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Taarey OS Test of Love

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HEY GUYS!!! This is my first OS on TAAREY!!! Plz do read it!!!

                                                                  Taarey OS Test of Love

Principle: The graduating class of 2014!

Everyone cheers! And after throwing their caps in the air, everyone goes to celebrate with their loved ones.

The gang is celebrating happily

Vicky: we should all get together tonight and celebrate!

Sharon: ur rite! Y don't all of u guys come to my house 2nite?

Rey: great idea!

Swayam: hmmm yea, tonite Sharon and I have something to say

Vicky: hmmm u and Sharon *whistles* wow

Swaron blush

Sharon: Taani, Neha do u think u guys could come early and help?

Taani&Neha: sure!

Nilesh: so much has changed over the years rite guys?

Everyone agrees

Neha: I miss Bharat, Rinni, Amar, and Vaishaka! 

Simmi: yea yaar, y did they have to move the last year we had together before splitting up?

Sharon: hey! Who said we r splitting up? We r always going to stick together! Okay?

Everyone laughs and agrees...

They talk for couple more mins, then they decide to go home and get ready, Rey was about to get in his car when...

Taani: Rey?

Rey: *turns around to look at her, then he grinds his teeth together and glares at her* wat!?!

Taani: aap mujhse itna naraz kyun hain? Main apse pyar karti hoon! Aur mujhe iss mein koi galti nahi nazar a raha hain!

Rey: Galti hain!!! Taani! Can't u get it into ur stupid little head that I don't love u?

Taani: *has tears in her eyes* karti hain app! Y else were u so mad when Shivam and i were pretending to go out? And y have u always been protecting me? 

Rey: *shouts* I DONT LOVE U! 

Taani: *cries* u do!

Rey: *grabs her hair* listen to me! Pyar sirf ek baar hota hain! And I already fell in love! So there is no possibility of u and me! U get that?

Taani: *sobbing* but she left u! And try giving me a chance! Maybe u didn't even love Kria! Maybe it was just a mere attraction!

Rey: SHUT UP! *let's go of her hair*

Taani: Rey, have u ever been jealous when Kria was around other guys? Have u ever felt a strong need to protect her? Do u think that u ever ACTUALLY fell in love with her?

Rey: just shut up! I don't want to hear or see u anymore! Can't u must get out of my life? Ugh! *gets in his car and drives away*

Taani: *crumples down on the ground and starts crying really badly*

Viha and Swaron were on their way to their respective cars

Swayam: do u guys know where Taani is?

Neha: I think she went home already

Swayam: o, okay

Vicky notices someone crying really badly in the parking lot couple lanes down, then he realizes that the person is Taani

Vicky:*thinking- o god! Yeh toh Taani hain! I can't let anyone kmow about this! They will get really worried especially Swayam...* um Sharon, do u think u can drop kagu home?

Sharon: sure!

Neha: babu wat happened?

Vicky: I have to go somewhere

Neha: okay! C u babu!

Vicky: c u kagu!

After Swaron and Neha leave, Vicky rushes over to Taani

Vicky: Taani??? Wats wrong? R u okay?

Taani: *wiping her tears* yea, um wat r u doing here?

Vicky: Taani, wats wrong?

Taani: *sobbing*

Vicky: then y r u crying?

Taani: I m just really happy that we r done with college *gives a fake smile*

Vicky: *thinking- I know that I might be dumb, but I can tell the difference between happy and sad tears...I'll ask her about later, when she is a bit more calm* yea me too!

Taani: so, wat r still doing here?

Vicky: um, I had something I had to do, I was just on my way home, let me drop u home!

Taani: no it's okay! I'll take a cab

Vicky: no! If u consider me as one of ur friends, then u will let me drop u home!

Taani: *slightly smiles* okay

Vicky drives her home, then goes to get ready

Taani goes inside and finds Swayam pacing

Swayam: Taani! *he rushes to her* where were u?

Taani: Bhai, relax I was at college

Swayam: okay *notices her red eyes* wat happened? Were u crying?

Taani: ummm, kuch nai bhai! I had a huge headache, so I kind of cried because of the pain

Swayam: o okay, u go get ready, we r leaving as soon as u r ready

Taani: bhai, I m feeling really bad rite now, could I meet up with u guys in couple hours?

