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-The Love Square- FF Part 8 (PG 13) (Page 4)

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Originally posted by Futbol_queen

Originally posted by smiley12

akash a princeDeadhame tu uday ke elava koi dikata hi nahiawesome awesome awesome or akash ko frog prince bana dena hain nai tou band bajja dena iss kiEvil Smile love u<img src="" alt="" /> do continue soon<img src="" alt="" />

Thank you Ria Big smile

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Ya totally understand take ur time... the title is really good.. nice suggestion vampy

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hey gurr i just realised that i just i only liked the title actually the real title was given by zainab that is why i could not remember what title sorry gurr it was not me but zainab who gave the title

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ya,do take ur time and mk a longg updateSmile

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He arrived at the club a few minutes later, Veer parked in his usual place, which read 'Reserved For The Best'. No one had ever asked him to not park there so he thought, 'Why not'. "Veer! You made it earlier this time!" Manish the Usher strode up to him. Veer turned off The Bullet and laughed, "Well my folks went to bed earlier". Manish became serious, "You know they'll find out one day". Veer shrugged, "We'll see but for now-" He grinned, "-let's enjoy". Manish shook his head smiling, "You'll never change will you?". Veer winked, "Ya know it
Buddy!". They both headed to the entrance of the club, "We're having the royals visit tonight" Manish spoke up suddenly. Veer groaned, "Not again". Veer didn't exactly hate the royals, but they were extremely annoying. Last time it had been the kids from Jaigarh, the goody-two shoes Princess Unnati and her absolutely annoying elder brother Prince Manoj. "I'll make the crown sign and then you know what to do" Manish continued. "Yep" Veer answered. They got to the door, "This is my stop! See you later" Manish waved. Veer kept going, the club was empty it officially opened up at 9, there were some of the early birds hanging out at the bar. He passed by waiters setting up tables, and cleaning off the lounge chairs that lined the wall of the club. He chuckled to himself, instead of sitting and watching these chairs were used for 'other' things. Veer stepped up onto the stage where his whole DJ system was kept. He decided to get warned up, Veer flipped the switches and decided to put on a classical piece, but as soon as he began mixing you couldn't tell it was a classical. He looked up, a steady stream of partiers and clubbers were making their way inside. Uday picked up his mike, "How are you Mumbai?" he asked. "Great!" everyone shouted. "Ready to get started?!", "Yea!" they replied. He plugged his headphones into the system and began to groove with the music. After a while he totally lost himself, the music seemed to take over him, he couldn't hear the party, his headphones kept the noise out, and the music in. He noticed the time on the song laptop, it was already 10, he looked up and saw Manish with his three fingers up on his forehead. Veer felt annoyance run through him, that was the crown gesture. Turning back to the DJ Pro 350 System he looked for the trumpets and applause, he Flipped the switches and watched. Manish had his own microphone which he used for his own purposes and for now he was announcing the royals arrival, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We present Yuvrani Manyatha with her would-be husband Yuvraj Akash, and their friend Duchess of Delhi Jainandini" Veer was shocked, Prince Akash. From what he read and had seen in magazines there were at least ten murder scandals revolving around him, and anyways from the pictures Veer had seen, only one thought came to his mind, 'Who died and made him prince?'. He hadn't actually seen Manyatha, but the way the neighborhood girls talked about her she sounded pretty decent, and Jainandini...let's not even get started on her. He tried to see through the thick crowd around the three, he could only see the top of the 'Yuvrajs' head which was full of wrinkles. Veer sighed, "Whatever" he muttered. Veer went back to the song laptop, and began looking for a song that'd make fun of the royals, yet be subtle enough that no one would notice. He heard a flash, Veer froze. The media was here, which meant Critics, which meant reviews, which meant they'd posted in newspapers, which meant the newspapers his whole neighborhood reads. Veer gulped and pulled his hat lower over his face, on top of that he pulled over his hood, and plugged in his headphones. He closed his eyes and jammed away, hoping none of them get a good picture of him.

