Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Little_Mermaid. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged
nice concept

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preetymaaneet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
nice cs but little confused b/w msk & gc 
double roll hai????????????????

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mandy15 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 5:46am | IP Logged
interesting dear:)

continue soon...

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 8:55am | IP Logged
awesome CS
waiting for it

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dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

Awesome cs

Loved it
congrats for new story

Continue soon dear


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ramahesh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
interesting ...
continue soon dear

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tirtas Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 2:05am | IP Logged
loved it..pls continue soon

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 6:49am | IP Logged

photo edited for free at

H2 - 1
      KHURANA MANSION ,DELHI, .1992, feb 22

  Mansion was fully decorated  which shows they richness.,why cant wen the 2 prince of khurana's celebrating they 5th birthday..

Pandit was doing pooja, the whole mansion was decorated with flowers and mainly orchids which is fav of the 2 prince.a 60 year old lady wearing white sari cumes to poojai room,

Dadimaa : meera meera

A woman in 30's with royal look came in front of dadimaa and took blessings from her.

Dadimaa: god bless u, meera were is yash

Meera : he is cuming maa

At that time a man came holding  a 6months girl baby in his hand and came to dadimaa and took blessings from her.

Dadimaa: god bless u beta,

Dadimaa : meera were is the heros of today's celebration.

DADAIMAAA A scream came from upstairs,

Dadimaa : here cums our princes

2 most cute princes of khurana's sliding down from te stairs,they are twins celebrating they 5th birthday. one is  MAAN SINGH KHURANA  and another one is GURMEET SINGH KHURANA. They came down and took blessings from dadimaa,.dadi hugged both of hem and kissed on they forheads. then they took blessings from they parents. they both then kissed they princess who was sleeping in her cuddle.they love they princess so much, for her one smile they will bring the sky to earth.

Yash : mom all guest arrived can we cut the cake

Dadimaa : yaa sure

Bhatia (yash's right hand and chief acct of kc ) came with his  6year son aditiyaa.

Yash : arrey cum Bhatia , adi how are u

Bhatia: gudeveningsir, and he wished 2 birthday boys, happy birthday sons

Maan and guru : thank u uncle and they bend too take blessings from Bhatia

Bhatia : no no sirs,

Yash : bhatia, they too like ur son, so bless them

Bhatia was overwhelmed, it is not new to him, as wen he join in kc during yash's dad's period, from tat time , he too one of they family member.

Adi : happy birthday maan and guru

M&G: Thanku adi..

Meera : ok cum , and cut the cake

Maan &Guru went and stand in front of a huge cake, all start to sing and they both blow the candles and cut the candles,they both fed the first piece to they dadimaa, as both love they dadimaa so much, then they mom, then they sister anni and last they papa

Yash : im always last for u naa

Both node they heads to yes

Yash : u naughties and turns with fake angry

Maan : papa don't act , show tis nautankis to  meera not to us

Meera : wat wat u said

Maan showed his tongue to them, all started  to laugh, then the party starts , yash was busy with his clients, meera with her friends,.maan and guru took adi outside to play in the garden..the party was over all started to leave one by one.

After some time they heard a screaming sound from garden, all rush to see wat happen, while maan and guru and adi was playing, suddenly maan fell down and hurt his leg. guru was scream

Guru : dadimaaa

Meera : maan wat happen,

Guru : maa he fell down and his legs are bleeding

Yash took maan inside to his room and Bhatia called to doctor.

Doctor came and examined maan and bandage his wound and said not to move his legs as his wound was deep.

Dr : I hav given a painkiller injection, so he will sleep for somtime

Yash : thanku dr, we will take care of him

Dadi : babaji wat happen to my child, kiski nazar meri bachu ku nazar rage


Meera : maa u go and sleep I will take of maan

Dadi: its ok meera, I will also be here

Yash : no  mom u go and take rest,

Dadi  left, meera cover duvet on maan and rest her head on the bedrest.

Yash : guru u go and sleep

Guru : no papa I will be with my maan, pls papa

Yash smiles at him , and nodes his head to yes.

Morning, yash was sitting in the hall, dadi came

Dadi : how is maan

Yash : he is fine mom, little bit pain is still there

Dadi : oh  did he took his food

Meera: yes maa,

Yash : mom how we will go to bauji's daughter's marriage

Meera : yes ma aim thinking the same, maa u go with yash and kids , I will look after maan

Dadi : no meera, it wont be good, u both go with kids I will look after maan

Yash : mom

Dadi : yes yash, u know abt ur bauji, she is little bit sad tat u married meera instead of her daughter, now only she became cool and she herself invited us for te marriage, so its important for u both to attend the marriage

Meera: but ma, how u will take care

Dadimaa: its ok meera , only for 4 days I will manage, im not that old and smiles at her

Yash and meera smiles at her.