Swayam: *smiles* okay, take a little nap! And try to come as soon as possible! Cuz Sharon and I want u to be present when we make our announcement! Okay?

Taani: *gives a fake smile* okay

Swayam places a brotherly kiss on her forehead than he leaves

After Swayam leaves, Taani runs to her room and slams the door, then she breaks down on the floor crying

Rey's house

Rey is dancing to take out his frustration

He is recalling his conversation with Taani also

Rey: *thinking- maybe I should try being nicer to her, I was a bit harsh today...but she needs to understand that I already gave my heart to Kria! Ugh!*

At Taayam's apartment

Taani: *thinking- Rey doesn't love me! Wat m I going to do??? I LOVE HIM! He doesn't even want me in his life! FINE! I could give up my life for him! If he doesn't want me, then okay! I'll leave then! I want him to be happy! If I m the cause of his anger, then I m going to leave! Ugh! I m going to go restart my life! I need to get away from here!*

She packs her bags and leaves two letters behind, one for Swayam and one for Rey...

Taani: *looks around the apartment one last time* *thinking- I m sorry bhai, I know that u don't really keep contact with any of our family members and that I m ur youngest sis, but I have to leave, I want Rey to be happy...and this is the only way he can truly be happy*

Taani leaves 

At Sharon's house

It's been 3 hours but still no signs of Taani

Neha: Swayam, it's been 3 hours! Where is Taani?

Swayam: she said that she was going to come maybe she is sleeping?

Sharon: try calling her

Swayam tries calling 3 times, but no answer

Swayam: she was really tired when she got home, I think she is resting let's give her some more time

Simmi: but I wanna hear wat u and Sharon have to announce! Try calling again

Vicky: arre yaar! Let her rest! Bechari ro ro ke haal karab kardiya khud ki!

Swayam: how do u know that?

Rey: wait, Taani was crying?

Vicky: *to Swayam* I dropped her off cuz I saw her crying!

Swayam: o, thanks yaar!

Rey: guys! Y was she crying?

Swayam: she had a headache

Vicky: tats wat she told u??? She told me she was crying because she was happy that college was over!

Swayam: Taani crying, because of happiness? Um that's never happened before

Vicky: y did she lie! I honestly think something is wrong, I found her kneeling on the ground in the parking lot crying

Rey: *feels guilty* Swayam, how bout we all go to ur house to check up on her?

Sharon: yea, I think that's a good idea

Nilesh: yea, let's take my van!

Swayam: I m taking my car just in case Taani feels bad, I wanna stay at home with her

Everyone agrees and leaves for Taayam's apartment

They reach Taayam's apartment and can't find Taani anywhere

Simmi: maybe she is on her way to Sharon's house?

Sharon: let's try calling her?

Swayam: okay *he calls 5 times, no answer, then his phone turns off* Fudge! Battery dead! Rey can u try calling?

Rey: yea *calls her, she cuts the call*

Vicky: *thinking- y is she cutting Rey's call? Hmmm chakkar kya hain?*

Neha: let's go to Sharon's house and check?

Everyone is about to leave, but something catches Vicky's attention

Vicky: *walks to the wall beside Taani's room and finds two envelopes taped on the wall addressing to Swayam and Rey* GUYS! Open these! *runs to Reyam with the envelopes*

Swayam: *opens his envelope and starts reading his letter out loud* 

Dear Bhai,
       I'm srry that I didn't inform u before leaving. I just couldn't, I m not very good with goodbyes...thank u for letting me stay with u and helping me finish my education. Also, a BIG thanks for bearing with my craziness, I know that I was a big handful...I m really srry for that. All my life, I just did whatever I wanted, I was very immature...I didn't think things through, I ended up making a big mess of things...but I don't want to do that anymore, and I don't wanna hurt anyone especially the people I love. So, I m planning on staying on my own for a while, I m hoping that it changes me for better. I m sorry that I couldn't stay for ur and Sharon's announcement, but I have a feeling that I know wat it is ;) I wish u guys the best!

