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Anandi, Shiv and Marriage(SS)Prt 26-Pg 31(May 13)

Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Hi all

This is my first OS. So please excuse me for errors and my hindi. As CV's dragging just thought to pass time. Its my point of view on how Anandi moves from her past to her present and future.

After the Sagai Date is fixed

Its declared in the village that anandi's marriage is fixed with Shiv. Everyone is very happy to know this and congratulate both families. The villagers say that dadisa is doing right thing in getting anandi married again as she is a nice, caring girl and she deserves to be happy.

The sagai is getting near and everyone is very excited. Anandi is still sad when ever she thinks about the marriage. She is trying to avoid all the thoughts that are storming in her brain. Everything that happened to her since her childhood was flashing infront of her more often now a days. She is confused why she is more anxious as she herself asked him to marry her. It was supposed to happen if not now, a few days later. She kept telling herself she has to fulfill her mom's wish. She reached shiv's office as thinking this. She gave a fake happy smile which Shiv can see is fake. She was trying to act as if everything was ok with her. He understands her more then what she thinks, she cannot fool him he thought. She is talking to Shiv as less as possible and trying to focus more on work related issues. She doesn't want any discussion or talk anything related to marriage with him. Shiv can sense she was not comfortable when he was around her, so was trying give her space to heal with everything going fast and be as normal with her as if nothing changed between them . But at least once a day he asked her if she was ok and to tell him if he can be of any help.

It was two days before sagai and everyone in circuit house were busy. Suddenly a car stopped infront of the house and out came sachi. She ran into the house and everyone were happy to see her. She however was not too excited with the happenings. After few chat she made it clear she was not into the marriage,  Dadaji tried explaining her how Shiv felt about Anandi, that he likes her and she is a very good girl. He even talks about all the achievements of anandi. She was a little impressed but still not convinced  that a village girl is right for her brother. Choti ma understood that dadu was laying out all the best qualities in Anandi before telling about her divorce to sachi. He wanted her to have a good impression on Anandi first. Iravati was telling her to please meet her before deciding. And choti ma blurts out ya even if she was a divorce they all agreed on seeing her. Everyone stared at her as she spoke those words like what she had done. Sachi is shocked at what she heard and then confirms if wht she heard was true? Iravati not knowing how to stop this conversation says yes and asks her to listen to them first. But Sachi is in no mood to listen. She yells what's wrong with you guys you are getting a divorce for my brother. Iravati says your brother likes her. Sachi says he doesn't know what he wants, maybe he is confused? We should talk to him. Dadu says no, no one is talking to shiv. We all saw Anandi and took the decision. You are young to understand these situations. We made a decision and that's final. Sachi says alright if they don't talk to shiv she will or go to Anandi and tell her to leave her brother. At this point shiv's father loses it and shouts at her. She runs to the room.

Please give me your feed back and ideas.


Part 1, Part 2 ---- Page 1                         

Part 3      ---------- Page 2                        
Part 4      ---------- Page 4                       
Part 5      ---------- Page 6                        
Part 6      ---------- Page 7                        
Part 7      ---------- Page 8                        
Part 8      ---------- Page 9                        
Part 9      ---------- Page 10                      
Part 10    ---------- Page 11                     
Part 11     -----------   Page 12 
Part 12    ----------   Page 13   
Part 13   ---------- Page 14     
 Part 14  ---------- Page 16 
Part 15 (A) -------  Page 18  
Part 15 (B) -------   Page 19    
Part 16   ---------     Page 20                    
Part 17    -------- Page 21                      
Part 18    ---------    Page 21       
Part 19   --------  Page 22
Part 20 (A) -----    Page 24
Part 20 (B) -----  Page 24
Part 21   -------   Page 25
Part 22  -----    Page 26   
Part 23   -----   Page 28
Part 24   -----   Page 29
Part 25  -----    Page 30
Part 26 ------- Page 31

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
awesome start...i am sure Sanchi is going to create issues...let's see how Shiv handles her

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Thank you.

I was wondering if i did such a bad job on my first OS that no one was saying anything. You got my hopes up. I will load the next chapter soon.
vrinda9183 Goldie

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Nice start...waiting for the story's progress

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Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Saanchi Meets Anandi

Shiv came home that evening from work and saw his sister. He was very happy to see her. They hugged and did some fun talk. Shiv then went to fresh up when shiv's mother got hold of his sister and explained her how Anandi was a child bride, how Jagya left and even after that how she accomplished things.  She told her to think before talking to her brother. Saanchi was speechless for few mins digesting what her mother told her. She was bit sad for Anandi but still was not convinced she would be perfect for her brother. She remembered how daddaji said the wedding decision was final. She said to herself she will do something if they can't. Choti ma came there and expressed her helplessness as everyone was ok with shiv marrying a village girl and that to a divorce. Saanchi was happy that at least someone in family have brain. She told choti ma i will talk to bhaya. Choti ma was happy and left. Saanchi waited till shiv came out and said so tell me about Anandi. Shiv was surprised about the question all of a sudden. But he was happy to tell about Anandi. He just kept saying how caring, understanding, successful, strong she is. His face was just lighting up as he was talking about her. Saanchi can notice it. She asked him then is she studied. He said she did her degree in social work. She started saying are u sure about the marriage bhaya. Anandi lives a village girl away from city life, not much studied and u on other hand studied in london and have a different lifestyle. Shiv said it all doesn't matter as she is the one for me. He likes the way she is. And if u see her u will surely like her. Saanchi tries to point few more difference in lifestyle, socialising so on but shiv has answer to everything she asks. She reaches conclusion its waste to make him try to understand and thinks to meet anandi tomorrow.