Yash : ok mom, we both will leave today eveing ,

Dadi: how u travelling yash

Yash : by car mom

Dadi: ok beta

EVENING, servants took luggage and kept in the car

Yash came down: meera were is guru

Meera: yash guru went to maan's room

Yash: hmmm

In Maan's room,

Maan was lying in the bed with grummy face, as he cant go with them,Gurmeet cums and sit next to maan, maan turns his face to other took maan's head and kept in his lap and cares his hair,

Maan : u all are going leaving me alone here , with sad face

Guru: sorry maan, u got hurt naa, that's why or else u too hav came with us, u are not alone, dadimaa is there with u, so don't be sad maan

Maan was silent

Guru: maan pls talk with me, if u didt like then im not going, ok, now ur happy

Maan smiles at him: no no guru, u go with maa and papa, wen we both didt go , who will take care of them

Guru : are u sure maan, can I go

Maan: hmmm, but I will miss u

Guru : me too, ok now take ur chain

Maan took his chain from his neck and put on guru's neck and same guru did took his chain and put it on maan's neck

(The chain hav designed as pendant will be MG and broke it into two pieces, M and G, M WILL BE ON MAAN'S NECK ,..G  will on GURU'S neck,.wen they  go somwere without  any one, they will exchange the chain, as they  will not miss eachother, its they love for eachother.)

Guru: ok maan, bye take care of dadimaa, she will be alone after we leaves

Maan : u don't worry guru I will take of her, bye, take care of our princess

Guru : ok maan , bye ..both kissed on they cheeks.

Both hugged without knowing that it was they last hug.

They all took blessings from dadi and settled in the car.the driver start the car.the drive was silent, as ani wass crying non stop, meera was patting her, and soon she fell asleep, was seeing outside through the windows, meera was resting her head on yash's shoulder and slept..

At night, it was 8'clock,

Yash : driver see som resort, we rest and drive 2mor

Driver: ok sir

The driver saw a small resort on the way, he stop and said to yash

Yash: meera we will rest here  for tonight and 2mor morning we will start

Meera: ok yash.

Yash booked a room, driver took they luggage, guru was running to see the garden .meera and yash sat on the chair in garden for dinner

Meera: guru guru  cum here, hav ur dinner

Guru  cam and sat next to meera

Guru: maa wat maan will be doing,I miss him

Meera becam sad : me too guru

Yash smiles at his wife and son: don't worry guru, only for 4 days then we will be with our maan

Guru node his  head. they had they dinner and went to their rooms to take rest.

At  12 midnight, someone knocks they room.

Yash wokes  ,sees meera was sleeping and guru was hugging her.yash went to open the door, but sound was so weird,

Meera woke due to sound : yash who is that at this time

Yash : don't know meera, wait I will see

He went to open the door, and he was pushed inside by 10 goons,


Yash: who are u, wat u want

Goon 1: we want ur life

Yash: wat,he gets up

Goons pointed they guns to yash and meera,

Yash was calling the driver

Goons:ur driver hav been reached the heaven half an hour before

Yash was shocked, meera hold anni in her arms, guru was hugging her .at that time a man came in front of yash,

Yash : tum

Man :  yes me yash u business enemy , rahul, who was now in road coz of u, but ur wrong, I can grow 100times how much ever u destroys me

Yash: rahul, not coz of me, u did  drug and export girls  in name of business,

Rahul : wat bothers u, did I kidnapped ur sexy biwi

Yash screames at him: Rahulll,mind ur words.

Rahul: yaa I hav , wen u didt interfere in my business

Yash : now wat u want

Rahul: u , ur destruction

Yash was seeing  Rahul, at once pushed all the mens out of the room and close the door,

Yash : meera run , run from here

Meera: no yash  I wont eave u alone,

Yash : meera meri kasam, leave from here to save our kids, pls go meera

Meera took  guru and anni and started to run from the back door,

Rahul: hey go and catch her, I will look after him

Yash was fighting with that goons, meera was running, and running holding anni and guru, the mens were following them, no one is they in the road, she was running, and hide behind a tree,.the mens  were searching her, at that time one man spotted meera , she see that man and started to run, that man pointed gun on her and shot at her back,.

Meera: ahhh,

Guru: maa wat happen maa, pls maa, get up maa

Meera  : guru I cant cum with u , ur papa needs me

Guru: maa pls maa, cum we will go, maan will scold me if leave u here

Meera: guru , ur good boy naa, then listen, u take anni and go from here, my guru is big boy, he will take care of his little sister

Guru: yes maa, I will take care of her

Meera: don't say ur father or ur mother's name to anyone ok, ur only gurmeet from now, don't say ur khuranas to anyone

Guru was crying : ok maa

Meera kissed guru's forehead and kissed anni and give to guru.meera took her family chain and wore it on anni's neck.she pushed guru

Meera: go guru go fast, save ur anni, go from here

Guru took anni and runs from there, leaving  lifeless meera behind. after som times that goons came and saw meera was dead, they carried her dead body back to cottage,

In cottage, yash was fighting with the goons, Rahul  shoot him behind

Rahul: yash u family is finished khuranas are finished

Yash: no rahul u cant destroy my family, u cant destroy khuranas, my son will take revenge from u, it is my promise, YASH SINGH KHURANA'S PROMISH


Rahul laughs: ur son will be meeting U soon

At that time, Rahul's mens  came with meera

Men: boss only we got his wife, his kids escaped

Yash : meeraaa

Rahul: see yash, ur biwi, now wait for ur kids

Yash : no u cant get them,   ur  ending will be in my son's hand, saying this, he lost his breath

Rahul to his men: burn tis cottage, and tis news should not be published in 2mor's paper.go and search them

Men : ok boss

Rahul came out of the cottage, and burn the cottage and laughed loud

Rahul :ur finish yash, now the world will know wat can happen wen they mess with Rahul kanna.







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