Always Yours,

Everyone has tears in their eyes, Rey feels guilty

Swayam: *kneeling on the floor* she left?

Sharon: maybe she went back to ur family house?

Swayam: *calls the house, puts his phone on speaker*

Person: hello?

Swayam: chachi? Hi! Main Swayam bol rahi hoon

Chachi: Swayam beta! Kaisi ho? Taani kaisi hain? Tum dono ko kabhi phone karne ka maan nahi karta?

Swayam: *closes his eyes in pain* chachi, Taani ghar chor gar chali gayi

Chachi: KYA! Kyun??? Meri bachi theek hain na?

Swayam: pata nahi...chachi main baad mein phone karta hoon

Chachi: theek hain...jab Taani ka kuch pata chale mujhe phone karna

Swayam: theek hain *hangs up and breaks down crying on the floor* UGH! TAANI! Kaha ho tum???

Vicky: REY!

Rey: yea?

Vicky: Taani toh tujhe bhi ek letter likha! Open it!

Rey: *slightly scared* um I'll open it later

Swayam: *gets up and snatches the envelope from Rey* my sister is gone, and u want to open this last letter from her latter!?!

Vicky: *takes the envelope, and gets out the letter, then he starts reading the letter out loud*

Dear Rey,

      I m sorry...I didn't want to hurt u, that was never my intention! I really do love u! For the past 2 years I have been telling u that. U always told me that u can never love me since, u already gave ur heart to somebody else, but I never stopped trying because I thought that someday u might give me a chance. I guess that won't be possible. I want u to be happy and since my presence makes u unhappy, I promise that I will try my hardest to stay away from u. I know that I insulted ur "love" for Kria in the parking lot...maybe u do actually love her, I guess that my love for u is always going to remain one sided. But Rey, I want u to always remember matter wat happens...I will always love u! I can never love anyone else. And plz don't ruin ur friendship with Bhai, because of me. He doesnt know about anything. I m sorry for all the pain I caused u. 


Everyone is standing there shocked, Rey feels like he lost something really important and feels extremely guilty

Swayam: *glares at Rey and grabs his collar* U!!! Ur the reason y my sister left!

Sharon: *trying to pull Swayam off of Rey* Swayam, calm down

Swayam: calm down!?! My baby sis is hurt and no one knows where she is! REY! Couldn't u have been a little considerate of her feelings??? She didn't do anything wrong! She just wanted a little love! Something she has been craving for since her childhood!

Rey: *looks down* Swayam, I m srry

Sharon: Swayam, Rey was just trying to make sure that Taani knows that Rey can't give Taani anything! It's not his fault! Taani should have tried to understand his perspective! If she actually loved him, then she would understand!

Swayam: so u don't love me? 

Sharon: wat? *looks at him hurt*

Swayam: if lovers understand their lover's perspectives then, how come u never understand mine?

Nilesh: guys this isn't the time to argue!

Sharon: Swayam, Taani is a big girl! Just let her be! She will come back eventually!

Swayam: U guys don't even know anything about Taani! That's y u guys r saying all this so easily!

Vicky: *places his hand on Swayam's shoulder* tell us, then maybe ur perspective will be more clear

Swayam: *takes a deep breath* Taani's parents died in a car crash when she was 12. My bade chacha and chachi raised her, they could never actually ever have a child of their own, so they kind of adopted Taani. Taani saw her parents laying on the hospital bed coveted with blood...she went into depression for 3 years. When she got better, she tried to be quiet so that she wasn't a burden on others. I was the only she ever actually talked to her, when she turned 17, she slowly changed...she became more bubbly, she always thirsted for love. Bade chacha and chachi showered her with a lot of love, but she wasn't satisfied, she felt that it was there duty, that's y. Then I left to come here to continue further education...she then again became really quiet, so it was decided that Taani would come here and stay with me. After joining our college she became more bubbly, and happy. But the last couple months she got less cheerful, I noticed but never brought it up. I got really selfish and too involved with my own live, that I didn't bother to talk to I feel horrible, cuz wasn't there to protect her...

Everyone is quiet feeling sorry for Taani, Rey feels like killing himself

Neha: *in tears* I feel so bad 4 her *hugs Swayam*

Simmi: y don't we wait for her?

