Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


mahimaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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Arms entwined in true loves embrace
He holds her close to kiss her face.
The gentle warmth of skin next to skin,
The tender feelings that wells up within.

With eyes closed, she breathes him in so fine,
This man so beautiful, so sublime.
His gentle caresses on skin so smooth,
In parallel unison their bodies move.

In slow rhythmic motion their bodies unite,
Touching, caressing in the soft moonlight.
Feeling the cool summer breeze as they make love,
Whilst bright new stars twinkle above.

They sense the freedom, the love, the pride,
Of being able to make love outside.
Unseen by others in their own little spot,
Surely no one else on earth could have what they've got.

No longer hiding what they truly feel,
This love of theirs they know it's for real.
Hearts that have hidden feelings for so long,
Now explode with love and desire so strong.

For these two they will always find,
That they are as one in heart and mind,
For to each other they are companions, lovers, and friends.
This kind of love will never end.
 "If you love something dearly, let it go...If it is meant for you, it will come back to you"

It was a bright sunny day...geet with her friends, was sun bathing on an hot goan beach, cribbing her heart out...They just had a wash in the sea...playing, spraying water on eachother...Thats when her eyes caught a sight to behold, and it was a couple smooching in the open sea...Geet got fascinated looking at the sight, and kept ogling over them, without even blinking for a second...her mouth went hang open, looking at the passion and intimacy...And that's when her friends dragged her out, pulling by her they didn't wanted anyone to caught them doing such silly thing...

And now geet was highly irritated with they dragged her out of her most cherished fantasy...yes she always had this fantasy to kiss and make out in open air, under the moonlight...her friends somehow made her sit on the beach side bathing bench...just to put some brains in this blonde girl...geet pouted, twisting her lips, as her friends sat around her...
"uff girls get a life...I was just ogling at it a crime????????" geet laid on the bench...wearing her dark shade sunglasses...
"geet grow up was there private moment for god sake" pinky her best friend gritted with anger...
 "yup private moment...I can see that" geet grinned slyly...winking at her...
"geet yaar tera kuch nahi ho sakta" pinky sighed with other girls, giving up...
"ya ya ofcoures, you all will now say this to you all have boyfriends and what about me...i am feeling left out, all alone" she pouted making a baby sad face...
"ohhh baby, you know why you are single now just stop cribbing on that, as we cant help it" pinky raised her hands in air, like I cant help you in this...
"look girls I know I am single just because of my over possessive brother...he just kicked out my new found boyfriend in our first date itself, when we where just about to I know he wont allow me to have any serious affair" geet tried to explain...
"hmm good girl, so you know your limits" pinky sighed in relief that this girl really have some brain...but then got alerted looking at geet's naughty expressions...
"whats cooking in your mind devil???????" pinky raised her eyebrows questioning her...
"nothing...was just thinking to have a summer fling" geet casually it was nothing...
"what" all the girls shouted in union... 
"girls just calm down...isn't summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, partying like crazy and following your heart" geet got up enthusiastically enacting with her hands...
"are you out of your mind geet...what if brij veer ji gets to know this..." pinky feared...
"ya but how will he come to know...we are in goa, enjoying are one is here to spy around me...and I hope you all will act as a true faithful friends right" geet pointed her finger, intimidating them...raising her eyebrows, asking for their consent...
All girls nodded in yes, fearing geet's craziness...but later geet made them understand, that this will be the only time she can enjoy her life freely, as when she gets back...she would have to act like a sweet obedient all her friends agreed smiling, looking at her cute explaination...

"so from now we will start hitting over guys on the beach, roaming with there sexy yummy bodies" she high-fived pinky, laughing hysterically...

Pinky shook her head in disbelief, looking at geet's excitement...but then could not hold back the urge to ask her how she wants her fling to look like...

