that he cut the phone…

Khushi didn't know what to do…why did Mr. Malhotra want to see her again…weren't the insults he had heaped at her yesterday enough…well anyway she would go…she had nothing to loose and if he did shout at her again then she would give him a piece of her mind…arghh…this was all because of that scumbag…ASR….!!

Khushi got dressed and came to the office…Karan was waiting at the entrance and told her to hurry into his dad's cabin….she knocked on the door and entered…

"Welcome miss Gupta….sorry to wake you so early in the morning…"

Khushi was stumped….why was this guy suddenly talking so sweetly to her…

"I sir…um…"

"Well anyway miss Gupta….we have a guest here…Mr.Raizada.."

Khushi looked at the chair which had now turned to face her and saw him sitting their with a smirk on his face…"Hello Ms.Gupta….pleasure to meet you…again"

Khushi's blood boiled listening to his voice…she wanted to break his teeth and wipe the stupid smirk off his face….she decided to ignore him…if not for anything but for her own mental peace because she knew the guy would get onto her nerves and make her angry…

"Sir why have you called me??"

"Well Khushi….Mr. Raizada has decided to forgive you and give you one more chance after your rude behaviour to him yesterday…he says he wants you as his manager….you should be thankful to him young lady…even after everything you did he has the kindness to give you another chance…"

Khushi was speechless…the audacity of this guy…if embarrassing her had not been enough now he was acting like he was doing her a favor by doing something right…something which had been his own fault to begin with…oh the balls on this guy…

"But sir….I…"

"I don't think you are in a position to argue here Ms. Gupta….I suggest you take Mr. Raizada to your cabin and start working…"

Khushi knew she could do nothing else and had to keep her calm if she wanted to save her job….

"Alrigt sir…"She turned to ASR…"If you'd follow me Mr. Raizada…"

She started walking in to her cabin and sat on har seat….taking a few deep breaths to control herself…..she looked up as he entered…

"So Khushi….shall we start working…??"He asked with his traditional smirk…

Khushi just nodded not trusting herself to speak….

They went on working for an hour…neither doing anything to rile the other up….just politely discussing various stratergies…and also making stratergies in their heads as to how to let the other person down…currently both were testing how the waters lay and so did not want to bicker….she was just jotting down some points when he yelped…

"What is it Mr. Raizada??"

"What the hell is that dog doing in the office??"

Khushi looked at the security guard who was moving around in the office with a sniffer dog…

"That's just every Sunday routine Mr. Raizada….we use dogs to make sure there are no hidden camera's or microphone's in the building…after all we don't want our clients information to be leaked…"

The security guard got the dog into Khushi's office….ASR stood up with a jerk…

"I…I'll just be back…"He looked warily at the dog and taking side steps just went out from her office….Khushi couldn't help laughing…The Great ASR was scared of Dogs…amazing…she would definitely use this information…Didn't he say something about showing his goodwill by making him visit some orphanages…well well…Mr.Raizada….I'm gonna do everything to Keep Up your image…And we begin by going to the dog shelter….She smirked and continued her work sure that she would get her revenge tomorrow.

Khushi broke out of her reverie and walked to the window…she could see the raindrops falling on her window sill….she couldn't control any longer….she finally let her guard down and let her tears fall…

Song- What Hurts The Most(Cascada)

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house,

That Don't Bother me,

I can take a few tears every now and then,

And just let them out….

I'm not afraid to cry…every once…. in a while..

Even though…goin on…with you gone…

Still upsets me!!

There are days…every now and again…

I pretend…I'm okay…

But that's not what get's me…

What hurts the most…

Was being Sooo close…

And having so much to say…

And watching you walk away!!!!!!

SO HOW WAS IT???SmileSmileSmile
PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW BY LEAVING A COMMENT!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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annab Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged

Superb update...Clap Loved it when  khushi talked  abt him infront of everyone...that will teach his ego a big lesson...cant wait to read the next chap..continue soon and thanx for the pm...

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