Vicky: yea, Swayam I have a feeling that she will contact u soon, she can't stay away from u for long

Swayam is just standing there feeling broken

Rey: Swayam, I m srry

Swayam: srry? *laughs humorlessly* hm, I guess u can't bring Taani back...y don't u just do me a favor and get out???

Sharon: Swayam, I think he is feeling guilty...just let him stay, he would want to know about Taani

Simmi: ummm Swayam, y don't u tell us ur and Sharon's big announcement?

Swayam: there is no announcement

Sharon: *stares at him in shock* Swayam?

Swayam: Sharon, I can't marry u...ur family values r different than mine, I don't think we would be happy together...guys I need some time alone *goes into his room and locks the door*

Sharon is standing there in shock, Rey goes and engulfs her in a hug

They all decide to leave for their homes as it is very late...but Vicky decides to stay, he goes to Swayam's room and knocks on the door. Swayam opens the door and they talk.

With Rey

Rey: I m srry Taani! I never meant to hurt u! Plz come back! I LOVE U! I know it's too late! But the emotions I feel for u r much more deep than I ever felt for Kria...COME BACK!!!

1 year later


There was still no news from Taani, Swayam lost contact with everyone except for Vicky and Neha. Sharon has changed a lot, she is still in love with Swayam, but is too guilty to face him. Rey owns his own business, is very successful, but is incomplete without Taani. Nilesh and Simmi got married and moved to the U.S.


Swayam gets a call

Swayam: hello?

Chachi: Swayam? Mein hoon, tumhari chachi...beta Taani yahan wapas a gayi hain

Swayam: *excited* really? That's great! Main baat karsakta hoon?

Chachi: beta iss waqt wo so rahi hain... tum yahan aao use milne? Wo boat badal gaya hain

Swayam: chachi mein aaj hi a raha hoon, app chinta mat kijiye

Chachi: theek hain, take care...bye

Swayam: bye

He quickly packs his clothes and rushes out the door and starts running towards his car

He drives fast and gets there in 3 hours

He knocks on the door

Chachi opens the door

Chachi: beta andar aao! *yells* Taani! Yahan aao beta!

Taani: *rushes down the stairs* BHAI!!! *runs into his arms*

Swayam feels relieved, he looks at her and realizes that she is looking very different...she lost a lot of weight and looks very weak

Swayam: kaisi ho? Meri yaad nahi aayi? Kahan thi peechle ek saal se?

Taani: Bhai main theek hoon! Main goa mein thi...wahan bahot relaxing hain. Main wahan mall mein kaam kar rahi thi. I didn't contact u, because I didn't wanna disturb u

Swayam: *just his her tightly* come back to Mumbai with me!

Taani: Bhai----

Swayam: dont worry it will just be u, me, Vicky, and Neha

Taani: wat happened to Sharon and...Rey?

Swayam: I can't be with someone who doesn't value family, and I hate Rey...he hurt my baby sister!

Taani: bhai, I don't want u sacrificing 4 me! U have a life!

Swayam: just quietly come back with me! No arguments! 

Taani: *smiles lightly* I'll go get my bags

They leave the house after an hour

They reach their apartment

Taani: wow nothing changed!

Swayam: yea *smiles*

Taani runs to her room and finds everything the way she left it...she opens her closet and finds all her Prince Charming's things missing

Swayam: i threw them away 

Taani: huh?

Swayam: I found all ur things dedicated to Rey, and threw them away

Taani: y?

Swayam: Taani, u need to move on

Taani: bhai, I love him! I can't just forget him! 

Swayam: Taani, I know it's hard...but it's for the best

Taani just remains silent, they hear a knock on the door. Swayam goes and opens the door.

Viha barge in with two pizza boxes

Neha: did u eat today? Come on let's eat together!

Swayam: guys---

Vicky: come on! Let's eat! I m starving!

Neha starts setting the table, Taani comes out of her room

Taani: do u guys have enough for one more person?

Viha look at her they stay still for a moment, then they run to go hug her

Vicky: how r u?

Taani: great!

Neha: where were u?

Taayam fill them in on all the details, then they have dinner together.

