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Anandi, Shiv and Marriage(SS)Prt 26-Pg 31(May 13) (Page 4)

rusha4003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Very nice ... Hope ! Clap

I'm glad Shiv got to hear Anandi's inner-most feelings  ...

I really want Shiv to give a good scolding to that silly sister of his ...

Plz continue sooon ...

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ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 3:21am | IP Logged
very nice story...cant wait for shiv's reaction wen he find out wat sanchi did...
3rd part made me cry...sooo sad...

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
awesome update
when will shiv come  to know that sanchi was the one who shouted at anandi?

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Thank you for you support everyone.

Here is next part hope you have fun reading. Also don't mind the typos.

Shiv Vs Saanchi

In circuit house everyone was busy. Shiv father asks Iravati has Shiv tried on his sherwani. She says she called him and he will be coming. Saanchi, who is back, is fuming in the room. She thinks on how to break down the news about Anandi to everyone. They will be devastated she thought. Then she remembered choti ma saying even she is not happy with this marriage. She starts towards choti ma's room. She asks choti ma that she need to talk to her and starts narrating everything. Choti ma is surprised on listening and said i knew Anandi was too good to be true. You don't talk, its elders matter to handle these things so i will talk to everyone. Choti ma comes out of the room as everyone was sitting in hall talking about other things that need to be done. She says i have something to say. Everyone looks at her and she starts telling them how Saanchi met a villager and what all he said about Anandi. She completed saying "vusne kaha ki collector bechara phas gaya. Ithna sab ke bad be vo shaadi kar raha hi iss ladiki se". Everyone were speechless after listening. Dadu was the first to speak "koyi bhi Anandi jaise ladiki ke bareme ithna ghatiya bath kaise kar saktha hai". Both Choti ma and Saanchi who was standing next to door were shocked to listen to what dadu just said. Iravati said "Sach kaha apne papaji" and shiv's father nodded his head in  agreement. Now Choti ma had no one to turn to. Surprised by every ones she said "par didi ye ladiki ..". Iravati cut her in middle and said he must be someone with a grudge against anandi we must not believe those things. We must trust our Shiv's decision. He can never be wrong and that too in choosing his life partner. I believe in Anandi and respect Shiv's decision. He looked very happy with Anandi. Saanchi can't take it anymore and walked into the room. "What happened to you all. What did these village people do that you are not able to open your eyes and look at the truth. That Anandi is a fraud. She was just trapping bhaya. She can never be his wife. She is such a ..". "Bhass" shouted dadu saying it's enough of ur talking. You should feel bad talking about a girl this way and remember she is ur future bhabi, Shiv's wife and DIL of this house. Saanchi was very mad now. Why are they all so adamant about not listening to her. Iravati told Saanchi to leave this topic now. Your bhaya will be here soon and I don't want him to know about this. Its his engagement tomorrow. Saanchi retorts back saying "Sach tho mai bhaya ko bhatakar hi rahungi".

" Kya sach bhatana hai" askes Shiv coming into the room. Everyone are shocked seeing shiv. Iravati is thinking of how to stop Saanchi now. Choti ma is happy that Anandi's real face will come in front of Shiv and he will reject the proposal. Dadu, Shiv's father and mom look worried. Shiv asks again "kaun sa sach bathana hai mujhe Saanchi. Kya tum ko koi pasand agaya kya" he joked. He saw everyone's faces and figured out some tension in the room. He asked everyone if everything was ok. No one replied. Saanchi was about to say something when Iravati said "Nothing is wrong beta. Tum khana khaye?". Shiv can feel something was wrong but before he can say anything Saanchi said " Nothing is ok bhaya". Shiv gave her a confused look. "Anandi is not right for you bhayya" said Saanchi. Shiv looking at her, "phir vahi bat Saanchi. We talked about it last night. I agree Anandi is not the type of girl you had in mind as your bhabi but trust me she is everything i want for a wife". Bhaya 'You Trust Me', she is not who you think she is. Its all an act. She is a village girl but she is smart alright. That's one thing you got right about her bhaya. "What are you talking about" Shiv asked. "Bhaya i am saying you have been played. She trapped you with her act and you being such a kind man fell for it". Shiv just laughs at her sister, " I know you love me a lot and you are worried for me but really vaise kuch nahi hai". Saanchi is out of control now. "Mae aap ko samjhane ki koshish kar rahe ho aur aap ho ki meri bat sunthe nahi". Shiv's father shouts "Thats enough Saanchi".

