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Anandi, Shiv and Marriage(SS)Prt 26-Pg 31(May 13) (Page 2)

A2ZVictory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Nice, do continue soon.

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SiriuslySujal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Very nice! Looking forward to the next part Big smile Hope Saanchi doesn't create some dhamaal and spoil AnSh's date...

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rusha4003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Very nice ...

I hope Shiv gives Sanchi a lesson in understanding people and not make opinions at face value ...

Plz continue soon ...

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
wonderful os
waiting for the next part

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 4:55am | IP Logged
awesome update...just read the second part...
I think Sanchi will start shouting at Anandi and Shiv will reach there and this time he will answer his sister...

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

Thank you everyone for ur support. Very happy that you are enjoying it. Hope to do my best. Here is the next chapter.

Saanchi, Anandi, Shiv

As Saanchi was walking towards Anandi she was cursing her for playing with her brother's feelings. I will teach anandi a lesson. She can't trap me in her innocent act i know her secrets now she thought. She almost got me to believe her but thanks to god i know who she is. I will teach her a lesson, Saanchi told herself with a determined look. As she got near anandi was facing her back towards Saanchi. Saanchi started, "What is wrong with you. How can you play with peoples emotions like this. have you no shame". Anandi looked back as Saanchi started to talk and was taken  aback by what Saanchi was saying. She was not able to make any sense of it. Is she talking to me?, she thought and turning around to see if anyone else was there but found no one.  Anandi politely asked her "Sorry is something wrong". Saanchi was in no mood to listen to anandi. She said "Enough, you can fool me by your act. You country girl how dare you play with my brothers emotions". Anandi was confused and shocked at what was happening. She was not able to grasp anything. Who is this girl and why is she saying all this. Saanchi was going on, your husband must have left you because of your character. You uneducated village girl. These words suddenly opened old wounds inside anandi as she was listening. Try to do something on your own then acting infront of people, Saanchi was going on. Saanchi was really angry, how can bhaya be this foolish. I thought he had some sense but no. He found this girl in the whole who is characterless she thought. As she was thinking as she kept going, Try to improve yourself. Be a better person. Anandi by now was in another world. She was hardly listening to what Saanchi was telling her. All those emotions and memories that she was trying to hide since shagun day were pouring out in her thoughts along with Jagya's betrayal, him taunting her "Keep everything in a box and throw it. Think about the future. Try to become something". Dadisa, Bhairav, her mom, jagya, gauri everyones voices and taunts were shouting inside her. Saanchi  shouting at her was the last straw she can take. She was not able to breath, she was suffocating. Saanchi by then shouted on anandi till her anger got a little down and left saying don't come near my brother again.

Anandi was still in her thoughts. Everything that happened to her since her childhood was occupying her mind and body. She was blaming herself saying if only my married life was not broken mom would still have been alive. I should have taken more care of her. Why jagya what have i done to deserve this. Even now i don't have a say on my own life. As Anandi was fighting her inner battles Shivs pulled over his jeep and got down. He said "Anandiji, sorry i made you wait here but what i wanted to talk to you is important. Shiv was not looking at anandi as he knows if he looks at her its hard to tell her what he want to say. He just kept going, "I think you are not thinking straight as your mom passed away recently. I mean u are emotionally weak at this time. You want to fulfil your mom's wish I get it but i just wanted to tell you there is still time if you don't want to go through the wedding. I mean i am not saying i can't marry you, all i am suggesting is that we can postpone it  for a little more time till you get out of the pain you are in now. So much happened in last few days in your life and now marriage i think it will affect you as it's a lot to take. I think .. he stopped what he was saiyng. He realized that anandi didn't say a word since he came.  He suddenly looked up at her with concern. She was standing still as she was when he came. He called her "Anandiji". She was not moving. He went near her and called her again with tapping her "Anandi".