The next day

Swayam goes to work in the morning, Taani gets bored so she decides to go outside and visit all her favorite places...

She goes to a dance studio that was always empty, she sees that it is now up and running, so she decides to go inside and check it out.

Girl: excuse me? Could I help u?

Taani: *turns around*

Girl: *shocked* Taani?

Taani: um, hi Sharon

Sharon: *tears in her eyes* how r u?

Taani: um, fine...u?

Sharon: not bad, *silence* so, um does Swayam know that u r here?

Taani: yea, I m staying with him

Sharon: when did u come back?

Taani: so I m gonna go now *runs out the door*

Sharon: *thinking- poor girl, she looks so damaged. I guess she knows everything about Swayam and me. I wish I could go back to the past and fix things*

Later that day

In Taayam's apartment

Taani is mopping the floor, then the doorbell rings. She goes and opens the door.

Taani: hi! Um who r u! 

Person: *covering it's face with flowers, hands the floors to her and smiles* hi Taani

Taani: *wide eyed* Rey!?! *tries to walk towards her room to get away from him, but is about to slip cuz the floor is still wet*

Rey: *catches her and gets lost in her eyes*

They r staring at each other for a while until-

Swayam: wat r u doing here, Rey?

Rey: *helps Taani stand up straight* hi Swayam! Um Shar told me that Taani was back, so I just came by to talk to her

Swayam: y? *glares at him* U want to hurt her some more? 

Rey: No!!!

Taani: um, I'll be in my room

Rey: wait, um can I talk to the both of u alone?

Swayam: no

Rey: plz?

Swayam: Rey, there is no point...

Rey: plz, just hear me out

Taayam look at each other

Taani: *looks at Rey* um, would u like to sit down?

Rey: *nods his head and sits down* um so, Taani I m srry I never meant to hurt u, i always thought that I loved I didn't wanna give u a chance. When Swayam told everyone about how difficult ur past is, I felt so guilty knowing---

Taani: bhai? *tears in her eyes* u told everyone???

Swayam: *looks down* Taani, I just wanted everyone to know the importance the situation held for me...

Taani: so u decided to have everyone feel sympathetic for me?

Swayam: *looks up at her* no! That wasn't my intention

Taani: but that is how people feel towards me now!

Rey: um, I m srry guys!

Swayam: just shut up and get out!

Rey: not until Taani forgives me!

Taani: Rey, I was never mad at u!

Rey: so u wanna give us a chance?

Taani: no

Rey: *confused* no?

Taani: *yells* if bhai didn't share that story with u, than u wouldn't be here now! *calms down a bit* look Rey, we both know, that if u weren't feeling guilty, than wouldn't even think about giving me a chance...Rey, I don't want any sort of sympathy...especially from u! Let's just forget everything, okay?

Rey: but---

Swayam: Taani, I m srry! I was an emotional mess at that moment! I just wanted everyone to feel horrible! I forgot how much it would hurt u...

Taani: bhai, I wanna go back home

Swayam: Taani, we r home

Taani: no bhai! This is ur home! I need to back to where I came from, HOME! I don't belong here, I don't need sympathy! I can do fine on my own! This last year proved that to me! Rey, go back to living ur life, there is no need to sympathize me...bhai, come to meet me once in a while

Taani goes to her room

Reyam: Taani!

Swayam: *glares at Rey*

Taani comes out of her room with her bags

Swayam: *goes to Taani and engulfs her in a hug* Plz don't leave me again

Taani: *comes out of the hug* bhai, u have a life ur own, start living it!get back with Sharon! She has changed! Trust me, I saw her today at a dance studio, give her another chance. Bhai I m going to leave now, I hope to see u soon

Rey: Taani, plz don't go. Trust me, I m not sympathizing u!

Taani: *tears in her eyes* Rey, u always say that...but ur always sympathizing me...Rey life goes on. Maybe one day I'll get married and move on, Rey just live ur life the way u want. Don't ruin ur life because of others

Taani turns to leave, but then she turns around again and looks at Rey, she walks towards him and kisses his forehead and runs out the door with her bags.

