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Hi guys this is my very first SS but I have written a FF on Arhi called "Mohabbaton ki Dor" This SS is especially dedication to India-Pakistan's independence Day and all Pakistani-Indian Arhi fans. I hope you will like it---Tongue So here is the first part...

Chapter 1

"Good morning Di Di" Khushi was going to her classing holding a file against her heart when a group of students greeted her. She smiled and greeted them back.

"Today you are looking so beautiful" one the little girls praised her for her atir. Indeed she was beautiful. She was wearing a white chiffon shalwar kameez with red chunri and had bag on her shoulder. Her long dark hair were beautifully pinned back. She smiled at the little girl.

"Aww you are so cute" she bent down and pulled her cute cheeks. She smiled back at Khushi.

"I am getting late for my class see you around bye" She glanced at her wrist watch and rushed towards her class. It was usual for Khushi to stopped by her students and talk to them. She was the favorite teacher in whole school and most of the teachers were jealous of her. Unlike those teachers she believed in being friend with students and teaches them.

She entered the class with her warm smile and greeted them back "How is everyone doing, good?" She put down her bag and placed her file on the table.

"Very good" they replied together.

"Good, first today we will celebrate Arav's birthday and then I will teach you guys" She gave them cookies that she had baked it herself and excitingly unpacked the cake. She loved her students so much that she celebrated their birthday.

"Umm- where is Arav?" She looked around the classroom and she couldn't spot him.

"Di Di Arav is absent today" one of the students stood up and informed her.

"Absent hai?" She was disheartened. He was her favorite student and today she was so excited to celebrate his birthday.

Maybe because of his birthday he didn't come'

"It's ok, we will still celebrate" She shook her thought and smiled at them.

"Yeyyy!" their face lightened with excitement.

"Khushi betiya" somebody interrupted them and knocked at the door.

"Shhh" She silenced her students before she looked to her left "Ji kaka?" it was an old aged peon in blue uniform that entered the classroom.

"Principle has called you in his office" She nodded and he left the room.

She looked back at her students "I'll be back in five minutes, no masti ok?" She warned them and left the room,, heading towards the Principal's office.

She entered the Principal's office and greeted him, totally ignored the figure sitting on her right "Sir, you called me?"

"Yes, I called you because there is complain against you" She was shocked to hear that, this was the very first in her teacher career that somebody had complained.

"Sir complain by whom and why?" her heart was beating against her ribs.

"Meet Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, he has complained that you have beaten his nephew Arav for not doing his homework" her mouth opened wide with shock and looked at the personality sitting on her right. His arrogant gaze sent chill down her spine. He was dressed casually, a white graphic T-shirt with blue jeans, a blazer which sleeves were pulled up to his elbows and tightened on his firm biceps. He was wearing a cool silver wrist watch and his hair was tousled He was hot and she felt herself melt under his gaze.

"You---must be mistaken I'didn't beat him at all" she was nervous.

"Oh really?" he got up. The line on his forehead told her he was mad.

"I didn't beat him I swear, he is so cute why would I beat him in fact I never raised my hand on my children I'"

"You think I am lying!?" he snapped.

"What proof you have that I have beaten him?" She challenged him.

"He didn't come to school isn't that enough?" he gave her the satisfied answer.

"Sir this is a lie' don't believe him" She looked at Principle and shook her head in deny.

"Oh Shut up Ms. Khushi kumari Gupta!"

"Don't shout at me Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada because if I want I can shout too" she stared into his eyes. Nobody ever shouted at her and this man had crossed his limit.

"No wonder why student don't want to come to school when there are teachers like you who take out their husbands anger on children after fighting with them"

"Kiya jante app mere bare main!?"

"Ms. Khushi calm down" the principle was afraid of her bad anger.

"No sir, he has crossed his limt---so what you said I take out my anger on my children because I can't take out on my husband'but listen I am not even married and neither I will marry because I love my students. They are not my students, they are my children'

"Oh that will be great if you don't marry because I start to feel bad for the guy'" he smirked that boiled Khushi's mind.