Anandi suddenly went pale looking at shiv. Shiv was confused. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she was looking at him and said "What did i do wrong to deserve this Jagya". Anandi still deep in her thoughts, was looking at Jagya instead of Shiv.  Shiv was shocked, what is wrong with her he thought. By then anandi's tears were uncontrollably. Shiv never saw her like that. She was always very strong from outside. She was asking, mere kya jalati hai batao. mai ne tum ko ithna pyar diya, tum 1st raho class mea isliya padhai chod diya. tumhara har kam kiya. Kabhi mai ne tum ko complain karne ka mauka nahi diya. She was crying now as she was talking. I talked and got everyone's consent when you wanted to go to mumbai for doctoral studies. I even bore with your taunts all those years when you came for holidays during studies and you were in another relationship by then but never told me. Where was i wrong Jagya. I never wanted any bad to come to you. You said i am uneducated, gawar ladiki. You know i got award from CM. I was always trying to be good daughter in law and good wife but never tried being good daughter. Anandi was unstoppable, she kept on talking what all the bad thing he said to her, how he made her feel bad about herself and how he tortured her. Shiv was speechless and just stood there listening. Kyu tum aur gauri mujhe bar bar phone kar ke muje khosthae ho. Mujhae kuch nahi chahiyae app dono ki zindagi se. Aur ek aur bath tum dono if bacha chalagaya mujhe bi dhuk huva. Leki vunkeliya be mujhae ko kosa aap dono. Mai ne kya galat kiya jagya bathao. Agar tum mere sath hote tho ma aj zinda hoti. Meri ma muj se dhoor chaligayi aur mei vuskeleya kuch nahi kar sakhi. Mai bilkul akaele hogay'. Saying this she breaks down completely. Shiv goes and holds her shoulders tight with his hands and says "Anandi". She comes out of her trance looks at shiv but still in a very emotional state. She says shiv and hugs him tight crying her heart out. She kept saying ma ap kyu chalegai. By time Shiv realized anandi hugged him she falls in his hands and loses conscious saying ma ap kaha ho, mujhe chodkar math jao.   

Shiv holds her as she was falling. He calls her but no response. He checks her vitals everything looks normal. He looks around to see if anyone was around to help but finds no one. He first thinks of waking her up but then feels if she is awake she will not let him take care of her and will insist on leaving alone. He thinks its better he takes her home first. He just looks at her with all more love and affection for her. He then takes her to the jeep and places her in the jeep. He recollects everything she said few seconds back. He feels her pain. He says, tum akele itna dardh kaise sahi, kisi ko kuch nahi bathatya aur akele itna dardh chupake rakha. Mujhe ek mouka dho anandi, mae koshish karunga ki tum ko itnae kushi donga ki tumara ye dardh ko rahne keliya jagah na bacha ho. Anything for you anandi i will do anything, pooch kae tho deko. He takes his seat thinking and starts the jeep. The radio automatically gets on as Shiv starts the jeep and "Ore Piya" song starts playing.

"O re piya haye..

O re piya haye..

O re piya haye.."

Shiv just listens to the song and looks at her. A string of Anandi's hair was falling on her face. Shiv bends down and removes it from her face with most care still staring at her. Song is still playing in the background

"Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa

Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan"

As Shiv was taking his hand from her face, his watch gets stuck to her pallu. He looks at it and he remembers previous encounter when same thing happened. As wind blows on his face he remembers all the moments he spent with Anandi while removing the watch.

"Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai

Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai" Song playing.

Then he recalls what happened few minutes back. Anandi's crying and saying all those things just kept coming in front of  his eyes. He was in pain as she was in pain.

"Nange pairo pe angaro

chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi

Lagta hai ke gairo mein

Palti rahi haaye

le chal wahan jo

Mulk tera hai"

He was looking at her all this time when he was thinking. He says to himself "I love you Anandi. Kash tum ko batha pata kithna".  He looks at the road and heads to haveli. As he reaches Haveli he gives another look towards Anandi. He hopes she be alright and let him help her. But he knows minute she opens her eyes he is a stranger to her thats why he didn't try to wake her up till he was at haveli. Here there are people who can take care of her once she wakes up. That thought reminded him of how she said his name, hugged him and cried. If only i can care for her all time like that he thought. He held her in his hands and carried her inside.