Shiv confused at why his father got so angry, "Nahi papa iska confusion door karenge tho hi vo Anandi ko samaj sakegi. Tho poochne deegiyae". Saanchi almost shouts now "I am not confused, you all are. Don't know what she did to you all that you don't believe your own daughter and sister". Shiv very calmly goes to her and hugging her saying "Meri pyari pyari sis, tum tumhari jaga correct ho gussa karne ke leya. Hum ne tum ko bathayae bina engagement fix kar diya. Tum ko exams miss karna pada. Leykin meri mano Anandi bhaut achi hi. I am sure once you meet her your opinion will change". Saanchi just breaks loose from Shiv's hug saying "I met her and also talked to her, that's why i don't want you to marry her. She is not right for you". Now everyone is surprised. Choti ma told everyone only that Saanchi met some villager who talked bad of Anandi but nothing about her meeting Anandi. Everyone looks at Choti ma as Shiv looks at Saanchi. Choti ma thinks, "I though if i told about Saanchi meeting Anandi and how Saanchi spoke to her, everyone will not concentrate on the main issue which is Anandi's character but about Saanchi's behaviour. Now everyone know i hid the truth, what to do if they ask me why i didn't say". But before anyone can ask Choti ma about it, Shiv spoke up "You met Anandi, when and where". Saanchi said that's not important what's important is, I do not want this marriage to happen. Shiv who was a bit happy that his sister met Anandi says there must be some mistake as, if you met her then there is no way you would say this. Sanchi replies "I am not mistaken you all are. You are not able to see how characterless she is". Shiv at this point was losing his cool asked " Do you even realize what you are saying. Anandi is.. ". Saanchi cuts him shouting "characterless women who traps men and runs away with them and returns whenever she wants". Shiv can't take it anymore. He shouts "JUST SHUT UP. THAT'S ENOUGH. I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO EVEN ONE WORD AGAINST ANANDI". Saanchi is taken aback by his brothers out brust. He was never angry with her till date and shouting at her was something that never happened. When it comes to Saanchi, Shiv fought with everyone in the house and protected her. She is not ready to give up yet, she shouts back "You are so blind bhaya. I can prove to you with proof about Anandi and her act".

The trio (Dadu, Iravati, Shiv's father ) try to break Saanchi and Shiv's conversation. Shiv stops them showing his hand and says what proof? Iravati tells Shiv "Beta chod do na Saanchi ki bath ko. You know how immature she can be". Shiv with a determined look says "No mom, I want to listen to what Saanchi has to say. What is it for which she is speaking bad about my tobe wife". Saanchi says good then listen, "Anandi whom you want to marry and bring as my bhabi ran away with another guy sometime back and returned home after couple of days. Villagers being uneducated fools fell for her act. Maybe thats the reason her husband left her. She deserves it for what she did. I heard from a person who lived in this village for several years. Now you believe me or do you want me to get that person here and say it to you". Shiv just stands there for a minute. Everyone is worried for Shiv. As Iravati was about to go to him he harshly speaks up "That's it. That was your problem". Everyone was surprised by Shiv's reaction. Saanchi tries to figure out what he meant and says "This matter looks small to you. Do you know about this before?".  Shiv says "Yes, I knew about this and also story that goes with it". Saachi looks at Shiv confused. Shiv narrates the whole incident and Anandi was not to blame. The villagers believe she is innocent or else why would they ask her to be sarpanch. Trio were relieved listening to the story. Also were very happy they believed in Anandi and trusted Shiv's choice. Choti ma feels a bit sad that things didn't turn out as she wanted. Saanchi is out of words. Shiv calms himself, pats her head and tells her softly to never talk bad about a person without knowing the whole story. The person who told you might have had some differences with Anandi and was talking against her. But I am sad you believed him. I am really disappointed in you. Anandi is very kind and caring women. You said you talked to her did you not notice it. As he was saying it he remembered Anandi didn't mention anything about meeting his sister but about some city girl. Something felt wrong to him. He asked Saanchi "When did you meet her?" Saachi was not interested in the conversation anymore. Shiv repeats the same question again with more authority. Saanchi reluctantly answers, after her school today afternoon.

Everything went blank for Shiv. His own sister was the reason for Anandi's out brust this afternoon. The depth in his voice increased now, "What did to talk to her and did you tell her who you are?" he almost screamed. Saanchi bit puzzled at why Shiv was so desperate to know. She narrates how she waited outside Anandi's school and introduced herself as stranger to know Anandi better and talked to her for sometime as walking towards mechanic shop. Shiv listens to his sister and asks "Did you meet her near the water flow again later?". Saanchi remembers how she shouted at Anandi and Anandi standing there like a statue. She is a bit scared now. Shiv at top of his voice, "I ask you again, did you see her again. What did you say to her?". The trio stand confused at what Shiv was talking about. Choti ma who knew what was happening was thinking of ways to stop the conversation. Shiv walks near Saanchi and looks at her. Her silence was answering many questions in his mind. He shouts "I SAID, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HER?". Saanchi shocked blurts out "That Anandi complained to you about me and you are shouting at me you sweet little sister". She is on the verge of crying but Shiv was not planning to back out. He has to know what she did and said to Anandi. Anandi's crying image was moving in front of his eyes. "So you did meet her near water flow. What did you talk about tell me exactly what you said or else i will never forgive you" were Shiv's words. Iravati was getting worried about the situation even though she did not understand what was happening. She never saw Shiv this angry and that too on his sister. Saanchi was like his doll since she was born. He pampered and cared for her more than anyone in family. She can sense the tension between both of them. She intrupts Shiv and Saanchi's conversation. Beta what's going on we don't understand. Shiv looks at Saanchi "Tell them Saanchi". He has to make her tell him what she said to Anandi before Anandi remembers it. He has to do something to make Anandi feel better.