Akash forced her to link her arm in his, Manyatha had been so excited, but that was before she heard about Akash. Her grandfather, Mahraja Alik, had told her just as she and Jai were leaving. "Smile M Sweety, the media's here" Akash hissed under his voice. Manyatha scowled, then forced a brilliant smile. As soon as she walked in there was a blast of trumpets and applause she looked around, where was that coming from? Jai walked up behind her, "I'll be at the bar M Baby if you need me". Manyatha nodded, "Ok, see you later Jai". Manyatha broke away from Akashs vice like grip, "Where are you going?". Manyatha rolled her eyes, "Eloping with me boyfriend". Akash glared at her, "Oh god you can't even take a joke! I'm going to the bathroom" Manyatha shook her head. She headed of in the direction of the washroom, in reality she had lied to Akash. She had no intentions go to the washroom or spend the night at the club with him. If she had to choose, the washroom was more likely to win. Manyatha decided to sit down on one of the amazingly comfortable chairs. Manyatha let out a sigh, everyone thought being a princess was all hunky-dory, in reality it wasn't, being forced to marry a person who you've detested your whole life, handling business way out of your league, dealing with the media who'll make up lies about you just so they can get a good story, there was absolutely nothing great about being a royal. Manyatha rubbed her forehead, she already had a headache. She looked up, Akash was too busy dancing with girls to notice her, she smiled, this was a perfect chance to escape. She slipped away, and ran to her driver, "Bhai Saab Aap humey ghar lakay jao". The driver looked nervous, "Uh...Ma'am, there was a problem". Manyatha glared at him, "Like what?!". He took her to where their car was parked, he pointed to a wrecked a bike, that had totaled the front of her car. "How?!" she shouted. "It said reserved and I didn't notice the bike!" the Driver explained. Manyatha glowered, "Whoever owns that bike will pay for the damages done to my car" she growled.

Veer glanced over at his laptop, midnight. 'Time for a break!' he thought to himself. Veer decided to put on a slow song just for the thirty minutes he'd be away for. Veer rubbed his eyes, they always seemed to blur around this time. He stumbled over to the bar, "Orange Juice please" he muttered. Anita the bartender laughed, "Always orange juice eh?". Veer chuckled, "Fine how about we shake it up, give me..." Veer thought for a second, "Apple juice! That sound good to you?". Anita laughed and poured him some, "Enjoy!". Veer spun his chair around, he'd heard someone, "Heyy" it was a girl, mildly attractive, she was wearing a short short dress, and from the size of the diamond ring she was wearing he immediately guessed who it was, "Your the Duchess of Delhi right?" he asked. She smiled, "Yes, my beauty is discussed all over India" she flipped her hair. Veer smirked, "Yea Sure" he finished his juice and got up. She latched onto his arm, "So where are you going?" she asked. Veer brushed her hands off, he decided to lie, "The washroom"He replied walking away. Veer had exactly ten minutes of his break left, in those ten minutes he'd make sure The Bullet hadn't been stolen. He was always paranoid about it getting stolen. Veer passed Manish who was on his Bluetooth with his wife, "Na! Don't worry Sonu, I promise I'll be back by five, yes yes I'll get the groceries...only if they're open", Veer snickered, though Manish was huge, and a wrestler type, when it came to his wife, Manish was like a mouse. Still laughing to himself Veer made his way across the parking lot. He noticed a white car in front of his parking space, frowning Veer got closer, then he saw the wreckage. He ran past the two figures standing by the car, "My Bike!" he bent down on his knees. Veer lifted up a headlight, his once amazing leather seat was now ripped, The Bullet had lost its Luster, it was full of scratches. Shaking with rage he stood up, "You Two!" he shouted at the old man and girl. They looked surprised, "You are going to pay for these damages!" he pointed to his bike. The girl stepped closer, she was wearing a pale blue t-shirt with a black scarf around her neck, and with that she was wearing a black salwar with high-heels. She had doe-like brown eyes, and light brown hair which was in a high ponytail. He could just tell that she was a natural beauty. "Why should we? When it's clearly your fault!" she hissed. "Oh, is it now? Is it my fault your driver crashed into a parked vehicle?! Where did he learn to drive? The Institute of Idiots!?" Veer growled. "Actually the Royal Driving Academy" the driver piped up. Both Veer and the girl shouted, "Shut up!". "You parked in a 'Reserved' spot" the girl glared at him. "Yes I know! it was reserved for me! As you can see on the sign, 'Reserved for the Best'" Veer pointed to the sign. The girl smirked, "And you're the best? Really? For what?! Hooliganism?!". Veer gave her a smug smile, "See that club behind you? I'm the DJ, so without me there'd be no party". The girl scoffed, "Oh wow a Disc Jockey! That sure is the 'best'" she rolled her eyes. "Oh, and what's so great about you" Veer raised his eyebrows. The girl suddenly got an air of superiority, "I am-" she snapped her fingers at the driver. The driver coughed, "Her Highness, Yuvrani Manyatha Kumari" while saying that, the driver moved aside, revealing the royal emblem of Devghar on the door of the car. Veer turned back to the Princess, she was smirking, he was honestly shocked, but he wasn't about to let go of this fight just yet, "You still have to pay for ruining my bike" he growled and stalked past her. Manyathas mouth fell open, "What?! You look rich enough to pay for it yourself!" she glared at him. Veer stopped walking, "You know what they say sweetheart, never judge a book by its cover" he shook his head and then continued walking. Manyatha turned to the driver, "I want all the information on him! In less then ten minutes". The driver nodded, "Okay". Manyatha turned away, her cell vibrated, "Yes? Yes Akash I'm coming, I know...I know...okay see you in a few" she muttered. Manyatha let out a groan, she'd just lost her chance of escape.