Rey: *touches his forehead and whispers* I'll miss u

Swayam: I just got her back yesterday, *looks at Rey with his eyes full of pain* couldn't u wait one more day??? She might not be anything to u, but she is my little sister...she has a lot of value in my life

Rey: *breaks down on the floor crying* Swayam, I love her! I have loved her for a long time! I just didn't realize it soon enough! This morning, when Sharon told me about Taani, I felt that everything will be alright, and we will be together, but she thinks that I sympathize her!

Swayam just stands there for a while, then he kneels down next to Rey 

Swayam: Y didn't u tell her that u loved her?

Rey: I didn't get the chance! 

Swayam: r u sure, that u love her?

Rey: positive

Swayam: *smiles at him* pack ur bags and come back here in couple hours

Rey: *looks up confused* y?

Swayam: we r going to get Taani back!

Rey: will she accept my love?

Swayam: of course! But it's going to take her a while, she is going to need to be sure that it's true

Rey: I'll be here in about an hour, get ur things packed!

After an hour 

Swayam is packed and ready to go, he hears a knock on the door, so he goes to open the door

Swayam: Sharon?

Sharon: um hi Swayam

Swayam: hi, wat r u doing here?

Sharon: Swayam, I m srry...I didn't mean to hurt u, at that time I was confused! I couldn't tell wat was right or wrong! But I promise i will be better! Plz forgive me! I can't stop thinking about u! I want u back! Plz???

Swayam: *smiles and hugs her* it's okay...but we going to need to take things slow

Sharon: *nods her head* I understand

Rey walks in

Rey: um hello, ready to go Swayam?

Sharon looks at Swayam confused, Swayam explains to her wats going on

Sharon: *smiles* Call me when u guys come back

They leave

In the car

Swayam: u ready?

Rey: yes! 

Swayam: good, but don't forget that she won't believe this easily

Rey: my love is strong enough

Swayam: *smiles* u have changed

Rey: well, love changes ppl *smiles*

They reach there

At Swayam's Family house

Reyam r welcomed by Swayam's mom

Swayam: ma, Taani kahan hain?

Ma: Taani so gayi hain, tum dono bhi so jao, bahut late hain

Swayam: theek hain

Reyam head to Swayam's room, there they find Taani going through his stuff in his closet

Swayam: ahem

Taani turns around and is surprised to see Reyam standing there

Swayam: y r u going through my stuff?

Taani: wat r u guys doing here?

Swayam: I asked first

Taani: *crosses her arms* Bhai?

Rey: Taani *he goes to her and hugs her tightly* I love u! I m srry for hurting u

Taani: *tries pulling back, but Rey's grip is too strong* Rey---

Rey: I have loved u for a long time, and it's not sympathy talking, it's my heart that is saying all this

Taani: *looks up and looks into his eyes, she only sees love there* Rey?

Rey: *pressing her tighter to himself and smelling her hair* hmm?

Taani: *thinking- i believe u, but Rey...I m Taani Shikwant, I can't just let u off the hook so easily* prove it

Rey: excuse me?

Taani: if u love me then prove it!

Rey: *let's go her and smiles* okay, then u will go back to Mumbai with us?

Taani nods her head in agreement, then leaves the room

Swayam: too tight and too long?

Rey: huh?

Swayam: the hug

Rey: o come on! Get use to it!

Swayam: she is my baby sister!

Rey: she's grown up now! Very beautifully *winks*

Swayam: *shudders* ugh! Let's just plan how u r gonna prove ur love

Rey: done! Just wait for tomorrow

Swayam: wat do u mean?

Rey: I already arranged everything before coming

Swayam: wow, I m impressed!

Reyam talk for a little longer than head to sleep

Next morning

Everyone is at the breakfast table eating

Rey: uncle

Uncle: *Taani's adoptive father* yes betaji?

Rey: I really love Taani, she is wonderful and a perfect women. I would like to ask for her hand in marriage, my parents r on their way right now

Everyone is shocked, Taani is staring at Rey with love, Swayam has his mouth opened in shock 

Uncle: Will, betaji...I will talk to ur parents and we'll decide okay?