Saanchi was crying and angry. That Anandi, how dare she complained to my brother about me. She looks at choti ma helpless. Choti ma who can't see Saanchi crying thinks, "Maybe Anandi told Shiv everything. If he knows what happened there then he needs to know Saanchi's side to". Figuring out what to do, she comes to Saanchi's rescue saying i will tell you. She tells everything Saanchi told her. Shiv felt angry, ashamed and helpless as he was listening to everything his little sister said to Anandi, "HIS Anandi". He always talked about being there and protecting Anandi but today he failed to protect her from his own sister. Choti ma ended the story saying Saanchi is not to be blamed as she acted on what that man said and was worried for her Brother and family. The trio were not able to believe what they heard. Iravati looking at Choti ma asks "Why didn't you tell us about all this? You should have scolded Saanchi and told us". Choti ma stands there looking sorry replies "Maaf kar doh didi. I wanted you all to know why Saanchi did what she did before you all get angry at her". Shiv comes in middle of their conversation asking, "Is that really it or is there anything else Choti Ma". Saanchi shouts "Why, what else did Anandi say about me. I mean nothing to you. That Anandi is more important to you then me. She made my brother shout at me for the first time". Shiv still trying to control his anger says "Stop it. I cannot listen to you anymore. Anandi didn't tell me anything but now Choti ma did". Choti ma and Saanchi are shocked. He explains everyone "Anandi was waiting there because he asked her to. I had something important to talk to her. But before i reached there Saanchi did this and left Anandi there. By the time i went Anandi was just standing there crying and suddenly collapsed. I dropped her home and came here". Everyone was worried including Saanchi and choti ma.

Dadu immediately asked how Anandi is feeling now. Shiv explains she is fine now but is still in shock. She doesn't remember most of what Saanchi said to her but recollected how they met. I didn't understand at that time what happened to her but now i get it. "Vusko itna dardh laga iski batho say ki Anandi sah na saki". Iravati can seen from look in Shiv's face that he was hurting. He goes on saying he didn't know it was Saanchi who talked to Anandi till Saanchi mentioned meeting her this afternoon. I wanted to know from Saanchi what put Anandi in that state so made you all believe Anandi told me what happened. Shiv then turns to Saanchi with his eyes red with anger and filled with tears of failure, "My ladli sister said all those things to Anandi. I asked you to give Anandi one chance and you.. he stopped and looked at the floor". He is not able to suppress his anger but was trying hard to. He didn't want to say something to his sister that he can't take back later. He can't act the way she acted with Anandi. He looks into her eyes, "If it was anybody else who did this i don't know what i would have done to that person. But it being my own sister gives me more pain". Iravati tries to go to Shiv but her husband stops her. Saanchi is in tears. What has she done. Her brother is very upset because of her. She runs and hugs him "Sorry bhaya, I am really very very sorry". Shiv thinks for a moment and hugs her back "Its not me you should apologize to. Please look at Anandi with pure heart rather than to find her faults. She is a very sensitive, very nice, very caring, down to earth, smart, confident, strong lady. Not many people have all those qualities together. Wherever she goes she spreads love. I am not saying this because i love her i am saying this because i saw her act with all these qualities. Education is important as you said and i tell you she is well educated but just without a degree. She suffered all her life, recently lost her mother and is in lot of pain. You went and talked harshly to her even without knowing her. Just think how she must have felt. Don't act like a child and go with what others say. Meet the person and make your own opinion". Saanchi apologizes again to her brother for hurting him. They break the hug and look at each other. I hope my sister will do the right thing and apologize to Anandi, he walks away saying this. Dadu comes near Saanchi and says "Beta apne bhare me hi nahi dusaro ke bhareme  bi socho gi tho aise mistakes nahi hote. Jo tum ne kiya bahut galath kiya. Agar Anandi ko kuch hojata tho kya karthi. Tumhari nadani aur impulsive behaviour ki vajah se hum sab ko Anandi se mafi mangana padega. Vo bechari kithni tuth gayi hogi ". Saanchi felt bad at what she had done and can sense her mom, dad were very angry with her.

Please give me Feedback. Enjoy 

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Pri_kinmuk Goldie

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Very well written Smile 

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
awesome dear...loved the way things turned out...

Shiv found out the truth and maybe Saanchi's sorry will help things
Choti Maan is a gone case though

Anandi is of course very forgiving and even if it may still hurt, she will forgive Saanchi

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BJPatel19 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
I like d story development and mainly Shiv sanchi confrontation...its perfact seen as i expected...thas all wt i want in show...

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coolgirl3 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Loved it very...
Plz continue soon

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