"This is my last song for the night!" he shouted into the microphone, it had just turned 3, his shift was over. Veer unplugged his headphonesand was still trying to cope with the fact that his Bullet was no more. He passed by the lounge chairs, "Hey, your a really good DJ, wanna join me for a drink?" it was Jai. Veer rolled his eyes, "Uh, no thanks I don't drink" he continued walking. Jai blocked his path, "Then you should start, it'll reduce the pain of losing your prized possession" she put her hand on his shoulder. Veer squinted at her, "How do you know". "Leave him Jai, you can do so much better" both of them looked up, it was Manyatha. Jai let go of him, she seemed to glower at Manyatha. "Really M Baby?" Jai asked. Manyatha rolled her eyes, "Yes". Jai shrugged and moved out of his way. "Thank you" Veer stepped forward, he felt something hit against his leg, the 'thing' pulled his other leg out from underneath him, he began to fall, he crashed into Manyatha and they both landed on a lounge chair. Veer had his arms on either side of her, and Manyatha clung onto his shirt. "You can open you eyes, I'm not about to squish you" Veer smirked. Manyatha opened one of her eyes, "Could you move?" she asked. Veer sighed, "I would Sweetheart, but you won't let me..." Veer looked down at her hands. Manyathas face went red and she let go, Veer smiled, "Even though your annoying, but I can't help but say, you look quite cute when blushing" he winked. This made Manyatha turn away from him. Veer pushed himself up, and sat down beside her, he fixed his hat. "Um, it?" Manyatha spoke up. Veer looked surprised, "Uh- yea for those who know me, other then that my real name is Udayveer". Manyatha looked up, she had a small smile, "heh, well I wanted to say- Sorry" she whisperd her apology. Veer smirked, "Huh, what? I'm sorry I didn't hear you" he purposely cupped his ear and moved closer. Manyatha glared at him, "I said- I'm Sorry!" this time she said it louder. Veer smiled, "Aww, well you're not forgiven" he got up. Manyatha stood up too, "What?! Why!?". Veer held up his fist, "Number 1, You crashed my only means of transportation" Veer flipped up his index finger. "Number 2, You blamed me for your mistake" he brought out his middle finger. "And Number 3, you called me 'unworthy' of the Duchess, when in fact she is 'unworthy' of me" he held up the third finger. Veer waved his fingers in her face, "That's your what and why, now if you excuse me I have a forty minute walk back home" he brushed past her, "Wait" Manyatha held his arm, "Let me drop you off, I'm actually really sorry". Veer turned around, "Won't your boyfriend get mad?". Manyatha looked confused, "Who?". Veer jutted his chin towards the bar, "That guy passed out at the counter". Manyatha looked over towards where Akash was spread across the counter, Jai was trying to wake him up. Manyatha shook her head, she'd told him not to drink but did he listen? No. "I'll leave him a message" Manytha explained. She went over to Jai, "I'm going to drop the guy off, whose bike I crashed". Jai nodded, "Don't worry, hum hain na! I'll take care of him" she patted Akashs back. Manyatha hugged Jai, "Your the best". Jai smiled, "Of course I am". Manyatha walked away, she stopped beside Veer, "Let's go". She had gotten another driver to bring a different car and take the old driver, and the crashed car away. Veer had volunteered to drive, but Manyatha had said no, her answer really had been, "I still dont know you! What if your one of those guys that kidnaps women?". Veer had laughed, "Trust me, no one in their right mind would want to kidnap you". After the jokes were son they left. It was an awkward drive, "So you're an orphan too?" Manyatha muttered. Veer cringed he hated it when people asked him that, "Yea so? How do you know all this?". Manyatha giggled, "I'm a princess, I know everything about my subjects, for instance, Your full name is Udayveer, you were adopted by a professional Gardner, and..." Manyatha began to list off his achievements and losses. Veer had a suspicious look, "You just told me stuff I don't even know, if I didn't know better you were a stalker" he grumbled. Manyatha winked, "Maybe I am". They both began to laugh, there was a pause, "You still have to pay for my bike" Veer smiled. Manyatha scowled, she muttered something about 'Ruining the moment'. Veer rolled his eyes, "This is my alley, just drop me here" he pointed to a large alley a few meters away. Manyatha parked, "I'll have the check sent to your place" she said. Veer shook his head, "Just send it to the club". Manyatha was about to ask why, but Veer was already out the door.

