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POSSESSION 2- no more updates am leaving ffs (Page 9)

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Hey Guys
I know I'm a bit late with the update.. Reason being is that.. my internet provider was getting changed and they took ages to set it up!! Sorry..Here the update
Geet sat there sipping the tea when Maan walked out. He was being very kind to her as this moment. He showed care and concern for her as well as authority over her last night especially when he made love to his. Geet wondered was there another side to this man or was this one of many. Anger Possessive, junoon, dewaangaee and love lust concern all being within him. A person who carries so many sides within him, it is hard to see what his mood will be one minute or the next. Geet then wondered about her family. She had not spoken to her father at all for the last day. Wondering if he read the paper, what did he think of her? Did he trust her? Geet knew even if Sameera would say something aganist her, her father would trust her. Even if Geet lied in her childhood to save Sameera. Rano would argue Geet is lying but Mohinder trusted her. He had a blind trust on Geet.
Earlier that morning, Mohinder was released and thrown out from a van outside his house. The security guard saw him and helped him up and brought him into the house. Rano saw him and was shocked as she had just woken up for the morning prayer.
'Yeh kya hua aapko?' Rano asked looking at his tired messed up attire, his forehead bleeding and his dishelved state. Mohinder asked for water which Rano provided. He sat down as Rano got a clean cloth and cleaned her husbands wound and then applied first aid.
'I don't understand Rano..what's happening to us?' Mohinder said after a long silence. Rano was worried at her husband. A few tears struggled to make its way out as Mohinder told her the events that happened.
'Our business is failing.. I had to put our own personal account money in it.. Hopefully things will pick up. But How did our shares fall?..And then I get kidnapped for a day and then released with no one telling me why? What was the point? No Ransom call nothing' Mohinder asked confused.
'Rano why are you so quiet?' Mohinder asked as Rano looked at the picture of a laughing Geet and Sameera on the wall. Mohinder looked at her intently when his eyes fell on a newspaper on the table. He walked to it and picked it up. He was shocked at what was written.
'Rano what is this? This bullshit. Has Geet read it? Has Maan read it what about Sameera?.. Geet is my daughter she would never do anything like this. The Media has put my daughter in a bad light.. Sameera and Maan are to be engaged..' Mohinder started out when Rano spoke
'Sameera and Maan can never get engaged'
'what do you mean?' asked Mohinder with a raised tone full of anxiousness.
'I mean that.. Geet badnaami.. was too much..And save her from this...married her' Rano stumbled out.
There was a silence. A silence which showed fear as well as a storm.
'RANO. How did you let this happen. You know very well that Geet is too young to get married. She is still in college. Geet is to naive and innocent. Maan is a strong willful character. She can't live like this with him. Sameera is a stronger match for Maan. What did you do Rano? My Geet.. She is all alone with Maan. Maan is like a stranger to her. He is a ruthless arrogant busnessman and Geet is as sweet and pure as a flower..' Mohinder argued shaking Rano.
Rano recited the events of yesterday which caused Mohinder to flare in anger.
'But she is a child.. Rano.. A innocent child. She can't make such decisions.. And Sameera.. Sameera is your child too.. How could you let her heart break.. NO! I'm going right now to get my Geet back. Maan and Geet will divorce. I cannot let Geet not fulfill her dreams by being tied down in a marraige of convinience...' Mohinder said.