"You'" before she could say anything the principle stopped her.

"Mr. Raizada we are truly sorry for your nephew and Ms. Khushi is one the best teachers in our school. I am sure there must be a good reason for her to hit Arav'" the principle pleaded with apologetic face. Khushi got angry. He wasn't taking her words and saying sorry to this obnoxious person for no reason.

"Sir what are you doing why are you saying sorry to him?" she stared at Arnav.

"Yeah why are you saying sorry, let her say sorry to me" he looked at principle and then smirked at her.

"I am not saying sorry to anyone because I know I am innocent" she declared crossing her arms.

"Ms. Khushi apologize to him otherwise'"

"Otherwise what sir?'you'll ask me to resign right? But I don't care I won't apologize" She glared at Arnav before she left the room. He clenched his jaws.

"I am sorry Mr. Raizada my daughter sometimes crosses her limits'please I apologize behalf of her"

"She is your daughter?" he surprised to hear that, he was so calm and kind but she was nothing like him.

"Yes she is my younger daughter"

"Oh its ok Mr. Gupta I can understand" he smiled at him and then left the room. But he was still mad at Khushi.


At Raizada Mansion

"What!?" Anjali was speechless after hearing her son's mischievousness "Why did you do that?"

"Mom I love Ms. Khushi, she loves me so much and I wanted Mamoo to see her so he can marry her, then she'll stay here with us" he innocently spilled the beans.

"Hey bagwan'" Anjali held her head "Arav yu knew your Mamoo's anger then why did you lie to him" he gazed down feeling embarrassed.

"Hi baby" Shyam came and gave her a pack on her head "How you doing kido, ready for your birthday party?" he ruffled his hair.

"Acha huwa k app a gaye"

"What happened?" he quizzically looked at Anjali and then his son who was looking at him with hooded eyes.

"App k beta ko love guru banne k bukhar char gaya hai"

He started to laugh "Love guru for whom?"

"For chote" he had to break on his laugh.

"What for salay sahib?" she nodded. He laughed again looking at her face.

"You are laughing I am worried what he must have said to Khushi ji'"

"What?" he was shocked now "I mean what it has to do with his home room teacher?"

"He lied to chote that she has beaten him for not doing his homework so he could meet her"

"Arav look at me you did this?" he innocently looked at his father and nodded "Very good" he patted on his shoulder. Anjali shockingly looked at Shaym praising their son for his wrong doing like always. "Baby relax, it's nothing in fact we should be happy he did what we could've never done"

"Anjali betiya what happened?" Nani interrupted them.

"Nani yea poochein k kiya nahi huwa'" She confusingly looked at Anjali.

"Main sumjhi nahi'"

Anjali told her how Arav manipulated his Mamoo to give him chance to see Khushi.

"Arav beta buri baat---now your Mamoo will be getting angry on her'" he looked at her with sorry face.

"Nani I am thinking we should go to her home and apologize to her and Chote should come with us too'" Nani couldn't agree less.


At Gupta Mansion

Khushi was fuming and folding her clothes sitting on the bed. "Arrogant---rude---doesn't even know how to talk to a lady---manner-less"

"Khushi what happened?---I noticed you are upset since you came back from school" she handed her ginger tea and sat down on the bed with her.

"Nothing jiji---some people think it's their right to treat other people like garbage because of their status" she took a sip of her tea that tasted bitter in her mouth remembering his arrogant face.

"Something happened in school today?" she didn't response just clenched on her teeth back and forth "Kissi ne kuch kaha tum se?"

"Naam nahi lena uss laad governor ka!"

"Who?'what's wrong with you?" Payal got worried seeing her acting weird. Khushi sighed and looked at her.

