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Dharmayudham 13- 17th Aug 2012 Updates and Discussions

mellisai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Monday, 13th August - Update  Episode No 6

Chitra invites Sharadha to her house and how she's been telling her husband (Ramesh) she will be coming for the past four weeks. Sharadha says she wants to come and see her little one, but says she doesn't want to disturb her. Chitra says she's been married for years and they like having friends over. Sharadha agrees to visit them.

Final verdict - judge says police didn't look at Vincent's case from other angles and Geetha didn't answer Sundaram's questions properly. Hence, Vincent is released and the judge orders the police to find the real murderer. Media questions Gopalakrishanan & Sundaram.. GP says police forced him to say he murdered Vincent and Geetha can work in his company.

Mumtaj informs Sharadha that she talked to Arjun about her granddaughter, but he said it was difficult. She asks them to help her. Sharadha wants to know more about her daughter and why police arrested her. She says her granddaughter was arrested for having drugs but she's doesn't know anything about drugs. However, her son-in-law is involved and her daughter committed suicide unable to look after her children. She continues, one of her grandchildren, Anwar, is like his dad .. and they arrested her for his troubles. Sharadha tells her to wait and goes to talk to Arjun. He says she was caught with heroin and nothing can be done to help them. He continues, similar cases were reported in that area and Muslims were largely involved. Sharadha tells him to not judge Muslims like police and in movies. Sharadha says she's innocent and let's do something to help them.   

Coffee shop. Ashwin says he bought some land and apologises for not discussing about it beforehand. Ram asks if he need any financial help and warns him to check the original papers. Dheena calls, Ram doesn't attend the call.  Ashwin says this is the problem dealing with guys like Dheena. He asks whether Ram is interested in buying land. Ram says it's like getting married - long term, we need to look after it and maintain it. Phone rings ..  association wants him to stand in the election and says he's going to bring someone along with him (yaaru??). Ashwin congratulates Ram.

Mumtaj says Anwar must have left the it in her house. Arjun asks why police came to her house all of a sudden. She answers police came looking for Anwar twice before and she even told them to keep him away from them. Police came to her house when her granddaughter was cleaning the house and found some powder .. then they took her away without questioning her. 

Sundaram & Nambi drinking and joking .. 


Tuesday 14 / 8 / 12 Episode No 7

First Part - Mani kku oru case - Some one called Manohar comes with some bore well woe.
He brought a water diviner and  drilled a bore for water. He thought that he was doing it in his own land but the driller made a mistake and drilled it in the neighbour's area. Bore well Kakka oosh... Manohar wants his bore well back. Arjun goes to meet Fathima along with her grand ma. Fathima is questioned by Arjun. She says that there was some powder and before she could drop it the police arrested her. Arjun asks " did they ask you some thing?" Fathima answers in negative but grand ma says that the police asked about Anwar. At Sundaram Associates some guy called Santhosh meets Sappattu Raman and complains about KFC not offering a glass of water - " any hotel should first give water, right?? They did not - even after we asked for water. On top of that, they asked us to buy a water bottle for 15 rs , if we so wanted water !!"  Raman is worried about being a vegetarian " KFC pOnathu illai...but, have you ever been to the court?" Goes on to list the problems...

Back to mani and Manohar. Looks like the Corporation has taken possession of the bore well. Manohar says that he spent 50,000 Rs - " you get me that money and I will give you 20 % " Mani promises the moon. Chithra observes that Manohar is a real estate agent and cheats people - "antha money ellam ipdi thaan Odi pogum " Mani asks her to avoid Sharadha - "avalai mathiri neengalum thathuvam pesaringa !! " One Thangavelu and Mahesh at Ram's office - goading Ram to stand for the election. Mahesh informs that Arjun is also another contender . Ram says that he will win - " whoever is pitted opposite me " Mahesh calls him thalaivar and leaves. Ram has a smug smile. Sappaattu Raman describes the difficulties of filing a case for a water bottle - finally tells him that it is wiser to buy a bottle of water for 15 rs - Santhosh understands and decides to forget the case.

Arjun has a tete et tete with Fathima. She tells him that she does not like Anwar " avan thaan venum ne ithai vaichu irukkan " - cries a lot. Arjun says that she should never cry if she is not at fault. Fathima is worried about her grand ma. Arjun consoles her . Fathima asks " Sir, ennai veliye anuppuvaangalaa?? " Arjun has no answer for that...


Wednesday _ Independence day break

Thursday 16/ 8 / 12 Episode No 8

Arjun's office - discussion about Fathima's case. Mani as usual kids around and Sharadha gets totally bugged. Finally they decide to ask Fathima to plead guilty " just ask her to agree that her brother gave her the narcotics. That way, considering her age and sex, judge may give her lesser punishment " . Mani kids some more about Sharadha's feminism et al and she quits the arena - I really like this fellow , intelligent  and easy going. Arjun comes to meet Fatimah. He tells her the strategy but she refuses to lie in the court " sorry , my grand ma taught me Koran and said that I should never lie. Now, you are asking me to do that?? Court is a place where truth is also respected, right?" Arjun is at a loss for words. Sundaram Associates - Nambi and Ashwin are talking about a case. Ram comes and Nambi congratulates him for his nomination. Ram proudly announces that he will win. Nambi is pensive , Ashwin is worried ... Another convo between Chithra and Sharadha - Chithra talks about a case who visited their office "Namakku munnadiye epdi abuse panraan ?? Get her the divorce" Goes on to say that her hubby does not mind a few light blows. The girls have a laugh  and Chithra asks about Sharadha's marriage. Arjun walks in and promises to find a guy who can take Sharadha's treatment. Sharadha says that a lawyer should marry a lawyer only - oru expectant look from her to which Arjun is totally oblivious. Sundaram's office - Ram is coming in with a client - attempt to murder - " epdiyaavathu annan ai kaappathunga " happens. Nambi says that there is a new intern "Ram, look him up, please " That goat goes to Ram's room