Within the next half hour Mohinder dressed and ready stood outside Maan's house. He was then told to go to a penthouse where Maan was. Mohinder walked in and the security asked him to wait as they let Maan know that Mohinder was in.
'Namaste Sasur ji' Maan said walking down as if he was the King. He said it in such a tone which was sarcastic. Mohinder felt a new vibe from Maan as Maan smirked coming down the stairs.
'Maan, I heard what happened yesterday and I'm sorry. But Geet is not ready for this marriage.. I think its better you divorce her and let her come back with me so she can live her life' Mohinder said stating the facts.
'One sugar or two' Maan said sitting down as the new maid brought in tea. The old one Gia had been punished. Maan had sent her to a small room which was dark. No light at all and She had been left there tied up naked. The room was slowly filling up with water. It was water right and airtight. Maan decided that Geet breathing almost suffered. So he was going to take her breath slowly too. This was the punishment for almost making Geet lose her life yesterday due to the jasmine flowers.
Mohinder looked at Maan as if he was even listening or not.
'What.. Maan are you even listening to me?' Mohinder asked frantically.
'Mr Handa you speak too much. Right where were we yes.. Geet. Sorry you want me to divorce Geet..' Maan asked in a tone which showed power as well as cockyness.
'Yes Maan, so that you and Sameeera can marry and everyone will be happy.. Geet isn't happy with this marriage'
Maan clenched his hands and anger was rising as Mohinder spoke.
'Right then my ANSWER is NO.' Maan said standing up. Mohinder stood up and grabbed Maan's shoulders and said
'What do you mean NO? Leave Geet.' Mohinder said as a father would to save his daughter.
'Mr Handa let go of my collar' Maan said looking at his right and left.
'Maan please what is this?' Mohinder desperately wanting to know.
'failing business, failing project.. you now owe Khurana Consturctions 65 crores as per the details. And Off course, If I cancel the project my self then you yourself will have to pay the full cost of the project including 65 crores compensation. So Mr Handa you owe me 120 crores at this point of time.' Maan said throiwng a file at him. Mohinder looked at Maan like he was crazy or what.
'Maan I'm talking about Geet.. and whats this?' Mohinder asked.
'Cancellation of the project and court orders for you to pay me 120 crores within 20 days.. Ah but read this file too' Maan said throwing another file at him.
'Maan what the hell is this?' Mohinder shouted.
' uff sasur ji you shout too much...Your business has failed.. I know do you know why? I made it happen. Your shareholders and investors backed out, why I made it happen. Everything that went wrong in the project I made it happen. Everything wrong in your business I made it happen.. do you know why?' Maan asked walking around Mr Handa.
'because Mr Handa, I want to ruin you.. Ruin you fully.. I have ruined your business now..And I have broken Sameera's heart when she finds out i have married Geet.. Speaking of Geet.. Geet your darling weak point.. you actualy think I would let her go.. No Mr Handa.. She is mine.. to do as i please.. she is now my wife.. She will do her wifely duties towards me.. I own her now' Maan said in a lethal voice. Mohinder turned towards him and screamed
Upstairs Geet heard her fathers voice as she stepped out the bathroom in her robes.
'Papa.. Papa is here' Geet happilly smiled and quickly tried to get ready. She smiled as she combed her hair taking the knots out and looking at herseld.
'why did you do this Maan? What did I ever do to you?' Mohinder screamed in pain and agony.
'What you did? YOU DESTROYED MY FAMILY. YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD..And one more thing Mr Handa.. do you remember my name ? Its Maan Singh Khurana, But my father's name and my real surname is Pradhan. Mohit Pradhan's son' Maan stated. Mohinder eyes widened in shock and then fear settled in.