Next morning shiv's sister goes to roam in the village. She see that roads are not good and everything is different then in city. She passes by Anandi's school and looks for Anandi. She recognizes her from her dad's video. She wants to see and talk to her before formally meeting her. After the class Anandi starts to go home for the day as tomorrow is her sagai dadisa asked her to come home early. Saanchi follows her secretly and observes how she was helping a girl crying next to road and she said something after which girl smiled. Anandi was reading some one there letter. An old lady was coughing sitting outside the house. Anandi rushed to her and asked if she can help and does she have medicine. Old lady said yes and showed a pile of tablets lying there. She said there are all written in english and she don't know which to take. Anandi helped lady with medicine, gave her water and left. Saanchi saw how everyone around her are respecting her. As they come to an empty road she moves forward and says excuse me "I think i lost my way can u help me". Anandi sees her and stops. Saanchi says her car broke down couple of roads away and if she can guide her to mechanic shop. Anandi says she will take her there. They start conversation. Saanchi says she was here for some work in next village. Anandi as sweet as always was nice to Saanchi. Saanchi asks i saw people respect you, are you some important person? Anandi smiles and says she is sarpanch of this village. Saanchi says "Oh! then its you who are getting engaged tomorrow. I heard people talking". Anandi feels uncomfortable with the topic and stays mum. It's to this area collector right, you are a lucky girl Saanchi says. And she goes on saying that "It's not everyday we see a educated person with collector post marrying an uneducated village girl". She then fastly says "Sorry i didn't mean in a bad way for you".  So how did you meet. You must be really something for collector to marry you. Saanchi is not able to stop her frustration anymore. She can't see what's so special about Anandi that her brother saw. Agreed she achieved a lot after going through rough road but that doesn't make her qualify as wife for her loving brother. She asks, have you ever been in city, the life there is different then here. I hope you can adjust well. You need to change your clothes first or people will laugh. Saanchi then starts to talk in english saying same differences she told Shiv other day. Anandi was confused at the turn of events now. She was very uncomfortable. She was shocked at how Saanchi was talking as if village women are nothing. Anandi stopped which made Saanchi realize what all she said but adamantly finished saying oh you don't understand english. Anandi stared at her and then gently spoke in english "take left here and in few feet you can see mechanic shop. If you don't find anyone there don't panic as its afternoon they might have gone for lunch". Saanchi was staring at Anandi as she was talking very fluent english. Anandi then said bye and was about to leave. She suddenly turned back and said "Manthi hu ki hum gao ke log city valo jaise padelikhe nahi he lakin mouka diya jay tho vunsae kam bi nahi hai. Humae ap city valo ke jaisa sab suvidhaya milae tho. Hum bi iss desh ki pragati ke leya kam karthae hai. Me asha karthi ho ke ap ki yea rhai jaldi badalae. Chalti ho". Saanchi was shocked at first but she liked the way Anandi gave her answer. She felt she had to give herself a chance to know Anandi. She was walking back when she heard someone shouting. Ye anandi vus ladkae(Shravan, Hope got name right) ke sath bagh gayi and phir be collector vussae sadhi karraha hai. Saab (Heth Singh) jab kam se vapas ayange muje vunhae turanth bathana chaheyi". It was one of
Heth Singh's goon shouting near by in drunken state. Saanchi went near that man and ordered him to tell her what he was ranting about. The goon tells her that Anandi ran with an younger guy for few days and came back couple of months ago but people still trust her as she very smart and now she has this area collector in her pocket. Saanchi was burning up with anger. Meanwhile Anandi's phone rings, it was shiv. She picks up "kaheyae collector sab". Shiv on the other side asks her where she was and if he can meet her. Anandi says she was going home for the day and is near water flow next to temple. Shiv says can she wait there for few mins he wants to talk to her and is on his way. Anandi hesitates at first but then says ok.

Shiv after keeping down the phone thinks "I want to make sure she is ok with this engagement tomorrow and it is still not too late to back out as she is not ready for all this. I can wait but she must not break down because of this. She is taking too much into herself, divorce, mothers death and now this marriage. He was sure it was too early for her. He tried to warn her but she was not listening to him and he had to said yes to marriage that day. But the more he thinks about it and whenever he looks at her he felt what was happening was not right. He knows its tough to talk infront of her but he wants to try and make his point very clear to her so she can understand that marriage cannot be an agreement but a lifetime commitment." Thinking this he started driving to where Anandi was waiting.

Saanchi who is very furious now was searching for Anandi. Anandi must have gone this way, i have to find her she thought. Anandi is not a great girl as everyone at home thinks, I bet even bhaya doesn't know her true nature or else my bhaya and this girl no way she thought. Saanchi was getting angry by every minute thinking this girl was trapping my bhaya to marry her. I am sure she went behind him and trapped him. She is not much educated but she is very smart. She was using my bhaya, it was getting to her nerve. Where is she, Saanchi was running around crazy now, I saw her come this side and Saanchi suddenly stopped. She saw Anandi sitting near the water flow and started walking towards her as Shiv was driving towards where Anandi was.

Let me know how it was and new ideas to proceed.

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anonee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged

Great job!!! you write well and the flow of the concept is great.  Looking forward to the update!!

Honestly this seemed to be the work of a seasoned writer!!
KudosThumbs Up

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coolgirl3 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Amazing story.
Plz continue soon

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Piyuu_SRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Awesum ! Clap

Arrey aagey ka abhi update karo naa..pleeease   Ouch cant wait !!

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