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Arhi~I Want You!~FF *Thread 10* Part 76 p126 1/9 (Page 27)

--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
that was hot! Amazing update. Loved it

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
omg!!omg omg..!!
that ws really hottt..!!!Wink
Winkluved reading it buddy ..!
thnxx alot fr d PMSmileSmileSmileSmile

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Hi to all my wonderful readers and welcome to my new readers. I know most of you have been wonderful but I have realised I am getting buddy requests every day and my comments and likes are going less and less. I put my soul into this FF and I stopped writing my other Maaneet FF's as my focus has been on this one so please don't be so heartless and appreciate my hardwork.  I apoligise to all those that are already doing this


Part 71

Warning it's all matureEmbarrassed

Aryan sat in the park looking at two young boys playing football.

"Yes bhai pass it" said the young one.

"Go on show me your skills chottu" shouted the big one.

He made a sad face and picked his ball up. Maan noticed Aryan had turned a little upset.

"Hey son why you looking sad..missing your mum and dad?"

Aryan shook his head. "I do..but look at those boys they are brothers playing with each other...I want one too".

Geet who was sitting with her little bump got up from the park bench and came near Maan and Aryan.

"Don't worry beta you will have a friend and Maan are having a baby soon".

"Nope I want my brother..your baby will be my friend..anyway dad promised me that he will get me one".

Maan and Geet looked on with mixed expressions while Aryan began kicking the ball again. He joined the brothers and watched their bonding.



Khushi slurped her soup nervously. She kept looking up at her husband and then looking away. Arnav disregarded her antics and smiled to himself.

*Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada still was afraid of him*

He patted himself on the back thinking he still had a hold over her even after marriage. Taking the bread roll he dipped it in the soup and bought it to her mouth. She immediately opened and ate the bread.

"Khushi sometimes we are too busy trying to eat complex and new things we forget to enjoy the normal things we use to like as this soup".

"Yeh I loved samosa-chaat and jalebi's when I was young".

He smiled at her baby like expressions. "Khushi I wish we bought Aryan he would have really spiced up our time".

"Really? I am shocked your saying was you that was happy we were leaving him".

"On seconds thoughts its best we left the little rascal otherwise he would be like 'get off my Ma'!"

Both giggled remembering how they always were stopped by him. Arnav called the room service to take the dishes back and Khushi went into the shower. Arnav opened the shower room and found that his wife had forgotten to close it. He took his top off and went inside the shower room with his Nike bottoms on. As soon as he entered he saw a sexy Khushi standing under the shower with her eyes closed singing. Feeling turned on he inched near her.

"Aaj mausam hain suhaana...shower karne ka hain bahana...what the!"

Arnav placed his arms around her stomach and pulled her close. She looked back and saw a lusty husband looking  at his wife. "Arnav?" she said shocked.

"Ssshhh" he said bringing his mouth closer to her while she looked back at him. "Khushi we have not finished yet remember our dice game?"

His lips began coming closer to her lips and water further enhanced the moment. "Arnav" she said breathlessly. "Mmmh?" he said before diving into a passionate kiss. Turning around Khushi grabbed his hair and kissed him violently. When she had stopped, he turned the tap off and wrapped her in a towel and picked her up.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, your going to get it bad for biting and bruising my lip". She blushed not believing how wild she had gone in the shower.

Arnav took his wet bottoms off and changed into his night wear. While his wife slipped into a cute pyjama suit. "So? Here is the dice..we will throw it and whatever the dice says we have have to do".

"No its okay we don't need these silly games".

He looked at her intensely. "You got scared Khushi?"

"Me and scared? Why would I be scared?"

He began inching towards her while she moved back. "Because you're a chicken..what I can do you cannot do".

"Excuse me Arnav Singh Raizada what you can do I can do it better...test me".

"Okay" he cocked his left eyebrow..let the game begin..ladies first". He passed the dice to a scared looking Khushi. She hesitantly took it. *Hey Devi Maiyaa why did I agree to this* she looked up and made a prayer while Arnav stopped himself from giggling.

She threw the dice on the bed and she looked on. "It says 'lick' so come one lick me..and yes I will tell you where".

"No! I am not listening to you". She was scared what he will say. "Okay you lose then wifey".