"JiJi you know that Arav whom I often talk about?" Payal nodded "His uncle came today and accused on me that I have beaten him for not doing his homework"


"Then what, bau-ji asked me to apologize to him but I stayed on point and didn't apologize to him" she shrugged off her shoulders in victory.

"A Sankadevi!" Khushi quickly put down her tea after hearing her bua's voice.

"What happened bua?" she asked when she entered the room.

"One of your students' parents has arrived and they are asking for you" she informed.

"Parents but whom?" she curiously asked.

"I don't know---tum khud he ja kar dekh lo'aur payaliya go in the kitchen and help Garima in preparing snacks for them" she instructed them and then left.

Khushi got up from her bed and put the folded clothes in her cupboard. She fixed her duppta and went towards the living room.

Anjali and Shyam got up seeing her and greeted her "Namaste" She was surprised to see Arav's parents, Now what they have come to humiliate me at home?

"Namaste---bethiyea na app khade kiyon hein?" she smiled at them and sat on opposite side sofa. She just noticed Arav had come with them too. He looked at Khushi and quickly faced down. He was nervous.

"App yahan kiss liyea---I mean you needed something?" Khushi hesitantly asked them. They looked at each other, like trying to find a right word.

"Khushi ji---hum app se maafi mangne aye hein" Anjali broke the silence.


"Wo'" Anjali was feeling troubled, didn't know how to put it in right words "We want to say sorry to you for today---hamare chote ghussa k buhut tezz hien"

Now who is this chote and what he has to do with her? Maybe it's Arav's nickname. She thought to herself.

"Chote is my brother in law and her brother" Shyam cleared it out seeing her confused face "He came to school today and misbehaved with you"

"Oh I see'" she remembered his face and repressed her anger.

"Arav is very mischievous, he was joking with chote but he took it seriously'" Anjali was embarrassed to tell her that.

"It's ok Anjali ji---phir ghalti tu kissi se bhi ho sakti hai---you don't have to feel bad" She smiled at her.

"Arav come here" Shyam called him. Arav slowly walked to him "Say sorry to your teacher" he obediently nodded.

"Sorry Di Di"

"It's ok and happy birthday" she smiled.

"Tu issi khushi main yea leejea gharam gharam chai" Garima handed them tea and offered them some snacks.

"Isski kiya zaroorat thi?" said Anjali.

"I'll be back" Khushi got up and went inside while they enjoy their tea and snacks.

Anjali leaned into Shyam and asked about Arnav "Salay sahib? He is outside still sitting in the car"

"Arav go get your Mamoo" she instructed Arav. He nodded and went outside.

"Where Arav has gone?" Khushi came back holding a shopping bag in her hand.

"He is coming"

"I made this for Arav for his birthday I thought to give him in school but he was absent today" She  hesitantly handed the bag to Anjali. She put away her tea and took out what was in the bag.

"Aww that's so sweet of you Khushi ji" it was a dark kurta with light hand knit embroidery on the collar "Thank you Khushi ji. Really it's so beautiful"

"You are welcome" Khushi was afraid that it won't suit their status but Anjali seemed to be very cool about it.

"Our Khushi is very talented, there is nothing that she can't do" Khushi annoying looked at her bua who never let go any chance to brag about her skills.

At that moment Arnav and Arav entered the living room. Sexy cologne's scent touched her nose. She got tensed to see him. He was now wearing gray wash jeans with cotton blue lining collar shirt that perfectly fitted his frame and he was holding keys in his hand.

Why he has to be so handsome' Khushi was again melting towards his personality. He looked at her form head to toe. She was wearing yellow chiffon Anarkali dress and her hair was pulled back in a clip. He found himself attracted to her innocent features. He realized now how gorgeous were her light brown eyes.

"He is my younger brother Arnav" Anjali introduced him.

"Namaste" he hesitantly greeted them. Payal now knew he was the same guy that Khushi was fussing about.

"Namaste" they greeted him "Come sit here" Garima made some space for him to sit. He looked at Khushi who looked away and reluctantly sat down.

