The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

RaHi OS-Friendships Day(late update)

--Akshu-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 12:18am | IP Logged

I had actually planned to update this on friendship's day but dint get tym so I got tym now and I updated hope youl like it


hey guys firstly happy friendship's day too all of u!!!!!thanx alot for the wonderful response i got in my previous OS!!!!thanx alot for that!!!!

its friendship's day today!!!!n agar RaHi pe OS na ho toh kaise chalega so i have cum up with a cute RaHi os!!!!plzzz like and comment!!!

My next os will be on hawt  KiSha!!!!

m sorry if u feel its not up to the mark as my first one


There were 5 min left for the clock to go to 12!!!!

panchi was sitting in the bed wearing casuals

she was waiting for 12 as it was friendships  day tom!!!!it will be in 5 min!!!!

it had been 7 years for her and ranveer's friendship n they were best friends a perfect bff story which had no significance of love in it!!!!


it was dot 12 she took her phone in her hand and was going to call ranveer but she realised that ranveer had strickly said no to call him as he was busy in a date's prep


her smile disappeared but still she decided to make his fav dish for him so that when she meets him tom she can give it to him!!!!


"gajar ka halwa"


his fav dish!!!!

he likes to eat gajar ka halwa only which is made by his moti


she was almost done with the dish!!!!


when suddenly sumone rung the door bell!!!!


she kept the gajar ka halwa ready!!at the side and went to open the door!!!


she opened the door and saw a note fallen down


she picked it up n read the note


note:"apne room main aao"


panchi was confused first she thought it will be ranveer but he was out it cant be him!!!!


she thought it must be kiya!!!


she was excited now they can talk the whole night


she ran up t her room and saw no ne was in her room her tv was on the same channel she left it!!!!


she heard sumones shoutings!!!!

"help me help me"


she knew this voice!!!

she ran near the window n san nono!!!who was trying to climb through the window!!!


she pulled him up n he was in the room!!!!


panchi starts lecturing ranveer,"nono are u mad!!!!firstly toh i stay alone toh darwaze se aaa sakthe ho!!!!fir kyu hamesha hero giri dikahne ke liye yeh sab kartein ho are u mad !!1if u would have fallen then paat chalta fracture ho jaata hai nono agli aar darwaza use karna!!!!"


ranveer was just smiling!!!!


panchi continues,"why are u smiling now??nono when will u take mer seriuosly???"


before panchi could continue ranvver just pulled her for a hug!!!!


panchi was confused!!!!


ranveer finally spoke up they were still hugging panchi dint hug him back!!!!


ranveer:moti HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS DAY!!!!!!!


panchi realises that he came to wish her!!!!


she hugged him back n after sum time they broke the hug!!!


panchi:nono i was gng to call u at dot 12 par then u said tum apne date ki prep main busy hoge so...waise wait a min tum yaha???tumari date...


ranveer:u think main apni date ke prep ke  liye apni best friend ki chod dunga never!!!!chalo abhi tumare garden main chalo!!!




ranveer:just cum!!!1


they reach the garden and panchi sees that they were many gifts on the table!!!!!


panchi:yeh sab kya hai nono????ek,do,teen gift chaltha hai par itne saarein gifts kyu????




ranveer  goes and stands behind her n whispers in her ears

ranveer: " dekho yaha 7gifts hai kyu ki aj hamari friendship ko 7 years khatam hui hai moti"



Panchi turn around and looks at ranveer in shock

Panchi says, "tumhe yaad tha ki aj hamari friendship ko 7 years hogai hai???"

Ranveer :u think main yeh bhool saktha hoon????ab drama queen jyada shock mat ho aur gifts kholo!!!

Panchi takes a gift and unwraps it and she finds a box full of chocolates!!!!

She couldn't believe that her nono had given the chocolates who use to tell her no to eat them as if she is dieting than it wont be helpul if ur dieting and eating them!!!!

She looks at ranveer and says,"are u serious ranveer????yeh tumne????mujhe kya zamana agaya hai yaar!!!!"

Ranveer:moti ek hi din main ma kha jana ha!!!!kabhi kabhi khanna waise saarein teri fav hai

And he winks at her

Panchi :thanx a lot ranveer !!!!

She opens another one and sees a beautiful pillow with her n his  photo on it!!!!

Which looked like the above!!!!

She was amazed it was soo beautiful!!!!!

He was happy as he knew she loved it!!!!

Panchi:thanx a lot nono main ise hamesha apne pass rakhungi!!!!

Ranveer:yeh toh 2nd gift hi hai baaki dekho gi toh kya hoga????n he winks at her!!!

He opens the 3rd gift which was not gift wrapped it was in a cover!!!1

She takes and she sees a black berry in it she removes it out

Panchi:heloo yeh toh mera phone hai!!!!and she is staring at ranveer who is laughing and trying to control

Panchi starts hitting ranveer but ranveer stops her and takes out a camera!!!!


Ranveer says,"moti yeh koi normal camera nahi hai bahout spl hai is main na sirf hum dono ki pics hongi!!!!!only hum dono ki ise sambal ke rakhna!!!!

Panchi was dam touched!!!!

Ranveer cont,"aur ha chalo ek pic lete hai!!!!"

Panchi says,"nahi yaar koi nahi hai pic lene ke liye"

Ranveer says,"kisi ki jaroorat nahi hai keep it on the table 10 sec main pic cliack hojayegi!!!!

Panchi keeps the camera on the table!!!!

And ranveer hugs her from behind and the pic gets clicked!!!!