"Okay where?" she said reluctantly. "My neck". Khushi came shyly close and put her arms lightly around his shoulder and began making her way to his neck. She got a whiff of his perfume which was turning her on. Bang! She forgot her awkwardness. Her tongue touched his neck and he tilted his head back. She made her way all the way around and she noticed him gulping. Her tongue began writing 'I love you' on his neck and he grabbed her waist to support himself. When her lick turned to sucking and kissing they did not notice. She gave him love bites on the way. Once she had fnished she moved off. "Wowww that was..mmmhhh" he said feeling pleased.

"Now your turn" said Khushi professionally. He threw the dice and it landed on "blow".

"What blow?" said Khushi confused. Arnav came to her like a tiger on a prowl. Coming behind her he pushed her hair on one side. "This is going to be fun". He blew on her ear and she closed her eyes. He trailed the blow onto her neck she shuddered and placed her hands on his bottoms scrunching them. Meanwhile his tanned hands began unbuttoning her shirt. Slipping her shirt off he kissed her shoulders. Turning her around he went on his knees and she looked on curiously. He blew on her belly button making circles around it. Khushi found the sensation remarkable. He blew from her stomach to her breast bone and back to her shoulders. "Arnav thats enough" she stopped him unable to take this torture.

He pulled back and handed her the dice back. She threw it again. "Kiss" he exclaimed happily.

"Mmmhh...I let you choose this time" he looked on smugly.

Khushi looked at her husband intently and then she pushed him on the bed laying him down. She showered him with small kisses on his taut chest. Her hands massaged him while she began feeling turned on and his manhood by now was all ready for some action. Turning her around she stopped him. "Arnav your turn now". Her eyes said it all but she wanted to tease him. He got the dice and threw it.

"Touch" he said naughtily. He instantly got up and pulled her pyjama's off taking her panty with it.

"Arnav what are you doing?"

He did not care he began touching her in her sensitive spot while he began kissing her lips. "Touching you". She held his hand for support. "That is not fair" she said feeling cheated yet unable to take his fingers playing havoc. Arnav let go for a second and pushed his bottoms down. Taking her hand he placed it on his manhood. "Here its fair now".

Khushi began gently stroking him and she felt him go really hard. His hand stroked her up and down and she arched her back. "Arnav?"

"Yes baby" he said breathlessly.

"Let's do it". He opened her legs and teased her with his manhood. Her insides were screaming for him and yet he chuckled and then gave in. Serenading her with kisses all over her chest and neck he made love to her. She dug her nails in and screamed his name. He kissed her forehead and followed soon after.

"Your such a naughty wife Mrs Raizada" he touched her nose with his nose.

"Does that mean I won?" he rolled his eyes and turned her on his chest.



The next day Arnav and Khushi went to see Paulus Church.

Khushi looked around in awe while Arnav took pictures of her and the church. She went to the priest and he gave her and Arnav blessings. Khushi made a small prayer and Arnav looked on.

"Khushi what did you pray for?"

"I prayed that keep my husband happy and let him get healed from the trauma of losing his sister Anjali". Arnav began fighting his tears. "Khushi?"

"I know Arnav your still upset about it..she was your only family".

She went near him and she hugged him. It felt like an angel had come from the heavens in the form of Khushi to heal him. She hugged him like she had never hugged him before. She knew he had lost a lot.

Arnav took Khushi into a posh restaurant on the way back. Dressed in a red sari she looked really exotic. As they sat down she noticed an Indian man looking at them intensely. She looked away and began making conversation with Arnav.

"Arnav please cheer up now, it's our honeymoon".

He gave her a little smile which seemed forced. "Khushi I'm fine...check the menu and lets order". Both began looking at the menu and began ordering food that sounded interesting.

"Khushi...oh wait a minute...I need to take this call". He got up to answer his mobile.

"Yes Aman...I said to you..." his voice trailed off as he went out to hear Aman's call. Khushi looked on and then began fidgeting seeing the man staring at her more. She started playing on her mobile.

"Hey there beautiful". She looked up and saw the very same man had come over to her table. She smiled awkwardly not knowing how to react.

"I'm sorry I..." He cut her off.

"Don't name is John..uh here is my card...I must say you're a very beautiful you mind if I sit with you?"

"Uh I am with my..."

Arnav returned from outside and saw a dashing man sitting on the table across his wife. He clenched his teeth and made fists.