"first of all I want him to have a sexy, masculine well built body, worth drooling over...then he should be tall, as I want to get on my toes when we would kiss...fair or wheatish bhi chalega...then he should have that hoarse sexy voice...he should be handsome...and should have long sexy fingers, and a big palm, geet blushed as the images of her wild desires flashed in front, how his long sexy fingers would caress her, and that big palm...ufff too wild she thought, then again tried concentrating on where she left...woh ha where i was...ya and most importantly he should have a perfect M- shaped lips...u know for what right" geet winked at her naughty smile...for which pinky made a big shocking face and started running behind geet who ran towards a group of guys playing beach volley ball...

At the same moment some where in goa, a guy entered a hotel lobby in rage with his assistant and an old lady following him meekly...he stood infront of the reception, and took his keys, then charged over to his assistant and that old lady, handed over there respective keys...and walked back towards lift...that old day was his dadi, Mrs. Savitri Devi Khurana...and that geek guy, his assistant, was Adi Chopra...

Both dadi and adi followed that guy in the lift and then till his room...they entered his room right behind him, before he could bang the door on their faces...the guy looks behind and throws daggers over this highly scared dadi and adi...who stood there numb, waiting for his outburst...

"this is not fair dadi...he shouted in frustration...I cant belive aapne yeh sab mere saath kiya" he brushed his hair back in sheer irritation..."you fooled me, the Maan Singh Khurana...infront of whom the whole world fears to even voice there opinion" he now looked at adi, boring into his him his most intimidating look, scaring the hell out of his already trembling form...

"maan, adi ko darana band kijiye...unhone hamara kehne pe aapse jhoot bola" dadi tried to calm him...when maan looked at dadi with his raged look...

"aur yeh badi badi gusse wali aankhe kisi aur ko dikhayiye...i am your dadi and I have every right to make decision on your part" dadi commanded...

"ya right and that's why you have brought me here in goa, on the pretext of some official client meeting"...he gritted his teeth...then made a thoughtfull face..."umm let me see, client meeting on the beach...bathing in the sun...whats the dress code dadi, swim suit right" he mocked...

"maan look I just wanted you to enjoy your life beta, I was highly frustrated watching you work 24x7...i felt you are loosing the most precious time of your life...please beta for my sake, and for the last time, just be with us...and act your age" dadi somehow succeeded in manofying maan to stay and enjoy this summer holiday with them...

Finally maan gave an understand look to dadi, and left to washroom...dadi sighed in relief and winked at adi which adi laughed in his typical geek style...

"dadi you  are great, for now you have receded the thunderstorm...but what will happen when maan sir comes to know your real intentions for bringing him here" adi said worriedly...

"adi beta woh tab ki tab dekh lenge...abhi toh lets enjoy summer" and she moved out of maan's room with adi walking behind...

Maan had a quick shower, thinking over dadi's words...she was right, he is loosing his life behind work, but whatever it is he loves it...but now for dadi's sake he will enjoy his time here...He came out wearing a white towel around his waist, wiping his hair...he stood infront of his balcony, which was facing right to the beach...he looked around smiling, as people where enjoying playing in water, swimming, surfing...playing beach games, bathing, enjoying sun...thinking for a while, he called dadi, letting her know that he is moving towards the beach for surfing...

Keeping the phone, dadi smiled at her victory..."chalo now it wont be that hard to convince him to a meet a girl, whom I have planned for his marriage"...then she called adi letting him know her plan...


Maan wore his cargo pants, leaving his upper front bare, showing off his well toned sexy 8 pack abs and moved towards the beach...he took the surfing kit and got into the sea...the feeling was unique, like your one with the are not just riding it, but you are in it...The feeling when you stand up and turn down the wave, you feel like you are the only person in this have power over one of earths greatest forces and you are man handling it...Just the feeling of dropping in and getting the gust of sea water in your face for those couple of seconds its just you and nothing else...its so peaceful and stress relieving, its exciting, the feeling for catching and riding the wave is insane...