'Yes Handa I know everthing what you did.. How you blamed my father when you committed treason and how you did everything' Maan said antognised with pain as he said everything in anger eyes blood red.

'So this is for revenge? used my daughter.. my weak point..' Mohinder stuttered. Mohinder had never been so scared in his life. Maan's eyes and his demeanour was something new, unsetteling and scary. For the first time, He was terriefied and was worried badly for his daughter. He knew how innocent naive his daughter was. Maan's demeanour shwoed that he might torture his daughter.

''Geet.. is now Mine Mr Handa.. and you will never see her again.. My Revenge is complete as I have taken your fragile point, Your Geet.. and you will never know how she is and if she is in pain or happiness.. Knowing Geet is with me.. will break you Handa.. and will torture you.. I will never let you see her ' Maan laughed evily and Mohinder cringed in pain. 'Now get out' Maan signalled his guards.

'Maan I will get my daughter back I will get her from you I swear.. you hurt her and I will kill you' Mohinder screamed.
'bye bye' Maan said smirking at Mohinder
'GEET GEET ' Mohinder screamed
'Papa papa' Geet screamed running down the stairs crying tears of happiness just as Mohinder was leaving. Mohinder turned around and saw his daughter and turned to walk back as he knew his daughter needed a hug and he came to take his daughter away with him. He smiled at Maan showing triumph when Maan grabbed Geet's hand as she attempted to rush past him. He held her arm tight and glared at her in anger.
'Maan ji please mujhe papa se milna hai' Geet cried. Maan motioned his men who grabbed Mohinder who was struggling to meet his daughter and get out from the mens grip.
'Maan let me go. leave Geet!! why you hurting her' Mohinder screamed as the men struggled to chuck him out.

'Geet is mine to do as I please' He smirked grabbing Geet harsher by the waist and bringing her close. 'Come na Geet let's go. time to do your wifely duties' He said to a tearful and struggling Geet as he lifted her up and whispered 'any more and you will see him dead' he said dangerously which caused Geet to widen her eyes in fear.

'Maaan' Mohinder screamed shocked knowing exactly what Maan meant and what he will do to his princess Geet.
Mohinder was thrown out of the house and into the streets and the gates were locked. Security cameras and laser beams and electric fences were turned on. Mohinder sat there in pain
'My Geet is in danger.. ' He quickly drove to the police station when the police said they could not help him.
He went home and Rano saw him in fear and sweating.
'whats wrong.. Have you met Geet' asked Rano
'SLAP' Rano held her cheeks tight as Mohinder slapped her hard.
'Mohinder' Rano asked in tears.
'How dare you Rano how dare you? Geet is now going to be hurt.. tortured..Maan is not good for her.. She is in pain Rano.. This was Maan's plan..He wanted Geet all along...He wanted revenge from me.. So he played a game to get Geet...because he knew that would break me...' Mohinder screamed. Rano was shocked. There was silence and then Mohinder clutched his heart as he had a heart attack.
Maan flung Geet onto the bed.
'Maan please, I want to meet papa..' Geet cried out trying to go to the door when Maan blocked her way.
'Geet you are not going anywhere' He said into her eyes. He then saw her tears and turned her around and twisted her arm.
'Do you love to anger me haan Geet.. your tears are mine.. I don't like wasting them.. Wipe them now. and Listen carefully.. You are never going to meet that man again..samji.. otherwise.. It will be the last time you see him ever...' Maan said as he turned her around. He then grabbed her lips and kissed her harshly.
'Respond DAMN IT' He growled. Geet responded but with fear her lips were quivering. Right this moment passion and emotions were high.
Maan let go of her as if he didnt then he would end up making rough love to her right now because of his anger of Geet and Mohinder.
'Now listen..I will explain everything later Geet.. For now.. my colleague will be here soon to get you dressed for a press conference... samji' He said walking out.
Geet fell back and started crying. Her last chance to meet her father. Maan didn't even let her do that. Now she had become truly parayi.
PRECAP: 'Geet you married Maan because of the papers na.. Come Geet lets go lawyers get you divorced' Sameera said dragging her when Geet spoke as Maan was watching her.
'nahi di.. I married Maan because of the papers but I Now belong to him. I'm his wife di.. I can't break this pavitra rishta and Maan loves me di'
PRECAP 2: 'I will get my Maan back..Even if it means killing GEET' Sameera thought to herself. 'because of her innocence, everyone thought she was naive.. but she is a witch. She caused Dad to be in hospital. She took my Maan. But atleast she trusts me. I will take that to my advantage'
PRECAP 3.. Maan finds Virat and Geet locked in a room. ANGER!!

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Yeah I'm first.Star

Good job on moving the story forward

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Maan is so rough
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Finally!! u have updated..awsome i really want maan to become happy & normal...hope this happens soon
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Superb update...
Now what this sameera is going to do...

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