Dadisa and Gehna saw Shiv carrying anandi inside and were worried. Shiv spared them all the details and said he wanted to talk to her so she waited at the water flow near temple but because of the afternoon heat I think by time I reached she looked tired and collapsed as there were talking. As he kept her on the sofa, gehna got some water. Dadisa was calling her but anandi was not waking up. Shiv took water from gehna and sprinkled it on anandi. She slowly opened her eyes. She saw everyone and was confused. How did she get here she thought. As anandi opened her eyes, Shiv was thinking how to respond if she realized about what she said to him. He thought to just act natural as nothing happened and deny if asked saying she is imagining. Dadisa said "Thare ko chakar agayo tho shiv ghar lekharaya". She gave Shiv  a confused look and was thinking "When did i meet collector sab. All i remember was talking to that girl". The thought of that mystery girl changed her thoughts, "Who was she and why was she angry at me. She even yelled at me". Anandi did not remember everything Saanchi said but just the starting once of their conversation. Anandi looked back at everyone and said she doesn't remember meeting Shiv or falling down. All she remembered was an unknown girl saying things to her. Everyone including Shiv were surprised now. Dadisa asked her, an unknown girl was shouting at you, about what and why? Anandi nodded her head as to say she did not know. But she told them how she met her after school, so on and later how she started to shout. Dadisa asked what did she say. Anandi tried to remember and said "she called me gawari, village girl, something about me acting nice, asked me to stay away from someone". I don't remember much she concluded holding her head. Dadisa, Gehna and Shiv were concerned. They all had same thought going in there mind "Who would shout at anandi and why?" But none of them expressed it out. Gehna said "Tum jyada socho math. Thoda aram karlo sab theek hojayega". Dadisa also adds "you will remember if its something important. So don't try hard to remember". Dadisa was concerned about anandi and doesn't want her to remember what that girl said as from sound of it did not seem to be nice. Anandi looked at Shiv and asked  "I don't remember meeting you either". Shiv was happy that she doesn't remember anything that happened between them. First of all there was lot of tension between them due to marriage. Now by adding this to it means anandi going even far from him and he can't bare it. He was sure she won't be comfortable with what happened. He just said same story he told Dadisa that she looked tired when  he reached and fell down. Anandi felt she was missing few things and was trying to recollect when Dadisa strictly warned her from straining herself more. She made it clear that Anandi needs to rest as tomorrow is her sagai. Anandi then realized what it was the next day. Shiv takes his leave. He asked Anandi to take care of herself and he is here if she wants anything.

Shiv sat in his jeep thinking at the turn of events. He was happy that anandi was feeling better and now between people who care for her. He remembers he was not able to tell her what he wanted to say. He feels bad that even after gathering lot of courage to explain about how wrong her wedding decision was, he failed. That made him think why Anandi behaved like that, she generally controls her emotions better than anyone Shiv knows. Shiv was happy she opened up but would have felt better if it was under different circumstances as he knows she was talking to her ex husband and not him there. There is so much pain in her and yet she is soo strong. He just was amazed and loved her more for that. He remembered of Anandi mentioning a girl. Who might that be and what was her problem with Anandi. From what Anandi said she was from city visiting next village. Did that girl say something that triggered this outburst of Anandi. If yes, What could she have said that broke Anandi. His thoughts were disturbed as his phone rang. It was his mother asking him to come to circuit house. He said ok and kept the phone. It was past 2:00pm and he still didn't have lunch. He thought mom is going to be pissed and turned towards home.

Hope you all enjoy. Let me know how it was.

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brick_red Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Nice story. Can you please include the page number of the new update  in the title ?

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Thank you.
I tried editing the title but not able to figure out how to do it. Sorry its my first time in forums and also doing the OS. Can you tell me how its done and i will do that.

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