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OS: Decoding Secret Messages

tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged

The peaceful silence of the morning was such a soothing sensation that Khushi had no wish to wake up but she slowly opened her eyes to relish her favourite morning sight, that of Arnav holding her hand in the most tightly manner possible, yet tender. Much to her surprise, she noticed that Arnav was not on the bed, which immediately prompted her to look at the time but it was still early.


Wondering about where Arnav could have gone early morning, her eyes fell on the red rose that was cautiously placed next to her on the pillow, and a sparkling card on the dressing table. With a beaming smile on the face, Khushi lifted up the rose to infuse herself of the sweet scent and rushed to read the card which had a 'For Someone Special' engraved on it. The first thing Khushi did while opening the card was to move her fingers gently along the words that Arnav had written with his very unique handwriting which she had gotten used to.


"Good Morning Khushi! You must be wondering where I have gone early morning and am sure you must be missing me holding your hand'I know that you eagerly wait for that every morning even if you do it slyly'All thoughts must have already crossed your mind about why I did not inform you before leaving but there is a reason for that! Khushi, today is a very special day for you and for me as well'And any special day should be celebrated in a special way, right? So, the red rose is the first gift of the day, and it will be followed by many more surprises'"


Khushi stopped reading and kept racking her mind about what was the occasion that needed to be celebrated'neither was it any festival, her birthday, nor was it their anniversary. She then thought that her husband was Arnav Singh Raizada and that he always did what he wanted with or without any valid reason.


"There is one destination you'll have to reach but before that, you'll have to travel a journey, which I've set up for you in the form of small messages that you will have to decode'After all, you are Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada'it will be an easy task for you, right? Maybe things are vague in your mind but just trust me'"


Khushi couldn't help but let out "What happened to him today? Paagal!", unaware of where would this little game head to, but Khushi was all excited at the idea of discovering her surprise. Just at that time, she received an SMS from Arnav reading:


"First hint: You will find your second gift in such a place over which we have always fought to use first every morning'"


A small smile paved its way on Khushi's face, reminiscing those sweet bickering moments they shared and rushed to the bathroom, while thinking that only Arnavji could think of ever leaving a gift in the bathroom. She looked around curious to find what her second gift would be when she stumbled against a parcel, which she frantically opened to find a jewellery set. Her surprise only rocketed at the sight of the words 'I love you Khushi' written with red lipstick on the mirror and the message continued:


"Second hint: You still remember the first gift you gave me? Find it and you'll find your next gift!"


Without any hesitation, Khushi dashed towards the pile of books that Arnav had stored safely, and looked for the gift that she had given him ' the famous car maintenance manual. Flashbacks of the time when she learnt that the one and only Arnav Singh Raizada was a novice at changing tyres ran through her mind, resulting in a giggle. Khushi shook the book to discover a piece of paper and a key falling from it ' a key that looked familiar to her ' it was Arnav's mannat ki chaabi. She understood the underlying message that Arnav wanted her to decipher by gifting her his key'that Khushi was now the sole owner of all his desires and wishes.


"Third hint: Our favourite place'the one where I first kissed you, where I disentangled from the fairylights, where we had our heartbeat discussion on Holi.'so many memories are attached to it'our romantic getaway"


Reading Arnav's message, Khushi's cheeks reddened with butterflies in her stomach. She made her way to the poolside and in a momentary lapse of time, replayed all these memories; her memories about the number of times she had come to the poolside before their wedding whether purposely or accidentally, and also after their wedding. She had stored only the best memories in her mind and heart, which would forever be indelible. Next to the plants, she discovered another parcel, and her mouth formed a perfect O shape at the sight of a red lehenga which had shades of green. Khushi squealed out of happiness and waved the lehenga in all directions to contemplate its beauty before looking at the pool.


Floating in the pool was a boat-like bottle which contained a message which Khushi struggled to take out:


"Fourth hint: Are you ready for your next gift? I thought that you might be tired running around for your gifts, so here's a much deserved gift!!! It will be found at that place where I first saw that you had written Mehendi in my name and that very place where for the first time I saw concern for me in your eyes when I was falling unconscious!"


Khushi remembered that time when she had tried to hide the fact that accidentally an A had been etched on her hand, and also her feeding Arnav when his sugar level had gone down. The beautiful memories of such ever-lasting moments gave a peaceful feeling to Khushi whose happiness knew no bounds at the fact that Arnav was making her reminisce the past, more precisely, their past. Losing no second, she dashed to the kitchen in search of her surprise when she exclaimed "Jalebis! Golgappes!!" She took one of each and gulped them the quickest possible while thanking her laad governor mentally, before looking for the next hint which was encrypted at the bottom of the jalebi box.


"Fifth hint: Things are becoming more serious now and you are slowly approaching your destination! Where have I always told you to get out?"


There was no prize for guessing the place which Arnav was speaking of as Khushi had been subject to his moody swings so many times ' the SUV, which had sort of become the ultimate witness to the number of times Arnav had shouted loud at Khushi to get out! But that was past when Arnav was topping Khushi's list of most arrogant and bad-tempered persons'things had clearly changed now! Walking towards the SUV, Khushi discovered to her bewilderment that NK was sitting in the driver's seat.


"Nanheji'you?" asked Khushi.


"Hello Khushiji! I am your driver today on Nannav's demand! And there is a gift for you on the back seat! Open open!" NK told.