Manyatha raised her eyebrows, there was something mysterious about Veer. Manyatha unplugged her belt, she was going to see what he was hiding. Manyatha slipped out of her car, and shut the door lightly. She tip-toed into the alley, she saw him stop infront of a house, talk to somebody. Manyatha bumped into a empty flower pot, it landed on the dirt floor and shattered into pieces. She leapt behind a barrel and crouched. "What was that?" she heard Veer mutter. "Leave it Yaar, probably some bili or kutha" the other person said. She peeked up, Veer had continued walking, she got up and began following him, Manyatha felt something brush up against her legs, she let out a yelp. Her hands flew over her mouth, she ran and hid in a doorway. "Crap" she murmured to herself. Manyatha craned her neck, she couldn't see him anymore. She was confused, he was here a second ago. Manyatha strolled down to where he had stopped walking. She stopped and looked around, suddenly she felt someone clamp their hand over her mouth and the other hand grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She struggled, "Lemmego" her voice was muffled. The person let go, Manyatha spun around, "Aap?!". Veer smirked, "Hum". Manyatha scowled at him, "What was the need to do that?!" she shouted. Veer leaned closer and put his finger on Manyathas mouth, he looked around and whispered, "Chup! Speak quietly". Manyatha was caught off-guard, "Sorry" she looked down sheepishly. Veer smiled, "Good, now leave" he ordered, pointing to the end of the alley. Manyatha looked at him defiantly, "No!". Veer rolled his eyes, "Kyu?". "I want to see what your hiding, I am your future queen, I have the right to know what my subjects are hiding and doing" Manyatha sniffed. Veer smirked, "So you want to know what I'm hiding" he asked stepping closer. "Yea" Manyatha took a step back. "And what if I don't want to show you?" he asked taking another step forwards. Manyatha began to stammer, "W-well I don't care", Manyatha stepped back and bumped into a crate, she looked down at it, and back up at Veer. "Fine, I'll show you exactly what I'm hiding from you" Veer took one last step. He had Manyatha cornered, he leaned forwards. Manyatha squeezed her eyes shut, she felt his warm breath on her face as he got closer. Manyatha felt a small heart-attack, 'What's he going to do', She thought. Veer surprised her, he leant past her, their bodies were now touching, and both were conscious of that. He picked up a small cage on the crate, "This is my canary, I call her Belle". Veer stood up straight and held up the cage. Manyatha let out a sigh of relief, "Heh, Like a Pyaar Ki Panchi " she murmured. Veer looked surprised, "Kya?". Manyatha blushed, "Nothing, sorry about following you, guess I'll be going". She brushed past him, "Good Night!" she muttered. "Good night sweetheart" he winked at her making her face burn.

The end was...Schmur...Promise more Manveer romance later on Wink plus I did this before but, Zainab I'm extremely, truly, from the bottom of my heart sorry!! In my jald bazzi I thought your suggestion were from Saira! I have a terrible set of eyes LOL so everyone thanks to ashukapoor007 (Zainab) for the amazing title!!


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