"I can give you a great time...know what I mean?" he winked at Khushi. She looked around avoiding his lusty advances.

"I am big in the size department...I will satisfy you what say?"

Hearing his dirty talk Arnav walked over in big strides and pulled him by the collar and made him stand up.

"How dare you speak to my wife like that?! Do you know who I am? Arnav Singh Raizada must have heard the name and if you haven't google it".

"Arnav Singh Raizada?" John looked on shocked. "Yes and you made a big mistake flirting with my wife".

"Is this your wife I did not know". He pulled him and Arnav began boiling again. His nose started flaring and he warned him angrily.

"By the time I am finished with you, you won't be able to boast about your size department".

Khushi held Arnav's hand. "Arnav let go of him..don't dirty your hands with this man..."

Arnav let go of John and pushed him away. "GET LOST". He fumed taking Khushi's hand out of the restaurant. Arnav drove back to the hotel angrily. Khushi remained silent.

"Arnav I am thirsty". He slammed the breaks and ordered mineral water from a stall on the road. Khushi took a few sips and he looked upset.

"What happened why are you silent?"

That was it he became in a rage again. "How dare he make a pass at you and say all those disgusting things?"

"You got offended?" she said with a little teasing smile.

"Of course.."


"What do you mean why? Your my wife that's why?"

Khushi turned a little more mischevious. "Are you sure it's not because he gave you complex in the size department?"

Arnav smiled finding her teasing funny. "Shut up Khushi, you don't say these things to your man".

Both giggled. Khushi put her arms around her husband and kissed his lips. "Arnav Singh Raizada wanna play ball?"

"Meaning?" he said with arched eyebrow.

"Muje 'kuch aur' chahiye"(I want something else)


Arnav looked on feeling turned on. "'Kuch aur'? Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada you've had it". He pushed his weight on her and began kissing her wildly while she giggled when he bit her.


Precap; Arshi dance to 'Shola si'..while John looks on.Blushing

Come on guys I got over 850 readers and we cannot get half the likes or comments..Most importantly can you write your questions for the interview please or some of you cannot remember the story..shall I write a recap till date? Please let me know..ciao for now

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Awwwie me 1st also , am very HApppy .

1st of All " Eid Mobarek " sweetheart.

it was O La La La Blushing  Blushing Blushing update , I strtd jumping whn I read " Warning " bcz ur ehm ehm update r too specail & my fvrt Embarrassed Wink 

now I come to noe abt s* game , the way they playd the game was so 
HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT , my lappy is on fire.

WOW Mr ASR glad tht he still hav a hld ovr her .

now abt John , its somthing expectd , I mean all his disgusting lines , he is john.

if khushi didnt stop arnav , so john would had it by now , 

well if this two ppl pass all the honeymoon lik tht , aryan will gt a bro sooo sooon .LOL

precp sound very intrsting , the song its one of my fvrt & with arshi dancing in this song so it will b suuper hot perfrmance , bt this john mayb gonna creat some scene thre n we gonna say " tu to gaya"  john.

I keep telling u this bt am gonna say it again , u r suuperb Nadia , keep it up babes & keep warning ur update Wink

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 OMG yayayayay Party I"m second in ur ff wowow dinka chika  dinka chikaDancing

hwattt update OMG they play s** diceBlushing
precaps sound interesting Arshi dancing n john looking lol!!!

update soon!

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       Embarrassed          Embarrassed          Embarrassed       Embarrassed
      awesome update
       Clap      Clap      Clap       Clap

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 4:23pm | IP Logged

Wow the game was wayyy hooot   Embarrassed fabulous update darling
I think this john like to crate problem for himself Angry

Waiting for hot dance and let see wut this boy upto

Thanx for Pm darling Big smile

Edited by Ruki.F - 18 August 2012 at 4:51pm
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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
OMG I WAS JUST THINKING YOU WOULD UPDATE AND HERE IS AN UPDATE! you're going to live a hundred years!
Anyways, RES!
Okay! If Khushi didn't stop Arnav, poor John would've had it by now! LOL That was still really funny! Those were seriously some disgusting comments!
The precap sounds a little strange! I hope this John doesn't create MUs for Arshi or harm them in any way!
I still loved the update and it was really hot! At this rate, Aryan should expect brothers and sisters very soon!LOL
Update soon and thanks for the PM!Smile

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