Tearing the wrapping paper, Khushi found a small box but what most intrigued her was the presence of some idle pearls lying inside it. Realisation struck her that those were the same pearls that had been broken off her dori on that day'that day which had changed her life forever. Now, what was the message Arnav wanted to convey to her through this, which only reminded her of all the pain she had gone through, she thought. The car suddenly halted when NK told Khushi that they had reached destination.


"Mandir?" exclaimed a surprised Khushi, but when she turned back, NK was no longer there and instead she felt a gust of wind that confirmed Arnav's presence.


Khushi's face showed surprise and shock at the sight that was offering in front of her ' her eyes popped out and her hand was brought to her mouth showing the extent to which she could not believe her eyes ' her Arnavji was standing right behind her in a sherwani.


"Arnavji, 'sherwani'I mean why are you wearing a sherwani?" asked Khushi.


Arnav just took her hand which had enclosed the pearls, and asked Khushi to stay silent and listen to him:


"Khushi, since you are here, you must have decoded all my messages'but you must not have understood why the pearls'I know that these pearls only evoke bad memories to you, and maybe I will never be able to forgive myself to whatever happened on that day at Sheesh Mahal'but I cannot forget that day for the simple reason that it was the first time that you came into my life'It has been one year since and today I want to make this day memorable for you in the positive sense'This is mainly the reason why I wanted you to remember all our shared memories, why I wanted to give you surprises'and'"


"And'" Khushi asked before being interrupted by Arnav.


"Khushi, I want to give you all the happiness that you deserve and correct all the wrongs that I have inflicted to you since the day I have met you! 'Will you marry me again?" Arnav asked holding Khushi's hand.


Hearing those words, tears rolled down Khushi's cheeks and with a lump down her throat, she managed to let out a Yes, which Arnav lost no time at sealing by sliding a ring in Khushi's finger.


"The surprise is not yet over, Khushi! Guess why I gifted you the lehenga" Arnav said.


Khushi was overwhelmed at seeing the whole mandir decorated in splendour, which was the total opposite of what it was when they had been bonded in the institution of marriage six months ago. Looking at Arnav still with teary eyes, Khushi uttered with the greatest joy ever: "Today'we'll get married today and this time, it will be a complete one!" The whole Raizada family and Gupta family had gathered in their best festive clothes, only waiting for Khushi to get ready as a bride .And this time, the wedding was solemnised as per Khushi's dream and all rituals were performed to her greatest happiness, which only added to Arnav's.


"Are you ready to decode the last message of the day?" asked Arnav with a sly smile when they were back to their room.


Khushi, who had her veil gently covering her face and sitting on the bed, just made a nod showing an approving sign.


"There is one ritual left, right? Now, that we are officially or as you said fully married, what's next?"


No answer was heard, but the message was rightly decoded! And the peaceful and beautiful night was the witness to the union of two souls that had become one forever!

Likes and comments pleaseEmbarrassed

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noclapsplease IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
 Can I hug u for this one?? Hug Hug

I wonder how u come with such romantic ideas??
I think whatever i'll say would be less for this and might turn out to be an understatement..
so u can imagine how much I liked it.. Embarrassed
god arnav is so romantic.. Blushing

SUPERLIKE IT!! The best part was that DADI was not there .. 
and the last part ..Embarrassed glad they completed their last ritual here  LOL LOL

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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Damn !! Shreya,you beat me to the first place ! Teri toh mainAngry LOL

Coming to the OS,hmm what can i say !! Wow you just write beautifully Tashu ClapHug
Loved the way he hid gifts for her remembering all their favourite moments and keeps the chits or gifts there like a treasure hunt and like a small child she goes and finds them one by one ! Awwe EmbarrassedAnd Awwe he gave her pearls too !! *Haaye*Day DreamingOmg he has proposed to her !!! *Fan-girl squeal*!!!!!Big smileBlushingAnd the way he decorated the mandir and the lovely lehenga he gave her ! So sweet !!Big smile
I know the last ritual,*blush blush*BlushingArshi forever Heart

Loved the OS dear Hug

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asumasan Senior Member

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arnshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
lovely os...hope khushi gets the messageWink

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Ritsrits IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged
lovely os!!!Smile
keep it up dear!

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vkp1989 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Nice o.s.

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sweetgal19-



Damn !! Shreya,you beat me to the first place ! Teri toh mainAngry LOL

Coming to the OS,hmm what can i say !! Wow you just write beautifully Tashu ClapHug
Loved the way he hid gifts for her remembering all their favourite moments and keeps the chits or gifts there like a treasure hunt and like a small child she goes and finds them one by one ! Awwe EmbarrassedAnd Awwe he gave her pearls too !! *Haaye*Day DreamingOmg he has proposed to her !!! *Fan-girl squeal*!!!!!Big smileBlushingAnd the way he decorated the mandir and the lovely lehenga he gave her ! So sweet !!Big smile
I know the last ritual,*blush blush*BlushingArshi forever Heart

Loved the OS dear Hug
NayuHugHug Shreya is too good, she always knows how to reserve first...dunno how she does that! LOL Now, no fights pleej!ROFL
Aww, you are too sweetHug Thank you, oops scratch that, *beep*LOL
Yeah, it was like a treasure hunt to refresh all their memories!!
How I would love to hear that phangurl squealROFL...wait a minute I think I heard it and now my ears are painingROFL
Hmm I know that you know it dammitLOL
So glad to know that you loved it dear!! MuahHeart

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