"What do you do for living?" Khushi irritatingly looked at her bua, she was tired of her interrogation with every stranger and she well knew why she asks them these questions.

"I am pilot in Air Force" there was pride in his voice. They were impressed to hear that.

" Tu kitna kama lete ho babuwa?"


"Bua" Khushi warned her "She has this old habit to joke around" Khushi embarrassingly looked at them and then stared at her bua.

After a while Anjali spoke "Chote wanted to say something to you Khushi ji" Arnav shook his head looking at his Di.

"Salay sahib ab iss main sharmanay wali konsi baat hai ab keh bhi degiyea" Shyama teased him. He annoyingly looked at his brother in law. Anjali warned him in her eyes. He crumpled his nose and then looked at Khushi was looking at him.

"A sankadevi---take him inside, maybe he is not comfortable saying front of us" Bua was thinking something else.

"Haan haan jao chote" even Anjali insisted. They both stared at each other thinking their family is crazy.

"Ayea" Khushi gave him a pasted smile and stared at her bua. Arnav reluctantly got up and followed her to her room.

When she got to her room she turned around and faced him "Kahiyea kiya kehna hai appko"

"Excuse me, I have nothing to say to you" he was rude as before.

"So why did you follow me?" she demanded.

"Hello, you asked me" he was annoying.

"Then why are you standing here, go back"

"Ok" he turned around.

"Ruko" he turned back and curiously looked at her face "Stay here for few more minutes, otherwise they'll think we came back without talking"

"I have no interest in staying here with you" he turned around. As he took one step further, she became wall front him and stared into his intense eyes "When I said stop then stop" he stared back into her lively brown eyes and then her fully soft lips that urged him to taste them. She slightly blushed at his gaze and felt him leaning towards her. She immediately moved away from him. She felt her heart going wild. He noticed the color of her cheeks turned red.

"Y-you can go now" she felt he will hear her heartbeat. He glanced at her and then left the room.

"Chalien Di" said Arnav seeing her busy talking to them. It seemed like she was already mingled with them.

"Haan chalo" they got up picking up her bag. Gupta family escorted them outside "It was so pleasure to meet you all and Khushi ji again we are so sorry" Anjali squeezed her hands.

"It's ok, Arav is so cute that I already forgot about" Khushi smiled at her. Anjali hugged her which was unexpected. She hugged her back.

"As you all know today is Arav's birthday and I want all of you to come and that's how you can meet our rest of the family" Anjali invited them to her son's birthday party.

"Hum kaise?" Garima was concerned; they never attend such high society party.

"App bay fiqer rehein Khushi and Payal will surely come" Bua ensured them. Khushi looked at her bua, feeling frustrated.

"Tu theek hai phir  app dono ko chote pick kar lein gay" Arnav couldn't even say anything because he knew he can't upset his Di.

Arnav looked at Khushi before getting into the car. Arav waved his hand at her "See you Di Di" she gave him air kiss in reply. Arnav gave her back instead Arav to intimidate her.

"A Sankadevi ab chalo bhi ander'"

She stared at him. He smiled at her nibbling on her lip.



"You will marry me Khushi kumari Gupta even if I have to force on you" she felt his breath close to her lips.

"There is no way I will marry you" she declared.

"You will marry me because if Arnav Singh Raizada determines to get something he  will get it on any cost..." his voice sent chill down her spine.


Plz share your thoughts and hit the Like button and If you want me to pm you for the next part so please add me to your buddy list. Thank you.Big smile


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Chapter 2

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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Update soon
Please add translations as I don't understand Hindi




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awesome start
looking forward to reading more updates
thanx for the pm
waiting for the next part
continue soon




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nice start...


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Nicevstart :)




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Very Nice Sazam ;-)




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thanks for the pm
continue soon
do pm me


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Woah very interesting concept!! I wonder whats gonna happen next? The Precap is amazing great story can't wait to read more!!!!Star

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