A tired Arjun - Sharadha comes in - all ready to have a tete et tete with Arjun. Daya, another girl walks in - Arjun has an easy conversation with her- Sharadha kku suru suru nnu varrathu. Arjun wants some details about the inspector who arrested Fathima. Daya promises to do what she can. Some more easy talk between Daya and Arjun - more suru suru for Sharadha. Ram's office. The new goar Rahul walks in - unnecessarily juts in to the conversation between Ram and the client. Rahul is unceremoniously dismissed on a wild goose chase. After he leaves, Ram tells the client that it is bad to leave behind any witness - "muzhusa pOda vendiyathu thaane??" Client says that murder was not on the cards "accident..epdiyaanum..anna ai.." Ram is elusive. Raman has a go at the new goat Rahul - "apdi Oru case illave illai yya!!" But Rahul continues the wild goose chase.

Court - the Government pleader says that the case against Fathima is very strong. "Narcotics case le police will be very careful . Why do u want to take a risk?" Arjun says that Fathima is innocent - "she deserves to be defended - at least " Judge calls the counsels to her desk "Arjun, case looks strong , are u sure about this?" Arjun answers affirmatively.Government pleader puts forth his arguments saying that the police caught Fathima red handed " more over, her dad, bro ellarum ithe thozhil. Now she has taken over .." Arjun's turn to defend...


Friday 17 / 8 / 12 Episode No 9

Arjun's turn to put forth his arguments. Tells the judge " just because Fathima comes from a
family which engages in drug traffic  she can not be labeled as a criminal. People from good families have gone astray and people from bad families have made it big. She did not know
that she was holding some narcotic in her hand . She is innocent, that is all my Lord " Preliminary defense is over. Ram's office. He is talking to a client . He gets a phone call - Dheena is in the office. Ram goes to meet him and is pretty curt " I told you that I am done with you. Why are u here?" Dheena says that he has health issues and no doctor is ready to touch him . Ram gives him a card and says that it is a doctor friend " I will talk to him..and listen, I do not want to ever see your face, got it ?" Dheena leaves.

Mani in his office . Chithra is busy running her house through the phone. mani contacts Manohar, asks about the bore well and asks him to come to the office.
Back to the court - Fathima's case. PP tries to establish that Fathima survives only by selling drugs. Arjun comes to question Fathima. Asks her about her school, her rank etc., etc., and establishes that she along with her grand ma make a living by stitching bags. Also establishes that grand ma fights with Anwar and chases him out. The judge has a smile which says " Arjun , nalla argue panre da " Recess time - Arjun nervously tries to contact Daya - who finally makes an appearance and gives him details about the inspector who remanded Fathima.

PP questions the inspector and establishes that Fathima is at fault. Arjun 's turn to cross examine the inspector. Asks him about not checking the credentials of Fathima as a student. Inspector says that Fathima's background confirms that she is at fault. Arjun talks about the Inspector's son - "what if your son had drug in his hands? Will you arrest him too?" The inspector says that his son is not that kind . Arjun hits where it hurts " Fathima's grand ma also says the same thing about her grand daughter !! Why don't you give some credence? " Finally Arjun says that he even asked Fathima to lie and plead guilty " she refused saying that truth will prevail  From a background like hers, it is difficult to even go to school . This girl is intelligent and studies well. Are we going to spoil this innocent girl's life based on some false reports?"

Mani calls sharadha to know about Fathima's case. Sharadha says "Arjun picchuttan. Verdict will be given in 2 days . Arjun said that some lawyers ask their clients to lie..athaan kOnjam idikkumO... " mani asks for a treat from Arjun and Sharadha says that the verdict is not given
"enakku theriyame avan epdi treat kuduppaan?" Mani is vexed " Ponnunga treat kudukka maattanga, kudukkaravangali yum stop pannuvaanga " Ashwin gets a call from some aunty who possibly cries  for some thing - Ashwin promises to see her asap .

Freeze .

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
Thanks Sri, I will do the rest of the week.
kalki2007 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Thanks Sri for the lovely update
GK is out i know it is going to happen they need to change the sloppy Government lawyer she only looks here and there - no good
Arjun got the new case hope he help the old lady she looks genuine and i think the grand son is the bad one
Ram got Dheena out with the bullet hole mmm how long he can live with the bullet
atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
wow...thanks sri...well written paa...
This serial is moving very far no dragging...let us see...!!

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sneha_v IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
thanks sri  for the updates serial goes very fast 
as atina said no dragging  hope the serial maintain the same 

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Excellent show with Extraordinary making :) day by day loving more and more :) I am even more happy as my dad too love watching it :)   Mani s character so funny :) loving his comedy :) lets see how karthik proves the girl innocent
hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
thanks for the looking forward for this fathima case. Its good of her saying she would not lie .. lets see how the case is going to move today.

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kalki2007 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

Roja thanks for the lovely updates


Fatima's case really interesting at least they changed the PP  - Arjun did a good job hope the verdict comes out not guilty - she is standing up what she believe in good


Arjun friend Saratha is she loves him - I get mixed signals from her the way she is telling Arjun that lawyer have to marry lawyer where is coming from I don't get that point - why they have to marry like that


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