Rey: okay

An hour later, Rey's parents come...the elders discuss the marriage proposal, then they get Taarey engaged, and decide to get them married after a year. Then Rey's parents stay back to get to know Taani's family members better. Taarey and Swayam leave for Mumbai.

In the car

Swayam: so congratulations! I m so happy! 

Rey: *smiles at Taani* thanks, I m happy too

Taani: bhai I m really happy, but I would be happier if u and Sharon got back together

Swayam: done! *smiles*

Taani: *excited* really?

Rey: it happened right before we left to pick u up

Taani: omg! I m sooo happy! Today has been the best day!

Everyone in the car smiles

They reach Taayam's apartment

Swayam:  Rey it's very late, so y don't u stay back?

Rey: okay

Swayam: I m going to go to Sharon's be back in couple hours!

Taani: okay bhai

Rey:*winks at him* have fun

Swayam leaves

Rey picks up Taani and goes into her room, he makes her sit on her bed nxt to him

Rey: I m so happy today!

Taani: *cuddles closer to him* same! Rey I love u sooo much!

Rey: *kisses her*

Taani: *kisses back*

Rey: *pulls away, and lays down pulling her on his chest* I love u too!

Taani: *smiles* Rey? 

Rey: hmm?

Taani: I m sooo happy that our love turned out to be strong...

Rey: *smiles* same, the past year has been a big test for our love

Taani: but now we r together, and nothing up can separate us

Rey: *smiles and kisses her forehead* ur rite!

They talk for a little while, then drift off to sleep tightly holding onto each other never wanting to let go

Sorry if it was boring!
Thanks for reading!    

Edited by DontAsk - 16 August 2012 at 12:07pm

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desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 June 2011
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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
WOW its sooo long!! LOLLOL

and it was perfect!! everything about it really loved it jiya!

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DontAsk Senior Member

Joined: 23 July 2012
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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by desigirlx5

WOW its sooo long!! LOLLOL

and it was perfect!! everything about it really loved it jiya!

thanks di!
I love u!
ur comments mean the world to me!

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blossom1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
read karne mein ek do saal lagenge aur unres karne mein 4, plzz forgive me for thatROFLROFL
see,i am editing so fast from the time i toldLOL
awww,i loved Taani's letter to Swayam
Swayam: *gets up and snatches the envelope from Rey* my sister is gone, and u want to open this last letter from her latter!?!
good work SwayamROFLROFL
and the letter to Rey

Rey: I m srry Taani! I never meant to hurt u! Plz come back! I LOVE U! I know it's too late! But the emotions I feel for u r much more deep than I ever felt for Kria...COME BACK!!!
the part where Taani came back to Swayam's house...whatever she said to Rey,and then went back again...was so emotional,very well writtenClapClap
SwaRon r back together,yayyDancing
Rey: Taani *he goes to her and hugs her tightly* I love u! I m srry for hurting u
Taani: *tries pulling back, but Rey's grip is too strong*
awww,loved this part alotBlushingBlushing
Swayam: too tight and too long?
Rey: huh?
Swayam: the hug
Rey: o come on! Get use to it!
o gosh,i just loved loved loved this OS,the last TaaRey part was awesome
Jiya,lots of hugs for writing itHug...loved itClapClapClap

Edited by blossom1234 - 17 August 2012 at 9:52pm

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desigirl_VD IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DontAsk

Originally posted by desigirlx5

WOW its sooo long!! LOLLOL

and it was perfect!! everything about it really loved it jiya!

thanks di!
I love u!
ur comments mean the world to me!

seriosuly jiya looove looove loooved it everything esp how he realizes that his feelings for taani are true esp loved the swayam parts Embarrassed

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DontAsk Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by blossom1234

read karne mein ek do saal lagenge aur unres karne mein 4, plzz forgive me for thatROFLROFL

o Nikky Tongue

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Loveurlife1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
jiyaaa this was amazing :) 
u knw this is the first time i cried reading someone's OS
i was really crying over tht part where she wrote letter for Rey and Swayam tht part was jst mind blowing Cry

it was not boring at all!!! 
it was a really interesting story with good concept and a very difficult love story!!!

Hug  Hug

Edited by loveurlife - 16 August 2012 at 5:29pm

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...Ritzy... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
res Smile

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