The pic was like this

Ranveer looks at the pic and says,"moti hum dono sath main ache lagtein hai"

Panchi replies,"lagenge kyu nahi BFF's hai yaar "

And both give eachother a hi-five

Panchi opens the 4th gift!!!!

It was a big white teddy bear!!!!

Panchi loved teddy bears

Panchi says, "teddy bear???mujhe toh pasand nahi???"

Ranveer looks at her n says,"acha????i know u love them"

She looks at him and smiles!!!!

Ranveer holds panchi's hands and says,"remember one thing moti keep smiling kabhi rona mat"

Panchi says,"apne kaha toh apke orders ka palan toh karna hi padega"

Ranveer continues,"waise how is the teddy bear"???

Panchi says,"really beautiful man thanx a lot nono"

Ranveer says,"now jaldi 5th gift kholo!!!!!

Panchi opens the 5th gift!!!!!

It was in a jewels ka box

She opened it and saw a beautiful bracelet which was of a heart shaped,it was a silver colour one!!!!and the heart shaped was the half side and on the heart shape it was written best friend!!!!!

Panchi says,"iska dusra side kaha hai????"

Ranveer takes out the other side of the heart shape

Panchi says,"hello her aisa bracelet tumne pehna toh tumari girls na tumhe gay samjhengi!!!!koi bhav nahi dega!!!"

Ranveer replies,"madam maine kab kaha ki I will wear it ise hamesha apne pass safe sambal ke rakhunga"

Panchi says,"wow"she smiles

She continues,"waise aisa lag raha hai aj friendship's day nahi valentines day hai aur main tumari gf hoon"

Ranveer says,"waise mujhe tumhe spl feel karwane ke liye friendships day ka wait nahi karna padega who toh main kabhi bhi kar saktha hoon"

Panchi pulls his cheeks and says,"soo sweet"

Panchi opens the 6th gift!!!

It was a big collage of his and panch's  pics!!!!
(note:i had made a college but its not updating here)
Panchi was very touched, there were tears in her eyes!!!

All the memories she spent with ranveer came in front of her eyes!!!!

Ranveer sees this and cups her face immediately!!!!

He says,"panchi what happ why are u crying???plzz dnt cry"

Panchi just hugs him

And he hugs her back!!!!!!!

She breaks the hug!!!!

Ise main hamesha sath rakhung it very spl for me!!!!

Ranveer takes the 7th and the last gift in his hand and he opens it!!!!

He gives it to panchi!!!

Panchi sees where was a beautiful mirror in it!!!!

her eyes were still watery

ranveer says,"look panchi rote hui bhi u look so cute"

panchi smiles

ranveer continues,:arey hastein waqt bhi cute lol waise panchi iss mirror ko gift karne ke piche one more reason,apne appko kabhi kis ke liye change mat karna tum jaisi ho waise perfect ho"

panchi nods!!!!

Ranveer says, "waise madam maine toh gifts de diye mere gifts kaha hai???"

Panchi gives him he gajar ka halwa she made for him!!!!

Ranveer sees it and snatches it from her hand and starts eating!!!!

"He looks a kid when he gets excited",she thought

Ranveer says,"waise sirf ek gift???"

Panchi says,"nahi aur bhi na tunmare blkul samne"

Ranveer is searching behind panchi ki gift kaha hai????

Panchi hits him on his shoulder and says,"idiot main main ek achi gift nahi????"

Ranveer smiles,"tum is duniya ki best gift ko for me"

Panchi smiles and says,"sorry ranveer I thought tum kal aooge toh I dint get gifts sorry"

Ranveer says,"shut up moti its okkk"

Suddenly it starts raining!!!!!

Panchi gets very happy!!!!!

Ranveer says,"arey wah main abhi wohi soch raha tha ki agar barish gire toh meri moti bahout khush hojayegi and it happened!!!so moti yeh mera ek aur gift for u enjoy it!!!!

Ranveer and panchi go in the rain they danced,singed,laughed sumtimes panchi was running behind ranveer n sumtimes ranveer behind panchi!!!!

They both had the perfect tym together!!!!

Panchi thought in her mind,"these 7 years were like magic a magical dream!!!!my best friend nono is everything for me I love him as  a friend!!!!today day was the most magical day!!!thanx a lot nono for always being there for me!!!!"

Ranveer thought,"moti is my life uske bina m nothing!!!!she is really spl for me 7 years kaise khatam hui I have no idea but they were magical!!!we fight we tease eachother but we love eachother n trust eachpther a bff's!!!!

M happy that moti enjoyed this day!!!!!love u moti''''..

Panchi and ranveer hug and ranveer kisses her on her forehead


This was it plzzz like and comment!!!!!



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-Sanj- IF-Rockerz

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                                                                    ****UNRES**** happy that m first one to comment...SmileTongueDancing
Awsome OS Akshi as Always...And Cute and sweet bhi...Loved the Panchi and ranveer Friendship...Loved them...both are so cute and sweet...
wow itne sare gits mile panchi ko teddy bear.heart shape pillow woh bhi un dono ki pics wala...aur usne uska hi cell use gift paper me rap karke diya ranveer bhi na...and aur bahut sare...she is so lucky...she have a friend like ranveer...he is so sweeet and caring...
ekdum mast OS hai...loved it Very Much...Smile
Love U...Heart
And Happy Independence Day Akshi...Smile

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Its beautiful dear...

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Superb OS Clap...
Loved it Heart...
N thanks for the pm Smile.

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-Sanj- IF-Rockerz

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Unres kar diya...Smile

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It was a gr8 OS Akshu! Hug Loved it <3

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achuAR IF-Dazzler

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awww...that's sooo cuteee Day Dreaming

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