Maan after playing for some time got out on the beach...he walked towards the bench, where he kept his belongings...passing through a bunch of boys playing volley ball...the water was dripping from his torso, making his tanned skin look irresistibly hot...his wet pants stucked to his skin, giving an perfect idea of whats hidden beneath...his white polo boxers just showed its glimpes through a thin lining...he brushed his hair back, shaking his head, sprinkling the water out of it...he stood infront of the bench, wiping his body with a pair of towel...then flexed his huge muscles, inorder to get rid of some cramp...clueless of the fact that a group of girls where drooling over his every move, with there mouth hanging open...
Finally pinky caught running geet, who was standing infront of the boys, drooling over there flexed muscles, whenever they moved playing with the ball...she kept ogling, whistling at them, passing flirty comments...while boys just smirked laughing, happy with the attention they where getting...this session continued till maan passed by them with his hot drenched body...geet looked at maan without blinking her eyes, and kept staring at his every step...she felt this sudden attraction towards him...her hazels roamed all over his body, feasting on his every flexed muscles...she blindly started walking towards him like a love sick puppy, keeping her eyes glued to his sexy taut back, then moved little down towards his pants, which were dripping wet with sea water, glued to his flesh...her mouth went dry, she gulped her saliva looking at his an unknown sensation ran towards her sensitive parts, making her shiver with goosebumps...With each passing second her thoughts went out of control...extremely wild and erotic...

"wow he is smoking hot" exclaimed one of geet friends who where right behind geet, ogling on maan's body as much as geet was...

"hayyyeee yeh toh DD hai...dhak dhak" screamed pinky with which geet glared at her with anger..."oyeee tera boyfriend hai don't you dare, hit on him" geet warned, charging towards pinky and other they moved back scared with this wild cat..."kya jamana aa gaya hai...boyfriend hote hue bhi dusare ladke ko ched rahi hai...sudhar jao...warna mai mere saare would be jiju's ko complain kar dungi" geet smirked, looking at the fear on their faces...then turned around looking at maan...

"he is my summer fling...she said with an attitude, then girls better stay as an spectator, as the show begins now...just keep your eyes on me, and watch how I make him dance on my tunes" she had that teasing excitement on her she started walking towards maan...


"Mind if I join you?????" she said with confidence standing right besides maan...

"sorry" maan said raising his eye brows not getting her geet walked close to him, brushing her arm with his...and sat on his bench, glueing her creamy legs, close to his...

She seductively looked at him..."So you like the Sun and the sea, we have something in common" she said with elegances...
"I'm here independently by myself, hope you don't mind if you kept me company" she had that cute naughtiness plastered over her beautiful face...and some how maan got her intentions, may be she is flirting around...he smirked leaning on she moved back laying on the bench, grinning at her maan hovered over her, giving his naughty smirk...then stopped just inches away from her lips, breathing on it...his gaze locked on her full pulm lips, then again cuaght her hazels..."try this tricks on some other fool, as I am simply not interested" and he got up from her body...winking at her, and left from there with an crooked smile playing on his lips...

Geet pouted sitting up, stunned with his attitude...what he thinks of himself..."dhak dhak nahi Dusht Danav hai" she looked at her friends who where laughing there heads off, irritating her further...geet stomped her foot, and walked back to her room, as her friends followed her giggling on her little insult...

Precap:- "chup bilkul chup" he spoke commanding her...keeping her captive with his alluring gaze...
Hello sweeties...kindly presenting you my new OS SUMMER ROMANCE...its an unedited i have already posted its edited version in SUMMER OF LOVE OS CONTEST...just posting it here again for my readers who didnt read it yet...and for those who have read it already, just wana tel them, its unedited, so more in reading it again...
Wana tel you, that i won 2nd runner prize in this contest...and really happy, as it was my first ever geet forum contest in which i had is my winner siggy...

pls press the like button and comment...let me know wat u feel abt this...waiting eagerly for ur response...
love u lots,


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mahimaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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(BY AAMERA FATIMA - this is her first ever maaneet edit)

PART-1 :- scroll upSmile


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oh god that was too good geet flirting with maan haayee loved it dear do cont soon...Big smile

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wowww another os its was justtt amazinggg

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nice start..
so maan not givin ny bhav to geet!!
continue soon..

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ooh sounds good ! 

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It was a very nice chp.By God! Geet seems like the very outgoing,mauj-masti types in this ff.Enjoyed reading it.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
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such a refresher geet hitting on maan lol this looks like a treat waiting for nxt already

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